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  • 2022.05.17: 

Tuesday in the 5ᵗʰ Week of Easter

All Holy Bishops of the Holy City of Jerusalem (Jerusalem)

Anniversary of the Dedication of the Cathedral (Elbląg)

Blessed John Scheffler, bishop and martyr (Hungary)

Saint Andrzej Bobola, priest and martyr (Gliwice)

Saint Dunstan, bishop (Portsmouth)

Saint Giulia Salzano, virgin (Capua, Napoli)

Saint Judoc, priest and hermit (Slovenia)

Saint Paschal Baylon, religious (Extraordinary Form, Spain, Mostar–Duvno)

Saint Peter Liu Wenyuan, martyr (Hong Kong, Taiwan)

Saint Restituta, virgin and martyr (Ischia)


  • 2022.05.17: 

Saint Adrion, martyr

Saint Vittore, martyr at Rome

Saints Heraclius and Paul, martyrs

Saint Restituta, virgin and martyr

Saint Emiliano, bishop of Vercelli

Saint Paschal Baylon, Franciscan religious

Saint Petrus Liu Wenyuan, catechist and martyr of China

Saint Giulia Salzano, virgin of the Catechists of the Sacred Heart

Blessed Antonia Mesina, virgin and martyr of Sardinia

Blessed Ivan Ziatyk, Redemptorist priest and martyr of Russia

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