Bishops of England

by Name

Bishops and Ordinaries of England (64)

Cardinals (2)

Cardinal Michael Louis Fitzgerald, M. Afr. (83)Fitzgerald, Michael Louis, M. Afr. (83), Cardinal-Deacon of S. Maria in Portico, President emeritus of Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue and Prefect emeritus of Commission for Religious Relations with Muslims
Cardinal Vincent Gerard Nichols (74)Nichols, Vincent Gerard (74), Cardinal-Priest of SS. Redentore e S. Alfonso in Via Merulana, Metropolitan Archbishop of Westminster (England), President of Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales and Vice-President of Council of European Bishops’ Conferences

Archbishops (8)

Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher (66)Gallagher, Paul Richard (66), Titular Archbishop of Hodelm, Secretary for Relations with States of Secretariat of State and Secretary of Interdicasterial Commission for the Church in Eastern Europe
Archbishop Patrick Altham Kelly (81)Kelly, Patrick Altham (81), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Liverpool (England)
Archbishop Bernard Longley (65)Longley, Bernard (65), Metropolitan Archbishop of Birmingham (England)
Archbishop Kevin John Patrick McDonald (73)McDonald, Kevin John Patrick (73), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Southwark (England)
Archbishop Malcolm Patrick McMahon, O.P. (71)McMahon, Malcolm Patrick, O.P. (71), Metropolitan Archbishop of Liverpool (England)
Archbishop Arthur Roche (70)Roche, Arthur (70), Secretary of Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, Member of College for the review of appeals by clergy accused of delicta reservata, Archbishop ad personam and Bishop emeritus of Leeds (England)
Archbishop George Stack (74)Stack, George (74), Metropolitan Archbishop of Cardiff (Wales) and Apostolic Administrator of Menevia (Wales)
Archbishop John Wilson (52)Wilson, John (52), Metropolitan Archbishop of Southwark (England)

Bishops (45)

Bishop John Stanley Kenneth Arnold (67)Arnold, John Stanley Kenneth (67), Bishop of Salford (England)
Bishop Terence John Brain (81)Brain, Terence John (81), Bishop emeritus of Salford (England)
Bishop Hugh Christopher Budd (83)Budd, Hugh Christopher (83), Bishop emeritus of Plymouth (England)
Bishop Robert Byrne, C.O. (64)Byrne, Robert, C.O. (64), Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle (England)
Bishop Michael Gregory Campbell, O.S.A. (79)Campbell, Michael Gregory, O.S.A. (79), Bishop emeritus of Lancaster (England)
Bishop Kieran Thomas Conry (70)Conry, Kieran Thomas (70), Bishop emeritus of Arundel and Brighton (England)
Bishop John Patrick Crowley (79)Crowley, John Patrick (79), Bishop emeritus of Middlesbrough (England)
Bishop Séamus Cunningham (78)Cunningham, Séamus (78), Bishop emeritus of Hexham and Newcastle (England)
Bishop Mark Davies (61)Davies, Mark (61), Bishop of Shrewsbury (England)
Bishop Peter John Haworth Doyle (76)Doyle, Peter John Haworth (76), Bishop emeritus of Northampton (England)
Bishop Terence Patrick Drainey (71)Drainey, Terence Patrick (71), Bishop of Middlesbrough (England)
Bishop Philip Anthony Egan (64)Egan, Philip Anthony (64), Bishop of Portsmouth (England)
Bishop David Ernest Charles Evans (66)Evans, David Ernest Charles (66), Titular Bishop of Cunecaster and Auxiliary Bishop of Birmingham (England)
Bishop Maroun-Nasser Gemayel (69)Gemayel, Maroun-Nasser (69) (Maronite Rite), Bishop of Notre-Dame du Liban de Paris of the Maronites (France) and Apostolic Visitator in Western and Northern Europe of the Maronites
Bishop Paul Hendricks (64)Hendricks, Paul (64), Titular Bishop of Rosemarkie and Auxiliary Bishop of Southwark (England)
Bishop Ralph Heskett, C.SS.R. (67)Heskett, Ralph, C.SS.R. (67), Bishop of Hallam (England)
Bishop John Franklin Meldon Hine (82)Hine, John Franklin Meldon (82), Titular Bishop of Beverley and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Southwark (England)
Bishop Roger Francis Crispian Hollis (83)Hollis, Roger Francis Crispian (83), Bishop emeritus of Portsmouth (England)
Bishop Alan Stephen Hopes (76)Hopes, Alan Stephen (76), Bishop of East Anglia (England)
Bishop Nicholas Gilbert Hudson (61)Hudson, Nicholas Gilbert (61), Titular Bishop of Saint German’s and Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster (England)
Bishop William Kenney, C.P. (74)Kenney, William, C.P. (74), Titular Bishop of Midica and Auxiliary Bishop of Birmingham (England)
Bishop Declan Ronan Lang (70)Lang, Declan Ronan (70), Bishop of Clifton (England)
Bishop Hlib Borys Sviatoslav Lonchyna, M.S.U. (66)Lonchyna, Hlib Borys Sviatoslav, M.S.U. (66) (Ukrainian Rite), Apostolic Administrator of Saint-Vladimir-le-Grand de Paris of the Ukrainians (France), Apostolic Visitator in Ireland of the Ukrainians and Bishop emeritus of Holy Family of London of the Ukrainians (England)
Bishop Patrick Kieran Lynch, SS.CC. (73)Lynch, Patrick Kieran, SS.CC. (73), Titular Bishop of Castro and Auxiliary Bishop of Southwark (England)
Bishop Paul James Mason (57)Mason, Paul James (57), Military Ordinary of Great Britain (England)
Bishop Paul McAleenan (69)McAleenan, Paul (69), Titular Bishop of Mercia and Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster (England)
Bishop David Christopher McGough (75)McGough, David Christopher (75), Titular Bishop of Chunavia and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Birmingham (England)
Bishop Patrick Joseph McKinney (66)McKinney, Patrick Joseph (66), Bishop of Nottingham (England)
Bishop Thomas McMahon (84)McMahon, Thomas (84), Bishop emeritus of Brentwood (England)
Bishop Charles Phillip Richard Moth (62)Moth, Charles Phillip Richard (62), Bishop of Arundel and Brighton (England)
Bishop Kenneth Nowakowski (62)Nowakowski, Kenneth (62) (Ukrainian Rite), Bishop of Holy Family of London of the Ukrainians (England)
Bishop Patrick O’Donoghue (86)O’Donoghue, Patrick (86), Bishop emeritus of Lancaster (England)
Bishop Mark O’Toole (57)O’Toole, Mark (57), Bishop of Plymouth (England)
Bishop David James Oakley (64)Oakley, David James (64), Bishop of Northampton (England)
Bishop Philip Pargeter (87)Pargeter, Philip (87), Titular Bishop of Valentiniana and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Birmingham (England)
Bishop John Anthony Rawsthorne (83)Rawsthorne, John Anthony (83), Bishop emeritus of Hallam (England)
Bishop John Sherrington (62)Sherrington, John (62), Titular Bishop of Hilta and Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster (England)
Bishop Joseph Srampickal (53)Srampickal, Joseph (Benny Mathew) (53) (Syro-Malabar Rite), Bishop of Great Britain of the Syro-Malabars (England)
Bishop Marcus Nigel Stock (59)Stock, Marcus Nigel (59), Bishop of Leeds (England)
Bishop Paul Swarbrick (62)Swarbrick, Paul (62), Bishop of Lancaster (England)
Bishop Howard George Tripp (93)Tripp, Howard George (93), Titular Bishop of Newport and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Southwark (England)
Bishop Alan Williams, S.M. (69)Williams, Alan, S.M. (69), Bishop of Brentwood (England)
Bishop Thomas Anthony Williams (72)Williams, Thomas Anthony (72), Titular Bishop of Mayo and Auxiliary Bishop of Liverpool (England)
Bishop Richard Nelson Williamson, S.S.P.X. (80)Williamson, Richard Nelson, S.S.P.X. (80)
Bishop Stephen James Lawrence Wright (50)Wright, Stephen James Lawrence (50), Titular Bishop of Ramsbury and Auxiliary Bishop of Birmingham (England)

Other Prelates (9)

Msgr. Graham Bell (56)Bell, Graham (56), Undersecretary of Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization
Bertelsen, Jane, F.M.D.M., Superior General of Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood and Member of Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors
Bruni, Matteo (43), Director of Press Office of the Holy See
Ferrar, Lesile Jane, Member of Council for the Economy
Festing, Matthew (70), Grand Master emeritus of Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta
Fr. Wojciech Giertych, O.P. (69)Giertych, Wojciech, O.P. (69), Theologian of Prefecture of the Papal Household
Kelly, Ruth Mary, Member of Council for the Economy
Msgr. Keith Newton (68)Newton, Keith (68), Ordinary of Our Lady of Walsingham (England)
Msgr. Philip James Whitmore (61)Whitmore, Philip James (61), Cleric Prelate of Apostolic Camera
Other Prelates born in England (7)
Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da CunhaFr. Hugh David Renwich Turnbull Allan, O. Praem. (44)Allan, Hugh David Renwich Turnbull, O. Praem. (44), Ecclesiastical Superior of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha (Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha) and Apostolic Administrator of Falkland Islands (Falkland Islands)
WalesBishop Peter Malcolm Brignall (67)Brignall, Peter Malcolm (67), Bishop of Wrexham (Wales)
CanadaBishop Kurt Richard Burnette (64)Burnette, Kurt Richard (64) (Ruthenian Rite), Bishop of Passaic of the Ruthenians (USA) and Apostolic Administrator of Saints Cyril and Methodius of Toronto of the Slovaks (Canada)
New ZealandBishop Patrick James Dunn (70)Dunn, Patrick James (70), Bishop of Auckland (New Zealand) and President of New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference
AustraliaMsgr. Harry Entwistle (80)Entwistle, Harry (80), Ordinary emeritus of Our Lady of the Southern Cross (Australia)
ScotlandBishop Hugh Edward Gilbert, O.S.B. (68)Gilbert, Hugh Edward, O.S.B. (68), Bishop of Aberdeen (Scotland) and President of Bishops’ Conference of Scotland
AlgeriaBishop John Gordon MacWilliam, M. Afr. (71)MacWilliam, John Gordon, M. Afr. (71), Bishop of Laghouat (Algeria)
Other Prelates related to England (6)
USAArchbishop Edward Joseph Adams (76)Adams, Edward Joseph (76), Titular Archbishop of Scala
WalesBishop Thomas Matthew Burns, S.M. (76)Burns, Thomas Matthew, S.M. (76), Bishop emeritus of Menevia (Wales)
USABishop Paul Patrick Chomnycky, O.S.B.M. (66)Chomnycky, Paul Patrick, O.S.B.M. (66) (Ukrainian Rite), Bishop of Stamford of the Ukrainians (USA)
ItalyArchbishop Claudio Gugerotti (65)Gugerotti, Claudio (65), Titular Archbishop of Ravello and Apostolic Nuncio to Great Britain
ItalyArchbishop Antonio Mennini (73)Mennini, Antonio (73), Titular Archbishop of Ferento
SpainArchbishop Pablo Puente Buces (89)Puente Buces, Pablo (89), Titular Archbishop of Macri

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