Cardinals Created by

Pope Urban IV Details (14)

Consistory of 1261.12.17 (at the time of creation) (7)
1.France Archbishop Guy Le Gross Foulquois (60)Archbishop Guy Le Gross Foulquois (60), Metropolitan Archbishop of Narbonne (France)Cardinal-Bishop
2.France Bishop Raoul de GrosparmyBishop Raoul de Grosparmy (Grosparmi), Bishop of Évreux (France)Cardinal-Bishop
3.Italy Fr. Simone Paltineri (61)Fr. Simone Paltineri (61), Apostolic Administrator emeritus of Aversa (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
4.France Fr. Simon de Brion (51)Fr. Simon de Brion (51)Cardinal-Priest
5.Italy Mr. Uberto di CocconatoCardinal-Deacon
6.Italy Mr. Giacomo Savelli (51)Cardinal-Deacon
7.Italy Mr. Goffredo da AlatriCardinal-Deacon
Consistory of 1262.05.22 (at the time of creation) (7)
1.France Archbishop Enrico Bartolomei di Susa (68)Archbishop Enrico Bartolomei di Susa (68), Metropolitan Archbishop of Embrun (France)Cardinal-Bishop
2.France Mr. Anchero Pantaléon (52)Cardinal-Priest
3.France Mr. Guillaume de BrayCardinal-Priest
4.France Abbot Guy de Bourgogne, O. Cist.Abbot Guy de Bourgogne, O. Cist., Abbot General of Order of Cistercians (Cistercians)Cardinal-Priest
5.Italy Fr. Annibale d’Annibaldi, O.P. (42)Fr. Annibale d’Annibaldi, O.P. (42), Master of the Sacred Palace of Prefecture of the Holy Apostolic PalacesCardinal-Priest
6.Italy Mr. Giordano Pironti, Vice-Chancellor of Apostolic ChanceryCardinal-Deacon
7.Italy Mr. Matteo Orsini (32)Cardinal-Deacon

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