Cardinals Created by

Pope Gregory IX Details (16)

Consistory of 1227.09.18 (at the time of creation) (6)
1.Turkiye Patriarch Jean Halgrin, O.S.B. Clun. (47)Patriarch Jean Halgrin, O.S.B. Clun. (47), Patriarch of Constantinople (Turkiye) and Metropolitan Archbishop of Besançon (France)Cardinal-Bishop
2.Italy Fr. Goffredo da CastiglioneFr. Goffredo da CastiglioneCardinal-Priest
3.Italy Fr. Rinaldo dei signori di Ienne (28)Fr. Rinaldo dei signori di Ienne (28), Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church emeritus of Reverend Apostolic CameraCardinal-Deacon
4.Italy Fr. Sinibaldo Fieschi (32)Fr. Sinibaldo Fieschi (32)Cardinal-Priest
5.France Bishop BarthélemyBishop Barthélemy, Bishop of Châlons-sur-Marne (France)Cardinal-Priest
6.Italy Mr. Oddone de MonferratoCardinal-Deacon
Consistory of 1228.12 (at the time of creation) (2)
1.Belgium Bishop Jacques de Vitry, C.R.S.A. (68)Bishop Jacques de Vitry, C.R.S.A. (68), Bishop of San Giovanni d’Acri and Auxiliary Bishop of Liège (Belgium)Cardinal-Bishop
2.Italy Fr. Niccolò Conti di SegniFr. Niccolò Conti di SegniCardinal-Priest
Consistory of 1231.09 (at the time of creation) (3)
1.Italy Fr. Giacomo da Pecorara, O. Cist. (61)Fr. Giacomo da Pecorara, O. Cist. (61)Cardinal-Bishop
2.France Archbishop Simon de SullyArchbishop Simon de Sully, Metropolitan Archbishop of Bourges (France)Cardinal-Priest
3.France Bishop Raymond de PonsBishop Raymond de Pons, Bishop emeritus of Périgueux (France)Cardinal-Priest
Consistory of 1237 (at the time of creation) (3)
1.Italy Mr. Riccardo Annibaldi (36)Cardinal-Deacon
2.France Archbishop François CassardArchbishop François Cassard, Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Tours (France)Cardinal-Priest
3.England Mr. GuyCardinal-Deacon
Consistory of 1239 (at the time of creation) (2)
1.England Mr. Robert SomercotesCardinal-Priest
2.Spain Fr. Ramón Nonato, O. de M. (38)Fr. Ramón Nonato (Raymond Nonnatus), O. de M. (38)Cardinal-Deacon

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