Cardinals Created by

Pope Paul III Details (71)

Consistory of 1534.12.18 (at the time of creation) (2)
1.Italy Mr. Alessandro Farnese (14), Apostolic Administrator of Parma (Italy)Cardinal-Deacon
2.Italy Mr. Guido Ascanio Sforza di Santa Fiora (15), Apostolic Administrator of Montefiascone and Apostolic Administrator of Corneto (Italy)Cardinal-Deacon
Consistory of 1535.05.21 (at the time of creation) (7)
1.Italy Archbishop Nikolaus von Schönberg, O.P. (62)Archbishop Nikolaus von Schönberg, O.P. (62), Metropolitan Archbishop of Capua (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
2.Italy Bishop Girolamo Ghinucci (55)Bishop Girolamo Ghinucci (55), Bishop of Worcester (England) and Apostolic Administrator of Malta (Malta)Cardinal-Priest
3.Italy Bishop Giacomo Simoneta (60)Bishop Giacomo Simoneta (60), Bishop of Pesaro (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
4.England Bishop John Fisher (66)Bishop John Fisher (66), Bishop of Rochester (England)Cardinal-Priest
5.France Bishop Jean du Bellay (43)Bishop Jean du Bellay (43), Bishop of Paris (France)Cardinal-Priest
6.England Mr. Gasparo Contarini (51)Cardinal-Deacon
(7)Italy Fr. Marino Ascanio Caracciolo (67)Fr. Marino Ascanio Caracciolo (67), Bishop emeritus of Catania (Italy)Cardinal-Deacon
Consistory of 1536.12.22 (at the time of creation) (11)
1.Italy Archbishop Paul IV (60)Archbishop Paul IV (Gian Pietro Carafa) (60), Apostolic Administrator of Acerra (Italy) and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Brindisi–Oria (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
2.Italy Archbishop Julius III (49)Archbishop Julius III (Giovanni Maria Ciocchi del Monte) (49), Metropolitan Archbishop of Manfredonia (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
3.Italy Bishop Ennio Filonardi (70)Bishop Ennio Filonardi (70), Bishop of Veroli (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
4.France Bishop Jacopo Sadoleto (59)Bishop Jacopo Sadoleto (59), Bishop of CarpentrasCardinal-Priest
5.Italy Bishop Cristoforo GiacobazziBishop Cristoforo Giacobazzi, Bishop of Cassano all’Jonio (Italy) and Datary of His Holiness of Apostolic DatariaCardinal-Priest
6.France Bishop Charles de Hémard de Denonville (43)Bishop Charles de Hémard de Denonville (43), Bishop of Mâcon (France)Cardinal-Priest
7.Italy Bishop Rodolfo Pio (36)Bishop Rodolfo Pio (36), Bishop of Faenza (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
8.England Mr. Reginald Pole (36)Cardinal-Deacon
9.Spain Mr. Rodrigo Luis de Borja y de Castre-Pinós (12)Cardinal-Deacon
(10)Italy Archbishop Girolamo Aleandro (56)Archbishop Girolamo Aleandro (56), Metropolitan Archbishop of Brindisi–Oria (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
(11)Italy Mr. Niccolò Caetani (10)Cardinal-Deacon
Consistory of 1538.10.18 (at the time of creation) (1)
1.Spain Archbishop Pedro Sarmiento (60)Archbishop Pedro Sarmiento (60), Metropolitan Archbishop of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)Cardinal-Priest
Consistory of 1538.12.20 (at the time of creation) (6)
1.Spain Bishop Juan Álvarez de Toledo, O.P. (50)Bishop Juan Álvarez de Toledo, O.P. (50), Bishop of Burgos (Spain)Cardinal-Priest
2.Spain Bishop Pedro Fernández Manrique (38)Bishop Pedro Fernández Manrique (38), Bishop of Córdoba (Spain)Cardinal-Priest
3.France Bishop Robert de Lenoncourt (53)Bishop Robert de Lenoncourt (53), Bishop of Chalons-sur-Marne (France)Cardinal-Priest
4.Scotland Archbishop David Beaton (44)Archbishop David Beaton (44), Bishop of Mirepoix (France) and Coadjutor Archbishop of Saint Andrews (Scotland)Cardinal-Priest
(5)France Fr. Ippolito d’Este (29)Fr. Ippolito d’Este (Hillpolyte d’Este-Ferrare) (29), Apostolic Administrator of Milano (Italy)Cardinal-Deacon
(6)Italy Mr. Pietro Bembo, S.M.O.M. (68)Cardinal-Deacon
Consistory of 1539.12.19 (at the time of creation) (12)
1.Italy Archbishop Federico Fregóso (59)Archbishop Federico Fregóso (59), Apostolic Administrator of Gubbio (Italy) and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Salerno (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
2.France Archbishop Pierre de La Baume, O. Cist. (62)Archbishop Pierre de La Baume, O. Cist. (62), Abbot nullius of Saint-Claude (France), Bishop of Genève (Switzerland) and Coadjutor Archbishop of Besançon (France)Cardinal-Priest
3.France Bishop Antoine Sanguin de Meudon (46)Bishop Antoine Sanguin de Meudon (46), Bishop of Orléans (France)Cardinal-Priest
4.Italy Bishop Uberto Gàmbara (50)Bishop Uberto Gàmbara (50), Bishop of Tortona (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
5.Italy Bishop Pierpaolo Parisio (66)Bishop Pierpaolo Parisio (66), Bishop of Nusco (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
6.Italy Bishop Marcellus II (38)Bishop-elect Marcellus II (Marcello Cervini) (38), Bishop of Nicastro (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
7.Italy Fr. Bartolomeo Guidiccioni (69)Fr. Bartolomeo Guidiccioni (69)Cardinal-Priest
8.Italy Bishop Ascanio ParisaniBishop Ascanio Parisani, Bishop of Rimini (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
9.Italy Fr. Dionisio Neagrus Laurerio, O.S.M. (42)Fr. Dionisio Neagrus Laurerio, O.S.M. (42), Prior General of Order of Friar Servants of Mary (Servites)Cardinal-Priest
10.Italy Mr. Enrique de Borja y Aragón (20)Cardinal-Deacon
11.Italy Mr. Giacomo Savelli (16)Cardinal-Deacon
(12)Italy Bishop Miguel da Silva (59)Bishop Miguel da Silva (59), Bishop of Viseu (Portugal)Cardinal-Priest
Consistory of 1542.06.02 (at the time of creation) (8)
1.Italy Bishop Giovanni Girolamo Morone (33)Bishop Giovanni Girolamo Morone (33), Bishop of Modena (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
2.Italy Bishop Marcello Crescenzi (42)Bishop Marcello Crescenzi (42), Bishop of Marsi (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
3.Italy Bishop Giovanni Vincenzo Acquaviva d’Aragona (52)Bishop Giovanni Vincenzo Acquaviva d’Aragona (52), Bishop of Rapolla (Italy) and Bishop of Melfi (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
4.Italy Archbishop Pomponio CecciArchbishop Pomponio Cecci, Bishop of Sutri, Bishop of Nepi and Vicar General for the Vicariate of Rome of Roma (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
5.Italy Bishop Roberto Pucci (77)Bishop Roberto Pucci (77), Bishop of Pistoia (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
6.Italy Fr. Tommaso Badia, O.P. (58)Fr. Tommaso Badia, O.P. (58), Master of the Sacred Palace of Prefecture of the Holy Apostolic PalacesCardinal-Priest
7.Italy Fr. Gregorio Cortese, O.S.B. Cas. (59)Fr. Gregorio Cortese, O.S.B. Cas. (59)Cardinal-Priest
(8)Italy Bishop Cristoforo Madruzzo (29)Bishop-elect Cristoforo Madruzzo (29), Bishop of Trento (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
Consistory of 1544.12.19 (at the time of creation) (13)
1.Spain Archbishop Gaspar de Ávalos de la Cueva (59)Archbishop Gaspar de Ávalos de la Cueva (59), Metropolitan Archbishop of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)Cardinal-Priest
2.Spain Bishop Francisco Mendoza de Bobadilla (36)Bishop Francisco Mendoza de Bobadilla (36), Bishop of Coria (Spain)Cardinal-Priest
3.Italy Fr. Bartolomé de la Cueva y Toledo (45)Fr. Bartolomé de la Cueva y Toledo (45)Cardinal-Priest
4.France Bishop Georges d’Armagnac (43)Bishop Georges d’Armagnac (43), Bishop of Rodez (France) and Bishop of Vabres (France)Cardinal-Priest
5.France Bishop Jacques d’Annebaut (44)Bishop Jacques d’Annebaut (44), Bishop of Lisieux (France)Cardinal-Priest
6.Germany Bishop Otto Truchsess von Waldburg (30)Bishop Otto Truchsess von Waldburg (30), Bishop of Augsburg (Germany)Cardinal-Priest
7.Italy Fr. Andrea Cornaro (32)Fr. Andrea Cornaro (32), Bishop of Brescia (Italy)Cardinal-Deacon
8.Italy Archbishop Francesco Sfondrati (51)Archbishop Francesco Sfondrati (51), Metropolitan Archbishop of Amalfi (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
9.Italy Bishop Federico Cesi (44)Bishop Federico Cesi (44), Bishop of Todi (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
10.Italy Bishop Durante Duranti (37)Bishop Durante Duranti (37), Bishop of Cassano all’Jonio (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
11.Italy Bishop Niccolò Ardinghelli (42)Bishop Niccolò Ardinghelli (42), Bishop of Fossombrone (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
12.France Bishop Girolamo Recanati Capodiferro (42)Bishop-elect Girolamo Recanati Capodiferro (42), Bishop of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne (France)Cardinal-Deacon
13.Italy Bishop Tiberio Crispo (46)Bishop-elect Tiberio Crispo (46), Bishop of Sessa Aurunca (Italy)Cardinal-Deacon
Consistory of 1545.12.16 (at the time of creation) (4)
1.Spain Bishop Pedro Pacheco de Villena (57)Bishop Pedro Pacheco de Villena (57), Bishop of Jaén (Spain)Cardinal-Priest
2.France Archbishop Georges d’Amboise (57)Archbishop Georges d’Amboise (57), Metropolitan Archbishop of Rouen (France)Cardinal-Priest
3.Portugal Archbishop Henrique de Portugal (33)Archbishop Henrique de Portugal (33), Metropolitan Archbishop of Évora (Portugal)Cardinal-Priest
4.Italy Mr. Ranuccio Farnese, S.M.O.M. (15), Apostolic Administrator of Napoli (Italy)Cardinal-Deacon
Consistory of 1547.07.27 (at the time of creation) (2)
1.France Archbishop Charles de Guise de Lorraine (23)Archbishop Charles de Guise de Lorraine (23), Metropolitan Archbishop of Reims (France)Cardinal-Priest
(2)Italy Mr. Giulio della Rovere (14)Cardinal-Deacon
Consistory of 1548.01.09 (at the time of creation) (1)
1.France Bishop Charles de Bourbon-Vendôme (24)Bishop-elect Charles de Bourbon-Vendôme (24), Bishop of Saintes (France)Cardinal-Deacon
Consistory of 1549.04.08 (at the time of creation) (4)
1.Italy Archbishop Girolamo Verallo (52)Archbishop Girolamo Verallo (52), Archbishop of Rossano (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
2.Italy Archbishop Pius IV (49)Archbishop Pius IV (Giovanni Angelo Medici) (49), Metropolitan Archbishop of Ragusa (Croatia)Cardinal-Priest
3.Italy Bishop Filiberto Ferrero (49)Bishop Filiberto Ferrero (49), Bishop of Ivrea (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
4.Italy Bishop Bernardino Maffei (35)Bishop Bernardino Maffei (35), Bishop of Massa Marittima e Populonia (Italy)Cardinal-Priest

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