Bishops of Wales

by Age

Bishop Ordinaries of Wales (10)AgeDate of
Bishop John Mark Jabalé, E.B.C. (89)Bishop John Mark Jabalé, E.B.C. (89), Bishop emeritus of Menevia (Wales)891933.10.16
Bishop Edwin Regan (87)Bishop Edwin Regan (87), Bishop emeritus of Wrexham (Wales)871935.12.31
Bishop Thomas Matthew Burns, S.M. (78)Bishop Thomas Matthew Burns, S.M. (78), Bishop emeritus of Menevia (Wales)781944.06.03
Archbishop George Stack (77)Archbishop George Stack (77), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Cardiff (Wales) and former Apostolic Administrator of Menevia (Wales)771946.05.09
Bishop Maroun-Nasser Gemayel (72)Bishop Maroun-Nasser Gemayel (72), Bishop of Notre-Dame du Liban de Paris of the Maronites (France) and Apostolic Visitator in Western and Northern Europe of the Maronites721951.01.06
Bishop Peter Malcolm Brignall (69)Bishop Peter Malcolm Brignall (69), Bishop of Wrexham (Wales)691953.07.05
Bishop Kenneth Anthony Adam Nowakowski (65)Bishop Kenneth Anthony Adam Nowakowski (65), Bishop of Holy Family of London of the Ukrainians (England) and Apostolic Visitator in Ireland of the Ukrainians651958.05.16
Bishop Paul James Mason (60)Bishop Paul James Mason (60), Military Ordinary of Great Britain (England)601962.11.06
Archbishop Mark O’Toole (59)Archbishop Mark O’Toole (59), Metropolitan Archbishop of Cardiff (Wales) and Bishop of Menevia (Wales)591963.06.22
Bishop Joseph Srampickal (55)Bishop Joseph Srampickal (Benny Mathew) (55), Bishop of Great Britain of the Syro-Malabars (England)551967.05.30

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