Cardinals Created by

Pope Celestine V Details (13)

Consistory of 1294.09.18 (at the time of creation) (13)
1.France Archbishop Simon de BeaulieuArchbishop Simon de Beaulieu, Metropolitan Archbishop of Bourges (France)Cardinal-Bishop
2.France Archbishop Béraud de Got (44)Archbishop Béraud de Got (44), Metropolitan Archbishop of Lyon (France)Cardinal-Bishop
3.Italy Fr. Tommaso d’Ocre, O.S.B. Cel.Fr. Tommaso d’Ocre, O.S.B. Cel., Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church of Reverend Apostolic CameraCardinal-Priest
4.France Bishop Jean Le Moine (54)Bishop Jean Le Moine (54), Bishop of Arras (France)Cardinal-Priest
5.Italy Fr. Pietro de L’Aquila, O.S.B. Cas.Fr. Pietro de L’Aquila, O.S.B. Cas., Bishop of Sulmona (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
6.France Fr. Guillaume FerrièresFr. Guillaume FerrièresCardinal-Priest
7.France Fr. Nicolas l’AideFr. Nicolas l’AideCardinal-Priest
8.France Abbot Robert de Pontigny, O. Cist.Abbot Robert de Pontigny, O. Cist., Abbot General of Order of Cistercians (Cistercians)Cardinal-Priest
9.France Fr. Simon d’Armentières, O.S.B. Clun.Fr. Simon d’Armentières, O.S.B. Clun.Cardinal-Priest
10.Italy Mr. Landolfo BrancaccioCardinal-Deacon
11.Italy Mr. Guglielmo Longhi (54)Cardinal-Deacon
12.Italy Fr. Francesco Ronci, O.S.B. Cel. (71)Fr. Francesco Ronci, O.S.B. Cel. (71), Superior General of Benedictine Congregation of the CelestinesCardinal-Priest
13.Italy Archbishop Giovanni Castrocoeli, O.S.B. Cas.Archbishop Giovanni Castrocoeli, O.S.B. Cas., Metropolitan Archbishop of Benevento (Italy) and Vice-Chancellor of Apostolic ChanceryCardinal-Priest

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