Cardinals Created by

Pope Pius VIII Details (6)

Consistory of 1829.07.27 (at the time of creation) (2)
1.Italy Bishop Cesare Nembrini Pironi Gonzaga (60)Bishop Cesare Nembrini Pironi Gonzaga (60), Bishop of Ancona e Umana (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
2.Italy Bishop Remigio Crescini, O.S.B. Cas. (72)Bishop Remigio Crescini, O.S.B. Cas. (72), Bishop of Parma (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
Consistory of 1830.03.15 (at the time of creation) (3)
1.England Bishop Thomas Weld (57)Bishop Thomas Weld (57), Titular Bishop of Amyclae and Coadjutor Bishop of Kingston (Canada)Cardinal-Priest
2.Italy Fr. Raffaele Mazio (64)Fr. Raffaele Mazio (64)Cardinal-Priest
3.Italy Mr. Domenico De Simone (60)Cardinal-Deacon
Consistory of 1830.07.05 (at the time of creation) (1)
1.France Archbishop Louis François-Auguste de Rohan Chabot (42)Archbishop Louis François-Auguste de Rohan Chabot (42), Metropolitan Archbishop of Besançon (France)Cardinal-Priest

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