Bishops of USA

by Liturgical Precedence

Date of
Bishop Ordinaries of USA (470)
1975.03.19 (1991.06.28)Cardinal Roger Michael Mahony (82)Cardinal Roger Michael Mahony (82), Cardinal-Priest of Ss. Quattro Coronati, Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Los Angeles (USA) and Member emeritus of Council of Cardinals for the Study of Organisational and Economic Problems of the Apostolic See
1984.01.25 (1994.11.26)Cardinal Adam Joseph Maida (87)Cardinal Adam Joseph Maida (87), Cardinal-Priest of Ss. Vitale, Valeria, Gervasio e Protasio, Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Detroit (USA) and Ecclesiastical Superior emeritus of Cayman Islands (Cayman Islands)
1976.02.29 (1998.02.21)Cardinal James Francis Stafford (85)Cardinal James Francis Stafford (85), Cardinal-Priest of S. Pietro in Montorio, Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Denver (USA) and Major Penitentiary emeritus of Apostolic Penitentiary
1977.06.29 (2001.02.21)Cardinal Theodore Edgar McCarrick (87)Cardinal Theodore Edgar McCarrick (87), Cardinal-Priest of Ss. Nereo ed Achilleo and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Washington (USA)
1985.09.14 (2003.10.21)Cardinal Justin Francis Rigali (82)Cardinal Justin Francis Rigali (82), Cardinal-Priest of S. Prisca and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Philadelphia (USA)
1983.05.12 (2006.03.24)Cardinal William Joseph Levada (81)Cardinal William Joseph Levada (81), Cardinal-Priest of S. Maria in Domnica pro hac vice Title, Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of San Francisco (USA), Prefect emeritus of Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, President emeritus of Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei”, President emeritus of Pontifical Biblical Commission and President emeritus of International Theological Commission
1984.08.02 (2006.03.24)Cardinal Seán Patrick O’Malley, O.F.M. Cap. (73)Cardinal Seán Patrick O’Malley, O.F.M. Cap. (73), Cardinal-Priest of S. Maria della Vittoria, Metropolitan Archbishop of Boston (USA), President of Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors and Member of Council of Cardinals to assist in the governance of the Universal Church and to reform the Roman Curia
1997.10.07 (2007.11.24)Cardinal Daniel Nicholas DiNardo (68)Cardinal Daniel Nicholas DiNardo (68), Cardinal-Priest of S. Eusebio, Metropolitan Archbishop of Galveston–Houston (USA), President of United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and Member of Council for the Economy
1986.01.06 (2010.11.20)Cardinal Donald William Wuerl (77)Cardinal Donald William Wuerl (77), Cardinal-Priest of S. Pietro in Vincoli and Metropolitan Archbishop of Washington (USA)
2001.08.15 (2012.02.18)Cardinal Timothy Michael Dolan (68)Cardinal Timothy Michael Dolan (68), Cardinal-Priest of Nostra Signora di Guadalupe a Monte Mario and Metropolitan Archbishop of New York (USA)
1998.09.21 (2016.11.19)Cardinal Blase Joseph Cupich (68)Cardinal Blase Joseph Cupich (68), Cardinal-Priest of S. Bartolomeo all’Isola and Metropolitan Archbishop of Chicago (USA)
2010.10.09 (2016.11.19)Cardinal Joseph William Tobin, C.SS.R. (65)Cardinal Joseph William Tobin, C.SS.R. (65), Cardinal-Priest of S. Maria delle Grazie a Via Trionfale, Metropolitan Archbishop of Newark (USA) and Ecclesiastical Superior of Turks and Caicos Islands (Turks and Caicos Islands)
1995.01.06 (2010.11.20)Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke (69)Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke (69), Cardinal-Deacon of S. Agata de’ Goti, Patron of Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Saint Louis (USA)
1996.03.25 (2012.02.18)Cardinal Edwin Frederick O’Brien (78)Cardinal Edwin Frederick O’Brien (78), Cardinal-Deacon of S. Sebastiano al Palatino, Grand Master of Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Baltimore (USA)
1998.03.19 (2012.11.24)Cardinal James Michael Harvey (68)Cardinal James Michael Harvey (68), Cardinal-Deacon of S. Pio V a Villa Carpegna and Archpriest of Papal Basilica of St. Paul Outside-the-Walls
2002.02.11 (2016.11.19)Cardinal Kevin Joseph Farrell (70)Cardinal Kevin Joseph Farrell (70), Cardinal-Deacon of S. Giuliano Martire, Prefect of Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life and Bishop emeritus of Dallas (USA)
1995.04.20 (2012.03.20)Archbishop William Edward Lori (66)Archbishop William Edward Lori (66), Metropolitan Archbishop of Baltimore (USA)
1962.08.30 (1975.02.25)Archbishop Raymond Gerhardt Hunthausen (96)Archbishop Raymond Gerhardt Hunthausen (96), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Seattle (USA)
1977.11.08 (1977.09.20)Archbishop Rembert George Weakland, O.S.B. (90)Archbishop Rembert George Weakland, O.S.B. (90), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Milwaukee (USA)
1980.11.16 (1980.07.29)Archbishop Oscar Hugh Lipscomb (86)Archbishop Oscar Hugh Lipscomb (86), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Mobile (USA) and First Vice-President emeritus of “Vox Clara” Committee
1981.03.01 (1980.12.29)Archbishop Stephen Sulyk (93)Archbishop Stephen Sulyk (93), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Philadelphia of the Ukrainians (USA)
1974.12.20 (1982.10.30)Archbishop Daniel Edward Pilarczyk (83)Archbishop Daniel Edward Pilarczyk (83), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Cincinnati (USA)
1968.09.12 (1991.12.10)Archbishop Daniel Anthony Cronin (90)Archbishop Daniel Anthony Cronin (90), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Hartford (USA)
1978.04.20 (1992.11.24)Archbishop Eusebius Joseph Beltran (83)Archbishop Eusebius Joseph Beltran (83), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Oklahoma City (USA)
1976.04.28 (1993.05.04)Archbishop Elden Francis Curtiss (85)Archbishop Elden Francis Curtiss (85), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Omaha (USA)
1984.12.11 (1993.06.28)Archbishop James Patrick Keleher (86)Archbishop James Patrick Keleher (86), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Kansas City (USA)
1983.06.17 (1993.08.17)Archbishop Michael Jarboe Sheehan (78)Archbishop Michael Jarboe Sheehan (78), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Santa Fe (USA)
1986.06.24 (1994.02.24)Archbishop Harry Joseph Flynn (84)Archbishop Harry Joseph Flynn (84), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Saint Paul and Minneapolis (USA)
1987.08.24 (1994.08.23)Archbishop Jerome George Hanus, O.S.B. (77)Archbishop Jerome George Hanus, O.S.B. (77), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Dubuque (USA)
1986.07.29 (1994.11.03)Archbishop John Clement Favalora (82)Archbishop John Clement Favalora (82), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Miami (USA)
1996.10.23 (1996.08.24)Archbishop Edward Joseph Adams (73)Archbishop Edward Joseph Adams (73), Titular Archbishop of Scala and Apostolic Nuncio to Great Britain
1988.07.26 (1997.03.18)Archbishop Charles Joseph Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. (73)Archbishop Charles Joseph Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. (73), Metropolitan Archbishop of Philadelphia (USA)
1994.07.06 (1997.10.28)Archbishop Alexander Joseph Brunett (84)Archbishop Alexander Joseph Brunett (84), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Seattle (USA) and Apostolic Administrator emeritus of Oakland (USA)
1983.12.13 (1997.10.28)Archbishop John George Vlazny (81)Archbishop John George Vlazny (81), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Portland in Oregon (USA)
1990.02.02 (2000.01.18)Archbishop Roger Lawrence Schwietz, O.M.I. (77)Archbishop Roger Lawrence Schwietz, O.M.I. (77), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Anchorage (USA)
1996.06.13 (2000.11.29)Archbishop Stefan Soroka (66)Archbishop Stefan Soroka (66), Metropolitan Archbishop of Philadelphia of the Ukrainians (USA)
1981.09.14 (2001.02.16)Archbishop Alfred Clifton Hughes (85)Archbishop Alfred Clifton Hughes (85), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of New Orleans (USA)
2001.03.19 (2001.02.27)Archbishop Timothy Paul Andrew Broglio (66)Archbishop Timothy Paul Andrew Broglio (66), Archbishop Military Ordinary of United States of America (USA)
1987.09.03 (2001.07.24)Archbishop John Joseph Myers (76)Archbishop John Joseph Myers (76), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Newark (USA) and Ecclesiastical Superior emeritus of Turks and Caicos Islands (Turks and Caicos Islands)
1993.01.06 (2003.10.20)Archbishop Henry Joseph Mansell (80)Archbishop Henry Joseph Mansell (80), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Hartford (USA)
1997.09.03 (2004.01.07)Archbishop Joseph Fred Naumann (68)Archbishop Joseph Fred Naumann (68), Metropolitan Archbishop of Kansas City (USA)
2004.11.11 (2004.10.02)Archbishop Thomas Edward Gullickson (67)Archbishop Thomas Edward Gullickson (67), Titular Archbishop of Bomarzo, Apostolic Nuncio to Switzerland and Apostolic Nuncio to Liechtenstein
1983.12.13 (2004.12.09)Archbishop Wilton Daniel Gregory (70)Archbishop Wilton Daniel Gregory (70), Metropolitan Archbishop of Atlanta (USA)
1979.10.25 (2004.12.29)Archbishop Joseph Anthony Fiorenza (87)Archbishop Joseph Anthony Fiorenza (87), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Galveston–Houston (USA)
2001.03.26 (2004.12.29)Archbishop José Horacio Gómez (66)Archbishop José Horacio Gómez (66), Metropolitan Archbishop of Los Angeles (USA) and Vice-President of United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
2005.06.29 (2005.04.01)Archbishop Charles Daniel Balvo (66)Archbishop Charles Daniel Balvo (66), Titular Archbishop of Castello, Apostolic Nuncio to South Sudan, Apostolic Nuncio to Kenya and Permanent Observer to United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat)
2005.09.30 (2005.08.24)Archbishop Michael August Blume, S.V.D. (71)Archbishop Michael August Blume, S.V.D. (71), Titular Archbishop of Alessano and Apostolic Nuncio to Uganda
2006.09.06 (2006.08.17)Archbishop James Patrick Green (67)Archbishop James Patrick Green (格霖澤) (67), Titular Archbishop of Altino, Apostolic Nuncio to Norway, Apostolic Nuncio to Finland, Apostolic Nuncio to Denmark, Apostolic Nuncio to Sweden and Apostolic Nuncio to Iceland
1996.07.09 (2007.04.24)Archbishop John Clayton Nienstedt (70)Archbishop John Clayton Nienstedt (70), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Saint Paul and Minneapolis (USA)
1999.12.09 (2007.06.12)Archbishop Joseph Edward Kurtz (71)Archbishop Joseph Edward Kurtz (71), Metropolitan Archbishop of Louisville (USA)
2008.03.29 (2008.01.12)Archbishop Joseph Salvador Marino (65)Archbishop Joseph Salvador Marino (65), Titular Archbishop of Natchitoches, Apostolic Nuncio to Timor-Leste, Apostolic Nuncio to Malaysia and Apostolic Delegate to Brunei
2001.07.02 (2008.04.02)Archbishop Thomas John Rodi (68)Archbishop Thomas John Rodi (68), Metropolitan Archbishop of Mobile (USA)
2001.04.02 (2008.10.17)Archbishop Dennis Marion Schnurr (69)Archbishop Dennis Marion Schnurr (69), Metropolitan Archbishop of Cincinnati (USA)
1996.07.09 (2009.01.05)Archbishop Allen Henry Vigneron (69)Archbishop Allen Henry Vigneron (69), Metropolitan Archbishop of Detroit (USA) and Ecclesiastical Superior of Cayman Islands (Cayman Islands)
1984.01.11 (2009.04.21)Archbishop Robert James Carlson (73)Archbishop Robert James Carlson (73), Metropolitan Archbishop of Saint Louis (USA)
1999.12.13 (2009.06.03)Archbishop George Joseph Lucas (68)Archbishop George Joseph Lucas (68), Metropolitan Archbishop of Omaha (USA)
1997.01.10 (2009.06.12)Archbishop Gregory Michael Aymond (68)Archbishop Gregory Michael Aymond (68), Metropolitan Archbishop of New Orleans (USA)
2009.07.11 (2009.06.16)Archbishop Joseph Augustine Di Noia, O.P. (74)Archbishop Joseph Augustine Di Noia, O.P. (74), Titular Archbishop of Oregon City and Adjunct Secretary of Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
2001.01.08 (2009.11.14)Archbishop Jerome Edward Listecki (69)Archbishop Jerome Edward Listecki (69), Metropolitan Archbishop of Milwaukee (USA)
1997.09.03 (2010.04.20)Archbishop Thomas Gerard Wenski (67)Archbishop Thomas Gerard Wenski (67), Metropolitan Archbishop of Miami (USA)
2000.03.06 (2010.09.16)Archbishop James Peter Sartain (65)Archbishop James Peter Sartain (65), Metropolitan Archbishop of Seattle (USA)
2003.03.19 (2010.10.14)Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller, M.Sp.S. (61)Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller, M.Sp.S. (61), Metropolitan Archbishop of San Antonio (USA)
2004.12.28 (2010.12.16)Archbishop Paul Stagg Coakley (62)Archbishop Paul Stagg Coakley (62), Metropolitan Archbishop of Oklahoma City (USA)
2012.01.06 (2011.11.26)Archbishop Charles John Brown (58)Archbishop Charles John Brown (58), Titular Archbishop of Aquileia and Apostolic Nuncio to Albania
2002.04.23 (2012.01.19)Archbishop William Charles Skurla (61)Archbishop William Charles Skurla (61), Metropolitan of Pittsburgh of the Ruthenians (USA) and President of Council of the Ruthenian Church of USA
2001.08.24 (2012.05.29)Archbishop Samuel Joseph Aquila (67)Archbishop Samuel Joseph Aquila (67), Metropolitan Archbishop of Denver (USA)
2002.08.21 (2012.07.27)Archbishop Salvatore Joseph Cordileone (61)Archbishop Salvatore Joseph Cordileone (61), Metropolitan Archbishop of San Francisco (USA)
2006.01.25 (2013.01.29)Archbishop Alexander King Sample (57)Archbishop Alexander King Sample (57), Metropolitan Archbishop of Portland in Oregon (USA)
2013.04.27 (2013.02.22)Archbishop Michael Wallace Banach (55)Archbishop Michael Wallace Banach (55), Titular Archbishop of Memphis, Apostolic Nuncio to Mauritania, Apostolic Nuncio to Guinea-Bissau, Apostolic Nuncio to Cape Verde and Apostolic Nuncio to Senegal
2005.04.04 (2013.04.08)Archbishop Michael Owen Jackels (63)Archbishop Michael Owen Jackels (63), Metropolitan Archbishop of Dubuque (USA)
2009.12.01 (2013.09.24)Archbishop Bernard Anthony Hebda (58)Archbishop Bernard Anthony Hebda (58), Metropolitan Archbishop of Saint Paul and Minneapolis (USA)
1999.08.24 (2013.10.29)Archbishop Leonard Paul Blair (68)Archbishop Leonard Paul Blair (68), Metropolitan Archbishop of Hartford (USA)
1998.09.18 (2015.04.27)Archbishop John Charles Wester (67)Archbishop John Charles Wester (67), Metropolitan Archbishop of Santa Fe (USA)
2016.03.19 (2016.02.09)Archbishop Peter Bryan Wells (54)Archbishop Peter Bryan Wells (54), Titular Archbishop of Marcianopolis, Apostolic Nuncio to Swaziland, Apostolic Nuncio to Namibia, Apostolic Nuncio to Lesotho, Apostolic Nuncio to South Africa and Apostolic Nuncio to Botswana
2016.06.03 (2016.03.19)Archbishop Paul Fitzpatrick Russell (58)Archbishop Paul Fitzpatrick Russell (陸思道) (58), Titular Archbishop of Novi, Apostolic Nuncio to Turkmenistan and Apostolic Nuncio to Turkey
2009.12.09 (2016.10.04)Archbishop Paul Dennis Etienne (58)Archbishop Paul Dennis Etienne (58), Metropolitan Archbishop of Anchorage (USA)
2011.06.29 (2017.06.13)Archbishop Charles Coleman Thompson (56)Archbishop Charles Coleman Thompson (56), Metropolitan Archbishop of Indianapolis (USA)
1968.05.01Bishop Thomas John Gumbleton (88)Bishop Thomas John Gumbleton (88), Titular Bishop of Ululi and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Detroit (USA)
1971.05.25Bishop Basil Harry Losten (87)Bishop Basil Harry Losten (87), Bishop emeritus of Stamford of the Ukrainians (USA)
1972.01.25Bishop René Henry Gracida (94)Bishop René Henry Gracida (94), Bishop emeritus of Corpus Christi (USA)
1972.01.26Bishop Louis Edward Gelineau (89)Bishop Louis Edward Gelineau (89), Bishop emeritus of Providence (USA)
1973.01.28Bishop Joseph Lawson Howze (94)Bishop Joseph Lawson Howze (94), Bishop emeritus of Biloxi (USA)
1973.02.02Bishop John Joseph Snyder (92)Bishop John Joseph Snyder (92), Bishop emeritus of Saint Augustine (USA)
1974.05.16Bishop John Stephen Cummins (90)Bishop John Stephen Cummins (90), Bishop emeritus of Oakland (USA)
1974.06.21Bishop Gilbert Espinosa Chávez (85)Bishop Gilbert Espinosa Chávez (85), Titular Bishop of Magarmel and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of San Diego (USA)
1974.09.20Bishop Richard Charles Patrick Hanifen (86)Bishop Richard Charles Patrick Hanifen (86), Bishop emeritus of Colorado Springs (USA)
1975.02.03Bishop Odore Joseph Gendron (96)Bishop Odore Joseph Gendron (96), Bishop emeritus of Manchester (USA)
1975.08.06Bishop Daniel Patrick Reilly (89)Bishop Daniel Patrick Reilly (89), Bishop emeritus of Worcester (USA)
1976.06.11Bishop Gilbert Ignatius Sheldon (91)Bishop Gilbert Ignatius Sheldon (91), Bishop emeritus of Steubenville (USA)
1976.06.25Bishop Dominic Anthony Marconi (91)Bishop Dominic Anthony Marconi (91), Titular Bishop of Bure and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Newark (USA)
1976.08.31Bishop Joseph Hubert Hart (86)Bishop Joseph Hubert Hart (86), Bishop emeritus of Cheyenne (USA)
1976.09.02Bishop Victor Herman Balke (86)Bishop Victor Herman Balke (86), Bishop emeritus of Crookston (USA)
1976.09.21Bishop James Clifford Timlin (90)Bishop James Clifford Timlin (90), Bishop emeritus of Scranton (USA)
1976.12.13Bishop Raymundo Joseph Peña (84)Bishop Raymundo Joseph Peña (84), Bishop emeritus of Brownsville (USA)
1976.12.14Bishop Eugene John Gerber (86)Bishop Eugene John Gerber (86), Bishop emeritus of Wichita (USA)
1977.01.25Bishop John Francis Kinney (80)Bishop John Francis Kinney (80), Bishop emeritus of Saint Cloud (USA)
1977.03.27Bishop Howard James Hubbard (79)Bishop Howard James Hubbard (79), Bishop emeritus of Albany (USA)
1977.04.14Bishop Robert Edward Mulvee (88)Bishop Robert Edward Mulvee (88), Bishop emeritus of Providence (USA)
1977.05.12Bishop William Stephen Skylstad (84)Bishop William Stephen Skylstad (84), Bishop emeritus of Spokane (USA) and Apostolic Administrator emeritus of Baker (USA)
1978.02.28Bishop Frank Joseph Rodimer (90)Bishop Frank Joseph Rodimer (90), Bishop emeritus of Paterson (USA)
1978.03.02Bishop Kenneth Donald Steiner (81)Bishop Kenneth Donald Steiner (81), Titular Bishop of Avensa and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Portland in Oregon (USA)
1978.03.13Bishop Thomas Joseph Costello (89)Bishop Thomas Joseph Costello (89), Titular Bishop of Perdices and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Syracuse (USA)
1978.06.24Bishop Peter Anthony Rosazza (83)Bishop Peter Anthony Rosazza (83), Titular Bishop of Oppidum novum and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Hartford (USA)
1978.06.29Bishop Roland Pierre DuMaine (86)Bishop Roland Pierre DuMaine (86), Bishop emeritus of San Jose (USA)
1978.06.29Bishop Francis Anthony Quinn (96)Bishop Francis Anthony Quinn (96), Bishop emeritus of Sacramento (USA)
1978.11.06Bishop Philip Francis Straling (84)Bishop Philip Francis Straling (84), Bishop emeritus of Reno (USA)
1979.02.22Bishop Robert Fealey Morneau (79)Bishop Robert Fealey Morneau (79), Titular Bishop of Massa Lubrense and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Green Bay (USA)
1979.03.14Bishop John Edward McCarthy (87)Bishop John Edward McCarthy (87), Bishop emeritus of Austin (USA)
1979.05.14Bishop Stanley Girard Schlarman (84)Bishop Stanley Girard Schlarman (84), Bishop emeritus of Dodge City (USA)
1979.05.27Bishop Matthew Harvey Clark (80)Bishop Matthew Harvey Clark (80), Bishop emeritus of Rochester (USA)
1979.08.01Bishop Anthony Michael Pilla (85)Bishop Anthony Michael Pilla (85), Bishop emeritus of Cleveland (USA)
1979.08.01Bishop James Anthony Griffin (83)Bishop James Anthony Griffin (83), Bishop emeritus of Columbus (USA)
1979.12.19Bishop Richard John Sklba (82)Bishop Richard John Sklba (82), Titular Bishop of Castro di Puglia and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Milwaukee (USA)
1980.09.10Bishop Arthur Nicholas Tafoya (85)Bishop Arthur Nicholas Tafoya (85), Bishop emeritus of Pueblo (USA)
1980.11.17Bishop William Keith Weigand (80)Bishop William Keith Weigand (80), Bishop emeritus of Sacramento (USA)
1980.11.24Bishop René Arnold Valero (87)Bishop René Arnold Valero (87), Titular Bishop of Vicus Turris and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Brooklyn (USA)
1981.03.19Bishop Joseph Keith Symons (85)Bishop Joseph Keith Symons (85), Bishop emeritus of Palm Beach (USA)
1981.08.12Bishop Louis Anthony DeSimone (96)Bishop Louis Anthony DeSimone (96), Titular Bishop of Cillium and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Philadelphia (USA)
1981.08.20Bishop Charles Victor Grahmann (86)Bishop Charles Victor Grahmann (86), Bishop emeritus of Dallas (USA)
1981.09.24Bishop Daniel Francis Walsh (80)Bishop Daniel Francis Walsh (80), Bishop emeritus of Santa Rosa (USA)
1981.10.13Bishop Robert Mikhail Moskal (80)Bishop Robert Mikhail Moskal (80), Bishop emeritus of Saint Josaphat in Parma of the Ukrainians (USA)
1981.12.06Bishop Robert John Rose (88)Bishop Robert John Rose (88), Bishop emeritus of Grand Rapids (USA)
1981.12.06Bishop Ricardo Ramirez, C.S.B. (81)Bishop Ricardo Ramirez, C.S.B. (81), Bishop emeritus of Las Cruces (USA)
1982.01.06Bishop Anthony Michael Milone (85)Bishop Anthony Michael Milone (85), Bishop emeritus of Great Falls–Billings (USA)
1982.01.06Bishop Thomas Joseph O’Brien (82)Bishop Thomas Joseph O’Brien (82), Bishop emeritus of Phoenix (USA)
1982.03.07Bishop Ibrahim Namo Ibrahim (80)Bishop Ibrahim Namo Ibrahim (80), Bishop emeritus of Saint Thomas the Apostle of Detroit of the Chaldeans (USA)
1982.11.03Bishop Edward Urban Kmiec (81)Bishop Edward Urban Kmiec (81), Bishop emeritus of Buffalo (USA)
1983.01.27Bishop Dale Joseph Melczek (79)Bishop Dale Joseph Melczek (79), Bishop emeritus of Gary (USA)
1983.04.07Bishop David Arias Pérez, O.A.R. (88)Bishop David Arias Pérez, O.A.R. (88), Titular Bishop of Badiæ and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Newark (USA)
1983.05.10Bishop Francis Xavier Roque (89)Bishop Francis Xavier Roque (89), Titular Bishop of Bagai and Auxiliary Bishop of the Military Ordinariate emeritus of United States of America (USA)
1983.05.23Bishop Robert Henry Brom (79)Bishop Robert Henry Brom (79), Bishop emeritus of San Diego (USA)
1983.08.17Bishop Lawrence Donald Soens (91)Bishop Lawrence Donald Soens (91), Bishop emeritus of Sioux City (USA)
1983.12.13Bishop Plácido Rodríguez, C.M.F. (77)Bishop Plácido Rodríguez, C.M.F. (77), Bishop emeritus of Lubbock (USA)
1984.02.10Bishop James Terry Steib, S.V.D. (77)Bishop James Terry Steib, S.V.D. (77), Bishop emeritus of Memphis (USA)
1984.06.06Bishop William Leo Higi (84)Bishop William Leo Higi (84), Bishop emeritus of Lafayette in Indiana (USA)
1984.06.19Bishop James Kendrick Williams (81)Bishop James Kendrick Williams (81), Bishop emeritus of Lexington (USA)
1984.07.02Bishop John Huston Ricard, S.S.J. (78)Bishop John Huston Ricard, S.S.J. (78), Bishop emeritus of Pensacola–Tallahassee (USA)
1984.07.25Bishop James Henry Garland (86)Bishop James Henry Garland (86), Bishop emeritus of Marquette (USA)
1984.09.14Bishop Paulius Antanas Baltakis, O.F.M. (93)Bishop Paulius Antanas Baltakis, O.F.M. (93), Titular Bishop of Egara
1984.10.21Bishop Bawai Soro (64)Bishop Bawai Soro (64), Bishop of Mar Addai of Toronto of the Chaldeans (Canada)
1984.12.12Bishop John Joseph Leibrecht (87)Bishop John Joseph Leibrecht (87), Bishop emeritus of Springfield–Cape Girardeau (USA)
1985.04.16Bishop Donald Walter Trautman (81)Bishop Donald Walter Trautman (81), Bishop emeritus of Erie (USA)
1985.07.26Bishop Michael David Pfeifer, O.M.I. (80)Bishop Michael David Pfeifer, O.M.I. (80), Bishop emeritus of San Angelo (USA)
1985.09.19Bishop Robert Joseph Banks (90)Bishop Robert Joseph Banks (90), Bishop emeritus of Green Bay (USA)
1986.04.21Bishop Joseph John Gerry, O.S.B. (89)Bishop Joseph John Gerry, O.S.B. (89), Bishop emeritus of Portland in Maine (USA)
1986.06.27Bishop David Edward Foley (88)Bishop David Edward Foley (88), Bishop emeritus of Birmingham (USA) and Apostolic Administrator emeritus of Birmingham (USA)
1986.06.29Bishop John Adel Elya (89)Bishop John Adel Elya (89), Bishop emeritus of Newton of the Greek-Melkites (USA)
1987.02.23Bishop Armando Xavier Ochoa (74)Bishop Armando Xavier Ochoa (74), Bishop of Fresno (USA)
1987.02.25Bishop George Edward Rueger (88)Bishop George Edward Rueger (88), Titular Bishop of Maronana and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Worcester (USA)
1987.04.01Bishop William Edwin Franklin (87)Bishop William Edwin Franklin (87), Bishop emeritus of Davenport (USA)
1987.05.20Bishop Joseph Victor Adamec (82)Bishop Joseph Victor Adamec (82), Bishop emeritus of Altoona–Johnstown (USA)
1988.01.25Bishop John Mortimer Fourette Smith (82)Bishop John Mortimer Fourette Smith (82), Bishop emeritus of Trenton (USA)
1988.02.19Bishop Curtis John Guillory, S.V.D. (74)Bishop Curtis John Guillory, S.V.D. (74), Bishop of Beaumont (USA)
1988.04.11Bishop John Robert Gorman (92)Bishop John Robert Gorman (92), Titular Bishop of Catula and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Chicago (USA)
1988.04.12Bishop Paul Stephen Loverde (77)Bishop Paul Stephen Loverde (77), Bishop emeritus of Arlington (USA)
1988.12.13Bishop John Charles Dunne (80)Bishop John Charles Dunne (80), Titular Bishop of Abercorn and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Rockville Centre (USA)
1988.12.13Bishop Emil Aloysius Wcela (86)Bishop Emil Aloysius Wcela (86), Titular Bishop of Filaca and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Rockville Centre (USA)
1988.12.15Bishop Edmond Carmody (84)Bishop Edmond Carmody (84), Bishop emeritus of Corpus Christi (USA)
1989.01.25Bishop Carlos Arthur Sevilla, S.J. (82)Bishop Carlos Arthur Sevilla, S.J. (82), Bishop emeritus of Yakima (USA)
1989.01.25Bishop Patrick Joseph McGrath (72)Bishop Patrick Joseph McGrath (72), Bishop of San Jose (USA)
1989.02.13Bishop William Joseph Winter (87)Bishop William Joseph Winter (87), Titular Bishop of Uthina and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Pittsburgh (USA)
1989.04.03Bishop Tod David Brown (81)Bishop Tod David Brown (81), Bishop emeritus of Orange (USA)
1989.04.11Bishop Gerald Andrew Gettelfinger (82)Bishop Gerald Andrew Gettelfinger (82), Bishop emeritus of Evansville (USA)
1989.06.29Bishop Paul Albert Zipfel (82)Bishop Paul Albert Zipfel (82), Bishop emeritus of Bismarck (USA)
1989.07.06Bishop Nicholas James Samra (73)Bishop Nicholas James Samra (73), Bishop of Newton of the Greek-Melkites (USA) and Apostolic Administrator of Nuestra Señora del Paraíso en México of the Greek-Melkites (Mexico)
1989.08.24Bishop Sam Gallip Jacobs (80)Bishop Sam Gallip Jacobs (80), Bishop emeritus of Houma–Thibodaux (USA)
1990.01.25Bishop Joseph Leo Charron, C.PP.S. (78)Bishop Joseph Leo Charron, C.PP.S. (78), Bishop emeritus of Des Moines (USA)
1990.02.02Bishop Edward Michael Grosz (73)Bishop Edward Michael Grosz (73), Titular Bishop of Morosbisdus and Auxiliary Bishop of Buffalo (USA)
1990.05.28Bishop David Eugene Fellhauer (78)Bishop David Eugene Fellhauer (78), Bishop emeritus of Victoria (USA)
1990.05.31Bishop Sylvester Donovan Ryan (87)Bishop Sylvester Donovan Ryan (87), Bishop emeritus of Monterey (USA)
1990.05.31Bishop Stephen Edward Blaire (76)Bishop Stephen Edward Blaire (76), Bishop emeritus of Stockton (USA)
1990.06.29Bishop Robert William Muench (75)Bishop Robert William Muench (75), Bishop of Baton Rouge (USA)
1991.08.29Bishop Raymond Emil Goedert (90)Bishop Raymond Emil Goedert (90), Titular Bishop of Tamazeni and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Chicago (USA)
1992.03.18Bishop Gerald Richard Barnes (72)Bishop Gerald Richard Barnes (72), Bishop of San Bernardino (USA)
1992.05.13Bishop Fabian Wendelin Bruskewitz (82)Bishop Fabian Wendelin Bruskewitz (82), Bishop emeritus of Lincoln (USA)
1992.12.11Bishop Joseph Anthony Galante (79)Bishop Joseph Anthony Galante (79), Bishop emeritus of Camden (USA)
1992.12.27Bishop Thomas Joseph Tobin (69)Bishop Thomas Joseph Tobin (69), Bishop of Providence (USA)
1993.02.11Bishop Dominic Carmon, S.V.D. (87)Bishop Dominic Carmon, S.V.D. (87), Titular Bishop of Rusicade and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of New Orleans (USA)
1993.03.04Bishop Charles Michael Jarrell (77)Bishop Charles Michael Jarrell (77), Bishop emeritus of Lafayette in Louisiana (USA)
1993.03.10Bishop James Anthony Tamayo (68)Bishop James Anthony Tamayo (68), Bishop of Laredo (USA)
1994.01.06Bishop Edward James Slattery (77)Bishop Edward James Slattery (77), Bishop emeritus of Tulsa (USA)
1994.01.06Bishop Bernard Joseph Harrington (84)Bishop Bernard Joseph Harrington (84), Bishop emeritus of Winona (USA)
1994.03.19Bishop Thomas John Curry (75)Bishop Thomas John Curry (75), Titular Bishop of Ceanannus Mór and Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles (USA)
1994.03.19Bishop Gabino Zavala (66)Bishop Gabino Zavala (66), Titular Bishop of Tamascani and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Los Angeles (USA)
1994.03.19Bishop Joseph Martin Sartoris (90)Bishop Joseph Martin Sartoris (90), Titular Bishop of Oliva and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Los Angeles (USA)
1994.04.14Bishop Edward Peter Cullen (85)Bishop Edward Peter Cullen (85), Bishop emeritus of Allentown (USA)
1994.05.12Bishop Charles James McDonnell (89)Bishop Charles James McDonnell (89), Titular Bishop of Pocofeltus and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Newark (USA)
1994.08.22Bishop Gerald Michael Barbarito (68)Bishop Gerald Michael Barbarito (68), Bishop of Palm Beach (USA)
1994.12.30Bishop John Walter Yanta (86)Bishop John Walter Yanta (86), Bishop emeritus of Amarillo (USA)
1995.03.07Bishop John Martin Dougherty (85)Bishop John Martin Dougherty (85), Titular Bishop of Sufetula and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Scranton (USA)
1995.03.12Bishop Manuel Batakian, I.C.P.B. (88)Bishop Manuel Batakian, I.C.P.B. (88), Bishop emeritus of Our Lady of Nareg in New York of the Armenians (USA)
1995.03.20Bishop George Vance Murry, S.J. (69)Bishop George Vance Murry, S.J. (69), Bishop of Youngstown (USA)
1995.03.20Bishop Gerald Frederick Kicanas (76)Bishop Gerald Frederick Kicanas (76), Bishop emeritus of Tucson (USA)
1995.04.18Bishop John Kevin Boland (82)Bishop John Kevin Boland (82), Bishop emeritus of Savannah (USA)
1995.05.17Bishop Edward Kenneth Braxton (73)Bishop Edward Kenneth Braxton (73), Bishop of Belleville (USA)
1995.07.27Bishop Michael Richard Cote (68)Bishop Michael Richard Cote (68), Bishop of Norwich (USA)
1995.12.27Bishop John Brendan McCormack (82)Bishop John Brendan McCormack (82), Bishop emeritus of Manchester (USA)
1995.12.27Bishop William Francis Murphy (77)Bishop William Francis Murphy (77), Bishop emeritus of Rockville Centre (USA)
1996.01.25Bishop Carl Frederick Mengeling (87)Bishop Carl Frederick Mengeling (87), Bishop emeritus of Lansing (USA)
1996.01.26Bishop Robert Nugent Lynch (76)Bishop Robert Nugent Lynch (76), Bishop emeritus of Saint Petersburg (USA)
1996.03.05Bishop John Raymond Manz (72)Bishop John Raymond Manz (72), Titular Bishop of Mulia and Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago (USA)
1996.03.11Bishop Robert Patrick Maginnis (84)Bishop Robert Patrick Maginnis (84), Titular Bishop of Siminina and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Philadelphia (USA)
1996.03.11Bishop Joseph Francis Martino (71)Bishop Joseph Francis Martino (71), Bishop emeritus of Scranton (USA)
1996.05.14Bishop Francis Joseph Christian (75)Bishop Francis Joseph Christian (75), Titular Bishop of Quincy and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Manchester (USA)
1996.08.24Bishop John Michael Botean (62)Bishop John Michael Botean (62), Bishop of Saint George’s in Canton of the Romanians (USA)
1996.09.17Bishop Emilio Simeon Allué, S.D.B. (83)Bishop Emilio Simeon Allué, S.D.B. (83), Titular Bishop of Croæ and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Boston (USA)
1996.09.17Bishop Francis Xavier Irwin (84)Bishop Francis Xavier Irwin (84), Titular Bishop of Ubaza and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Boston (USA)
1996.10.31Bishop Nicholas Anthony DiMarzio (73)Bishop Nicholas Anthony DiMarzio (73), Bishop of Brooklyn (USA)
1996.12.17Bishop Michael William Warfel (69)Bishop Michael William Warfel (69), Bishop of Great Falls–Billings (USA)
1997.04.06Bishop David Allen Zubik (68)Bishop David Allen Zubik (68), Bishop of Pittsburgh (USA)
1997.06.10Bishop Christie Albert Macaluso (72)Bishop Christie Albert Macaluso (72), Titular Bishop of Grass Valley and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Hartford (USA)
1997.08.25Bishop Robert Anthony Brucato (86)Bishop Robert Anthony Brucato (86), Titular Bishop of Temuniana and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of New York (USA)
1997.08.27Bishop John Raymond Gaydos (74)Bishop John Raymond Gaydos (74), Bishop emeritus of Jefferson City (USA)
1997.09.03Bishop Michael John Sheridan (73)Bishop Michael John Sheridan (73), Bishop of Colorado Springs (USA)
1997.09.05Bishop Paul Gregory Bootkoski (77)Bishop Paul Gregory Bootkoski (77), Bishop emeritus of Metuchen (USA)
1997.12.16Bishop Daniel Robert Jenky, C.S.C. (71)Bishop Daniel Robert Jenky, C.S.C. (71), Bishop of Peoria (USA)
1998.01.21Bishop Gerald Eugene Wilkerson (78)Bishop Gerald Eugene Wilkerson (78), Titular Bishop of Vincennes and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Los Angeles (USA)
1998.01.27Bishop James Albert Murray (85)Bishop James Albert Murray (85), Bishop emeritus of Kalamazoo (USA)
1998.01.28Bishop Richard Joseph Garcia (70)Bishop Richard Joseph Garcia (70), Bishop of Monterey (USA)
1998.02.16Bishop Thomas Joseph Flanagan (87)Bishop Thomas Joseph Flanagan (87), Titular Bishop of Bavagaliana and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of San Antonio (USA)
1998.02.16Bishop Patrick James Zurek (69)Bishop Patrick James Zurek (69), Bishop of Amarillo (USA)
1998.06.29Bishop Joseph Nathaniel Perry (69)Bishop Joseph Nathaniel Perry (69), Titular Bishop of Lead and Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago (USA)
1998.07.16Bishop Ronald Michael Gilmore (75)Bishop Ronald Michael Gilmore (75), Bishop emeritus of Dodge City (USA)
1999.02.22Bishop Robert Joseph McManus (66)Bishop Robert Joseph McManus (66), Bishop of Worcester (USA)
1999.04.20Bishop Thomas James Olmsted (71)Bishop Thomas James Olmsted (71), Bishop of Phoenix (USA) and First Vice-President of “Vox Clara” Committee
1999.05.14Bishop Frederick Francis Campbell (74)Bishop Frederick Francis Campbell (74), Bishop of Columbus (USA)
1999.06.29Bishop James Francis McCarthy (75)Bishop James Francis McCarthy (75), Titular Bishop of Verrona and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of New York (USA)
1999.09.21Bishop Robert Charles Morlino, S.J. (71)Bishop Robert Charles Morlino, S.J. (71), Bishop of Madison (USA)
1999.09.29Bishop Robert Joseph Baker (73)Bishop Robert Joseph Baker (73), Bishop of Birmingham (USA)
2000.01.06Bishop David Laurin Ricken (65)Bishop David Laurin Ricken (65), Bishop of Green Bay (USA)
2000.01.26Bishop Robert Francis Vasa (66)Bishop Robert Francis Vasa (66), Bishop of Santa Rosa (USA)
2000.01.28Bishop George Leo Thomas (67)Bishop George Leo Thomas (67), Bishop of Las Vegas (USA)
2000.03.01Bishop Richard Joseph Malone (71)Bishop Richard Joseph Malone (71), Bishop of Buffalo (USA)
2000.05.31Bishop Jaime Soto (62)Bishop Jaime Soto (62), Bishop of Sacramento (USA)
2000.09.08Bishop Arthur Joseph Serratelli (73)Bishop Arthur Joseph Serratelli (73), Bishop of Paterson (USA) and Secretary of “Vox Clara” Committee
2001.02.14Bishop John Stephen Pažak, C.SS.R. (71)Bishop John Stephen Pažak, C.SS.R. (71), Bishop of Holy Protection of Mary of Phoenix of the Ruthenians (USA) and Apostolic Administrator of Saints Cyril and Methodius of Toronto of the Slovaks (Canada)
2001.02.16Bishop Shlemon Warduni (74)Bishop Shlemon Warduni (74), Titular Bishop of Anbar of the Chaldeans and Bishop of Curia of the Chaldeans
2001.03.01Bishop William Francis Malooly (74)Bishop William Francis Malooly (74), Bishop of Wilmington (USA)
2001.03.26Bishop Edward William Clark (71)Bishop Edward William Clark (71), Titular Bishop of Gardar and Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles (USA)
2001.03.26Bishop Richard Edmund Pates (75)Bishop Richard Edmund Pates (75), Bishop of Des Moines (USA)
2001.05.31Bishop Joseph Anthony Pepe (75)Bishop Joseph Anthony Pepe (75), Bishop emeritus of Las Vegas (USA)
2001.06.07Bishop Martin John Amos (76)Bishop Martin John Amos (76), Bishop emeritus of Davenport (USA)
2001.06.07Bishop Roger William Gries, O.S.B. (80)Bishop Roger William Gries, O.S.B. (80), Titular Bishop of Præsidium and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Cleveland (USA)
2001.07.01Bishop Jacob Angadiath (72)Bishop Jacob Angadiath (72), Bishop of Saint Thomas the Apostle of Chicago of the Syro-Malabars (USA)
2001.07.31Bishop Vincent Michael Rizzotto (86)Bishop Vincent Michael Rizzotto (86), Titular Bishop of Lamasba and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Galveston–Houston (USA)
2001.08.21Bishop Victor Benito Galeone (82)Bishop Victor Benito Galeone (82), Bishop emeritus of Saint Augustine (USA)
2001.09.14Bishop Walter James Edyvean (79)Bishop Walter James Edyvean (79), Titular Bishop of Æliæ and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Boston (USA)
2001.09.14Bishop Richard Gerard Lennon (70)Bishop Richard Gerard Lennon (70), Bishop emeritus of Cleveland (USA)
2001.12.12Bishop Timothy Anthony McDonnell (80)Bishop Timothy Anthony McDonnell (80), Bishop emeritus of Springfield in Massachusetts (USA)
2001.12.12Bishop Josu Iriondo (79)Bishop Josu Iriondo (79), Titular Bishop of Alton and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of New York (USA)
2001.12.12Bishop Dominick John Lagonegro (75)Bishop Dominick John Lagonegro (75), Titular Bishop of Modruš and Auxiliary Bishop of New York (USA)
2002.01.23Bishop José Stephen Vásquez (60)Bishop José Stephen Vásquez (60), Bishop of Austin (USA)
2002.02.11Bishop Francisco González Valer, S.F. (78)Bishop Francisco González Valer, S.F. (78), Titular Bishop of Lamphua and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Washington (USA)
2002.06.11Bishop Paul Patrick Chomnycky, O.S.B.M. (63)Bishop Paul Patrick Chomnycky, O.S.B.M. (63), Bishop of Stamford of the Ukrainians (USA)
2002.07.10Bishop John Michael Kudrick (70)Bishop John Michael Kudrick (70), Bishop emeritus of Parma of the Ruthenians (USA)
2002.07.15Bishop Roger Joseph Foys (72)Bishop Roger Joseph Foys (72), Bishop of Covington (USA)
2002.07.21Bishop Sarhad Yawsip Hermiz Jammo (77)Bishop Sarhad Yawsip Hermiz Jammo (77), Bishop emeritus of Saint Peter the Apostle of San Diego of the Chaldeans (USA)
2002.08.06Bishop Robert Daniel Conlon (69)Bishop Robert Daniel Conlon (69), Bishop of Joliet (USA)
2002.08.22Bishop Donald Joseph Kettler (73)Bishop Donald Joseph Kettler (73), Bishop of Saint Cloud (USA)
2002.09.05Bishop Michael Francis Burbidge (60)Bishop Michael Francis Burbidge (60), Bishop of Arlington (USA)
2002.09.13Bishop Earl Alfred Boyea (66)Bishop Earl Alfred Boyea (66), Bishop of Lansing (USA)
2002.12.12Bishop Robert Joseph Hermann (83)Bishop Robert Joseph Hermann (83), Titular Bishop of Zerta and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Saint Louis (USA)
2003.01.30Bishop Ignatius Wang Zhong-zhang (84)Bishop Ignatius Wang Zhong-zhang (汪中璋) (84), Titular Bishop of Sitipa and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of San Francisco (USA)
2003.02.22Bishop Ronald William Gainer (70)Bishop Ronald William Gainer (70), Bishop of Harrisburg (USA)
2003.03.07Bishop Joseph Nunzio Latino (80)Bishop Joseph Nunzio Latino (80), Bishop emeritus of Jackson (USA)
2003.03.19Bishop Francis Joseph Kane (75)Bishop Francis Joseph Kane (75), Titular Bishop of Sault Sainte Marie in Michigan and Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago (USA)
2003.03.19Bishop Thomas John Joseph Paprocki (65)Bishop Thomas John Joseph Paprocki (65), Bishop of Springfield in Illinois (USA)
2003.04.22Bishop Roger Paul Morin (77)Bishop Roger Paul Morin (77), Bishop emeritus of Biloxi (USA)
2003.07.22Bishop George William Coleman (79)Bishop George William Coleman (79), Bishop emeritus of Fall River (USA)
2003.08.12Bishop John Michael Quinn (72)Bishop John Michael Quinn (72), Bishop of Winona (USA)
2003.08.12Bishop Francis Ronald Reiss (77)Bishop Francis Ronald Reiss (77), Titular Bishop of Remesiana and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Detroit (USA)
2003.08.12Bishop Walter Allison Hurley (80)Bishop Walter Allison Hurley (80), Bishop emeritus of Grand Rapids (USA)
2003.09.03Bishop Edgar Moreira da Cunha, S.D.V. (60)Bishop Edgar Moreira da Cunha, S.D.V. (60), Bishop of Fall River (USA)
2003.10.24Bishop Peter Joseph Jugis (61)Bishop Peter Joseph Jugis (61), Bishop of Charlotte (USA)
2004.01.07Bishop Felipe de Jesús Estévez (72)Bishop Felipe de Jesús Estévez (72), Bishop of Saint Augustine (USA)
2004.02.10Bishop Oscar Azarcon Solis (64)Bishop Oscar Azarcon Solis (64), Bishop of Salt Lake City (USA)
2004.03.02Bishop Gregory John Mansour (62)Bishop Gregory John Mansour (62), Bishop of Saint Maron of Brooklyn of the Maronites (USA)
2004.03.04Bishop Lawrence Eugene Brandt (78)Bishop Lawrence Eugene Brandt (78), Bishop emeritus of Greensburg (USA)
2004.05.03Bishop Robert William Finn (64)Bishop Robert William Finn (64), Bishop emeritus of Kansas City–Saint Joseph (USA)
2004.05.18Bishop Robert Joseph Cunningham (74)Bishop Robert Joseph Cunningham (74), Bishop of Syracuse (USA)
2004.07.02Bishop Martin David Holley (63)Bishop Martin David Holley (63), Bishop of Memphis (USA)
2004.07.03Bishop Richard Brendan Higgins (74)Bishop Richard Brendan Higgins (74), Titular Bishop of Casæ Calanæ and Auxiliary Bishop of the Military Ordinariate of United States of America (USA)
2004.07.28Bishop Joseph Robert Cistone (68)Bishop Joseph Robert Cistone (68), Bishop of Saginaw (USA)
2004.08.04Bishop John Walter Flesey (75)Bishop John Walter Flesey (75), Titular Bishop of Allegheny and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Newark (USA)
2004.08.24Bishop Mitchell Thomas Rozanski (59)Bishop Mitchell Thomas Rozanski (59), Bishop of Springfield in Massachusetts (USA)
2004.09.21Bishop Dennis Joseph Sullivan (73)Bishop Dennis Joseph Sullivan (73), Bishop of Camden (USA)
2004.09.21Bishop Gerald Thomas Walsh (75)Bishop Gerald Thomas Walsh (75), Titular Bishop of Altiburus and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of New York (USA)
2004.11.04Bishop Alexander Salazar (68)Bishop Alexander Salazar (68), Titular Bishop of Nesqually and Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles (USA)
2004.12.09Bishop Kevin Carl Rhoades (60)Bishop Kevin Carl Rhoades (60), Bishop of Fort Wayne–South Bend (USA)
2004.12.13Bishop William Joseph Dendinger (78)Bishop William Joseph Dendinger (78), Bishop emeritus of Grand Island (USA)
2005.01.05Bishop Ronald Paul Herzog (75)Bishop Ronald Paul Herzog (75), Bishop emeritus of Alexandria (USA)
2005.02.02Bishop Paul Joseph Bradley (72)Bishop Paul Joseph Bradley (72), Bishop of Kalamazoo (USA)
2005.02.22Bishop Michael Joseph Bransfield (74)Bishop Michael Joseph Bransfield (74), Bishop of Wheeling–Charleston (USA)
2005.04.19Bishop Salvatore Ronald Matano (71)Bishop Salvatore Ronald Matano (71), Bishop of Rochester (USA)
2005.06.06Bishop Eusebio L. Elizondo Almaguer, M.Sp.S. (63)Bishop Eusebio L. Elizondo Almaguer, M.Sp.S. (63), Titular Bishop of Acholla and Auxiliary Bishop of Seattle (USA)
2005.06.06Bishop Joseph Jude Tyson (60)Bishop Joseph Jude Tyson (60), Bishop of Yakima (USA)
2005.07.13Bishop Kevin William Vann (66)Bishop Kevin William Vann (66), Bishop of Orange (USA)
2005.07.21Bishop Clarence Richard Silva (68)Bishop Clarence Richard Silva (68), Bishop of Honolulu (USA)
2005.08.24Bishop Denis James Madden (78)Bishop Denis James Madden (78), Titular Bishop of Baia and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Baltimore (USA)
2005.08.24Bishop John Gerard Noonan (67)Bishop John Gerard Noonan (67), Bishop of Orlando (USA)
2005.09.20Bishop Rutilio Del Riego Jáñez (77)Bishop Rutilio Del Riego Jáñez (77), Titular Bishop of Duleek and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of San Bernardino (USA)
2006.01.20Bishop Ralph Walker Nickless (70)Bishop Ralph Walker Nickless (70), Bishop of Sioux City (USA)
2006.02.02Bishop George James Rassas (75)Bishop George James Rassas (75), Titular Bishop of Reperi and Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago (USA)
2006.02.17Bishop Randolph Roque Calvo (67)Bishop Randolph Roque Calvo (67), Bishop of Reno (USA)
2006.02.21Bishop John Bura (73)Bishop John Bura (73), Titular Bishop of Limisa and Auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia of the Ukrainians (USA)
2006.07.25Bishop Frank Joseph Dewane (68)Bishop Frank Joseph Dewane (68), Bishop of Venice (USA)
2006.07.26Bishop Daniel Edward Thomas (58)Bishop Daniel Edward Thomas (58), Bishop of Toledo (USA)
2006.08.22Bishop Octavio Cisneros (72)Bishop Octavio Cisneros (72), Titular Bishop of Eanach Dúin and Auxiliary Bishop of Brooklyn (USA)
2006.08.22Bishop Guy Sansaricq (83)Bishop Guy Sansaricq (83), Titular Bishop of Glenndálocha and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Brooklyn (USA)
2006.08.22Bishop Frank Joseph Caggiano (58)Bishop Frank Joseph Caggiano (58), Bishop of Bridgeport (USA)
2006.10.26Bishop Paul Joseph Swain (74)Bishop Paul Joseph Swain (74), Bishop of Sioux Falls (USA)
2006.11.29Bishop Daniel Ernest Flores (56)Bishop Daniel Ernest Flores (56), Bishop of Brownsville (USA)
2006.12.12Bishop John Anthony Dooher (74)Bishop John Anthony Dooher (74), Titular Bishop of Theveste and Auxiliary Bishop of Boston (USA)
2006.12.12Bishop Robert Francis Hennessey (65)Bishop Robert Francis Hennessey (65), Titular Bishop of Tigias and Auxiliary Bishop of Boston (USA)
2007.02.28Bishop Shelton Joseph Fabre (54)Bishop Shelton Joseph Fabre (54), Bishop of Houma–Thibodaux (USA)
2007.03.10Bishop Jacob Barnabas Aerath, O.I.C. (57)Bishop Jacob Barnabas Aerath, O.I.C. (57), Bishop of Saint John Chrysostom of Gurgaon of the Syro-Malankars (India)
2007.03.27Bishop Gerald Nicholas Dino (78)Bishop Gerald Nicholas Dino (78), Bishop emeritus of Holy Protection of Mary of Phoenix of the Ruthenians (USA)
2007.04.23Bishop Glen John Provost (68)Bishop Glen John Provost (68), Bishop of Lake Charles (USA)
2007.06.01Bishop Peter Anthony Libasci (66)Bishop Peter Anthony Libasci (66), Bishop of Manchester (USA)
2007.09.14Bishop Peter Forsyth Christensen (65)Bishop Peter Forsyth Christensen (65), Bishop of Boise City (USA)
2007.11.30Bishop Michael Joseph Hoeppner (68)Bishop Michael Joseph Hoeppner (68), Bishop of Crookston (USA)
2007.12.21Bishop William Patrick Callahan, O.F.M. Conv. (67)Bishop William Patrick Callahan, O.F.M. Conv. (67), Bishop of La Crosse (USA)
2008.03.31Bishop James Vann Johnston (58)Bishop James Vann Johnston (58), Bishop of Kansas City–Saint Joseph (USA)
2008.05.19Bishop Michael Gerard Duca (65)Bishop Michael Gerard Duca (65), Bishop of Shreveport (USA)
2008.05.28Bishop William Joseph Justice (75)Bishop William Joseph Justice (75), Titular Bishop of Matara in Proconsulari and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of San Francisco (USA)
2008.05.30Bishop James Douglas Conley (62)Bishop James Douglas Conley (62), Bishop of Lincoln (USA)
2008.06.02Bishop Oscar Cantú (51)Bishop Oscar Cantú (51), Bishop of Las Cruces (USA)
2008.06.05Bishop Anthony Basil Taylor (63)Bishop Anthony Basil Taylor (63), Bishop of Little Rock (USA)
2008.08.06Bishop Neil Edward Tiedemann, C.P. (70)Bishop Neil Edward Tiedemann, C.P. (70), Titular Bishop of Cova and Auxiliary Bishop of Brooklyn (USA)
2008.09.08Bishop Manuel Aurelio Cruz (64)Bishop Manuel Aurelio Cruz (64), Titular Bishop of Gaguari and Auxiliary Bishop of Newark (USA)
2008.09.15Bishop John Martin LeVoir (72)Bishop John Martin LeVoir (72), Bishop of New Ulm (USA)
2008.12.29Bishop Barry Christopher Knestout (55)Bishop Barry Christopher Knestout (55), Bishop of Richmond (USA)
2009.03.03Bishop Edward James Burns (60)Bishop Edward James Burns (60), Bishop of Dallas (USA)
2009.03.19Bishop Richard Frank Stika (60)Bishop Richard Frank Stika (60), Bishop of Knoxville (USA)
2009.03.25Bishop Robert Epic Paul Guglielmone (72)Bishop Robert Epic Paul Guglielmone (72), Bishop of Charleston (USA)
2009.04.23Bishop James Sean Wall (53)Bishop James Sean Wall (53), Bishop of Gallup (USA)
2009.06.29Bishop Lee Anthony Piché (59)Bishop Lee Anthony Piché (59), Titular Bishop of Tamata and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Saint Paul and Minneapolis (USA)
2009.07.30Bishop John Oliver Barres (57)Bishop John Oliver Barres (57), Bishop of Rockville Centre (USA)
2009.07.31Bishop Timothy Christian Senior (57)Bishop Timothy Christian Senior (57), Titular Bishop of Floriana and Auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia (USA)
2009.09.29Bishop Luis Rafael Zarama (59)Bishop Luis Rafael Zarama (59), Bishop of Raleigh (USA)
2009.12.10Bishop Fernando Isern (59)Bishop Fernando Isern (59), Bishop emeritus of Pueblo (USA)
2009.12.14Bishop Paul David Sirba (57)Bishop Paul David Sirba (57), Bishop of Duluth (USA)
2010.01.05Bishop Robert Charles Evans (70)Bishop Robert Charles Evans (70), Titular Bishop of Aquæ regiæ and Auxiliary Bishop of Providence (USA)
2010.01.19Bishop Joseph Mark Siegel (54)Bishop Joseph Mark Siegel (54), Bishop of Evansville (USA)
2010.02.10Bishop William Francis Medley (65)Bishop William Francis Medley (65), Bishop of Owensboro (USA)
2010.03.13Bishop Philipos Stephanos Thottathil (65)Bishop Philipos Stephanos Thottathil (65), Bishop of Saint Mary, Queen of Peace, of the United States of America and Canada of the Syro-Malankars (USA)
2010.03.25Bishop William Michael Mulvey (68)Bishop William Michael Mulvey (68), Bishop of Corpus Christi (USA)
2010.04.26Bishop Joseph Charles Bambera (61)Bishop Joseph Charles Bambera (61), Bishop of Scranton (USA)
2010.04.27Bishop John Douglas Deshotel (66)Bishop John Douglas Deshotel (66), Bishop of Lafayette in Louisiana (USA)
2010.04.27Bishop Mark Joseph Seitz (64)Bishop Mark Joseph Seitz (64), Bishop of El Paso (USA)
2010.04.30Bishop Terry Ronald LaValley (61)Bishop Terry Ronald LaValley (61), Bishop of Ogdensburg (USA)
2010.06.11Bishop Barnaba Yousif Habash (66)Bishop Barnaba Yousif Habash (66), Bishop of Our Lady of Deliverance of Newark of the Syriacs (USA)
2010.07.15Bishop Timothy L. Doherty (67)Bishop Timothy L. Doherty (67), Bishop of Lafayette in Indiana (USA)
2010.07.19Bishop Eduardo Alanis Nevares (64)Bishop Eduardo Alanis Nevares (64), Titular Bishop of Natchez and Auxiliary Bishop of Phoenix (USA)
2010.07.30Bishop David Michael O’Connell, C.M. (62)Bishop David Michael O’Connell, C.M. (62), Bishop of Trenton (USA)
2010.08.06Bishop John Joseph McIntyre (54)Bishop John Joseph McIntyre (54), Titular Bishop of Bononia and Auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia (USA)
2010.08.06Bishop Michael Joseph Fitzgerald (69)Bishop Michael Joseph Fitzgerald (69), Titular Bishop of Tamallula and Auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia (USA)
2010.09.05Bishop Venedykt Aleksiychuk, M.S.U. (50)Bishop Venedykt Aleksiychuk (Valery), M.S.U. (50), Bishop of Saint Nicholas of Chicago of the Ukrainians (USA)
2010.09.07Bishop Robert Walter McElroy (64)Bishop Robert Walter McElroy (64), Bishop of San Diego (USA)
2010.09.08Bishop Frank Richard Spencer (66)Bishop Frank Richard Spencer (66), Titular Bishop of Auzia and Auxiliary Bishop of the Military Ordinariate of United States of America (USA)
2010.09.14Bishop Arthur Leo Kennedy (76)Bishop Arthur Leo Kennedy (76), Titular Bishop of Timidana and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Boston (USA)
2010.09.14Bishop Peter John Uglietto (66)Bishop Peter John Uglietto (66), Titular Bishop of Thubursicum and Auxiliary Bishop of Boston (USA)
2010.09.21Bishop Thomas Eusebios Naickamparampil (56)Bishop Thomas Eusebios Naickamparampil (56), Bishop of Parassala of the Syro-Malankars (India)
2011.01.13Bishop Edward Matthew Rice (57)Bishop Edward Matthew Rice (57), Bishop of Springfield–Cape Girardeau (USA)
2011.02.02Bishop John Balthasar Brungardt (59)Bishop John Balthasar Brungardt (59), Bishop of Dodge City (USA)
2011.02.22Bishop Neal James Buckon (64)Bishop Neal James Buckon (64), Titular Bishop of Vissalsa and Auxiliary Bishop of the Military Ordinariate of United States of America (USA)
2011.03.02Bishop Christopher James Coyne (59)Bishop Christopher James Coyne (59), Bishop of Burlington (USA)
2011.04.19Bishop Mark Leonard Bartchak (63)Bishop Mark Leonard Bartchak (63), Bishop of Altoona–Johnstown (USA)
2011.04.25Bishop William John Waltersheid (61)Bishop William John Waltersheid (61), Titular Bishop of California and Auxiliary Bishop of Pittsburgh (USA)
2011.05.05Bishop Donald Francis Hanchon (70)Bishop Donald Francis Hanchon (70), Titular Bishop of Horreomargum and Auxiliary Bishop of Detroit (USA)
2011.05.05Bishop José Arturo Cepeda (48)Bishop José Arturo Cepeda (48), Titular Bishop of Tagase and Auxiliary Bishop of Detroit (USA)
2011.05.25Bishop Thomas Anthony Daly (57)Bishop Thomas Anthony Daly (57), Bishop of Spokane (USA)
2011.06.09Bishop Joseph Robert Binzer (62)Bishop Joseph Robert Binzer (62), Titular Bishop of Subbar and Auxiliary Bishop of Cincinnati (USA)
2011.07.20Bishop Donald Joseph Hying (54)Bishop Donald Joseph Hying (54), Bishop of Gary (USA)
2011.07.28Bishop Robert Dwayne Gruss (62)Bishop Robert Dwayne Gruss (62), Bishop of Rapid City (USA)
2011.07.30Bishop Mikaël Antoine Mouradian, I.C.P.B. (56)Bishop Mikaël Antoine Mouradian, I.C.P.B. (56), Bishop of Our Lady of Nareg in Glendale of the Armenians (USA)
2011.08.10Bishop Andrew Peter Wypych (63)Bishop Andrew Peter Wypych (63), Titular Bishop of Naraggara and Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago (USA)
2011.08.10Bishop Alberto Rojas (53)Bishop Alberto Rojas (53), Titular Bishop of Marazanæ and Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago (USA)
2011.10.18Bishop Gregory John Hartmayer, O.F.M. Conv. (66)Bishop Gregory John Hartmayer, O.F.M. Conv. (66), Bishop of Savannah (USA)
2011.11.30Bishop David Dennis Kagan (68)Bishop David Dennis Kagan (68), Bishop of Bismarck (USA)
2012.04.25Bishop George Arthur Sheltz (71)Bishop George Arthur Sheltz (71), Titular Bishop of Hirina and Auxiliary Bishop of Galveston–Houston (USA)
2012.05.01Bishop Edward Joseph Weisenburger (57)Bishop Edward Joseph Weisenburger (57), Bishop of Tucson (USA)
2012.05.14Bishop David John Malloy (62)Bishop David John Malloy (62), Bishop of Rockford (USA)
2012.05.18Bishop Liam Stephen Cary (70)Bishop Liam Stephen Cary (70), Bishop of Baker (USA)
2012.06.05Bishop Gregory Lawrence Parkes (53)Bishop Gregory Lawrence Parkes (53), Bishop of Saint Petersburg (USA)
2012.07.11Bishop Paul Robert Sanchez (71)Bishop Paul Robert Sanchez (71), Titular Bishop of Cœliana and Auxiliary Bishop of Brooklyn (USA)
2012.07.11Bishop Raymond Francis Chappetto (72)Bishop Raymond Francis Chappetto (72), Titular Bishop of Citium and Auxiliary Bishop of Brooklyn (USA)
2012.07.25Bishop Nelson Jesus Perez (56)Bishop Nelson Jesus Perez (56), Bishop of Cleveland (USA)
2012.07.25Bishop Robert John Brennan (55)Bishop Robert John Brennan (55), Titular Bishop of Erdonia and Auxiliary Bishop of Rockville Centre (USA)
2012.09.10Bishop Jeffrey Marc Monforton (54)Bishop Jeffrey Marc Monforton (54), Bishop of Steubenville (USA)
2012.10.01Bishop Lawrence Thomas Persico (67)Bishop Lawrence Thomas Persico (67), Bishop of Erie (USA)
2012.11.28Bishop Joseph Edward Strickland (59)Bishop Joseph Edward Strickland (59), Bishop of Tyler (USA)
2013.01.04Bishop Robert Peter Deeley (71)Bishop Robert Peter Deeley (71), Bishop of Portland in Maine (USA)
2013.04.02Bishop David Prescott Talley (67)Bishop David Prescott Talley (67), Bishop of Alexandria (USA)
2013.04.25Bishop Robert Joseph Coyle (53)Bishop Robert Joseph Coyle (53), Titular Bishop of Zabi and Auxiliary Bishop of Rockville Centre (USA)
2013.05.25Bishop Michael Charles Barber, S.J. (63)Bishop Michael Charles Barber, S.J. (63), Bishop of Oakland (USA)
2013.06.01Bishop Milan Lach, S.J. (44)Bishop Milan Lach, S.J. (44), Titular Bishop of Ostracine and Apostolic Administrator of Parma of the Ruthenians (USA)
2013.06.18Bishop David John Walkowiak (64)Bishop David John Walkowiak (64), Bishop of Grand Rapids (USA)
2013.06.19Bishop John Thomas Folda (56)Bishop John Thomas Folda (56), Bishop of Fargo (USA)
2013.09.28Bishop Abdallah Elias Zaidan, L.M. (55)Bishop Abdallah Elias Zaidan, L.M. (55), Bishop of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles of the Maronites (USA)
2013.12.04Bishop Kurt Richard Burnette (62)Bishop Kurt Richard Burnette (62), Bishop of Passaic of the Ruthenians (USA)
2013.12.09Bishop Andrew Harmon Cozzens (49)Bishop Andrew Harmon Cozzens (49), Titular Bishop of Bisica and Auxiliary Bishop of Saint Paul and Minneapolis (USA)
2014.01.27Bishop Michael James Sis (58)Bishop Michael James Sis (58), Bishop of San Angelo (USA)
2014.01.29Bishop Michael Fors Olson (51)Bishop Michael Fors Olson (51), Bishop of Fort Worth (USA)
2014.02.06Bishop Joseph Richard Kopacz (67)Bishop Joseph Richard Kopacz (67), Bishop of Jackson (USA)
2014.02.11Bishop John Francis Doerfler (53)Bishop John Francis Doerfler (53), Bishop of Marquette (USA)
2014.02.27Bishop Stephen Jay Berg (67)Bishop Stephen Jay Berg (67), Bishop of Pueblo (USA)
2014.03.19Bishop Peter Baldacchino (57)Bishop Peter Baldacchino (57), Titular Bishop of Vatarba and Auxiliary Bishop of Miami (USA)
2014.03.25Bishop Myron Joseph Cotta (64)Bishop Myron Joseph Cotta (64), Bishop of Stockton (USA)
2014.03.25Bishop Andrzej Jerzy Zglejszewski (56)Bishop Andrzej Jerzy Zglejszewski (56), Titular Bishop of Nicives and Auxiliary Bishop of Rockville Centre (USA)
2014.04.10Bishop Edward Bernard Scharfenberger (69)Bishop Edward Bernard Scharfenberger (69), Bishop of Albany (USA)
2014.04.29Bishop Peter Leslie Smith (60)Bishop Peter Leslie Smith (60), Titular Bishop of Tubunæ in Mauretania and Auxiliary Bishop of Portland in Oregon (USA)
2014.05.01Bishop Carl Alan Kemme (57)Bishop Carl Alan Kemme (57), Bishop of Wichita (USA)
2014.06.14Bishop Frank Y. Kalabat (47)Bishop Frank Y. Kalabat (47), Bishop of Saint Thomas the Apostle of Detroit of the Chaldeans (USA)
2014.08.04Bishop John Joseph Jenik (74)Bishop John Joseph Jenik (74), Titular Bishop of Druas and Auxiliary Bishop of New York (USA)
2014.08.04Bishop Peter John Byrne (66)Bishop Peter John Byrne (66), Titular Bishop of Cluain Iraird and Auxiliary Bishop of New York (USA)
2014.08.04Bishop John Joseph O’Hara (72)Bishop John Joseph O’Hara (72), Titular Bishop of Ath Truim and Auxiliary Bishop of New York (USA)
2014.08.28Bishop Steven John Raica (65)Bishop Steven John Raica (65), Bishop of Gaylord (USA)
2014.09.27Bishop Joy Alappat (61)Bishop Joy Alappat (61), Titular Bishop of Bencenna and Auxiliary Bishop of Saint Thomas the Apostle of Chicago of the Syro-Malabars (USA)
2014.11.04Bishop Bohdan John Danylo (46)Bishop Bohdan John Danylo (46), Bishop of Saint Josaphat in Parma of the Ukrainians (USA)
2014.12.15Bishop Chad William Zielinski (53)Bishop Chad William Zielinski (53), Bishop of Fairbanks (USA)
2015.02.06Bishop Emmanuel Hana Shaleta (61)Bishop Emmanuel Hana Shaleta (61), Bishop of Saint Peter the Apostle of San Diego of the Chaldeans (USA)
2015.03.03Bishop Daniel Elias Garcia (57)Bishop Daniel Elias Garcia (57), Titular Bishop of Capsus and Auxiliary Bishop of Austin (USA)
2015.03.19Bishop Joseph Gerard Hanefeldt (59)Bishop Joseph Gerard Hanefeldt (59), Bishop of Grand Island (USA)
2015.03.23Bishop Fernand Joseph Cheri, O.F.M. (66)Bishop Fernand Joseph Cheri, O.F.M. (66), Titular Bishop of Membressa and Auxiliary Bishop of New Orleans (USA)
2015.04.20Bishop Mario Eduardo Dorsonville-Rodríguez (57)Bishop Mario Eduardo Dorsonville-Rodríguez (57), Titular Bishop of Kearney and Auxiliary Bishop of Washington (USA)
2015.05.05Bishop John Stowe, O.F.M. Conv. (51)Bishop John Stowe, O.F.M. Conv. (51), Bishop of Lexington (USA)
2015.06.29Bishop Brendan Cahill (54)Bishop Brendan Cahill (54), Bishop of Victoria (USA)
2015.07.13Bishop Edward Charles Malesic (57)Bishop Edward Charles Malesic (57), Bishop of Greensburg (USA)
2015.07.20Bishop James Massa (57)Bishop James Massa (57), Titular Bishop of Bardstown and Auxiliary Bishop of Brooklyn (USA)
2015.07.20Bishop Witold Mroziewski (51)Bishop Witold Mroziewski (51), Titular Bishop of Walla Walla and Auxiliary Bishop of Brooklyn (USA)
2015.09.08Bishop Joseph Vincent Brennan (63)Bishop Joseph Vincent Brennan (63), Titular Bishop of Trofimiana and Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles (USA)
2015.09.08Bishop David Gerard O’Connell (64)Bishop David Gerard O’Connell (64), Titular Bishop of Cell Ausaille and Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles (USA)
2015.09.08Bishop Robert Emmet Barron (58)Bishop Robert Emmet Barron (58), Titular Bishop of Macriana in Mauretania and Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles (USA)
2016.02.02Bishop Steven Joseph Lopes (42)Bishop Steven Joseph Lopes (42), Bishop of The Chair of Saint Peter (USA)
2016.02.11Bishop John Gregory Kelly (62)Bishop John Gregory Kelly (62), Titular Bishop of Jamestown and Auxiliary Bishop of Dallas (USA)
2016.02.18Bishop James Patrick Powers (65)Bishop James Patrick Powers (65), Bishop of Superior (USA)
2016.05.03Bishop James Francis Checchio (51)Bishop James Francis Checchio (51), Bishop of Metuchen (USA)
2016.06.29Bishop David Austin Konderla (57)Bishop David Austin Konderla (57), Bishop of Tulsa (USA)
2016.08.18Bishop Edward Michael Deliman (71)Bishop Edward Michael Deliman (71), Titular Bishop of Sufes and Auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia (USA)
2016.08.24Bishop Robert Philip Reed (58)Bishop Robert Philip Reed (58), Titular Bishop of Sufar and Auxiliary Bishop of Boston (USA)
2016.08.24Bishop Mark O’Connell (53)Bishop Mark O’Connell (53), Titular Bishop of Gigthi and Auxiliary Bishop of Boston (USA)
2016.11.04Bishop Jorge Humberto Rodríguez-Novelo (62)Bishop Jorge Humberto Rodríguez-Novelo (62), Titular Bishop of Azura and Auxiliary Bishop of Denver (USA)
2016.11.21Bishop Robert Milner Coerver (63)Bishop Robert Milner Coerver (63), Bishop of Lubbock (USA)
2017.01.17Bishop Timothy Edward Freyer (54)Bishop Timothy Edward Freyer (54), Titular Bishop of Strathearn and Auxiliary Bishop of Orange (USA)
2017.01.19Bishop Adam John Parker (46)Bishop Adam John Parker (46), Titular Bishop of Tasaccora and Auxiliary Bishop of Baltimore (USA)
2017.01.19Bishop Mark Edward Brennan (71)Bishop Mark Edward Brennan (71), Titular Bishop of Rusibisir and Auxiliary Bishop of Baltimore (USA)
2017.01.25Bishop Gerard William Battersby (57)Bishop Gerard William Battersby (57), Titular Bishop of Eguga and Auxiliary Bishop of Detroit (USA)
2017.01.25Bishop Robert Joseph Fisher (58)Bishop Robert Joseph Fisher (58), Titular Bishop of Forlimpopoli and Auxiliary Bishop of Detroit (USA)
2017.03.17Bishop Jeffrey Robert Haines (59)Bishop Jeffrey Robert Haines (59), Titular Bishop of Thagamuta and Auxiliary Bishop of Milwaukee (USA)
2017.03.17Bishop James Thomas Schuerman (60)Bishop James Thomas Schuerman (60), Titular Bishop of Girba and Auxiliary Bishop of Milwaukee (USA)
2017.03.20Bishop Michael Joseph Boulette (67)Bishop Michael Joseph Boulette (67), Titular Bishop of Hieron and Auxiliary Bishop of San Antonio (USA)
2017.04.21Bishop Roy Edward Campbell (70)Bishop Roy Edward Campbell (70), Titular Bishop of Ucres and Auxiliary Bishop of Washington (USA)
2017.04.28Bishop Louis Frederick Kihneman (66)Bishop Louis Frederick Kihneman (66), Bishop of Biloxi (USA)
2017.05.02Bishop Mark Steven Rivituso (56)Bishop Mark Steven Rivituso (56), Titular Bishop of Turuzi and Auxiliary Bishop of Saint Louis (USA)
2017.05.31Bishop Daniel Henry Mueggenborg (55)Bishop Daniel Henry Mueggenborg (55), Titular Bishop of Tullia and Auxiliary Bishop of Seattle (USA)
2017.06.05Bishop Steven Robert Biegler (58)Bishop Steven Robert Biegler (58), Bishop of Cheyenne (USA)
2017.06.08Bishop John Patrick Dolan (55)Bishop John Patrick Dolan (55), Titular Bishop of Uchi maius and Auxiliary Bishop of San Diego (USA)
2017.06.22Bishop Thomas Robert Zinkula (60)Bishop Thomas Robert Zinkula (60), Bishop of Davenport (USA)
2017.07.19Bishop Bernard Edward Shlesinger III (57)Bishop Bernard Edward Shlesinger III (57), Titular Bishop of Naiera and Auxiliary Bishop of Atlanta (USA)
2017.08.22Bishop William Albert Wack, C.S.C. (50)Bishop William Albert Wack, C.S.C. (50), Bishop of Pensacola–Tallahassee (USA)
2017.08.31Bishop Alfred Andrew Schlert (56)Bishop Alfred Andrew Schlert (56), Bishop of Allentown (USA)
2017.09.03Bishop Andriy Rabiy (42)Bishop Andriy Rabiy (42), Titular Bishop of Germaniciana and Auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia of the Ukrainians (USA)
2017.10.10Bishop Andrew Eugene Bellisario, C.M. (61)Bishop Andrew Eugene Bellisario, C.M. (61), Bishop of Juneau (USA)
2017.12.07Bishop Enrique Delgado (62)Bishop Enrique Delgado (62), Titular Bishop of Aquæ novæ in Proconsulari and Auxiliary Bishop of Miami (USA)
2017.12.19Bishop Thanh Thai Nguyen (64)Bishop Thanh Thai Nguyen (Nguyễn Thái Thành) (64), Titular Bishop of Acalissus and Auxiliary Bishop of Orange (USA)
2018.02.02Bishop John Mark Spalding (53)Bishop John Mark Spalding (53), Bishop of Nashville (USA)
2018.02.06Bishop William Shawn McKnight (49)Bishop William Shawn McKnight (49), Bishop of Jefferson City (USA)
2018.02.22Bishop Mario Alberto Avilés, C.O. (48)Bishop Mario Alberto Avilés, C.O. (48), Titular Bishop of Cataquas and Auxiliary Bishop of Brownsville (USA)
2018.04.03Bishop Joel Matthias Konzen, S.M. (67)Bishop-elect Joel Matthias Konzen, S.M. (67), Titular Bishop of Leavenworth and Auxiliary Bishop of Atlanta (USA)

as of 2018.03.17

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