Cardinals Created by

Pope Benedict XV Details (32)

Consistory of 1915.12.06 (at the time of creation) (6)
1.Haiti Archbishop Giulio Tonti (70)Archbishop Giulio Tonti (70), Titular Archbishop of Ancyra, Apostolic Nuncio to Portugal and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Port-au-Prince (Haiti)Cardinal-Priest
2.Italy Archbishop Alfonso Maria Mistrangelo, Sch. P. (63)Archbishop Alfonso Maria Mistrangelo, Sch. P. (63), Metropolitan Archbishop of Firenze (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
3.Argentina Archbishop Giovanni Cagliero, S.D.B. (77)Archbishop Giovanni Cagliero, S.D.B. (77), Titular Archbishop of Sebastia and Apostolic Delegate to Costa Rica, Nicaragua and HonduasCardinal-Priest
4.Austria Archbishop Andreas Franz Frühwirth, O.P. (81)Archbishop Andreas Franz Frühwirth, O.P. (81), Titular Archbishop of Heraclea and Apostolic Nuncio to BavariaCardinal-Priest
5.Italy Archbishop Raffaele Scapinelli di Leguigno (57)Archbishop Raffaele Scapinelli di Leguigno (57), Titular Archbishop of Laodicea and Apostolic Nuncio to Austria-HungaryCardinal-Priest
6.Italy Archbishop Giorgio Gusmini (59)Archbishop Giorgio Gusmini (59), Metropolitan Archbishop of Bologna (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
Consistory of 1916.12.04 (at the time of creation) (11)
1.Italy Patriarch Pietro La Fontaine (46)Patriarch Pietro La Fontaine (46), Patriarch of Venezia (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
2.Italy Archbishop Vittorio Amedeo Ranuzzi de’ Bianchi (59)Archbishop Vittorio Amedeo Ranuzzi de’ Bianchi (59), Titular Archbishop of Tyrus, Bishop emeritus of Recanati (Italy) and Bishop emeritus of Loreto (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
3.Cuba Archbishop Donato Sbarretti (59)Archbishop Donato Sbarretti (59), Titular Archbishop of Ephesus, Assessor of Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office and Secretary of Sacred Congregation of ReligiousCardinal-Priest
4.France Archbishop Auguste-René Dubourg (74)Archbishop Auguste-René Dubourg (74), Metropolitan Archbishop of Rennes (France)Cardinal-Priest
(5)France Archbishop Louis-Ernest Dubois (60)Archbishop Louis-Ernest Dubois (60), Metropolitan Archbishop of Rouen (France)Cardinal-Priest
6.Italy Archbishop Tommaso Pio Boggiani, O.P. (53)Archbishop Tommaso Pio Boggiani, O.P. (53), Titular Archbishop of Edessa, Assessor of Sacred Consistorial Congregation and Secretary of Sacred College of CardinalsCardinal-Priest
7.Italy Archbishop Alessio Ascalesi, C.PP.S. (44)Archbishop Alessio Ascalesi, C.PP.S. (44), Metropolitan Archbishop of Benevento (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
8.France Bishop Louis-Joseph Maurin (57)Bishop Louis-Joseph Maurin (57), Bishop of Grenoble (France)Cardinal-Priest
(9)Poland Bishop Adolf Bertram (57)Bishop Adolf Bertram (57), Bishop of Wrocław (Poland)Cardinal-Priest
10.Italy Msgr. Nicolò Marini (73)Msgr. Nicolò Marini (73)Cardinal-Deacon
11.Italy Msgr. Oreste Giorgi (71)Msgr. Oreste Giorgi (71), Secretary of Sacred Congregation of the CouncilCardinal-Deacon
Consistory of 1919.12.15 (at the time of creation) (6)
1.Palestine Patriarch Filippo Camassei (71)Patriarch Filippo Camassei (71), Patriarch of Jerusalem (Palestine)Cardinal-Priest
2.Italy Archbishop Augusto Silj (73)Archbishop Augusto Silj (73), Titular Archbishop of Cæsarea Ponti and Vice-Chamberlain of the Holy Roman Church of Reverend Apostolic CameraCardinal-Priest
3.Spain Archbishop Juan Soldevilla y Romero (76)Archbishop Juan Soldevilla y Romero (76), Metropolitan Archbishop of Zaragoza (Spain)Cardinal-Priest
4.Italy Archbishop Teodoro Valfrè di Bonzo (66)Archbishop Teodoro Valfrè di Bonzo (66), Titular Archbishop of Trapezus, Apostolic Nuncio to Austria and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Vercelli (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
5.Poland Archbishop Aleksander Kakowski (57)Archbishop Aleksander Kakowski (57), Metropolitan Archbishop of Warszawa (Poland)Cardinal-Priest
6.Poland Archbishop Edmund Dalbor (50)Archbishop Edmund Dalbor (50), Metropolitan Archbishop of Poznań (Poland), Metropolitan Archbishop of Gniezno (Poland) and President of Episcopal Conference of PolandCardinal-Priest
Consistory of 1921.03.07 (at the time of creation) (6)
1.Italy Archbishop Francesco Ragonesi (70)Archbishop Francesco Ragonesi (70), Titular Archbishop of Myra and Apostolic Nuncio to SpainCardinal-Priest
2.Germany Archbishop Michael von Faulhaber (51)Archbishop Michael von Faulhaber (51), Metropolitan Archbishop of München und Freising (Germany)Cardinal-Priest
3.USA Archbishop Dennis Joseph Dougherty (55)Archbishop Dennis Joseph Dougherty (55), Metropolitan Archbishop of Philadelphia (USA)Cardinal-Priest
4.Spain Archbishop Juan Bautista Benlloch y Vivó (56)Archbishop Juan Bautista Benlloch y Vivó (56), Metropolitan Archbishop of Burgos (Spain)Cardinal-Priest
5.Spain Archbishop Francisco de Asís Vidal y Barraquer (52)Archbishop Francisco de Asís Vidal y Barraquer (52), Metropolitan Archbishop of Tarragona (Spain)Cardinal-Priest
6.Germany Archbishop Karl Joseph Schulte (49)Archbishop Karl Joseph Schulte (49), Metropolitan Archbishop of Köln (Germany)Cardinal-Priest
Consistory of 1921.06.13 (at the time of creation) (3)
1.Italy Archbishop Giovanni Tacci Porcelli (57)Archbishop Giovanni Tacci Porcelli (57), Titular Archbishop of Nicæa, Prefect of Prefecture of the Holy Apostolic Palaces and Bishop emeritus of Città della Pieve (Italy)Cardinal-Priest
2.Italy Archbishop Achille Ratti (63)Archbishop Achille Ratti (63), Titular Archbishop of Adana and Apostolic Nuncio to PolandCardinal-Priest
3.Italy Msgr. Camillo Laurenti (59)Msgr. Camillo Laurenti (59), Secretary of Sacred Congregation of the Propagation of the FaithCardinal-Deacon

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