Bishops of Mexico

by Name

Bishops and Ordinaries of Mexico (188)

Cardinals (5)

Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragán (82)Lozano Barragán, Javier (82), Cardinal-Priest of S. Dorotea, Bishop emeritus of Zacatecas (Mexico) and President emeritus of Pontifical Council for Pastoral Assistance to Health Care Workers,
Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera (72)Rivera Carrera, Norberto (72), Cardinal-Priest of S. Francesco d’Assisi a Ripa Grande, Metropolitan Archbishop of México (Mexico) and Member of Council for the Economy,
Cardinal Francisco Robles Ortega (66)Robles Ortega, Francisco (66), Cardinal-Priest of S. Maria della Presentazione, Metropolitan Archbishop of Guadalajara (Mexico) and President of Conferencia del Episcopado Mexicano (C.E.M.),
Cardinal Juan Sandoval Íñiguez (82)Sandoval Íñiguez, Juan (82), Cardinal-Priest of Nostra Signora di Guadalupe e S. Filippo Martire and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Guadalajara (Mexico),
Cardinal Alberto Suárez Inda (76)Suárez Inda, Alberto (76), Cardinal-Priest of S. Policarpo and Metropolitan Archbishop of Morelia (Mexico),

Archbishops (28)

Archbishop Carlos Aguiar Retes (65)Aguiar Retes, Carlos (65), Metropolitan Archbishop of Tlalnepantla (Mexico) and President of Latin American Episcopal Council,
Archbishop Felipe Aguirre Franco (81)Aguirre Franco, Felipe (81), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Acapulco (Mexico),
Archbishop Pedro Arandadíaz-Muñoz (81)Arandadíaz-Muñoz, Pedro (81), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Tulancingo (Mexico),
Archbishop Emilio Carlos Berlie Belaunzarán (75)Berlie Belaunzarán, Emilio Carlos (75), Metropolitan Archbishop of Yucatán (Mexico),
Archbishop Rogelio Cabrera López (64)Cabrera López, Rogelio (64), Metropolitan Archbishop of Monterrey (Mexico),
Archbishop Jesús Carlos Cabrero Romero (68)Cabrero Romero, Jesús Carlos (68), Metropolitan Archbishop of San Luis Potosí (Mexico),
Archbishop José Luis Chávez Botello (74)Chávez Botello, José Luis (74), Metropolitan Archbishop of Antequera (Mexico),
Archbishop Alfonso Cortés Contreras (67)Cortés Contreras, Alfonso (67), Metropolitan Archbishop of León (Mexico),
Archbishop Domingo Díaz Martínez (66)Díaz Martínez, Domingo (66), Metropolitan Archbishop of Tulancingo (Mexico),
Archbishop José Fernández Arteaga (81)Fernández Arteaga, José (81), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Chihuahua (Mexico),
Archbishop José Antonio Fernández Hurtado (62)Fernández Hurtado, José Antonio (62), Metropolitan Archbishop of Durango (Mexico),
Archbishop Carlos Garfias Merlos (64)Garfias Merlos, Carlos (64), Metropolitan Archbishop of Acapulco (Mexico),
Archbishop Héctor González Martínez (76)González Martínez, Héctor (76), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Durango (Mexico),
Archbishop Ricardo Guízar Díaz (82)Guízar Díaz, Ricardo (82), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Tlalnepantla (Mexico),
Archbishop Rosendo Huesca Pacheco (83)Huesca Pacheco, Rosendo (83), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Puebla de los Angeles (Mexico),
Archbishop José Ulises Macías Salcedo (74)Macías Salcedo, José Ulises (74), Metropolitan Archbishop of Hermosillo (Mexico),
Archbishop José Guadalupe Martín Rábago (79)Martín Rábago, José Guadalupe (79), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of León (Mexico),
Archbishop Fabio Martínez Castilla (64)Martínez Castilla, Fabio (64), Metropolitan Archbishop of Tuxtla Gutiérrez (Mexico),
Archbishop José Trinidad Medel Pérez (86)Medel Pérez, José Trinidad (86), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Durango (Mexico),
Archbishop Constancio Miranda Weckmann (62)Miranda Weckmann, Constancio (62), Metropolitan Archbishop of Chihuahua (Mexico),
Archbishop Luis Morales Reyes (78)Morales Reyes, Luis (78), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of San Luis Potosí (Mexico),
Archbishop Sergio Obeso Rivera (83)Obeso Rivera, Sergio (83), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Jalapa (Mexico),
Archbishop Jorge Carlos Patrón Wong (57)Patrón Wong, Jorge Carlos (57), Secretary for Seminaries of Congregation for Clergy, Archbishop ad personam and Bishop emeritus of Papantla (Mexico),
Archbishop Carlos Quintero Arce (95)Quintero Arce, Carlos (95), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Hermosillo (Mexico),
Archbishop Hipólito Reyes Larios (68)Reyes Larios, Hipólito (68), Metropolitan Archbishop of Jalapa (Mexico),
Archbishop Rafael Romo Muñoz (74)Romo Muñoz, Rafael (74), Metropolitan Archbishop of Tijuana (Mexico),
Archbishop Victor Valentin Sánchez Espinosa (64)Sánchez Espinosa, Victor Valentin (64), Metropolitan Archbishop of Puebla de los Angeles (Mexico),
Archbishop Arturo Antonio Szymanski Ramírez (93)Szymanski Ramírez, Arturo Antonio (93), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of San Luis Potosí (Mexico),

Bishops (142)

Bishop Rodrigo Aguilar Martínez (63)Aguilar Martínez, Rodrigo (63), Bishop of Tehuacán (Mexico),
Bishop Miguel Angel Alba Díaz (64)Alba Díaz, Miguel Angel (64), Bishop of La Paz (Mexico),
Bishop Abelardo Alvarado Alcántara (81)Alvarado Alcántara, Abelardo (81), Titular Bishop of Thysdrus and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of México (Mexico),
Bishop José Armando Álvarez Cano (55)Álvarez Cano, José Armando (55), Bishop-Prelate of Huautla (Mexico),
Bishop José Luis Amezcua Melgoza (76)Amezcua Melgoza, José Luis (76), Bishop emeritus of Colima (Mexico),
Bishop Felipe Arizmendi Esquivel (74)Arizmendi Esquivel, Felipe (74), Bishop of San Cristóbal de las Casas (Mexico),
Bishop Faustino Armendáriz Jiménez (59)Armendáriz Jiménez, Faustino (59), Bishop of Querétaro (Mexico),
Bishop Cristóbal Ascencio García (60)Ascencio García, Cristóbal (60), Bishop of Apatzingán (Mexico),
Bishop Renato Ascencio León (75)Ascencio León, Renato (75), Bishop emeritus of Ciudad Juárez (Mexico),
Bishop Roberto Octavio Balmori Cinta, M.J. (71)Balmori Cinta, Roberto Octavio, M.J. (71), Bishop of Ciudad Valles (Mexico),
Bishop Rafael Barraza Sánchez (86)Barraza Sánchez, Rafael (86), Bishop emeritus of Mazatlán (Mexico),
Bishop Jorge Bernal Vargas, L.C. (86)Bernal Vargas, Jorge, L.C. (86), Bishop-Prelate emeritus of Cancún–Chetumal (Mexico),
Bishop Vartán Waldir Boghossian, S.D.B. (75)Boghossian, Vartán Waldir, S.D.B. (75) (Armenian Rite), Bishop of San Gregorio de Narek en Buenos Aires of the Armenians (Argentina) and Apostolic Exarch of América Latina e México of the Armenians (Brazil),
Bishop Carlos Briseño Arch, O.A.R. (54)Briseño Arch, Carlos, O.A.R. (54), Titular Bishop of Tricala and Auxiliary Bishop of México (Mexico),
Bishop Juan de Dios Caballero Reyes (83)Caballero Reyes, Juan de Dios (83), Bishop emeritus of Huejutla (Mexico) and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Durango (Mexico),
Bishop Ramón Calderón Batres (76)Calderón Batres, Ramón (76), Bishop emeritus of Linares (Mexico),
Bishop Jaime Calderón Calderón (48)Calderón Calderón, Jaime (48), Titular Bishop of Iomnium and Auxiliary Bishop of Zamora (Mexico),
Bishop Gonzalo Alonso Calzada Guerrero (50)Calzada Guerrero, Gonzalo Alonso (50), Titular Bishop of Cissa and Auxiliary Bishop of Antequera (Mexico),
Bishop Oscar Armando Campos Contreras (67)Campos Contreras, Oscar Armando (67), Bishop of Tehuantepec (Mexico),
Bishop Lorenzo Cárdenas Aregullín (78)Cárdenas Aregullín, Lorenzo (78), Bishop emeritus of Papantla (Mexico),
Bishop Eduardo Cirilo Carmona Ortega, C.O.R.C. (56)Carmona Ortega, Eduardo Cirilo, C.O.R.C. (56), Bishop of Parral (Mexico),
Bishop Adolfo Miguel Castaño Fonseca (52)Castaño Fonseca, Adolfo Miguel (52), Titular Bishop of Vadesi and Auxiliary Bishop of México (Mexico),
Bishop José Benjamín Castillo Plascencia (69)Castillo Plascencia, José Benjamín (69), Bishop of Celaya (Mexico),
Bishop Ramón Castro Castro (59)Castro Castro, Ramón (59), Bishop of Cuernavaca (Mexico),
Bishop José Luis Castro Medellín, M.S.F. (76)Castro Medellín, José Luis, M.S.F. (76), Bishop emeritus of Tacámbaro (Mexico),
Bishop Jorge Alberto Cavazos Arizpe (52)Cavazos Arizpe, Jorge Alberto (52), Titular Bishop of Isola and Auxiliary Bishop of Monterrey (Mexico),
Bishop Onésimo Cepeda Silva (78)Cepeda Silva, Onésimo (78), Bishop emeritus of Ecatepec (Mexico),
Bishop Francisco Eduardo Cervantes Merino (61)Cervantes Merino, Francisco Eduardo (61), Bishop of Orizaba (Mexico),
Bishop Fernando Mario Chávez Ruvalcaba (82)Chávez Ruvalcaba, Fernando Mario (82), Bishop emeritus of Zacatecas (Mexico),
Bishop Francisco Javier Chavolla Ramos (68)Chavolla Ramos, Francisco Javier (68), Bishop of Toluca (Mexico),
Bishop Francisco Clavel Gil (79)Clavel Gil, Francisco (79), Titular Bishop of Macomades and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of México (Mexico),
Bishop Florencio Armando Colín Cruz (64)Colín Cruz, Florencio Armando (64), Titular Bishop of Thimida regia and Auxiliary Bishop of México (Mexico),
Bishop Jorge Cuapio Bautista (48)Cuapio Bautista, Jorge (48), Titular Bishop of Bisarcio and Auxiliary Bishop of Tlalnepantla (Mexico),
Bishop Mario de Gasperín Gasperín (80)de Gasperín Gasperín, Mario (80), Bishop emeritus of Querétaro (Mexico),
Bishop José María de la Torre Martín (62)de la Torre Martín, José María (62), Bishop of Aguascalientes (Mexico),
Bishop Enrique Díaz Díaz (62)Díaz Díaz, Enrique (62), Coadjutor Bishop of San Cristóbal de las Casas (Mexico),
Bishop Gerardo Díaz Vázquez (48)Díaz Vázquez, Gerardo (48), Bishop of Tacámbaro (Mexico),
Bishop José Luis Dibildox Martínez (71)Dibildox Martínez, José Luis (71), Bishop of Tampico (Mexico),
Bishop Oscar Roberto Domínguez Couttolenc, M.G. (58)Domínguez Couttolenc, Oscar Roberto, M.G. (58), Bishop of Ecatepec (Mexico),
Bishop Emigdio Duarte Figueroa (46)Duarte Figueroa, Emigdio (46), Titular Bishop of Bilta and Auxiliary Bishop of Culiacán (Mexico),
Bishop Pedro Pablo Elizondo Cárdenas, L.C. (65)Elizondo Cárdenas, Pedro Pablo, L.C. (65), Bishop-Prelate of Cancún–Chetumal (Mexico),
Bishop Guillermo Francisco Escobar Galicia (60)Escobar Galicia, Guillermo Francisco (60), Bishop of Teotihuacan (Mexico),
Bishop Mario Espinosa Contreras (65)Espinosa Contreras, Mario (65), Bishop of Mazatlán (Mexico),
Bishop Juan Espinoza Jiménez (49)Espinoza Jiménez, Juan (49), Titular Bishop of Arpi and Auxiliary Bishop of Morelia (Mexico),
Bishop Rogelio Esquivel Medina (74)Esquivel Medina, Rogelio (74), Titular Bishop of Garriana and Auxiliary Bishop of México (Mexico),
Bishop Jorge Estrada Solórzano (53)Estrada Solórzano, Jorge (53), Titular Bishop of Pinhel and Auxiliary Bishop of México (Mexico),
Bishop José Luis Fletes Santana (67)Fletes Santana, José Luis (67), Titular Bishop of Thunusuda and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of México (Mexico),
Bishop Luis Artemio Flores Calzada (65)Flores Calzada, Luis Artemio (65), Bishop of Tepic (Mexico),
Bishop Salvador Flores Huerta (81)Flores Huerta, Salvador (81), Bishop emeritus of Ciudad Lázaro Cárdenas (Mexico),
Bishop Juan Frausto Pallares (73)Frausto Pallares, Juan (73), Titular Bishop of Vagrauta and Auxiliary Bishop of León (Mexico),
Bishop Rafael Gallardo García, O.S.A. (87)Gallardo García, Rafael, O.S.A. (87), Bishop emeritus of Tampico (Mexico),
Bishop Luis Felipe Gallardo Martín del Campo, S.D.B. (73)Gallardo Martín del Campo, Luis Felipe, S.D.B. (73), Bishop of Veracruz (Mexico),
Bishop Gonzalo Galván Castillo (64)Galván Castillo, Gonzalo (64), Bishop of Autlán (Mexico),
Bishop José Guadalupe Galván Galindo (73)Galván Galindo, José Guadalupe (73), Bishop of Torreón (Mexico),
Bishop Vicente García Bernal (86)García Bernal, Vicente (86), Bishop emeritus of Ciudad Obregón (Mexico),
Bishop Alonso Gerardo Garza Treviño (67)Garza Treviño, Alonso Gerardo (67), Bishop of Piedras Negras (Mexico),
Bishop Raúl Gómez González (61)Gómez González, Raúl (61), Bishop of Tenancingo (Mexico),
Bishop Hilario González García (49)González García, Hilario (49), Bishop of Linares (Mexico),
Bishop José Francisco González González (49)González González, José Francisco (49), Bishop of Campeche (Mexico),
Bishop José Leopoldo González González (60)González González, José Leopoldo (60), Bishop of Nogales (Mexico),
Bishop Leopoldo González González (64)González González, Leopoldo (64), Bishop of Tapachula (Mexico),
Bishop José de Jesús González Hernández, O.F.M. (50)González Hernández, José de Jesús, O.F.M. (50), Bishop-Prelate of El Nayar (Mexico),
Bishop Francisco González Ramos (56)González Ramos, Francisco (56), Bishop of Izcalli (Mexico),
Bishop José Trinidad González Rodríguez (71)González Rodríguez, José Trinidad (71), Titular Bishop of Menefessi and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Guadalajara (Mexico),
Bishop Antonio González Sánchez (67)González Sánchez, Antonio (67), Bishop of Ciudad Victoria (Mexico),
Bishop Héctor Guerrero Córdova, S.D.B. (73)Guerrero Córdova, Héctor, S.D.B. (73), Bishop-Prelate of Mixes (Mexico),
Bishop Jonás Guerrero Corona (68)Guerrero Corona, Jonás (68), Bishop of Culiacán (Mexico),
Bishop José Isidro Guerrero Macías (63)Guerrero Macías, José Isidro (63), Bishop of Mexicali (Mexico),
Bishop Juan Humberto Gutiérrez Valencia (73)Gutiérrez Valencia, Juan Humberto (73), Titular Bishop of Iunca in Byzacena and Auxiliary Bishop of Guadalajara (Mexico),
Bishop Marcelino Hernández Rodríguez (68)Hernández Rodríguez, Marcelino (68), Bishop of Colima (Mexico),
Bishop Jesús José Herrera Quiñonez (53)Herrera Quiñonez, Jesús José (53), Bishop of Nuevo Casas Grandes (Mexico),
Bishop Alfonso de Jesús Hinojosa Berrones (90)Hinojosa Berrones, Alfonso de Jesús (90), Bishop emeritus of Ciudad Victoria (Mexico) and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Monterrey (Mexico),
Bishop Juan María Huerta Muro, O.F.M. (53)Huerta Muro, Juan María, O.F.M. (53), Bishop-Prelate of El Salto (Mexico),
Bishop Benjamín Jiménez Hernández (77)Jiménez Hernández, Benjamín (77), Bishop emeritus of Culiacán (Mexico),
Bishop Juan Pedro Juárez Meléndez (63)Juárez Meléndez, Juan Pedro (63), Bishop of Tula (Mexico),
Bishop Braulio Rafael León Villegas (70)León Villegas, Braulio Rafael (70), Bishop of Ciudad Guzmán (Mexico),
Bishop Jesús Antonio Lerma Nolasco (69)Lerma Nolasco, Jesús Antonio (69), Titular Bishop of Aulon and Auxiliary Bishop of México (Mexico),
Bishop Eugenio Andrés Lira Rugarcía (49)Lira Rugarcía, Eugenio Andrés (49), Titular Bishop of Capo della Foresta, Auxiliary Bishop of Puebla de los Angeles (Mexico) and Secretary General of Conferencia del Episcopado Mexicano (C.E.M.),
Bishop José Lizáres Estrada (80)Lizáres Estrada, José (80), Bishop emeritus of Ciudad Altamirano (Mexico) and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Monterrey (Mexico),
Bishop Arturo Lona Reyes (89)Lona Reyes, Arturo (89), Bishop emeritus of Tehuantepec (Mexico),
Bishop Tomás López Durán (54)López Durán, Tomás (54), Titular Bishop of Socia and Auxiliary Bishop of Puebla de los Angeles (Mexico),
Bishop Fidencio López Plaza (64)López Plaza, Fidencio (64), Bishop of San Andrés Tuxtla (Mexico),
Bishop Juan Guillermo López Soto (68)López Soto, Juan Guillermo (68), Bishop of Cuauhtémoc–Madera (Mexico),
Bishop Juan Manuel Mancilla Sánchez (65)Mancilla Sánchez, Juan Manuel (65), Bishop of Texcoco (Mexico),
Bishop Juan Odilón Martínez García (65)Martínez García, Juan Odilón (65), Bishop of Atlacomulco (Mexico),
Bishop Lucas Martínez Lara (72)Martínez Lara, Lucas (72), Bishop of Matehuala (Mexico),
Bishop Maximino Martínez Miranda (63)Martínez Miranda, Maximino (63), Bishop of Ciudad Altamirano (Mexico),
Bishop Salvador Martínez Pérez (82)Martínez Pérez, Salvador (82), Bishop emeritus of Huejutla (Mexico),
Bishop Rafael Francisco Martínez Sáinz (79)Martínez Sáinz, Rafael Francisco (79), Titular Bishop of Dura and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Guadalajara (Mexico),
Bishop José de Jesús Martínez Zepeda (73)Martínez Zepeda, José de Jesús (73), Bishop of Irapuato (Mexico),
Bishop José Luis Mendoza Corzo (55)Mendoza Corzo, José Luis (55), Titular Bishop of Lamiggiga and Auxiliary Bishop of Tuxtla Gutiérrez (Mexico),
Bishop Efraín Mendoza Cruz (55)Mendoza Cruz, Efraín (55), Titular Bishop of Cubda and Auxiliary Bishop of Tlalnepantla (Mexico),
Bishop Alfonso Gerardo Miranda Guardiola (48)Miranda Guardiola, Alfonso Gerardo (48), Titular Bishop of Idicra and Auxiliary Bishop of Monterrey (Mexico),
Bishop Manuel Mireles Vaquera (86)Mireles Vaquera, Manuel (86), Bishop-Prelate emeritus of El Salto (Mexico),
Bishop Héctor Luis Morales Sánchez (60)Morales Sánchez, Héctor Luis (60), Bishop of Nezahualcóyotl (Mexico),
Bishop Francisco Moreno Barrón (60)Moreno Barrón, Francisco (60), Bishop of Tlaxcala (Mexico),
Bishop Rutilo Muñoz Zamora (63)Muñoz Zamora, Rutilo (63), Bishop of Coatzacoalcos (Mexico),
Bishop Juan Navarro Castellanos (70)Navarro Castellanos, Juan (70), Bishop of Tuxpan (Mexico),
Bishop Javier Navarro Rodríguez (65)Navarro Rodríguez, Javier (65), Bishop of Zamora (Mexico) and Vice-President of Conferencia del Episcopado Mexicano (C.E.M.),
Bishop Sigifredo Noriega Barceló (63)Noriega Barceló, Sigifredo (63), Bishop of Zacatecas (Mexico),
Bishop Crispin Ojeda Márquez (63)Ojeda Márquez, Crispin (63), Titular Bishop of Dume and Auxiliary Bishop of México (Mexico),
Bishop Florencio Olvera Ochoa (81)Olvera Ochoa, Florencio (81), Bishop emeritus of Cuernavaca (Mexico),
Bishop Antonio Ortega Franco, C.O. (73)Ortega Franco, Antonio, C.O. (73), Titular Bishop of Lete and Auxiliary Bishop of México (Mexico),
Bishop Armando António Ortíz Aguirre (63)Ortíz Aguirre, Armando António (63), Bishop of Ciudad Lázaro Cárdenas (Mexico),
Bishop Guillermo Rodrigo Teodoro Ortiz Mondragón (68)Ortiz Mondragón, Guillermo Rodrigo Teodoro (68), Bishop of Cuautitlán (Mexico),
Bishop Felipe Padilla Cardona (69)Padilla Cardona, Felipe (69), Bishop of Ciudad Obregón (Mexico),
Bishop José Rafael Palma Capetillo (59)Palma Capetillo, José Rafael (59), Titular Bishop of Vallis and Auxiliary Bishop of Yucatán (Mexico),
Bishop Eduardo Porfirio Patiño Leal (65)Patiño Leal, Eduardo Porfirio (65), Bishop of Córdoba (Mexico),
Bishop Miguel Patiño Velázquez, M.S.F. (76)Patiño Velázquez, Miguel, M.S.F. (76), Bishop emeritus of Apatzingán (Mexico),
Bishop José Antonio Pérez Sánchez, O.F.M. (67)Pérez Sánchez, José Antonio, O.F.M. (67), Bishop-Prelate emeritus of El Nayar (Mexico),
Bishop Juan Armando Pérez Talamantes (44)Pérez Talamantes, Juan Armando (44), Titular Bishop of Auzegera and Auxiliary Bishop of Monterrey (Mexico),
Bishop Teodoro Enrique Pino Miranda (68)Pino Miranda, Teodoro Enrique (68), Bishop of Huajuapan de León (Mexico),
Bishop Rutilo Felipe Pozos Lorenzini (48)Pozos Lorenzini, Rutilo Felipe (48), Titular Bishop of Satafis and Auxiliary Bishop of Puebla de los Angeles (Mexico),
Bishop Francisco Ramírez Navarro (75)Ramírez Navarro, Francisco (75), Titular Bishop of Tlos and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Tlalnepantla (Mexico),
Bishop Hermenegildo Ramírez Sánchez, M.J. (86)Ramírez Sánchez, Hermenegildo, M.J. (86), Bishop-Prelate emeritus of Huautla (Mexico),
Bishop Salvador Rangel Mendoza, O.F.M. (68)Rangel Mendoza, Salvador, O.F.M. (68), Bishop of Huejutla (Mexico),
Bishop Ruy Rendón Leal (61)Rendón Leal, Ruy (61), Bishop of Matamoros (Mexico),
Bishop Alfonso Humberto Robles Cota (83)Robles Cota, Alfonso Humberto (83), Bishop emeritus of Tepic (Mexico),
Bishop Víctor René Rodríguez Gómez (64)Rodríguez Gómez, Víctor René (64), Bishop of Valle de Chalco (Mexico),
Bishop Gustavo Rodriguez Vega (60)Rodriguez Vega, Gustavo (60), Bishop of Nuevo Laredo (Mexico),
Bishop Gerardo de Jesús Rojas López (58)Rojas López, Gerardo de Jesús (58), Bishop of Tabasco (Mexico),
Bishop Miguel Romano Gómez (56)Romano Gómez, Miguel (56), Titular Bishop of Vagal and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Guadalajara (Mexico),
Bishop Georges M. Saad Abi Younes, O.L.M. (67)Saad Abi Younes, Georges M., O.L.M. (67) (Maronite Rite), Bishop of Nuestra Señora de los Mártires del Líbano en México of the Maronites (Mexico),
Bishop José de Jesús Sahagún de la Parra (93)Sahagún de la Parra, José de Jesús (93), Bishop emeritus of Ciudad Lázaro Cárdenas (Mexico),
Bishop Felipe Salazar Villagrana (74)Salazar Villagrana, Felipe (74), Bishop of San Juan de los Lagos (Mexico),
Bishop Nicholas James Samra (70)Samra, Nicholas James (70) (Greek-Melkite Rite), Bishop of Newton of the Greek-Melkites (USA) and Apostolic Administrator of Nuestra Señora del Paraíso en México of the Greek-Melkites (Mexico),
Bishop Enrique Sánchez Martínez (54)Sánchez Martínez, Enrique (54), Titular Bishop of Thamugadi and Auxiliary Bishop of Durango (Mexico),
Bishop Rafael Sandoval Sandoval, M.N.M. (68)Sandoval Sandoval, Rafael, M.N.M. (68), Bishop of Tarahumara (Mexico),
Bishop José Trinidad Sepúlveda Ruiz-Velasco (94)Sepúlveda Ruiz-Velasco, José Trinidad (94), Bishop emeritus of San Juan de los Lagos (Mexico),
Bishop Dagoberto Sosa Arriaga (60)Sosa Arriaga, Dagoberto (60), Bishop of Tlapa (Mexico),
Bishop Carlos Suárez Cázares (68)Suárez Cázares, Carlos (68), Titular Bishop of Abidda, Auxiliary Bishop of Morelia (Mexico) and Bishop emeritus of Zamora (Mexico),
Bishop Felipe Tejeda García, M.Sp.S. (80)Tejeda García, Felipe, M.Sp.S. (80), Titular Bishop of Castabala and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of México (Mexico),
Bishop José Guadalupe Torres Campos (55)Torres Campos, José Guadalupe (55), Bishop of Ciudad Juárez (Mexico),
Bishop Gilberto Valbuena Sánchez (86)Valbuena Sánchez, Gilberto (86), Bishop emeritus of Colima (Mexico),
Bishop Rafael Valdéz Torres (55)Valdéz Torres, Rafael (55), Bishop of Ensenada (Mexico),
Bishop Andrés Vargas Peña (68)Vargas Peña, Andrés (68), Titular Bishop of Utimmira and Auxiliary Bishop of México (Mexico),
Bishop Pedro Vázquez Villalobos (64)Vázquez Villalobos, Pedro (64), Bishop of Puerto Escondido (Mexico),
Bishop José Raúl Vera López, O.P. (69)Vera López, José Raúl, O.P. (69), Bishop of Saltillo (Mexico),
Bishop Francisco Raúl Villalobos Padilla (94)Villalobos Padilla, Francisco Raúl (94), Bishop emeritus of Saltillo (Mexico),
Bishop Octavio Villegas Aguilar (75)Villegas Aguilar, Octavio (75), Titular Bishop of Cissita, Bishop emeritus of Tula (Mexico) and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Morelia (Mexico),
Bishop José Trinidad Zapata Ortíz (55)Zapata Ortíz, José Trinidad (55), Bishop of Papantla (Mexico),
Bishop Alejo Zavala Castro (73)Zavala Castro, Alejo (73), Bishop of Chilpancingo–Chilapa (Mexico),

Other Prelates (13)

Fr. Esteban Alcocer González, C.O.R.C. (54)Alcocer González, Esteban, C.O.R.C. (54), Director General of Workers of the Kingdom of Christ,
Fr. Enrique Amezcua Medina, C.O.R.C. (96)Amezcua Medina, Enrique, C.O.R.C. (96), Founder of Workers of the Kingdom of Christ,
Fr. Mario Alberto Avilés, C.O.Avilés, Mario Alberto, C.O., Procurator General of Confederation of Oratories of Saint Philip Neri (Oratorians),
Fr. Pascual Chávez Villanueva, S.D.B. (67)Chávez Villanueva, Pascual, S.D.B. (67), Rector Major emeritus of Salesians of Saint John Bosco (Salesians), Grand Chancellor emeritus of Pontifical Faculty of Education Sciences (Auxilium), Grand Chancellor emeritus of Pontifical Superior Institute of Latinità and Grand Chancellor emeritus of Salesian Pontifical University,
Fr. Daniel González Sandoval, M.N.M.González Sandoval, Daniel, M.N.M., Superior General of Missionaries of the Nativity of Mary,
Herrerías Guerra, Lucía Aurora, F.M.V.D., President of Verbum Dei Missionary Fraternity,
Fr. Juan José Ángel Luna Erreguerena, M.G.Luna Erreguerena, Juan José Ángel, M.G., Superior General of Guadalupe Missionaries,
Fr. Antonio Rivera Ibarra, M.J. (80)Rivera Ibarra, Antonio, M.J. (80), Superior General of Missionaries of Saint Joseph,
Fr. Eduardo Robles Gil (62)Robles Gil, Eduardo (62), General Director of Congregation of the Legionaries of Christ and Grand Chancellor of Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum,
Fr. Enrique Sánchez González, M.C.C.J. (57)Sánchez González, Enrique, M.C.C.J. (57), Superior General of Comboni Missionaries of the Heart of Jesus (Comboni Missionaries),
Fr. Enrique Sánchez Torres, M.S.C.Sánchez Torres, Enrique, M.S.C., Superior General of Missionaries of the Sacred Heart and Saint Mary of Guadalupe,
Fr. Juan María Solana Rivero, L.C.Solana Rivero, Juan María, L.C., Director of Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jersusalem Center,
Fr. Fernando Torre Medina Mora, M.Sp.S.Torre Medina Mora, Fernando, M.Sp.S., Superior General of Missionaries of the Holy Spirit,
Other Prelates born in Mexico (12)
PeruBishop Alberto Campos Hernández, O.F.M. (63)Campos Hernández, Alberto, O.F.M. (63), Titular Bishop of Vicus Augusti and Vicar Apostolic emeritus of San José de Amazonas (Peru),
USABishop José Arturo Cepeda (45)Cepeda, José Arturo (45), Titular Bishop of Tagase and Auxiliary Bishop of Detroit (USA),
BrazilBishop Rafael Llano Cifuentes (82)Cifuentes, Rafael Llano (82), Bishop emeritus of Nova Friburgo (Brazil),
USABishop Eusebio L. Elizondo Almaguer, M.Sp.S. (60)Elizondo Almaguer, Eusebio L., M.Sp.S. (60), Titular Bishop of Acholla and Auxiliary Bishop of Seattle (USA),
USAArchbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller, M.Sp.S. (58)Garcia-Siller, Gustavo, M.Sp.S. (58), Metropolitan Archbishop of San Antonio (USA),
USAArchbishop José Horacio Gómez (63)Gómez, José Horacio (63), Metropolitan Archbishop of Los Angeles (USA),
USACardinal Bernard Francis Law (83)Law, Bernard Francis (83), Cardinal-Priest of S. Susanna, Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Boston (USA) and Archpriest emeritus of Papal Basilica of St. Mary Major,
USABishop Plácido Rodríguez, C.M.F. (74)Rodríguez, Plácido, C.M.F. (74), Bishop of Lubbock (USA),
PeruBishop Jaime Rodríguez Salazar, M.C.C.J. (75)Rodríguez Salazar, Jaime, M.C.C.J. (75), Bishop of Huánuco (Peru),
USABishop Alberto Rojas (50)Rojas, Alberto (50), Titular Bishop of Marazanæ and Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago (USA),
SpainSoberon, Leticia, Member of Committee for the reform for the Vatican Media,
USABishop Gabino Zavala (63)Zavala, Gabino (63), Titular Bishop of Tamascani and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Los Angeles (USA),
Other Prelates related to Mexico (5)
ItalyCardinal Giuseppe Bertello (72)Bertello, Giuseppe (72), Cardinal-Deacon of Ss. Vito, Modesto e Crescenzia, President of Governorate of the Vatican City State, President of Pontifical Commission for the Vatican City State and Member of Council of Cardinals to assist in the governance of the Universal Church and to reform the Roman Curia,
EstoniaArchbishop Justo Mullor García (82)Mullor García, Justo (82), Titular Archbishop of Bolsena and President emeritus of Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy,
FranceArchbishop Christophe Pierre (69)Pierre, Christophe (69), Titular Archbishop of Gunela and Apostolic Nuncio to Mexico,
ItalyArchbishop Girolamo Prigione (93)Prigione, Girolamo (93), Titular Archbishop of Lauriacum and Apostolic Nuncio emeritus to Mexico,
ArgentinaCardinal Leonardo Sandri (71)Sandri, Leonardo (71), Cardinal-Deacon of Ss. Biagio e Carlo ai Catinari, Prefect of Congregation for the Oriental Churches and Grand Chancellor of Pontifical Oriental Institute,

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