Bishops of Niger

by Liturgical Precedence

Date of
Bishop Ordinaries of Niger (5)
1999.09.26 (2007.06.25)Archbishop Michel Christian Cartatéguy, S.M.A. (71)Archbishop Michel Christian Cartatéguy, S.M.A. (71), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Niamey (Niger)
2013.06.09 (2014.10.11)Archbishop Djalwana Laurent Lompo (56)Archbishop Djalwana Laurent Lompo (56), Metropolitan Archbishop of Niamey (Niger)
1984.09.30Bishop Guy Armand Romano, C.SS.R. (85)Bishop Guy Armand Romano, C.SS.R. (85), Bishop emeritus of Niamey (Niger)
1999.09.26Bishop Ambroise Ouédraogo (74)Bishop Ambroise Ouédraogo (74), Bishop of Maradi (Niger)
2018.04.07Bishop Simon T. Faddoul (65)Bishop Simon T. Faddoul (65), Bishop of Annunciation of Ibadan of the Maronites (Nigeria) and Apostolic Visitator in Southern Africa of the Maronites

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