Bishops of Romania

by Name

Bishops and Ordinaries of Romania (23)

Cardinal (1)

Cardinal Lucian Mureşan (88)Mureşan, Lucian (88) (Romanian Rite), Cardinal-Priest of S. Atanasio, Major Archbishop of Făgăraş şi Alba Iulia of the Romanians (Romania), President of Synod of the Romanian Church and Vice-President of Episcopal Conference of Romania

Archbishops (2)

Archbishop György-Miklós Jakubínyi (73)Jakubínyi, György-Miklós (73), Archbishop of Alba Iulia (Romania) and Apostolic Administrator of Romania of the Armenians (Romania)
Archbishop Ioan Robu (74)Robu, Ioan (74), Metropolitan Archbishop of Bucureşti (Romania) and President of Episcopal Conference of Romania

Bishops (17)

Bishop Michel Aoun (60)Aoun, Michel (60) (Maronite Rite), Bishop of Jbeil of the Maronites (Lebanon) and Apostolic Visitator in Bulgaria and Romania of the Maronites
Bishop Virgil Bercea (61)Bercea, Virgil (61) (Romanian Rite), Bishop of Oradea Mare of the Romanians (Romania)
Bishop Vasile Bizău (49)Bizău, Vasile (49) (Romanian Rite), Bishop of Maramureş of the Romanians (Romania)
Bishop László Bőcskei (54)Bőcskei, László (54), Bishop of Oradea Mare (Romania)
Bishop Florentin Crihălmeanu (59)Crihălmeanu, Florentin (59) (Romanian Rite), Bishop of Cluj–Gherla of the Romanians (Romania)
Bishop Cornel Damian (59)Damian, Cornel (59), Titular Bishop of Iziriana and Auxiliary Bishop of Bucureşti (Romania)
Bishop François Eid, O.M.M. (76)Eid, François, O.M.M. (76) (Maronite Rite), Bishop emeritus of Cairo of the Maronites (Egypt) and Procurator at Rome emeritus of the Maronites
Bishop Mihai Cătălin Frăţilă (48)Frăţilă, Mihai Cătălin (48) (Romanian Rite), Bishop of Sfântul Vasile cel Mare de Bucureşti of the Romanians (Romania)
Bishop Petru Gherghel (79)Gherghel, Petru (79), Bishop emeritus of Iaşi (Romania)
Bishop Alexandru Mesian (82)Mesian, Alexandru (82) (Romanian Rite), Bishop of Lugoj of the Romanians (Romania)
Bishop József-Csaba Pál (63)Pál, József-Csaba (63), Bishop of Timişoara (Romania)
Bishop Iosif Păuleţ (64)Păuleţ, Iosif (64), Bishop of Iaşi (Romania)
Bishop Aurel Percă (67)Percă, Aurel (67), Titular Bishop of Mauriana and Auxiliary Bishop of Iaşi (Romania)
Bishop Claudiu-Lucian Pop (47)Pop, Claudiu-Lucian (47) (Romanian Rite), Titular Bishop of Mariamme and Bishop of Curia of the Romanians
Bishop Martin Roos (76)Roos, Martin (76), Bishop emeritus of Timişoara (Romania)
Bishop Jenő Schönberger (60)Schönberger, Jenő (60), Bishop of Satu Mare (Romania)
Bishop József Tamás (74)Tamás, József (74), Titular Bishop of Valabria and Auxiliary Bishop of Alba Iulia (Romania)

Other Prelates (3)

Fr. Gabriel Vasile BuboiBuboi, Gabriel Vasile (Romanian Rite), Procurator at Rome of the Romanians
Fr. Cristian Dumitru Crişan (37)Crişan, Cristian Dumitru (37) (Romanian Rite), Apostolic Visitator in Western Europe of the Romanians
Runcan, Marcela, O.S.B.M. (49) (Ukrainian Rite), Superior General of Sisters of the Order of St. Basil the Great
Other Prelates born in Romania (1)
HungaryBishop Ferenc Cserháti (72)Cserháti, Ferenc (72), Titular Bishop of Centuria and Auxiliary Bishop of Esztergom–Budapest (Hungary)
Other Prelates related to Romania (3)
SpainArchbishop Francisco-Javier Lozano Sebastián (75)Lozano Sebastián, Francisco-Javier (75), Titular Archbishop of Penafiel, Apostolic Nuncio emeritus to Romania and Apostolic Nuncio emeritus to Moldova
SpainArchbishop Miguel Maury Buendía (63)Maury Buendía, Miguel (63), Titular Archbishop of Italica, Apostolic Nuncio to Moldova and Apostolic Nuncio to Romania
SwitzerlandArchbishop Jean-Claude Périsset (80)Périsset, Jean-Claude (80), Titular Archbishop of Iustiniana prima and Apostolic Nuncio emeritus to Germany

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