Comboni Missionaries of the Heart of Jesus (M.C.C.J.)

Comboni Missionaries


Also known as: Comboni Missionare vom Herzen Jesu (Deutsch) / Misioneros Combonianos del Corazón de Jesús (español) / Missionnaires comboniens du Sacré-Cœur (français) / Missionari Comboniani del Cuore di Gesù (Italiano) / Misjonarze Kombonianie Serca Jezusowego (polski) / Missionários Combonianos (Português) / 金邦尼傳教會 (正體中文) / Missionarii Comboniani Cordis Iesu (latine)

Type: Clerical Religious Congregation of Pontifical Right (for Men)

Depends on: Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and for Societies of Apostolic Life

Statistics: 288 houses, 1,662 members (1,178 priests) (2016)

Address: Via Luigi Lilio 80, C.P. 10733, 00142 Roma, Italy

Phone: 06.519.12.24

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Superior General:EthiopiaFr. Tesfaye Tadesse Gebresilasie, M.C.C.J. (49)Fr. Tesfaye Tadesse Gebresilasie, M.C.C.J. (49) (2015.09.30 – ...)
Superior General:MexicoFr. Enrique Sánchez González, M.C.C.J. (2009.10.21 – 2015.09.30)
Superior General:ItalyFr. Teresino Serra, M.C.C.J. (2003.09.26 – 2009.10.21)
Superior General:PortugalFr. Manuel Augusto Lopes Ferreira, M.C.C.J. (1997 – 2003)
Superior General:ScotlandFr. David Glenday, M.C.C.J. (1991 – 1997)
Superior General:ItalyFr. Francesco Pierli, M.C.C.J. (1985 – 1991)
Superior General:ItalyFr. Salvatore Calvia Calvia, M.C.C.J. (1979 – 1985)
Superior General:ItalyFr. Tarcisio Agostoni, F.S.C.I. (1969 – 1979)
Superior General:ItalyFr. Gaetano Briani, F.S.C.I. (1959 – 1969)
Superior General:ItalyFr. Antonio Todesco, F.S.C.I. (1947 – 1959)
Superior General:UgandaFr. Antonio Vignato, F.S.C.I. (1937.05.02 – 1947.05.02)
Superior General:ItalyFr. Pietro Simoncelli, F.S.C.I. (1931 – 1937)
Superior General:ItalyFr. Paolo Meroni, F.S.C.I. (1919 – 1931)
Superior General:ItalyFr. Federico Vianello, F.S.C.I. (1909 – 1919)
Superior General:ItalyFr. Angelo Colombaroli, F.S.C.I. (1899 – 1909)
Founder:SudanSaint Fr. Daniele Comboni, F.S.C.I. (later Bishop) (1867.06.01)

Living Bishops (2 Archbishops, 20 Bishops)

South SudanArchbishop Paulino Lukudu Loro, M.C.C.J. (78)Archbishop Paulino Lukudu Loro, M.C.C.J. (78), Metropolitan Archbishop of Juba (South Sudan)

EritreaArchbishop Menghesteab Tesfamariam, M.C.C.J. (70)Archbishop Menghesteab Tesfamariam, M.C.C.J. (70), Metropolitan of Asmara of the Eritreans (Eritrea) and President of Council of the Eritrean Church

Central African RepublicBishop Juan-José Aguirre Muñoz, M.C.C.J. (64)Bishop Juan-José Aguirre Muñoz, M.C.C.J. (64), Bishop of Bangassou (Central African Republic)

EcuadorBishop Eugenio Arellano Fernández, M.C.C.J. (74)Bishop Eugenio Arellano Fernández, M.C.C.J. (74), Vicar Apostolic of Esmeraldas (Ecuador), Titular Bishop of Cellæ in Proconsulari and President of Episcopal Conference of Ecuador

SpainBishop Miguel Ángel Ayuso Guixot, M.C.C.J. (66)Bishop Miguel Ángel Ayuso Guixot, M.C.C.J. (66), Titular Bishop of Luperciana, Secretary of Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue and Vice-Prefect of Commission for Religious Relations with Muslims

KuwaitBishop Camillo Ballin, M.C.C.J. (74)Bishop Camillo Ballin, M.C.C.J. (74), Vicar Apostolic of Northern Arabia (Kuwait) and Titular Bishop of Arna

PeruBishop Luis Alberto Barrera Pacheco, M.C.C.J. (52)Bishop Luis Alberto Barrera Pacheco, M.C.C.J. (52), Bishop of Tarma (Peru)

EthiopiaBishop Lorenzo Ceresoli, M.C.C.J. (87)Bishop Lorenzo Ceresoli, M.C.C.J. (87), Titular Bishop of Fallaba and Vicar Apostolic emeritus of Awasa (Ethiopia)

UgandaBishop Giuseppe Filippi, M.C.C.J. (73)Bishop Giuseppe Filippi, M.C.C.J. (73), Bishop of Kotido (Uganda)

UgandaBishop Giuseppe Franzelli, M.C.C.J. (76)Bishop Giuseppe Franzelli, M.C.C.J. (76), Bishop emeritus of Lira (Uganda)

SudanBishop Macram Max Gassis, M.C.C.J. (80)Bishop Macram Max Gassis, M.C.C.J. (80), Bishop emeritus of El Obeid (Sudan)

BrazilBishop Aldo Gerna, M.C.C.J. (87)Bishop Aldo Gerna, M.C.C.J. (87), Bishop emeritus of São Mateus (Brazil)

Costa RicaBishop Vittorino Girardi Stellin, M.C.C.J. (80)Bishop Vittorino Girardi Stellin, M.C.C.J. (80), Bishop emeritus of Tilarán–Liberia (Costa Rica)

UgandaBishop Damiano Giulio Guzzetti, M.C.C.J. (59)Bishop Damiano Giulio Guzzetti, M.C.C.J. (59), Bishop of Moroto (Uganda)

BrazilBishop Odelir José Magri, M.C.C.J. (55)Bishop Odelir José Magri, M.C.C.J. (55), Bishop of Chapecó (Brazil)

SudanBishop Antonio Menegazzo, M.C.C.J. (87)Bishop Antonio Menegazzo, M.C.C.J. (87), Titular Bishop of Mesarfelta and Apostolic Administrator sede plena emeritus of El Obeid (Sudan)

Central African RepublicBishop Guerrino Perin, M.C.C.J. (74)Bishop Guerrino Perin, M.C.C.J. (74), Bishop of Mbaïki (Central African Republic)

PeruBishop Jaime Rodríguez Salazar, M.C.C.J. (79)Bishop Jaime Rodríguez Salazar, M.C.C.J. (79), Bishop emeritus of Huánuco (Peru)

Central African RepublicBishop Jesús Ruiz Molina, M.C.C.J. (59)Bishop Jesús Ruiz Molina, M.C.C.J. (59), Titular Bishop of Aræ in Mauretania and Auxiliary Bishop of Bangassou (Central African Republic)

ChadBishop Michele Russo, M.C.C.J. (73)Bishop Michele Russo, M.C.C.J. (73), Bishop emeritus of Doba (Chad)

South AfricaBishop Giuseppe Sandri, M.C.C.J. (72)Bishop Giuseppe Sandri, M.C.C.J. (72), Bishop of Witbank (South Africa)

ChadBishop Miguel Ángel Sebastián Martínez, M.C.C.J. (68)Bishop Miguel Ángel Sebastián Martínez, M.C.C.J. (68), Bishop of Sarh (Chad)

Other Present Prelates (1)

ItalyFr. Valentino Cottini, M.C.C.J.Fr. Valentino Cottini, M.C.C.J., President of Pontifical Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies

Deceased Bishops (3 Archbishops, 27 Bishops)

2016: EthiopiaBishop Giovanni Migliorati, M.C.C.J., Vicar Apostolic of Awasa (Ethiopia)

2011: South SudanBishop Cesare Mazzolari, M.C.C.J., Bishop of Rumbek (South Sudan)

2008: EcuadorBishop Olindo Natale Spagnolo Martellozzo, M.C.C.J., Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Guayaquil (Ecuador)

2006: ItalyArchbishop Romeo Panciroli, M.C.C.J., Apostolic Nuncio emeritus to Iran

2006: BrazilBishop Gianfranco Masserdotti, M.C.C.J., Bishop of Balsas (Brazil)

2004: EthiopiaBishop Armido Gasparini, M.C.C.J., Vicar Apostolic emeritus of Awasa (Ethiopia)

2001: South SudanArchbishop Agostino Baroni, M.C.C.J., Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Khartoum (Sudan) and Apostolic Administrator emeritus of Rumbek (South Sudan)

2000: South AfricaBishop Anthony Reiterer, M.C.C.J., Bishop emeritus of Lydenburg–Witbank (South Africa)

1999: BrazilBishop Rino Carlesi, M.C.C.J., Bishop emeritus of Balsas (Brazil)

1998: South SudanBishop Domenico Ferrara, M.C.C.J., Prefect Apostolic emeritus of Mupoi (South Sudan)

1995: EcuadorBishop Enrico Bartolucci Panaroni, M.C.C.J., Vicar Apostolic of Esmeraldas (Ecuador)

1991: UgandaBishop Giovanni Battista Cesana, M.C.C.J., Bishop emeritus of Gulu (Uganda)

1991: PeruBishop Antonio Kühner y Kühner, M.C.C.J., Bishop of Huánuco (Peru)

1990: UgandaBishop Angelo Tarantino, M.C.C.J., Bishop emeritus of Arua (Uganda)

1989: SudanBishop Edoardo Mason, M.C.C.J., Vicar Apostolic emeritus of El Obeid (Sudan)

1988: PeruBishop Lorenzo Unfried Gimpel, M.C.C.J., Bishop of Tarma (Peru)

1987: UgandaBishop Sisto Mazzoldi, M.C.C.J., Bishop emeritus of Moroto (Uganda)

1983: ItalyBishop Diego Parodi, M.C.C.J., Bishop of Ischia (Italy)

1977: BrazilBishop José Dalvit, F.S.C.I., Bishop emeritus of São Mateus (Brazil) and Auxiliary Bishop of Belo Horizonte (Brazil)

1960: ItalyBishop Pietro Villa, F.S.C.I., Prefect Apostolic emeritus of Gondar (Ethiopia) and Auxiliary Bishop of Ostia (Italy)

1955: South AfricaBishop Giovanni Riegler, F.S.C.I., Bishop of Lydenburg (South Africa)

1953: SudanBishop Francesco Saverio Bini, F.S.C.I., Vicar Apostolic emeritus of Khartoum (Sudan)

1949: SudanBishop Paolo Tranquillo Silvestri, F.S.C.I., Vicar Apostolic emeritus of Khartoum (Sudan)

1949: UgandaBishop Angelo Negri, F.S.C.I., Vicar Apostolic of Equatorial Nile (Uganda)

1946: South SudanBishop Rodolfo Orler, M.C.C.J., Vicar Apostolic of Bahr el-Ghazal (South Sudan)

1943: SudanBishop Franz Xavier Geyer, F.S.C.I., Vicar Apostolic emeritus of Khartoum (Sudan)

1940: South SudanBishop Antonio Stoppani, F.S.C.I., Vicar Apostolic emeritus of Bahr el-Ghazal (South Sudan)

1912: SudanArchbishop Francesco Sogaro, F.S.C.I., Vicar Apostolic emeritus of Central Africa (Sudan) and President of Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy

1902: SudanBishop Antonio Maria Roveggio, F.S.C.I., Vicar Apostolic of Central Africa (Sudan)

1881: SudanSaint Bishop Daniele Comboni, F.S.C.I., Vicar Apostolic of Central Africa (Sudan)

Other Former Prelates (7)

>2011: MozambiqueFr. Giacomo Palagi, M.C.C.J., Apostolic Administrator emeritus of Tete (Mozambique)

>1968: Fr. John Marengoni, F.S.C.I., Founder of Congregation of the Apostles of Jesus

1950: South SudanFr. Stephen Mlakic, F.S.C.I., Prefect Apostolic of Bahr el-Gebel (South Sudan)

1939: South AfricaFr. Luigi Mohn, F.S.C.I., Prefect Apostolic emeritus of Umtata (South Africa)

1938: South SudanFr. Giuseppe Zambonardi, F.S.C.I., Prefect Apostolic of Bahr el-Gebel (South Sudan)

1935: South SudanFr. Matteo Michelon, F.S.C.I., Ecclesiastical Superior of Kodok (South Sudan)

1926: South AfricaFr. Daniele Kauczor, F.S.C.I., Prefect Apostolic of Umtata (South Africa)

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