Bishops of Nigeria

by Name

Bishops and Ordinaries of Nigeria (83)

Cardinals (3)

Cardinal Francis Arinze (87)Arinze, Francis (87), Cardinal-Bishop of Velletri–Segni and Prefect emeritus of Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments
Cardinal Anthony Olubunmi Okogie (84)Okogie, Anthony Olubunmi (84), Cardinal-Priest of S. Maria del Monte Carmelo a Mostacciano, Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Lagos (Nigeria) and former Member of Council of Cardinals for the Study of Organisational and Economic Problems of the Apostolic See
Cardinal John Olorunfemi Onaiyekan (76)Onaiyekan, John Olorunfemi (76), Cardinal-Priest of S. Saturnino and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Abuja (Nigeria)

Archbishops (16)

Archbishop Gabriel ’Leke Abegunrin (73)Abegunrin, Gabriel ’Leke (73), Metropolitan Archbishop of Ibadan (Nigeria)
Archbishop Augustine Obiora Akubeze (63)Akubeze, Augustine Obiora (63), Metropolitan Archbishop of Benin City (Nigeria) and President of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria
Archbishop Matthew Ishaya Audu (61)Audu, Matthew Ishaya (61), Metropolitan Archbishop of Jos (Nigeria)
Archbishop Richard Anthony Burke, S.P.S. (71)Burke, Richard Anthony, S.P.S. (71), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Benin City (Nigeria)
Archbishop Patrick Ebosele Ekpu (88)Ekpu, Patrick Ebosele (88), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Benin City (Nigeria)
Archbishop Joseph Effiong Ekuwem (70)Ekuwem, Joseph Effiong (70), Metropolitan Archbishop of Calabar (Nigeria)
Archbishop Peter Yariyok Jatau (89)Jatau, Peter Yariyok (89), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Kaduna (Nigeria)
Archbishop Felix Alaba Adeosin Job (82)Job, Felix Alaba Adeosin (82), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Ibadan (Nigeria)
Archbishop Ignatius Ayau Kaigama (62)Kaigama, Ignatius Ayau (62), Metropolitan Archbishop of Abuja (Nigeria) and President of Regional Episcopal Conference of West Africa
Archbishop Alfred Adewale Martins (61)Martins, Alfred Adewale (61), Metropolitan Archbishop of Lagos (Nigeria)
Archbishop Matthew Man-oso Ndagoso (60)Ndagoso, Matthew Man-oso (60), Metropolitan Archbishop of Kaduna (Nigeria)
Archbishop Fortunatus Nwachukwu (60)Nwachukwu, Fortunatus (60), Titular Archbishop of Aquaviva, Apostolic Nuncio to Belize, Apostolic Nuncio to Suriname, Apostolic Nuncio to Saint Lucia, Apostolic Nuncio to Grenada, Apostolic Nuncio to Bahamas, Apostolic Nuncio to Trinidad and Tobago, Apostolic Nuncio to Saint Vincent and Grenadines, Apostolic Nuncio to Saint Kitts and Nevis, Apostolic Nuncio to Guyana, Apostolic Nuncio to Jamaica, Apostolic Nuncio to Dominica, Apostolic Nuncio to Barbados, Apostolic Nuncio to Antigua and Barbuda and Apostolic Delegate to Antille
Archbishop Anthony John Valentine Obinna (74)Obinna, Anthony John Valentine (74), Metropolitan Archbishop of Owerri (Nigeria)
Archbishop Valerian Maduka Okeke (66)Okeke, Valerian Maduka (66), Metropolitan Archbishop of Onitsha (Nigeria)
Archbishop Jude Thaddeus Okolo (63)Okolo, Jude Thaddeus (63), Titular Archbishop of Novica and Apostolic Nuncio to Ireland
Archbishop Joseph Edra Ukpo (83)Ukpo, Joseph Edra (83), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Calabar (Nigeria)

Bishops (62)

Bishop Anthony Ademu Adaji, M.S.P. (55)Adaji, Anthony Ademu, M.S.P. (55), Bishop of Idah (Nigeria)
Bishop Julius Babatunde Adelakun (85)Adelakun, Julius Babatunde (85), Bishop emeritus of Oyo (Nigeria)
Bishop Francis Obafemi Adesina (56)Adesina, Francis Obafemi (56), Bishop of Ijebu-Ode (Nigeria)
Bishop John ’Oke Afareha (73)Afareha, John ’Oke (73), Bishop of Warri (Nigeria)
Bishop Donatus Aihmiosion Ogun, O.S.A. (53)Aihmiosion Ogun, Donatus, O.S.A. (53), Bishop of Uromi (Nigeria)
Bishop Felix Femi Ajakaye (58)Ajakaye, Felix Femi (58), Bishop of Ekiti (Nigeria)
Bishop Donatus Edet Akpan (67)Akpan, Donatus Edet (67), Bishop of Ogoja (Nigeria)
Bishop Francis Folorunsho Clement Alonge (85)Alonge, Francis Folorunsho Clement (85), Bishop emeritus of Ondo (Nigeria)
Bishop Solomon Amanchukwu Amatu (69)Amatu, Solomon Amanchukwu (69), Bishop of Okigwe (Nigeria)
Bishop Wilfred Chikpa Anagbe, C.M.F. (55)Anagbe, Wilfred Chikpa, C.M.F. (55), Bishop of Makurdi (Nigeria)
Bishop Michael Ekwoy Apochi (59)Apochi, Michael Ekwoy (59), Bishop of Otukpo (Nigeria)
Bishop Jude Ayodeji Arogundade (59)Arogundade, Jude Ayodeji (59), Bishop of Ondo (Nigeria)
Bishop Ayo-Maria Atoyebi, O.P. (75)Atoyebi, Ayo-Maria, O.P. (75), Bishop emeritus of Ilorin (Nigeria)
Bishop William Amove Avenya (65)Avenya, William Amove (65), Bishop of Gboko (Nigeria)
Bishop John Ebebe Ayah (60)Ayah, John Ebebe (60), Bishop of Uyo (Nigeria)
Bishop Emmanuel Adetoyese Badejo (59)Badejo, Emmanuel Adetoyese (59), Bishop of Oyo (Nigeria)
Bishop Timothy Joseph Carroll, S.M.A. (80)Carroll, Timothy Joseph, S.M.A. (80), Titular Bishop of Tipasa in Mauretania and Vicar Apostolic emeritus of Kontagora (Nigeria)
Bishop Moses Chikwe (53)Chikwe, Moses (53), Titular Bishop of Flumenzer and Auxiliary Bishop of Owerri (Nigeria)
Bishop Hilary Nanman Dachelem, C.M.F. (54)Dachelem, Hilary Nanman, C.M.F. (54), Bishop of Bauchi (Nigeria)
Bishop Bulus Dauwa Yohanna (49)Dauwa Yohanna, Bulus (49), Bishop of Kontagora (Nigeria)
Bishop George Jonathan Dodo (64)Dodo, George Jonathan (64), Bishop of Zaria (Nigeria)
Bishop Oliver Dashe Doeme (59)Doeme, Oliver Dashe (59), Bishop of Maiduguri (Nigeria)
Bishop Philip Davou Dung (61)Dung, Philip Davou (61), Bishop of Shendam (Nigeria)
Bishop Gabriel Ghieakhomo Dunia (62)Dunia, Gabriel Ghieakhomo (62), Bishop of Auchi (Nigeria)
Bishop Augustine Ndubueze Echema (61)Echema, Augustine Ndubueze (61), Bishop of Aba (Nigeria)
Bishop Hyacinth Oroko Egbebo, M.S.P. (64)Egbebo, Hyacinth Oroko, M.S.P. (64), Bishop of Bomadi (Nigeria)
Bishop Michael Odogwu Elue (64)Elue, Michael Odogwu (64), Bishop of Issele-Uku (Nigeria)
Bishop Patrick Eluke (53)Eluke, Patrick (53), Titular Bishop of Photice and Auxiliary Bishop of Port Harcourt (Nigeria)
Bishop Camillus Archibong Etokudoh (71)Etokudoh, Camillus Archibong (71), Bishop of Port Harcourt (Nigeria)
Bishop Paulinus Chukwuemeka Ezeokafor (67)Ezeokafor, Paulinus Chukwuemeka (67), Bishop of Awka (Nigeria)
Bishop Simon T. Faddoul (62)Faddoul, Simon T. (62) (Maronite Rite), Bishop of Annunciation of Ibadan of the Maronites (Nigeria) and Apostolic Visitator in Southern Africa of the Maronites
Bishop Michael Patrick Olatunji Fagun (85)Fagun, Michael Patrick Olatunji (85), Bishop emeritus of Ekiti (Nigeria)
Bishop Albert Ayinde Fasina (81)Fasina, Albert Ayinde (81), Bishop emeritus of Ijebu-Ode (Nigeria)
Bishop Anthony Okonkwo Gbuji (88)Gbuji, Anthony Okonkwo (88), Bishop emeritus of Enugu (Nigeria)
Bishop Michael Gobal Gokum (56)Gokum, Michael Gobal (56), Bishop of Pankshin (Nigeria)
Bishop Charles Michael Hammawa (57)Hammawa, Charles Michael (57), Bishop of Jalingo (Nigeria)
Bishop Denis Chidi Isizoh (64)Isizoh, Denis Chidi (64), Titular Bishop of Legia and Auxiliary Bishop of Onitsha (Nigeria)
Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah (67)Kukah, Matthew Hassan (67), Bishop of Sokoto (Nigeria)
Bishop Julius Yakubu Kundi (52)Kundi, Julius Yakubu (52), Bishop of Kafanchan (Nigeria)
Bishop Stephen Dami Mamza (50)Mamza, Stephen Dami (50), Bishop of Yola (Nigeria)
Bishop John Namaza Niyiring, O.S.A. (60)Niyiring, John Namaza, O.S.A. (60), Bishop of Kano (Nigeria)
Bishop Senan Louis O’Donnell, O.S.A. (93)O’Donnell, Senan Louis, O.S.A. (93), Bishop emeritus of Maiduguri (Nigeria)
Bishop Ernest Obodo (53)Obodo, Ernest (53), Titular Bishop of Mediana and Auxiliary Bishop of Enugu (Nigeria)
Bishop Gregory O. Ochiagha (88)Ochiagha, Gregory O. (88), Bishop emeritus of Orlu (Nigeria)
Bishop Peter Kayode Odetoyinbo (56)Odetoyinbo, Peter Kayode (56), Bishop of Abeokuta (Nigeria)
Bishop Hilary Paul Odili Okeke (73)Okeke, Hilary Paul Odili (73), Bishop of Nnewi (Nigeria)
Bishop Francis Emmanuel Ogbonna Okobo (83)Okobo, Francis Emmanuel Ogbonna (83), Bishop emeritus of Nsukka (Nigeria)
Bishop Michael Nnachi Okoro (79)Okoro, Michael Nnachi (79), Bishop of Abakaliki (Nigeria)
Bishop John Ifeanyichukwu Okoye (69)Okoye, John Ifeanyichukwu (69), Bishop of Awgu (Nigeria)
Bishop Jonas Benson Okoye (57)Okoye, Jonas Benson (57), Titular Bishop of Masclianæ and Auxiliary Bishop of Awka (Nigeria)
Bishop Peter Ebere Okpaleke (57)Okpaleke, Peter Ebere (57), Bishop of Ekwulobia (Nigeria)
Bishop Paul Adegboyega Olawoore (58)Olawoore, Paul Adegboyega (58), Bishop of Ilorin (Nigeria)
Bishop Martin Dada Abejide Olorunmolu (71)Olorunmolu, Martin Dada Abejide (71), Bishop of Lokoja (Nigeria)
Bishop Callistus Valentine Chukwuma Onaga (61)Onaga, Callistus Valentine Chukwuma (61), Bishop of Enugu (Nigeria)
Bishop Godfrey Igwebuike Onah (63)Onah, Godfrey Igwebuike (63), Bishop of Nsukka (Nigeria)
Bishop John Akinkunmi Oyejola (57)Oyejola, John Akinkunmi (57), Bishop of Osogbo (Nigeria)
Bishop Lucius Iwejuru Ugorji (68)Ugorji, Lucius Iwejuru (68), Bishop of Umuahia (Nigeria), Apostolic Administrator of Ahiara (Nigeria) and Vice-President of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria
Bishop Michael Kalu Ukpong (55)Ukpong, Michael Kalu (55), Titular Bishop of Igilgili and Auxiliary Bishop of Umuahia (Nigeria)
Bishop Augustine Tochukwu Ukwuoma (66)Ukwuoma, Augustine Tochukwu (66), Bishop of Orlu (Nigeria)
Bishop Camillus Raymond Umoh (64)Umoh, Camillus Raymond (64), Bishop of Ikot Ekpene (Nigeria)
Bishop Anselm Umoren, M.S.P. (58)Umoren, Anselm, M.S.P. (58), Titular Bishop of Scampa and Auxiliary Bishop of Abuja (Nigeria)
Bishop Martin Igwemezie Uzoukwu (69)Uzoukwu, Martin Igwemezie (69), Bishop of Minna (Nigeria)

Other Prelates (2)

Fr. Terwase Henry AkaabiamAkaabiam, Terwase Henry, Secretary General of Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar
Fr. Victor Chike Onwukeme, M.S.P.Onwukeme, Victor Chike, M.S.P., Superior General of Missionary Society of Saint Paul of Nigeria
Other Prelates related to Nigeria (5)
ItalyArchbishop Antonio Guido Filipazzi (56)Filipazzi, Antonio Guido (56), Titular Archbishop of Sutri, Apostolic Nuncio to Nigeria and Permanent Observer to Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)
ItalyArchbishop Renzo Fratini (76)Fratini, Renzo (76), Titular Archbishop of Botriana
UgandaArchbishop Augustine Kasujja (74)Kasujja, Augustine (74), Titular Archbishop of Cesarea in Numidia, Apostolic Nuncio to Luxembourg and Apostolic Nuncio to Belgium
PhilippinesArchbishop Osvaldo Padilla (77)Padilla, Osvaldo (77), Titular Archbishop of Pia
ItalyArchbishop Carlo Maria Viganò (79)Viganò, Carlo Maria (79), Titular Archbishop of Ulpiana and Secretary General emeritus of Governorate of Vatican City State

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