Bishops of Italy

by Liturgical Precedence

Date of
Bishop Ordinaries of Italy (502)
1992.06.27 (2013.03.13)Pope Francis (83)Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio, S.J.) (83), Supreme Pontiff
1977.05.28 (2005.04.19)Pope Benedict XVI (93)Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger) (93), Supreme Pontiff emeritus
1987.11.07 (2001.02.21)Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re (86)Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re (86), Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia, Cardinal-Bishop of Sabina–Poggio Mirteto and Cardinal Dean of College of Cardinals
1978.01.15 (1991.06.28)Cardinal Angelo Sodano (92)Cardinal Angelo Sodano (92), Cardinal-Bishop of Albano, Cardinal-Priest of S. Maria Nuova in commendum and President emeritus of Commission of Cardinals overseeing the Institute for Works of Religion
1991.08.01 (2003.10.21)Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, S.D.B. (85)Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, S.D.B. (85), Cardinal-Bishop of Frascati and Chamberlain of the Holy Roman Church emeritus of Apostolic Camera
2009.09.12 (2014.02.22)Cardinal Pietro Parolin (65)Cardinal Pietro Parolin (65), Cardinal-Bishop of Ss. Simone e Giuda Taddeo a Torre Angela, Secretary of State of Secretariat of State, President of Interdicasterial Commission for the Church in Eastern Europe, President of Interdicasterial Commission on Particular Churches, Member of Commission of Cardinals overseeing the Institute for Works of Religion, Member of Council of Cardinals to assist in the governance of the Universal Church and to reform the Roman Curia and Cardinal Protector of Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy
2001.03.19 (2012.02.18)Cardinal Fernando Filoni (74)Cardinal Fernando Filoni (74), Cardinal-Bishop of Nostra Signora di Coromoto in S. Giovanni di Dio and Grand Master of Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem
1987.09.05 (2014.02.22)Cardinal Beniamino Stella (78)Cardinal Beniamino Stella (78), Cardinal-Bishop of Porto–Santa Rufina, Prefect of Congregation for Clergy and President of Interdicasterial Commission for Candidates to Sacred Order
1983.06.29 (1991.06.28)Cardinal Camillo Ruini (89)Cardinal Camillo Ruini (89), Cardinal-Priest of S. Agnese fuori le mura, Archpriest emeritus of Papal Archbasilica of St. John Lateran, Vicar General for the Vicariate of Rome emeritus of Roma (Italy), former Apostolic Administrator of Ostia (Italy) and former Grand Chancellor of Pontifical Lateran University
1973.12.27 (1998.02.21)Cardinal Salvatore De Giorgi (89)Cardinal Salvatore De Giorgi (89), Cardinal-Priest of S. Maria in Ara Coeli and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Palermo (Italy)
1976.02.28 (2001.02.21)Cardinal Agostino Cacciavillan (93)Cardinal Agostino Cacciavillan (93), Cardinal-Priest of Ss. Angeli Custodi a Città Giardino pro hac vice Title and President emeritus of Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See
1976.10.30 (2001.02.21)Cardinal Sergio Sebastiani (89)Cardinal Sergio Sebastiani (89), Cardinal-Priest of S. Eustachio pro hac vice Title and President emeritus of Prefecture for the Economic Affairs of the Holy See
1992.04.26 (2001.02.21)Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe (77)Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe (77), Cardinal-Priest of Dio Padre misericordioso pro hac vice Title and Metropolitan Archbishop of Napoli (Italy)
1980.05.17 (2001.02.21)Cardinal Severino Poletto (87)Cardinal Severino Poletto (87), Cardinal-Priest of S. Giuseppe in Via Trionfale pro hac vice Title and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Torino (Italy)
1991.09.21 (2003.10.21)Cardinal Angelo Scola (78)Cardinal Angelo Scola (78), Cardinal-Priest of Ss. XII Apostoli and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Milano (Italy)
1982.08.29 (2003.10.21)Cardinal Ennio Antonelli (83)Cardinal Ennio Antonelli (83), Cardinal-Priest of S. Andrea delle Fratte, Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Firenze (Italy) and President emeritus of Pontifical Council for the Family
1989.05.13 (2006.03.24)Cardinal Agostino Vallini (80)Cardinal Agostino Vallini (80), Cardinal-Priest of S. Pier Damiani ai Monti di S. Paolo pro hac vice Title, Pontifical Legate for the Basilicas of St. Francis and St. Mary of the Angels in Assisi and Bishop emeritus of Albano (Italy)
1989.01.06 (2007.11.24)Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo (85)Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo (85), Cardinal-Priest of S. Maria Liberatrice a Monte Testaccio pro hac vice Title, President emeritus of Governorate of Vatican City State and President emeritus of Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State
1990.09.12 (2007.11.24)Cardinal Angelo Comastri (76)Cardinal Angelo Comastri (76), Cardinal-Priest of S. Salvatore in Lauro pro hac vice Title, President of Fabric of St. Peter, Archpriest of Papal Basilica of St. Peter, Vicar General for the Vatican City State of Roma (Italy) and Archbishop-Prelate emeritus of Loreto (Italy)
2006.12.16 (2007.11.24)Cardinal Raffaele Farina, S.D.B. (86)Cardinal Raffaele Farina, S.D.B. (86), Cardinal-Priest of S. Giovanni della Pigna pro hac vice Title and President emeritus of Pontifical Commission for Reference on the Institute for Works of Religion
1998.02.07 (2007.11.24)Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco (77)Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco (77), Cardinal-Priest of Gran Madre di Dio, President of Council of European Bishops’ Conferences and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Genova (Italy)
1984.01.06 (2010.11.20)Cardinal Paolo Romeo (82)Cardinal Paolo Romeo (82), Cardinal-Priest of S. Maria Odigitria dei Siciliani pro hac vice Title and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Palermo (Italy)
2001.05.06 (2012.02.18)Cardinal Giuseppe Betori (73)Cardinal Giuseppe Betori (73), Cardinal-Priest of S. Marcello and Metropolitan Archbishop of Firenze (Italy)
1994.09.08 (2014.02.22)Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti (78)Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti (78), Cardinal-Priest of S. Cecilia, Metropolitan Archbishop of Perugia–Città della Pieve (Italy) and President of Episcopal Conference of Italy
1994.07.09 (2015.02.14)Cardinal Edoardo Menichelli (80)Cardinal Edoardo Menichelli (80), Cardinal-Priest of SS. Cuori di Gesù e Maria a Tor Fiorenza and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Ancona–Osimo (Italy)
2000.04.29 (2015.02.14)Cardinal Francesco Montenegro (74)Cardinal Francesco Montenegro (74), Cardinal-Priest of Ss. Andrea e Gregorio al Monte Celio and Metropolitan Archbishop of Agrigento (Italy)
2015.11.09 (2018.06.28)Cardinal Angelo De Donatis (66)Cardinal Angelo De Donatis (66), Cardinal-Priest of S. Marco, Archpriest of Papal Archbasilica of St. John Lateran, Vicar General for the Vicariate of Rome of Roma (Italy), Apostolic Administrator of Ostia (Italy), Apostolic Administrator of Italy of the Ukrainians (Italy) and Grand Chancellor of Pontifical Lateran University
1998.09.20 (2018.06.28)Cardinal Giuseppe Petrocchi (71)Cardinal Giuseppe Petrocchi (71), Cardinal-Priest of S. Giovanni Battista dei Fiorentini, Metropolitan Archbishop of L’Aquila (Italy) and Member of Council for the Economy
2012.04.14 (2019.10.05)Cardinal Matteo Maria Zuppi (64)Cardinal Matteo Maria Zuppi (64), Cardinal-Priest of S. Egidio and Metropolitan Archbishop of Bologna (Italy)
1980.12.14 (2003.10.21)Cardinal Renato Raffaele Martino (87)Cardinal Renato Raffaele Martino (87), Cardinal-Deacon of S. Francesco di Paola ai Monti and Protodeacon of College of Cardinals
2003.01.06 (2010.11.20)Cardinal Angelo Amato, S.D.B. (82)Cardinal Angelo Amato, S.D.B. (82), Cardinal-Deacon of S. Maria in Aquiro and Prefect emeritus of Congregation for the Causes of Saints
1983.01.06 (2010.11.20)Cardinal Francesco Monterisi (86)Cardinal Francesco Monterisi (86), Cardinal-Deacon of S. Paolo alla Regola and Archpriest emeritus of Papal Basilica of St. Paul Outside-the-Walls
2003.11.15 (2010.11.20)Cardinal Mauro Piacenza (75)Cardinal Mauro Piacenza (75), Cardinal-Deacon of S. Paolo alle Tre Fontane and Major Penitentiary of Apostolic Penitentiary
2007.09.29 (2010.11.20)Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi (77)Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi (77), Cardinal-Deacon of S. Giorgio in Velabro, President of Pontifical Council for Culture and President of Pontifical Commission for Sacred Archaeology
1985.10.06 (2012.02.18)Cardinal Antonio Maria Vegliò (82)Cardinal Antonio Maria Vegliò (82), Cardinal-Deacon of S. Cesareo in Palatio and President emeritus of Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People
1987.11.28 (2012.02.18)Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello (77)Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello (77), Cardinal-Deacon of Ss. Vito, Modesto e Crescenzia, President of Governorate of Vatican City State, President of Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State and Member of Council of Cardinals to assist in the governance of the Universal Church and to reform the Roman Curia
1993.05.22 (2012.02.18)Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio (82)Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio (82), Cardinal-Deacon of S. Giuseppe dei Falegnami and Member of College for the review of appeals by clergy accused of delicta reservata
2002.03.09 (2012.02.18)Cardinal Domenico Calcagno (77)Cardinal Domenico Calcagno (77), Cardinal-Deacon of SS. Annunciazione della Beata Vergine Maria a Via Ardeatina, Bishop emeritus of Savona–Noli (Italy) and President emeritus of Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See
2007.06.10 (2012.02.18)Cardinal Giuseppe Versaldi (77)Cardinal Giuseppe Versaldi (77), Cardinal-Deacon of S. Cuore di Gesù a Castro Pretorio, Prefect of Congregation for Catholic Education (for Educational Institutions), President of Pontifical Work for Ecclesiastical Vocations, Member of College for the review of appeals by clergy accused of delicta reservata, Patron of Pontifical Superior Institute of Latinità, Grand Chancellor of Pontifical Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, Grand Chancellor of Pontifical Institute of Christian Archaeology, Grand Chancellor of Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music, Grand Chancellor of Pontifical Gregorian University, Pontifical Delegate for Congregation of the Sons of the Immaculate Conception and Bishop emeritus of Alessandria (Italy)
1992.03.07 (2014.02.22)Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri (79)Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri (79), Cardinal-Deacon of S. Anselmo all’Aventino and Secretary General of Synod of Bishops
1996.04.28 (2015.02.14)Cardinal Luigi De Magistris (94)Cardinal Luigi De Magistris (94), Cardinal-Deacon of SS. Nomi di Gesù e Maria in Via Lata and Major Pro-Penitentiary emeritus of Apostolic Penitentiary
1999.09.25 (2016.11.19)Cardinal Mario Zenari (74)Cardinal Mario Zenari (74), Cardinal-Deacon of S. Maria delle Grazie alle Fornaci fuori Porta Cavalleggeri and Apostolic Nuncio to Syria
2001.12.01 (2018.06.28)Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu (72)Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu (72), Cardinal-Deacon of S. Lino, Prefect of Congregation for the Causes of Saints and Special Delegate to Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta
2008.02.03 (2012.01.31)Patriarch Francesco Moraglia (67)Patriarch Francesco Moraglia (67), Patriarch of Venezia (Italy)
1994.02.10 (2000.04.29)Archbishop Donato Negro (72)Archbishop Donato Negro (72), Archbishop of Otranto (Italy)
2019.07.06 (2019.05.04)Archbishop Andrea Bellandi (59)Archbishop Andrea Bellandi (59), Metropolitan Archbishop of Salerno–Campagna–Acerno (Italy)
2020.01.05 (2019.11.16)Archbishop Giuseppe Baturi (56)Archbishop Giuseppe Baturi (56), Metropolitan Archbishop of Cagliari (Italy)
1971.10.10 (1971.07.31)Archbishop Edoardo Rovida (92)Archbishop Edoardo Rovida (92), Titular Archbishop of Taormina
1971.12.27 (1971.11.18)Archbishop Antonio Cantisani (93)Archbishop Antonio Cantisani (93), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Catanzaro–Squillace (Italy)
1974.06.30 (1974.06.22)Archbishop Angelo Acerbi (94)Archbishop Angelo Acerbi (94), Titular Archbishop of Zella and Prelate emeritus of Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta
1970.02.15 (1975.05.24)Archbishop Settimio Todisco (96)Archbishop Settimio Todisco (96), Archbishop emeritus of Brindisi–Ostuni (Italy)
1975.01.12 (1976.04.02)Archbishop Bruno Foresti (97)Archbishop Bruno Foresti (97), Archbishop-Bishop emeritus of Brescia (Italy)
1979.04.01 (1979.02.12)Archbishop Francesco Cuccarese (90)Archbishop Francesco Cuccarese (90), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Pescara–Penne (Italy)
1979.05.27 (1979.04.22)Archbishop Alfio Rapisarda (86)Archbishop Alfio Rapisarda (86), Titular Archbishop of Canne
1975.08.26 (1981.10.28)Archbishop Gaetano Bonicelli (95)Archbishop Gaetano Bonicelli (95), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Siena–Colle di Val d’Elsa–Montalcino (Italy)
1983.10.08 (1983.08.30)Archbishop Giovanni Battista Morandini (83)Archbishop Giovanni Battista Morandini (83), Titular Archbishop of Numida
1984.10.20 (1984.08.14)Archbishop Pier Giacomo De Nicolò (91)Archbishop Pier Giacomo De Nicolò (91), Titular Archbishop of Martana
1985.11.01 (1985.08.31)Archbishop Agostino Marchetto (79)Archbishop Agostino Marchetto (79), Titular Archbishop of Écija and Secretary emeritus of Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People
1985.10.19 (1985.09.14)Archbishop Eugenio Sbarbaro (86)Archbishop Eugenio Sbarbaro (86), Titular Archbishop of Tiddi
1985.12.15 (1985.11.16)Archbishop Antonio Mattiazzo (80)Archbishop Antonio Mattiazzo (80), Archbishop-Bishop emeritus of Padova (Italy)
1975.02.02 (1985.11.30)Archbishop Pier Giuliano Tiddia (91)Archbishop Pier Giuliano Tiddia (91), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Oristano (Italy)
1986.01.06 (1985.12.12)Archbishop Pier Luigi Celata (83)Archbishop Pier Luigi Celata (83), Titular Archbishop of Doclea and Vice-Chamberlain of the Holy Roman Church emeritus of Apostolic Camera
1986.07.12 (1986.05.28)Archbishop Francesco Canalini (84)Archbishop Francesco Canalini (84), Titular Archbishop of Valeria
1987.04.27 (1987.02.28)Archbishop Alberto Tricarico (92)Archbishop Alberto Tricarico (92), Titular Archbishop of Sistroniana
1988.07.09 (1988.04.30)Archbishop Michele Scandiffio (91)Archbishop Michele Scandiffio (91), Archbishop emeritus of Acerenza (Italy)
1974.12.08 (1988.05.07)Archbishop Giuseppe Casale (96)Archbishop Giuseppe Casale (96), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Foggia–Bovino (Italy)
1989.06.18 (1989.04.03)Archbishop Luigi Bressan (80)Archbishop Luigi Bressan (80), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Trento (Italy)
1990.01.06 (1989.10.21)Archbishop Giovanni Tonucci (78)Archbishop Giovanni Tonucci (78), Archbishop-Prelate emeritus of Loreto (Italy), Pontifical Delegate emeritus for the Basilica of St. Anthony of Padua and Pontifical Delegate emeritus for the Shrine of the Holy House of Loreto
1976.04.04 (1989.12.07)Archbishop Giuseppe Costanzo (87)Archbishop Giuseppe Costanzo (87), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Siracusa (Italy)
1990.01.06 (1989.12.14)Archbishop Mario Milano (84)Archbishop Mario Milano (84), Archbishop-Bishop emeritus of Aversa (Italy)
1990.01.06 (1989.12.23)Archbishop Oscar Rizzato (91)Archbishop Oscar Rizzato (91), Titular Archbishop of Virunum and Almoner of His Holiness emeritus of Office of Papal Charities
1990.04.05 (1990.02.02)Archbishop Francesco Gioia, O.F.M. Cap. (82)Archbishop Francesco Gioia, O.F.M. Cap. (82), Archbishop emeritus of Camerino–San Severino Marche (Italy) and President emeritus of Peregrinatio ad Petri Sedem
1990.04.05 (1990.03.15)Archbishop Giacinto Berloco (78)Archbishop Giacinto Berloco (78), Titular Archbishop of Fidene
1981.12.27 (1990.05.11)Archbishop Benigno Luigi Papa, O.F.M. Cap. (84)Archbishop Benigno Luigi Papa, O.F.M. Cap. (84), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Taranto (Italy)
1990.09.22 (1990.07.03)Archbishop Giuseppe Leanza (77)Archbishop Giuseppe Leanza (77), Titular Archbishop of Lilibeo
1978.01.21 (1990.07.28)Archbishop Vittorio Luigi Mondello (82)Archbishop Vittorio Luigi Mondello (82), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Reggio Calabria–Bova (Italy)
1991.01.26 (1990.12.07)Archbishop Beniamino Depalma, C.M. (79)Archbishop Beniamino Depalma, C.M. (79), Archbishop-Bishop emeritus of Nola (Italy)
1991.05.18 (1991.04.06)Archbishop Franco Festorazzi (91)Archbishop Franco Festorazzi (91), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Ancona–Osimo (Italy)
1992.01.06 (1991.12.16)Archbishop Rino Passigato (76)Archbishop Rino Passigato (76), Titular Archbishop of Nova Cæsaris
1992.04.26 (1992.03.28)Archbishop Antonio Franco (83)Archbishop Antonio Franco (83), Titular Archbishop of Gallese and Assessor emeritus of Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem
1992.04.26 (1992.04.03)Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò (79)Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò (79), Titular Archbishop of Ulpiana and Secretary General emeritus of Governorate of Vatican City State
1992.04.26 (1992.04.04)Archbishop Luigi Travaglino (80)Archbishop Luigi Travaglino (80), Titular Archbishop of Lettere
1981.08.02 (1992.05.25)Archbishop Gerardo Pierro (85)Archbishop Gerardo Pierro (85), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Salerno–Campagna–Acerno (Italy)
1992.11.15 (1992.08.20)Archbishop Adriano Bernardini (77)Archbishop Adriano Bernardini (裴納德) (77), Titular Archbishop of Faleri
1993.01.06 (1992.12.15)Archbishop Diego Causero (80)Archbishop Diego Causero (80), Titular Archbishop of Grado
1987.06.13 (1993.04.08)Archbishop Francesco Cacucci (77)Archbishop Francesco Cacucci (77), Metropolitan Archbishop of Bari–Bitonto (Italy) and Pontifical Delegate for the Basilica of St. Nicholas of Bari
1993.10.02 (1993.08.07)Archbishop Renzo Fratini (76)Archbishop Renzo Fratini (76), Titular Archbishop of Botriana
1994.10.07 (1994.07.23)Archbishop Giuseppe Lazzarotto (78)Archbishop Giuseppe Lazzarotto (78), Titular Archbishop of Numana and Assessor emeritus of Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem
1995.01.06 (1994.12.03)Archbishop Bruno Musarò (72)Archbishop Bruno Musarò (72), Titular Archbishop of Abari and Apostolic Nuncio to Costa Rica
1995.04.29 (1995.03.25)Archbishop Luigi Ventura (75)Archbishop Luigi Ventura (75), Titular Archbishop of Equilio
1995.10.14 (1995.08.05)Archbishop Antonio Sozzo (78)Archbishop Antonio Sozzo (78), Titular Archbishop of Concordia
1995.11.04 (1995.09.08)Archbishop Antonio Lucibello (78)Archbishop Antonio Lucibello (78), Titular Archbishop of Thurio
1983.05.15 (1995.12.09)Archbishop Giuseppe Chiaretti (87)Archbishop Giuseppe Chiaretti (87), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Perugia–Città della Pieve (Italy) and former Vice-President of Episcopal Conference of Italy
1996.01.06 (1995.12.16)Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli (79)Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli (79), Titular Archbishop of Civitanova, President emeritus of Pontifical Council for Social Communications and President emeritus of Vatican Film Library
1996.01.06 (1995.12.16)Archbishop Riccardo Fontana (73)Archbishop Riccardo Fontana (73), Archbishop-Bishop of Arezzo–Cortona–Sansepolcro (Italy)
1987.12.07 (1996.01.31)Archbishop Giuseppe Mani (84)Archbishop Giuseppe Mani (84), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Cagliari (Italy)
1989.12.08 (1996.03.16)Archbishop Giuseppe Molinari (82)Archbishop Giuseppe Molinari (82), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of L’Aquila (Italy)
1996.08.17 (1996.06.27)Archbishop Silvano Maria Tomasi, C.S. (79)Archbishop Silvano Maria Tomasi, C.S. (79), Titular Archbishop of Asolo, Representative emeritus to International Organization for Migration (IOM), former Permanent Observer to World Trade Organization (WTO) and former Permanent Observer to Office of the United Nations and Specialized Institutions in Geneva (UNOG)
1996.08.26 (1996.07.02)Archbishop Aldo Cavalli (73)Archbishop Aldo Cavalli (73), Titular Archbishop of Vibo Valentia, Apostolic Nuncio to Netherlands and Permanent Representative to Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)
1991.09.14 (1996.07.19)Archbishop Cesare Nosiglia (75)Archbishop Cesare Nosiglia (75), Metropolitan Archbishop of Torino (Italy) and Apostolic Administrator of Susa (Italy)
1997.01.06 (1996.12.07)Archbishop Luigi Pezzuto (74)Archbishop Luigi Pezzuto (74), Titular Archbishop of Turris in Proconsulari, Apostolic Nuncio to Montenegro and Apostolic Nuncio to Bosnia and Herzegovina
1981.02.14 (1997.05.24)Archbishop Pio Vittorio Vigo (84)Archbishop Pio Vittorio Vigo (84), Archbishop-Bishop emeritus of Acireale (Italy)
1998.08.29 (1998.06.13)Archbishop Luigi Gatti (73)Archbishop Luigi Gatti (73), Titular Archbishop of Santa Giusta
1999.01.06 (1998.11.14)Archbishop Alessandro D’Errico (69)Archbishop Alessandro D’Errico (69), Titular Archbishop of Carini, Apostolic Nuncio to Libya and Apostolic Nuncio to Malta
1990.09.09 (1998.11.21)Archbishop Armando Dini (88)Archbishop Armando Dini (88), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Campobasso–Boiano (Italy)
1999.01.06 (1998.11.28)Archbishop Salvatore Pennacchio (67)Archbishop Salvatore Pennacchio (67), Titular Archbishop of Montemarano and Apostolic Nuncio to Poland
1999.03.20 (1999.01.30)Archbishop Salvatore Nunnari (81)Archbishop Salvatore Nunnari (81), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Cosenza–Bisignano (Italy)
1998.03.25 (1999.04.27)Archbishop Francesco Pio Tamburrino, O.S.B. Subl. (81)Archbishop Francesco Pio Tamburrino, O.S.B. Subl. (81), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Foggia–Bovino (Italy)
1990.01.06 (1999.05.27)Archbishop Domenico Umberto D’Ambrosio (78)Archbishop Domenico Umberto D’Ambrosio (78), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Lecce (Italy)
1999.08.26 (1999.06.19)Archbishop Luigi Bonazzi (72)Archbishop Luigi Bonazzi (72), Titular Archbishop of Atella and Apostolic Nuncio to Canada
1999.09.11 (1999.07.24)Archbishop Orlando Antonini (75)Archbishop Orlando Antonini (75), Titular Archbishop of Formia
2000.01.06 (1999.11.29)Archbishop Giacomo Guido Ottonello (73)Archbishop Giacomo Guido Ottonello (73), Titular Archbishop of Sasabe and Apostolic Nuncio to Slovakia
2000.01.06 (1999.12.18)Archbishop Alberto Bottari de Castello (78)Archbishop Alberto Bottari de Castello (78), Titular Archbishop of Oderzo
1988.03.25 (2000.02.05)Archbishop Rocco Talucci (83)Archbishop Rocco Talucci (83), Archbishop emeritus of Brindisi–Ostuni (Italy)
2000.05.13 (2000.03.09)Archbishop Giuseppe Verucchi (82)Archbishop Giuseppe Verucchi (82), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Ravenna–Cervia (Italy)
2000.04.29 (2000.03.11)Archbishop Francesco Marinelli (84)Archbishop Francesco Marinelli (84), Archbishop emeritus of Urbino–Urbania–Sant’Angelo in Vado (Italy)
2000.06.30 (2000.06.03)Archbishop Orazio Soricelli (68)Archbishop Orazio Soricelli (68), Archbishop of Amalfi–Cava de’ Tirreni (Italy)
2000.09.12 (2000.07.08)Archbishop Antonio Mennini (72)Archbishop Antonio Mennini (72), Titular Archbishop of Ferento
2001.01.14 (2000.11.25)Archbishop Carlo Ghidelli (86)Archbishop Carlo Ghidelli (86), Archbishop emeritus of Lanciano–Ortona (Italy)
1978.05.13 (2000.12.02)Archbishop Carmelo Ferraro (87)Archbishop Carmelo Ferraro (87), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Agrigento (Italy)
1991.06.29 (2001.01.09)Archbishop Agostino Superbo (80)Archbishop Agostino Superbo (80), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Potenza–Muro Lucano–Marsico Nuovo (Italy)
2001.03.19 (2001.02.17)Archbishop Domenico Sorrentino (72)Archbishop Domenico Sorrentino (72), Archbishop-Bishop of Assisi–Nocera Umbra–Gualdo Tadino (Italy)
1994.10.01 (2001.05.23)Archbishop Antonio Buoncristiani (76)Archbishop Antonio Buoncristiani (76), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Siena–Colle di Val d’Elsa–Montalcino (Italy)
2002.01.06 (2001.12.04)Archbishop Giuseppe Pinto (68)Archbishop Giuseppe Pinto (68), Titular Archbishop of Anglona
2002.01.06 (2001.12.07)Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti (64)Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti (64), Titular Archbishop of Ravello and Apostolic Nuncio to Great Britain
2002.01.06 (2001.12.15)Archbishop Giovanni D’Aniello (65)Archbishop Giovanni D’Aniello (65), Titular Archbishop of Pesto and Apostolic Nuncio to Russian Federation
2002.05.12 (2002.03.26)Archbishop Ivo Scapolo (67)Archbishop Ivo Scapolo (67), Titular Archbishop of Thagaste and Apostolic Nuncio to Portugal
1992.10.03 (2002.06.07)Archbishop Salvatore Gristina (74)Archbishop Salvatore Gristina (74), Metropolitan Archbishop of Catania (Italy)
2003.01.06 (2002.10.30)Archbishop Celestino Migliore (68)Archbishop Celestino Migliore (68), Titular Archbishop of Canosa and Apostolic Nuncio to France
1997.06.15 (2003.05.31)Archbishop Benvenuto Italo Castellani (77)Archbishop Benvenuto Italo Castellani (77), Archbishop emeritus of Lucca (Italy)
2003.10.05 (2003.07.17)Archbishop Eliseo Antonio Ariotti (71)Archbishop Eliseo Antonio Ariotti (71), Titular Archbishop of Vibiana and Apostolic Nuncio to Paraguay
2003.09.20 (2003.07.18)Archbishop Antonio Arcari (67)Archbishop Antonio Arcari (67), Titular Archbishop of Cæciri and Apostolic Nuncio to Monaco
1998.03.19 (2003.09.29)Archbishop Piero Marini (78)Archbishop Piero Marini (78), Titular Archbishop of Martirano and President of Pontifical Committee for International Eucharistic Congresses
1998.09.12 (2003.10.17)Archbishop Luigi Moretti (71)Archbishop Luigi Moretti (71), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Salerno–Campagna–Acerno (Italy)
2004.01.24 (2003.11.29)Archbishop Renato Boccardo (67)Archbishop Renato Boccardo (67), Archbishop of Spoleto–Norcia (Italy)
2004.01.11 (2003.11.29)Archbishop Anselmo Guido Pecorari (74)Archbishop Anselmo Guido Pecorari (74), Titular Archbishop of Populonia, Apostolic Nuncio to Macedonia and Apostolic Nuncio to Bulgaria
2004.04.24 (2004.02.28)Archbishop Piero Coccia (74)Archbishop Piero Coccia (74), Metropolitan Archbishop of Pesaro (Italy)
1998.02.11 (2004.03.20)Archbishop Salvatore Ligorio (71)Archbishop Salvatore Ligorio (71), Metropolitan Archbishop of Potenza–Muro Lucano–Marsico Nuovo (Italy)
2004.05.29 (2004.04.27)Archbishop Mario Giordana (78)Archbishop Mario Giordana (78), Titular Archbishop of Minori
2004.09.08 (2004.06.26)Archbishop Bruno Forte (71)Archbishop Bruno Forte (71), Metropolitan Archbishop of Chieti–Vasto (Italy)
1993.03.28 (2004.09.14)Archbishop Paolo Mario Virgilio Atzei, O.F.M. Conv. (78)Archbishop Paolo Mario Virgilio Atzei, O.F.M. Conv. (78), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Sassari (Italy)
1995.06.24 (2004.10.02)Archbishop Paolo Rabitti (83)Archbishop Paolo Rabitti (83), Archbishop emeritus of Ferrara–Comacchio (Italy)
2005.06.04 (2005.04.02)Archbishop Giambattista Diquattro (66)Archbishop Giambattista Diquattro (66), Titular Archbishop of Giru Mons, Apostolic Nuncio to Nepal and Apostolic Nuncio to India
2005.07.02 (2005.05.14)Archbishop Francesco Alfano (64)Archbishop Francesco Alfano (64), Archbishop of Sorrento–Castellammare di Stabia (Italy)
2005.10.08 (2005.07.27)Archbishop Giovanni Ricchiuti (72)Archbishop Giovanni Ricchiuti (72), Archbishop-Bishop of Altamura–Gravina–Acquaviva delle Fonti (Italy)
2000.05.20 (2005.11.04)Archbishop Tommaso Valentinetti (67)Archbishop Tommaso Valentinetti (67), Metropolitan Archbishop of Pescara–Penne (Italy)
2006.03.11 (2006.01.24)Archbishop Nicola Girasoli (63)Archbishop Nicola Girasoli (63), Titular Archbishop of Egnazia Appula and Apostolic Nuncio to Peru
1996.09.21 (2006.04.13)Archbishop Luigi Conti (79)Archbishop Luigi Conti (79), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Fermo (Italy)
2006.06.17 (2006.04.13)Archbishop Leopoldo Girelli (67)Archbishop Leopoldo Girelli (67), Titular Archbishop of Capri, Apostolic Nuncio to Cyprus, Apostolic Nuncio to Israel and Apostolic Delegate to Jerusalem and Palestine
2006.06.25 (2006.04.22)Archbishop Ignazio Sanna (78)Archbishop Ignazio Sanna (78), President of Pontifical Academy of Theology and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Oristano (Italy)
2006.06.21 (2006.05.06)Archbishop Santo Marcianò (60)Archbishop Santo Marcianò (60), Archbishop Military Ordinary of Italy (Italy)
2006.08.26 (2006.07.10)Archbishop Gianfranco Agostino Gardin, O.F.M. Conv. (76)Archbishop Gianfranco Agostino Gardin, O.F.M. Conv. (76), Archbishop-Bishop emeritus of Treviso (Italy)
2000.02.05 (2006.10.14)Archbishop Vincenzo Pelvi (71)Archbishop Vincenzo Pelvi (71), Metropolitan Archbishop of Foggia–Bovino (Italy)
2003.01.06 (2006.11.18)Archbishop Calogero La Piana, S.D.B. (68)Archbishop Calogero La Piana, S.D.B. (68), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Messina–Lipari–Santa Lucia del Mela (Italy)
1999.10.10 (2006.11.21)Archbishop Domenico Graziani (76)Archbishop Domenico Graziani (76), Archbishop emeritus of Crotone–Santa Severina (Italy)
2001.01.26 (2006.12.02)Archbishop Salvatore Di Cristina (83)Archbishop Salvatore Di Cristina (83), Archbishop emeritus of Monreale (Italy)
2007.03.18 (2007.01.16)Archbishop Leo Boccardi (67)Archbishop Leo Boccardi (67), Titular Archbishop of Bitetto and Apostolic Nuncio to Iran
2007.06.29 (2007.05.05)Archbishop Michele Di Ruberto (85)Archbishop Michele Di Ruberto (85), Titular Archbishop of Biccari and Secretary emeritus of Congregation for the Causes of Saints
2007.10.28 (2007.06.12)Archbishop Vito Rallo (67)Archbishop Vito Rallo (67), Titular Archbishop of Alba and Apostolic Nuncio to Morocco
2004.01.10 (2007.07.07)Archbishop Carlo Liberati (82)Archbishop Carlo Liberati (82), Archbishop ad personam and Bishop-Prelate emeritus of Pompei (Italy)
2007.09.29 (2007.09.03)Archbishop Giovanni Francesco Brugnaro (77)Archbishop Giovanni Francesco Brugnaro (77), Archbishop emeritus of Camerino–San Severino Marche (Italy)
2007.09.29 (2007.09.03)Archbishop Tommaso Caputo (69)Archbishop Tommaso Caputo (69), Bishop-Prelate of Pompei (Italy), Pontifical Delegate for the Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary of Pompeii and Assessor of Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem
2004.05.16 (2007.09.20)Archbishop Bernardo Fabio D’Onorio, O.S.B. Cas. (79)Archbishop Bernardo Fabio D’Onorio, O.S.B. Cas. (79), Archbishop emeritus of Gaeta (Italy)
1994.04.07 (2007.11.08)Archbishop Giancarlo Maria Bregantini, C.S.S. (71)Archbishop Giancarlo Maria Bregantini, C.S.S. (71), Metropolitan Archbishop of Campobasso–Boiano (Italy)
2003.09.07 (2008.02.02)Archbishop Giovanni Paolo Benotto (70)Archbishop Giovanni Paolo Benotto (70), Metropolitan Archbishop of Pisa (Italy)
2008.04.26 (2008.02.22)Archbishop Luciano Suriani (63)Archbishop Luciano Suriani (63), Titular Archbishop of Amiterno and Apostolic Nuncio to Serbia
2008.07.03 (2008.05.24)Archbishop Piergiuseppe Vacchelli (83)Archbishop Piergiuseppe Vacchelli (83), Titular Archbishop of Minturno and Adjunct Secretary emeritus of Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples
1998.09.12 (2008.06.17)Archbishop Salvatore Fisichella (68)Archbishop Salvatore Fisichella (Rino) (68), Titular Archbishop of Voghenza, President of Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization and President of International Council for Catechesis
1998.03.05 (2008.09.12)Archbishop Salvatore Pappalardo (75)Archbishop Salvatore Pappalardo (75), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Siracusa (Italy)
2009.04.25 (2009.01.12)Archbishop Luigi Bianco (60)Archbishop Luigi Bianco (60), Titular Archbishop of Falerone and Apostolic Nuncio to Uganda
2001.03.19 (2009.07.04)Archbishop Giampaolo Crepaldi (72)Archbishop Giampaolo Crepaldi (72), Archbishop-Bishop of Trieste (Italy)
2009.09.12 (2009.07.16)Archbishop Gabriele Giordano Caccia (62)Archbishop Gabriele Giordano Caccia (62), Titular Archbishop of Sepino and Permanent Observer to United Nations Office (UN)
2009.09.12 (2009.07.16)Archbishop Franco Coppola (63)Archbishop Franco Coppola (63), Titular Archbishop of Vinda and Apostolic Nuncio to Mexico
2000.12.09 (2009.08.20)Archbishop Andrea Bruno Mazzocato (71)Archbishop Andrea Bruno Mazzocato (71), Metropolitan Archbishop of Udine (Italy)
2010.03.18 (2010.01.25)Archbishop Piero Pioppo (59)Archbishop Piero Pioppo (59), Titular Archbishop of Torcello, Apostolic Nuncio to Indonesia and Apostolic Nuncio to Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
2010.10.10 (2010.09.04)Archbishop Giorgio Lingua (60)Archbishop Giorgio Lingua (60), Titular Archbishop of Tuscania and Apostolic Nuncio to Croatia
2010.12.18 (2010.10.11)Archbishop Emidio Cipollone (60)Archbishop Emidio Cipollone (60), Archbishop of Lanciano–Ortona (Italy)
2007.09.29 (2010.11.22)Archbishop Vincenzo Di Mauro (68)Archbishop Vincenzo Di Mauro (68), Archbishop-Bishop emeritus of Vigevano (Italy)
2011.02.05 (2010.12.29)Archbishop Marcello Bartolucci (76)Archbishop Marcello Bartolucci (76), Titular Archbishop of Bevagna and Secretary of Congregation for the Causes of Saints
2011.02.05 (2011.01.08)Archbishop Antonio Guido Filipazzi (56)Archbishop Antonio Guido Filipazzi (56), Titular Archbishop of Sutri, Apostolic Nuncio to Nigeria and Permanent Observer to Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)
2007.05.03 (2011.03.25)Archbishop Vincenzo Bertolone, S.d.P. (73)Archbishop Vincenzo Bertolone, S.d.P. (73), Metropolitan Archbishop of Catanzaro–Squillace (Italy)
2011.09.17 (2011.06.24)Archbishop Giovanni Tani (73)Archbishop Giovanni Tani (73), Archbishop of Urbino–Urbania–Sant’Angelo in Vado (Italy)
1996.06.29 (2011.11.21)Archbishop Filippo Santoro (72)Archbishop Filippo Santoro (72), Metropolitan Archbishop of Taranto (Italy)
2012.03.17 (2012.01.27)Archbishop Santo Rocco Gangemi (58)Archbishop Santo Rocco Gangemi (58), Titular Archbishop of Umbriatico and Apostolic Nuncio to El Salvador
2012.04.14 (2012.01.27)Archbishop Luciano Russo (57)Archbishop Luciano Russo (57), Titular Archbishop of Monteverde, Apostolic Nuncio to Tunisia and Apostolic Nuncio to Algeria
2001.05.26 (2012.01.31)Archbishop Filippo Iannone, O. Carm. (62)Archbishop Filippo Iannone, O. Carm. (62), President of Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, Member of College for the review of appeals by clergy accused of delicta reservata, Archbishop ad personam and Bishop emeritus of Sora–Aquino–Pontecorvo (Italy)
1992.04.25 (2012.02.25)Archbishop Arrigo Miglio (78)Archbishop Arrigo Miglio (78), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Cagliari (Italy)
2000.04.02 (2012.06.26)Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia (75)Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia (75), President of Pontifical Academy for Life, Grand Chancellor of Pontifical John Paul II Theological Institute for Matrimonial and Family Science, Archbishop ad personam and Bishop emeritus of Terni–Narni–Amelia (Italy)
2004.06.05 (2012.06.28)Archbishop Carlo Roberto Maria Redaelli (64)Archbishop Carlo Roberto Maria Redaelli (64), Metropolitan Archbishop of Gorizia (Italy) and Member of College for the review of appeals by clergy accused of delicta reservata
1993.06.28 (2012.10.20)Archbishop Domenico Caliandro (72)Archbishop Domenico Caliandro (72), Archbishop of Brindisi–Ostuni (Italy)
2013.01.05 (2012.10.27)Archbishop Pasquale Cascio (62)Archbishop Pasquale Cascio (62), Archbishop of Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi–Conza–Nusco–Bisaccia (Italy)
2012.11.17 (2012.11.03)Archbishop Guido Pozzo (68)Archbishop Guido Pozzo (68), Titular Archbishop of Bagnoregio and Superintendent of the Economy of Pontifical Musical Chorus of the Sistine Chapel
2013.01.06 (2012.11.09)Archbishop Angelo Vincenzo Zani (70)Archbishop Angelo Vincenzo Zani (70), Titular Archbishop of Volturno and Secretary of Congregation for Catholic Education (for Educational Institutions)
2006.04.29 (2012.11.17)Archbishop Lorenzo Ghizzoni (65)Archbishop Lorenzo Ghizzoni (65), Metropolitan Archbishop of Ravenna–Cervia (Italy)
2005.05.07 (2012.12.01)Archbishop Luigi Negri (78)Archbishop Luigi Negri (78), Archbishop emeritus of Ferrara–Comacchio (Italy)
2002.07.03 (2013.02.08)Archbishop Michele Pennisi (73)Archbishop Michele Pennisi (73), Archbishop of Monreale (Italy)
2013.04.27 (2013.02.22)Archbishop Ettore Balestrero (53)Archbishop Ettore Balestrero (53), Titular Archbishop of Victoriana and Apostolic Nuncio to Democratic Republic of Congo
2007.06.02 (2013.04.30)Archbishop Salvatore Visco (72)Archbishop Salvatore Visco (72), Archbishop of Capua (Italy)
2008.05.09 (2013.07.13)Archbishop Giuseppe Fiorini Morosini, O.M. (74)Archbishop Giuseppe Fiorini Morosini, O.M. (74), Metropolitan Archbishop of Reggio Calabria–Bova (Italy)
2013.10.24 (2013.09.21)Archbishop Giampiero Gloder (62)Archbishop Giampiero Gloder (62), Titular Archbishop of Telde and Apostolic Nuncio to Cuba
2013.12.14 (2013.10.26)Archbishop Aldo Giordano (65)Archbishop Aldo Giordano (65), Titular Archbishop of Tamada and Apostolic Nuncio to Venezuela
2014.05.11 (2014.02.27)Archbishop Marco Arnolfo (67)Archbishop Marco Arnolfo (67), Metropolitan Archbishop of Vercelli (Italy)
2014.10.03 (2014.07.15)Archbishop Giuseppe Satriano (59)Archbishop Giuseppe Satriano (59), Archbishop of Rossano–Cariati (Italy)
2015.05.30 (2015.04.13)Archbishop Paolo Rocco Gualtieri (59)Archbishop Paolo Rocco Gualtieri (59), Titular Archbishop of Sagone, Apostolic Nuncio to Mauritius, Apostolic Nuncio to Seychelles, Apostolic Nuncio to Madagascar and Apostolic Delegate to Comoro Islands
2015.06.02 (2015.04.24)Archbishop Piergiorgio Bertoldi (57)Archbishop Piergiorgio Bertoldi (57), Titular Archbishop of Spello and Apostolic Nuncio to Mozambique
2000.12.10 (2015.05.15)Archbishop Francescantonio Nolè, O.F.M. Conv. (72)Archbishop Francescantonio Nolè, O.F.M. Conv. (72), Metropolitan Archbishop of Cosenza–Bisignano (Italy)
2015.09.12 (2015.06.03)Archbishop Erio Castellucci (60)Archbishop Erio Castellucci (60), Metropolitan Archbishop of Modena–Nonantola (Italy) and Apostolic Administrator of Carpi (Italy)
2015.12.05 (2015.10.27)Archbishop Corrado Lorefice (57)Archbishop Corrado Lorefice (57), Metropolitan Archbishop of Palermo (Italy)
2016.04.03 (2016.02.10)Archbishop Lauro Tisi (57)Archbishop Lauro Tisi (57), Metropolitan Archbishop of Trento (Italy)
2016.04.02 (2016.02.12)Archbishop Antonio Giuseppe Caiazzo (64)Archbishop Antonio Giuseppe Caiazzo (64), Archbishop of Matera–Irsina (Italy)
2016.05.15 (2016.02.18)Archbishop Felice Accrocca (60)Archbishop Felice Accrocca (60), Metropolitan Archbishop of Benevento (Italy)
2016.06.21 (2016.04.21)Archbishop Luigi Vari (63)Archbishop Luigi Vari (63), Archbishop of Gaeta (Italy)
2016.08.20 (2016.05.20)Archbishop Francesco Sirufo (59)Archbishop Francesco Sirufo (59), Archbishop of Acerenza (Italy)
2016.12.07 (2016.10.20)Archbishop Giovanni Accolla (68)Archbishop Giovanni Accolla (68), Metropolitan Archbishop of Messina–Lipari–Santa Lucia del Mela (Italy)
2017.05.06 (2017.02.15)Archbishop Giancarlo Perego (59)Archbishop Giancarlo Perego (59), Archbishop of Ferrara–Comacchio (Italy)
2017.07.09 (2017.05.20)Archbishop Fabio Dal Cin (55)Archbishop Fabio Dal Cin (55), Archbishop-Prelate of Loreto (Italy), Pontifical Delegate for the Basilica of St. Anthony of Padua and Pontifical Delegate for the Shrine of the Holy House of Loreto
2017.09.13 (2017.06.27)Archbishop Gian Franco Saba (51)Archbishop Gian Franco Saba (51), Metropolitan Archbishop of Sassari (Italy)
2007.09.29 (2017.07.07)Archbishop Mario Enrico Delpini (69)Archbishop Mario Enrico Delpini (69), Metropolitan Archbishop of Milano (Italy)
2007.06.09 (2017.07.14)Archbishop Angelo Spina (65)Archbishop Angelo Spina (65), Metropolitan Archbishop of Ancona–Osimo (Italy)
2017.09.30 (2017.07.18)Archbishop Giacomo Morandi (54)Archbishop Giacomo Morandi (54), Titular Archbishop of Cerveteri and Secretary of Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
2017.11.25 (2017.09.12)Archbishop Angelo Accattino (54)Archbishop Angelo Accattino (54), Titular Archbishop of Sabiona and Apostolic Nuncio to Bolivia
2017.11.25 (2017.09.14)Archbishop Rocco Pennacchio (57)Archbishop Rocco Pennacchio (57), Metropolitan Archbishop of Fermo (Italy)
1997.09.08 (2017.09.29)Archbishop Michele Seccia (69)Archbishop Michele Seccia (69), Metropolitan Archbishop of Lecce (Italy)
2018.01.14 (2017.11.04)Archbishop Leonardo D’Ascenzo (58)Archbishop Leonardo D’Ascenzo (58), Archbishop of Trani–Barletta–Bisceglie (Italy)
2017.12.16 (2017.11.09)Archbishop Giovanni Pietro Dal Toso (55)Archbishop Giovanni Pietro Dal Toso (55), Titular Archbishop of Foratiana and Adjunct Secretary of Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples
2018.10.06 (2018.07.27)Archbishop Francesco Massara (55)Archbishop Francesco Massara (55), Archbishop of Camerino–San Severino Marche (Italy) and Bishop of Fabriano–Matelica (Italy)
2019.01.12 (2018.11.03)Archbishop Franco Moscone, C.R.S. (62)Archbishop Franco Moscone, C.R.S. (62), Archbishop of Manfredonia–Vieste–San Giovanni Rotondo (Italy)
2014.08.10 (2019.01.19)Archbishop Paolo Giulietti (56)Archbishop Paolo Giulietti (56), Archbishop of Lucca (Italy)
2019.03.19 (2019.02.02)Archbishop Gianfranco Gallone (57)Archbishop Gianfranco Gallone (57), Titular Archbishop of Mottola, Apostolic Nuncio to Malawi and Apostolic Nuncio to Zambia
2016.04.17 (2019.05.04)Archbishop Roberto Carboni, O.F.M. Conv. (61)Archbishop Roberto Carboni, O.F.M. Conv. (61), Metropolitan Archbishop of Oristano (Italy)
2015.05.23 (2019.05.06)Archbishop Augusto Paolo Lojudice (56)Archbishop Augusto Paolo Lojudice (56), Metropolitan Archbishop of Siena–Colle di Val d’Elsa–Montalcino (Italy)
2019.10.04 (2019.09.03)Archbishop Paolo Rudelli (50)Archbishop Paolo Rudelli (50), Titular Archbishop of Mesembria and Apostolic Nuncio to Zimbabwe
2019.10.04 (2019.09.03)Archbishop Paolo Borgia (54)Archbishop Paolo Borgia (54), Titular Archbishop of Milazzo and Apostolic Nuncio to Cote d’Ivoire
2019.12.27 (2019.11.07)Archbishop Angelo Raffaele Panzetta (53)Archbishop Angelo Raffaele Panzetta (53), Archbishop of Crotone–Santa Severina (Italy)
2015.06.28 (2020.02.25)Archbishop Giorgio Demetrio Gallaro (72)Archbishop Giorgio Demetrio Gallaro (72), Secretary of Congregation for the Oriental Churches, Archbishop ad personam and Bishop emeritus of Piana degli Albanesi of the Italo-Albanese (Italy)
2020.09.05 (2020.04.30)Archbishop Alessandro Damiano (60)Archbishop-elect Alessandro Damiano (60), Coadjutor Archbishop of Agrigento (Italy)
2020.07.11 (2020.05.08)Archbishop Marco Tasca, O.F.M. Conv. (63)Archbishop Marco Tasca, O.F.M. Conv. (63), Metropolitan Archbishop of Genova (Italy)
(2020.07.24)Archbishop Francesco Lomanto (58)Archbishop-elect Francesco Lomanto (58), Metropolitan Archbishop of Siracusa (Italy)
1963.10.04Bishop Luigi Bettazzi (96)Bishop Luigi Bettazzi (96), Bishop emeritus of Ivrea (Italy)
1968.12.08Bishop Alessandro Staccioli, O.M.I. (88)Bishop Alessandro Staccioli, O.M.I. (88), Titular Bishop of Tauriano and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Siena–Colle di Val d’Elsa–Montalcino (Italy)
1975.10.28Bishop Augusto Lauro (96)Bishop Augusto Lauro (96), Bishop emeritus of San Marco Argentano–Scalea (Italy)
1976.06.29Bishop Vincenzo Zarri (90)Bishop Vincenzo Zarri (90), Bishop emeritus of Forlì–Bertinoro (Italy)
1977.09.10Bishop Paolo Magnani (93)Bishop Paolo Magnani (93), Bishop emeritus of Treviso (Italy)
1978.04.08Bishop Luciano Giovannetti (86)Bishop Luciano Giovannetti (86), Bishop emeritus of Fiesole (Italy)
1978.12.17Bishop Emanuele Catarinicchia (94)Bishop Emanuele Catarinicchia (94), Bishop emeritus of Mazara del Vallo (Italy)
1980.01.26Bishop Giuseppe Malandrino (89)Bishop Giuseppe Malandrino (89), Bishop emeritus of Noto (Italy)
1981.01.06Bishop Giulio Sanguineti (88)Bishop Giulio Sanguineti (88), Bishop emeritus of Brescia (Italy)
1981.11.08Bishop Antioco Piseddu (83)Bishop Antioco Piseddu (83), Bishop emeritus of Lanusei (Italy)
1982.09.19Bishop Egidio Caporello (89)Bishop Egidio Caporello (89), Bishop emeritus of Mantova (Italy)
1982.10.28Bishop Vincenzo Rimedio (92)Bishop Vincenzo Rimedio (92), Bishop emeritus of Lamezia Terme (Italy)
1983.01.09Bishop Raffaele Nogaro (86)Bishop Raffaele Nogaro (86), Bishop emeritus of Caserta (Italy)
1983.09.10Bishop Pietro Meloni (84)Bishop Pietro Meloni (84), Bishop emeritus of Nuoro (Italy)
1984.01.06Bishop Eugenio Binini (85)Bishop Eugenio Binini (85), Bishop emeritus of Massa Carrara–Pontremoli (Italy)
1985.07.14Bishop Giuseppe Di Falco (90)Bishop Giuseppe Di Falco (90), Bishop emeritus of Sulmona–Valva (Italy)
1986.01.25Bishop Francesco Zerrillo (89)Bishop Francesco Zerrillo (89), Bishop emeritus of Lucera–Troia (Italy)
1986.03.16Bishop Mario Cecchini (87)Bishop Mario Cecchini (87), Bishop emeritus of Fano–Fossombrone–Cagli–Pergola (Italy)
1986.06.08Bishop Tarcisio Pillolla (90)Bishop Tarcisio Pillolla (90), Bishop emeritus of Iglesias (Italy)
1986.08.24Bishop Sebastiano Dho (85)Bishop Sebastiano Dho (85), Bishop emeritus of Alba (Italy)
1987.09.19Bishop Giacomo Babini (91)Bishop Giacomo Babini (91), Bishop emeritus of Grosseto (Italy)
1987.10.18Bishop Marco Ferrari (87)Bishop Marco Ferrari (87), Titular Bishop of Mazaca and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Milano (Italy)
1987.12.07Bishop Luca Brandolini, C.M. (86)Bishop Luca Brandolini, C.M. (86), Bishop emeritus of Sora–Aquino–Pontecorvo (Italy)
1989.01.24Bishop Francesco Miccichè (77)Bishop Francesco Miccichè (77), Bishop emeritus of Trapani (Italy)
1989.04.08Bishop Divo Zadi (89)Bishop Divo Zadi (89), Bishop emeritus of Civita Castellana (Italy)
1989.04.30Bishop Giacomo Capuzzi (90)Bishop Giacomo Capuzzi (90), Bishop emeritus of Lodi (Italy)
1989.06.29Bishop Ignazio Zambito (78)Bishop Ignazio Zambito (78), Bishop emeritus of Patti (Italy)
1989.07.09Bishop Martino Canessa (82)Bishop Martino Canessa (82), Bishop emeritus of Tortona (Italy)
1990.03.24Bishop Alfredo Magarotto (93)Bishop Alfredo Magarotto (93), Bishop emeritus of Vittorio Veneto (Italy)
1990.05.13Bishop Antonino Orrù (92)Bishop Antonino Orrù (92), Bishop emeritus of Ales–Terralba (Italy)
1990.06.24Bishop Angelo Mascheroni (90)Bishop Angelo Mascheroni (90), Titular Bishop of Foro Flaminio and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Milano (Italy)
1990.06.29Bishop Giovanni Giudici (80)Bishop Giovanni Giudici (80), Bishop emeritus of Pavia (Italy)
1990.11.04Bishop Mario Oliveri (76)Bishop Mario Oliveri (76), Bishop emeritus of Albenga–Imperia (Italy)
1991.01.13Bishop Claudio Stagni (81)Bishop Claudio Stagni (81), Bishop emeritus of Faenza–Modigliana (Italy)
1991.01.13Bishop Pier Giorgio Micchiardi (77)Bishop Pier Giorgio Micchiardi (77), Bishop emeritus of Acqui (Italy)
1991.06.29Bishop Vincenzo Manzella (77)Bishop Vincenzo Manzella (77), Bishop emeritus of Cefalù (Italy)
1991.09.29Bishop Mario Paciello (82)Bishop Mario Paciello (82), Bishop emeritus of Altamura–Gravina–Acquaviva delle Fonti (Italy)
1992.01.06Bishop Gastone Simoni (83)Bishop Gastone Simoni (83), Bishop emeritus of Prato (Italy)
1992.01.25Bishop Dante Lafranconi (80)Bishop Dante Lafranconi (80), Bishop emeritus of Cremona (Italy)
1992.04.26Bishop Enzo Dieci (86)Bishop Enzo Dieci (86), Titular Bishop of Maura and Auxiliary Bishop of the Vicariate of Rome emeritus of Roma (Italy)
1993.03.21Bishop Antonio Vacca (86)Bishop Antonio Vacca (86), Bishop emeritus of Alghero–Bosa (Italy)
1994.01.06Bishop Paolo Gillet (91)Bishop Paolo Gillet (91), Titular Bishop of Germa in Galatia and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Albano (Italy)
1995.01.22Bishop Giuseppe Anfossi (85)Bishop Giuseppe Anfossi (85), Bishop emeritus of Aosta (Italy)
1995.09.02Bishop Luciano Monari (78)Bishop Luciano Monari (78), Bishop emeritus of Brescia (Italy)
1995.09.24Bishop Alberto Maria Careggio (82)Bishop Alberto Maria Careggio (82), Bishop emeritus of Ventimiglia–San Remo (Italy)
1995.11.04Bishop Giuseppe Merisi (81)Bishop Giuseppe Merisi (81), Bishop emeritus of Lodi (Italy)
1996.08.07Bishop Flavio Roberto Carraro, O.F.M. Cap. (88)Bishop Flavio Roberto Carraro, O.F.M. Cap. (88), Bishop emeritus of Verona (Italy)
1996.09.07Bishop Mario Meini (73)Bishop Mario Meini (73), Bishop of Fiesole (Italy) and Vice-President of Episcopal Conference of Italy
1996.09.07Bishop Gervasio Gestori (84)Bishop Gervasio Gestori (84), Bishop emeritus of San Benedetto del Tronto–Ripatransone–Montalto (Italy)
1996.09.14Bishop Vincenzo Apicella (73)Bishop Vincenzo Apicella (73), Bishop of Velletri–Segni (Italy)
1996.09.14Bishop Alberto Tanasini (75)Bishop Alberto Tanasini (75), Bishop of Chiavari (Italy)
1997.01.06Bishop Delio Lucarelli (80)Bishop Delio Lucarelli (80), Bishop emeritus of Rieti (Italy)
1997.01.06Bishop Luciano Pacomio (78)Bishop Luciano Pacomio (78), Bishop emeritus of Mondovì (Italy)
1997.04.05Bishop Giuseppe Orlandoni (81)Bishop Giuseppe Orlandoni (81), Bishop emeritus of Senigallia (Italy)
1997.05.17Bishop Sebastiano Sanguinetti (75)Bishop Sebastiano Sanguinetti (75), Bishop of Tempio–Ampurias (Italy)
1997.12.13Bishop Angelo Daniel (86)Bishop Angelo Daniel (86), Bishop emeritus of Chioggia (Italy)
1998.07.12Bishop Michele De Rosa (79)Bishop Michele De Rosa (79), Bishop emeritus of Cerreto Sannita–Telese–Sant’Agata de’ Goti (Italy)
1998.09.12Bishop Adriano Caprioli (84)Bishop Adriano Caprioli (84), Bishop emeritus of Reggio Emilia–Guastalla (Italy)
1998.09.13Bishop Ernesto Vecchi (84)Bishop Ernesto Vecchi (84), Titular Bishop of Lemellefa and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Bologna (Italy)
1998.09.20Bishop Piergiorgio Debernardi (80)Bishop Piergiorgio Debernardi (80), Bishop emeritus of Pinerolo (Italy)
1998.09.29Bishop Marcello Semeraro (72)Bishop Marcello Semeraro (72), Bishop of Albano (Italy), Apostolic Administrator of Santa Maria di Grottaferrata of the Italo-Albanese (Italy), Secretary of Council of Cardinals to assist in the governance of the Universal Church and to reform the Roman Curia and Pontifical Delegate for Italian Basilian Order of Grottaferrata
1999.01.09Bishop Gennaro Pascarella (72)Bishop Gennaro Pascarella (72), Bishop of Pozzuoli (Italy)
1999.05.23Bishop Francesco Lambiasi (72)Bishop Francesco Lambiasi (72), Bishop of Rimini (Italy)
1999.06.19Bishop Erminio De Scalzi (79)Bishop Erminio De Scalzi (79), Titular Bishop of Arbanum and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Milano (Italy)
1999.09.12Bishop Lucio Angelo Renna, O. Carm. (78)Bishop Lucio Angelo Renna, O. Carm. (78), Bishop emeritus of San Severo (Italy)
1999.12.05Bishop Giovanni Santucci (71)Bishop Giovanni Santucci (71), Bishop of Massa Carrara–Pontremoli (Italy)
2000.01.06Bishop Franco Croci (90)Bishop Franco Croci (90), Titular Bishop of Potenza Picena and Vice-President emeritus of Labour Office of the Apostolic See
2000.01.29Bishop Salvatore Giovanni Rinaldi (83)Bishop Salvatore Giovanni Rinaldi (83), Bishop emeritus of Acerra (Italy)
2000.02.20Bishop Lino Fumagalli (73)Bishop Lino Fumagalli (73), Bishop of Viterbo (Italy)
2000.03.25Bishop Francesco Guido Ravinale (77)Bishop Francesco Guido Ravinale (77), Bishop emeritus of Asti (Italy)
2000.05.13Bishop Angelo Spinillo (69)Bishop Angelo Spinillo (69), Bishop of Aversa (Italy)
2000.05.20Bishop Rodolfo Cetoloni, O.F.M. (74)Bishop Rodolfo Cetoloni, O.F.M. (74), Bishop of Grosseto (Italy)
2000.07.01Bishop Felice Di Molfetta (80)Bishop Felice Di Molfetta (80), Bishop emeritus of Cerignola–Ascoli Satriano (Italy)
2000.08.26Bishop Elio Tinti (83)Bishop Elio Tinti (83), Bishop emeritus of Carpi (Italy)
2000.11.11Bishop Ovidio Poletto (85)Bishop Ovidio Poletto (85), Bishop emeritus of Concordia–Pordenone (Italy)
2001.01.13Bishop Diego Coletti (78)Bishop Diego Coletti (78), Bishop emeritus of Como (Italy)
2001.01.31Bishop Alfonso Badini Confalonieri (76)Bishop Alfonso Badini Confalonieri (76), Bishop emeritus of Susa (Italy)
2001.09.01Bishop Gabriele Mana (77)Bishop Gabriele Mana (77), Bishop emeritus of Biella (Italy)
2002.01.06Bishop Vittorio Lanzani (69)Bishop Vittorio Lanzani (69), Titular Bishop of Labico and Delegate of Fabric of St. Peter
2002.01.06Bishop Franco Agostinelli (76)Bishop Franco Agostinelli (76), Bishop emeritus of Prato (Italy)
2002.04.07Bishop Gino Reali (72)Bishop Gino Reali (72), Bishop of Porto–Santa Rufina (Italy)
2002.04.12Bishop Paolo Urso (80)Bishop Paolo Urso (80), Bishop emeritus of Ragusa (Italy)
2002.07.20Bishop Guido Fiandino (79)Bishop Guido Fiandino (79), Titular Bishop of Aléria and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Torino (Italy)
2002.07.20Bishop Giacomo Lanzetti (78)Bishop Giacomo Lanzetti (78), Bishop emeritus of Alba (Italy)
2002.09.21Bishop Paolino Schiavon (80)Bishop Paolino Schiavon (80), Titular Bishop of Trevi and Auxiliary Bishop of the Vicariate of Rome emeritus of Roma (Italy)
2002.09.22Bishop Lorenzo Loppa (73)Bishop Lorenzo Loppa (73), Bishop of Anagni–Alatri (Italy)
2002.11.30Bishop Tommaso Ghirelli (76)Bishop Tommaso Ghirelli (76), Bishop emeritus of Imola (Italy)
2003.02.08Bishop Gianfranco Todisco, P.O.C.R. (74)Bishop Gianfranco Todisco, P.O.C.R. (74), Bishop emeritus of Melfi–Rapolla–Venosa (Italy)
2003.02.22Bishop Giancarlo Vecerrica (80)Bishop Giancarlo Vecerrica (80), Bishop emeritus of Fabriano–Matelica (Italy)
2003.03.29Bishop Pietro Maria Fragnelli (68)Bishop Pietro Maria Fragnelli (68), Bishop of Trapani (Italy)
2003.05.18Bishop Francesco Beschi (69)Bishop Francesco Beschi (69), Bishop of Bergamo (Italy)
2003.06.01Bishop Giuseppe Guerrini (78)Bishop Giuseppe Guerrini (78), Bishop emeritus of Saluzzo (Italy)
2003.09.08Bishop Claudio Maniago (61)Bishop Claudio Maniago (61), Bishop of Castellaneta (Italy)
2003.09.27Bishop Mario Russotto (63)Bishop Mario Russotto (63), Bishop of Caltanissetta (Italy)
2003.12.27Bishop Giovanni Scanavino, O.S.A. (80)Bishop Giovanni Scanavino, O.S.A. (80), Bishop emeritus of Orvieto–Todi (Italy)
2004.01.11Bishop Giuseppe Zenti (73)Bishop Giuseppe Zenti (73), Bishop of Verona (Italy)
2004.03.25Bishop Luigi Antonio Cantafora (77)Bishop Luigi Antonio Cantafora (77), Bishop emeritus of Lamezia Terme (Italy)
2004.04.18Bishop Giovanni Dettori (80)Bishop Giovanni Dettori (80), Bishop emeritus of Ales–Terralba (Italy)
2004.05.02Bishop Fausto Tardelli (69)Bishop Fausto Tardelli (69), Bishop of Pistoia (Italy)
2004.05.15Bishop Vincenzo Carmine Orofino (67)Bishop Vincenzo Carmine Orofino (67), Bishop of Tursi–Lagonegro (Italy)
2004.06.05Bishop Ernesto Mandara (68)Bishop Ernesto Mandara (68), Bishop of Sabina–Poggio Mirteto (Italy)
2004.06.05Bishop Luigi Stucchi (78)Bishop Luigi Stucchi (78), Titular Bishop of Horrea and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Milano (Italy)
2004.06.27Bishop Giuseppe Andrich (80)Bishop Giuseppe Andrich (80), Bishop emeritus of Belluno–Feltre (Italy)
2004.07.17Bishop Giovanni D’Alise (72)Bishop Giovanni D’Alise (72), Bishop of Caserta (Italy)
2005.01.08Bishop Francesco Marino (64)Bishop Francesco Marino (64), Bishop of Nola (Italy)
2005.01.16Bishop Luigi Ernesto Palletti (63)Bishop Luigi Ernesto Palletti (63), Bishop of La Spezia–Sarzana–Brugnato (Italy)
2005.01.29Bishop Mario Ceccobelli (78)Bishop Mario Ceccobelli (78), Bishop emeritus of Gubbio (Italy)
2005.03.05Bishop Oscar Cantoni (69)Bishop Oscar Cantoni (69), Bishop of Como (Italy)
2005.05.15Bishop Domenico Sigalini (78)Bishop Domenico Sigalini (78), Bishop emeritus of Palestrina (Italy)
2005.10.15Bishop Giuseppe Cavallotto (80)Bishop Giuseppe Cavallotto (80), Bishop emeritus of Fossano (Italy) and Bishop emeritus of Cuneo (Italy)
2005.12.08Bishop Domenico Angelo Scotti (78)Bishop Domenico Angelo Scotti (78), Bishop emeritus of Trivento (Italy)
2006.01.22Bishop Lino Pizzi (77)Bishop Lino Pizzi (77), Bishop emeritus of Forlì–Bertinoro (Italy)
2006.02.02Bishop Dionisio Lachovicz, O.S.B.M. (74)Bishop Dionisio Lachovicz, O.S.B.M. (74), Titular Bishop of Egnatia and Apostolic Delegate for Italy of the Ukrainians (Italy)
2006.03.12Bishop Benedetto Tuzia (75)Bishop Benedetto Tuzia (75), Bishop emeritus of Orvieto–Todi (Italy)
2006.04.29Bishop Gerardo Rocconi (70)Bishop Gerardo Rocconi (70), Bishop of Jesi (Italy)
2006.06.23Bishop Gianfranco De Luca (70)Bishop Gianfranco De Luca (70), Bishop of Termoli–Larino (Italy)
2006.06.30Bishop Arturo Aiello (65)Bishop Arturo Aiello (65), Bishop of Avellino (Italy)
2006.09.08Bishop Mosè Marcia (76)Bishop Mosè Marcia (76), Bishop emeritus of Nuoro (Italy)
2006.12.08Bishop Sergio Pintor (82)Bishop Sergio Pintor (82), Bishop emeritus of Ozieri (Italy)
2006.12.16Bishop Gianfranco Girotti, O.F.M. Conv. (83)Bishop Gianfranco Girotti, O.F.M. Conv. (83), Titular Bishop of Meta and Regent emeritus of Apostolic Penitentiary
2007.03.24Bishop Domenico Mogavero (73)Bishop Domenico Mogavero (73), Bishop of Mazara del Vallo (Italy)
2007.03.31Bishop Claudio Giuliodori (62)Bishop Claudio Giuliodori (62), General Ecclesiastical Assistant of Catholic University of the Sacred Heart and Bishop emeritus of Macerata–Tolentino–Recanati–Cingoli–Treia (Italy)
2007.05.13Bishop Giovanni Paolo Zedda (72)Bishop Giovanni Paolo Zedda (72), Bishop of Iglesias (Italy)
2007.06.29Bishop Alberto Silvani (73)Bishop Alberto Silvani (73), Bishop of Volterra (Italy)
2007.07.07Bishop Carmelo Cuttitta (58)Bishop Carmelo Cuttitta (58), Bishop of Ragusa (Italy)
2007.08.08Bishop Luigi Renzo (73)Bishop Luigi Renzo (73), Bishop of Mileto–Nicotera–Tropea (Italy)
2007.09.07Bishop Pietro Santoro (74)Bishop Pietro Santoro (74), Bishop of Avezzano (Italy)
2007.09.15Bishop Domenico Cancian, F.A.M. (73)Bishop Domenico Cancian, F.A.M. (73), Bishop of Città di Castello (Italy)
2007.09.22Bishop Domenico Cornacchia (70)Bishop Domenico Cornacchia (70), Bishop of Molfetta–Ruvo–Giovinazzo–Terlizzi (Italy)
2007.09.22Bishop Roberto Busti (79)Bishop Roberto Busti (79), Bishop emeritus of Mantova (Italy)
2007.09.29Bishop Sergio Pagano, B. (71)Bishop Sergio Pagano, B. (71), Titular Bishop of Celene and Prefect of Vatican Apostolic Archives
2007.09.29Bishop Franco Giulio Brambilla (71)Bishop Franco Giulio Brambilla (71), Bishop of Novara (Italy) and Vice-President of Episcopal Conference of Italy
2007.10.06Bishop Mariano Crociata (67)Bishop Mariano Crociata (67), Bishop of Latina–Terracina–Sezze–Priverno (Italy) and Vice-President of Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community
2007.10.07Bishop Armando Trasarti (72)Bishop Armando Trasarti (72), Bishop of Fano–Fossombrone–Cagli–Pergola (Italy)
2007.11.10Bishop Simone Giusti (65)Bishop Simone Giusti (65), Bishop of Livorno (Italy)
2007.11.11Bishop Antonio Di Donna (67)Bishop Antonio Di Donna (67), Bishop of Acerra (Italy)
2007.12.01Bishop Carlo Mazza (78)Bishop Carlo Mazza (78), Bishop emeritus of Fidenza (Italy)
2008.01.12Bishop Romano Rossi (73)Bishop Romano Rossi (73), Bishop of Civita Castellana (Italy)
2008.01.26Bishop Corrado Pizziolo (70)Bishop Corrado Pizziolo (70), Bishop of Vittorio Veneto (Italy)
2008.01.27Bishop Vittorio Lupi (79)Bishop Vittorio Lupi (79), Bishop emeritus of Savona–Noli (Italy)
2008.02.16Bishop Gianni Ambrosio (76)Bishop Gianni Ambrosio (76), Bishop emeritus of Piacenza–Bobbio (Italy)
2008.02.24Bishop Beniamino Pizziol (73)Bishop Beniamino Pizziol (73), Bishop of Vicenza (Italy)
2008.03.09Bishop Enrico Solmi (64)Bishop Enrico Solmi (64), Bishop of Parma (Italy)
2008.05.15Bishop Alceste Catella (78)Bishop Alceste Catella (78), Bishop emeritus of Casale Monferrato (Italy)
2008.06.12Bishop Paolo De Nicolò (83)Bishop Paolo De Nicolò (83), Titular Bishop of Mariana en Corse and Regent emeritus of Prefecture of the Papal Household
2008.07.26Bishop Ambrogio Spreafico (70)Bishop Ambrogio Spreafico (70), Bishop of Frosinone–Veroli–Ferentino (Italy)
2008.09.12Bishop Gualtiero Sigismondi (59)Bishop Gualtiero Sigismondi (59), Bishop of Orvieto–Todi (Italy) and General Ecclesiastical Assistant of Italian Catholic Action
2008.09.20Bishop Mauro Parmeggiani (59)Bishop Mauro Parmeggiani (59), Bishop of Palestrina (Italy) and Bishop of Tivoli (Italy)
2009.03.19Bishop Antonio Staglianò (61)Bishop Antonio Staglianò (61), Bishop of Noto (Italy)
2009.03.25Bishop Salvatore Muratore (73)Bishop Salvatore Muratore (73), Bishop of Nicosia (Italy)
2009.06.07Bishop Adriano Tessarollo (74)Bishop Adriano Tessarollo (74), Bishop of Chioggia (Italy)
2009.07.11Bishop Guerino Di Tora (74)Bishop Guerino Di Tora (74), Titular Bishop of Zuri and Auxiliary Bishop of the Vicariate of Rome of Roma (Italy)
2009.07.11Bishop Giuseppe Marciante (69)Bishop Giuseppe Marciante (69), Bishop of Cefalù (Italy)
2009.09.12Bishop Raffaello Martinelli (72)Bishop Raffaello Martinelli (72), Bishop of Frascati (Italy)
2009.12.12Bishop Mario Toso, S.D.B. (70)Bishop Mario Toso, S.D.B. (70), Bishop of Faenza–Modigliana (Italy)
2009.12.12Bishop Giovanni D’Ercole, F.D.P. (72)Bishop Giovanni D’Ercole, F.D.P. (72), Bishop of Ascoli Piceno (Italy)
2010.02.11Bishop Lucio Lemmo (74)Bishop Lucio Lemmo (74), Titular Bishop of Turres Ammeniæ and Auxiliary Bishop of Napoli (Italy)
2010.03.20Bishop Calogero Peri, O.F.M. Cap. (67)Bishop Calogero Peri, O.F.M. Cap. (67), Bishop of Caltagirone (Italy)
2010.04.08Bishop Vincenzo Pisanello (61)Bishop Vincenzo Pisanello (61), Bishop of Oria (Italy)
2010.05.01Bishop Valentino Di Cerbo (76)Bishop Valentino Di Cerbo (76), Bishop emeritus of Alife–Caiazzo (Italy)
2010.09.15Bishop Guglielmo Borghetti (66)Bishop Guglielmo Borghetti (66), Bishop of Albenga–Imperia (Italy)
2010.10.09Bishop Enrico dal Covolo, S.D.B. (69)Bishop Enrico dal Covolo, S.D.B. (69), Titular Bishop of Eraclea and Rector Magnificus emeritus of Pontifical Lateran University
2010.11.28Bishop Douglas Regattieri (70)Bishop Douglas Regattieri (70), Bishop of Cesena–Sarsina (Italy)
2010.12.04Bishop Vito Angiuli (68)Bishop Vito Angiuli (68), Bishop of Ugento–Santa Maria di Leuca (Italy)
2011.01.29Bishop Luigi Marrucci (75)Bishop Luigi Marrucci (75), Bishop emeritus of Civitavecchia–Tarquinia (Italy)
2011.02.13Bishop Carlo Ciattini (69)Bishop Carlo Ciattini (69), Bishop of Massa Marittima–Piombino (Italy)
2011.03.25Bishop Leonardo Bonanno (72)Bishop Leonardo Bonanno (72), Bishop of San Marco Argentano–Scalea (Italy)
2011.03.26Bishop Giuseppe Pellegrini (66)Bishop Giuseppe Pellegrini (66), Bishop of Concordia–Pordenone (Italy)
2011.04.03Bishop Mauro Maria Morfino, S.D.B. (62)Bishop Mauro Maria Morfino, S.D.B. (62), Bishop of Alghero–Bosa (Italy)
2011.05.13Bishop Giuseppe Giudice (63)Bishop Giuseppe Giudice (63), Bishop of Nocera Inferiore–Sarno (Italy)
2011.06.19Bishop Ciro Miniero (62)Bishop Ciro Miniero (62), Bishop of Vallo della Lucania (Italy)
2011.10.01Bishop Antonino Raspanti (61)Bishop Antonino Raspanti (61), Bishop of Acireale (Italy) and Vice-President of Episcopal Conference of Italy
2011.10.08Bishop Giuseppe Sciacca (65)Bishop Giuseppe Sciacca (65), Titular Bishop of Fondi, Secretary of Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura and Auditor General of Apostolic Camera
2011.10.09Bishop Ivo Muser (58)Bishop Ivo Muser (58), Bishop of Bolzano–Bressanone (Italy)
2011.12.18Bishop Franco Lovignana (62)Bishop Franco Lovignana (62), Bishop of Aosta (Italy)
2012.01.07Bishop Antonio Maria De Luca, C.SS.R. (64)Bishop Antonio Maria De Luca, C.SS.R. (64), Bishop of Teggiano–Policastro (Italy)
2012.01.22Bishop Francesco Cavina (65)Bishop Francesco Cavina (65), Bishop emeritus of Carpi (Italy)
2012.02.25Bishop Nunzio Galantino (71)Bishop Nunzio Galantino (71), President of Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See and Bishop emeritus of Cassano all’Jonio (Italy)
2012.04.14Bishop Lorenzo Leuzzi (64)Bishop Lorenzo Leuzzi (64), Bishop of Teramo–Atri (Italy)
2012.05.13Bishop Francesco Milito (72)Bishop Francesco Milito (72), Bishop of Oppido Mamertina–Palmi (Italy)
2012.07.01Bishop Donato Oliverio (64)Bishop Donato Oliverio (64), Bishop of Lungro of the Italo-Albanese (Italy)
2012.08.30Bishop Maroun-Nasser Gemayel (69)Bishop Maroun-Nasser Gemayel (69), Bishop of Notre-Dame du Liban de Paris of the Maronites (France) and Apostolic Visitator in Western and Northern Europe of the Maronites
2012.09.08Bishop Edoardo Aldo Cerrato, C.O. (70)Bishop Edoardo Aldo Cerrato, C.O. (70), Bishop of Ivrea (Italy)
2012.11.11Bishop Guido Gallese (58)Bishop Guido Gallese (58), Bishop of Alessandria (Italy)
2012.12.07Bishop Massimo Camisasca, F.S.C.B. (73)Bishop Massimo Camisasca, F.S.C.B. (73), Bishop of Reggio Emilia–Guastalla (Italy)
2013.04.08Bishop Gerardo Antonazzo (64)Bishop Gerardo Antonazzo (64), Bishop of Sora–Cassino–Aquino–Pontecorvo (Italy)
2013.05.01Bishop Pietro Lagnese (58)Bishop Pietro Lagnese (58), Bishop of Ischia (Italy)
2013.09.07Bishop Paolo Selvadagi (74)Bishop Paolo Selvadagi (74), Titular Bishop of Salpi and Auxiliary Bishop of the Vicariate of Rome of Roma (Italy)
2013.09.14Bishop Fernando Tarcisio Filograna (67)Bishop Fernando Tarcisio Filograna (67), Bishop of Nardò–Gallipoli (Italy)
2013.09.21Bishop Orazio Francesco Piazza (66)Bishop Orazio Francesco Piazza (66), Bishop of Sessa Aurunca (Italy) and Apostolic Administrator of Alife–Caiazzo (Italy)
2013.09.28Bishop Maurizio Gervasoni (66)Bishop Maurizio Gervasoni (66), Bishop of Vigevano (Italy)
2014.01.11Bishop Carlo Bresciani (71)Bishop Carlo Bresciani (71), Bishop of San Benedetto del Tronto–Ripatransone–Montalto (Italy)
2014.01.25Bishop Andrea Turazzi (71)Bishop Andrea Turazzi (71), Bishop of San Marino–Montefeltro (Italy)
2014.03.01Bishop Antonio Suetta (57)Bishop Antonio Suetta (57), Bishop of Ventimiglia–San Remo (Italy)
2014.03.25Bishop Antonio Mura (67)Bishop Antonio Mura (67), Bishop of Lanusei (Italy) and Bishop of Nuoro (Italy)
2014.03.25Bishop Stefano Manetti (61)Bishop Stefano Manetti (61), Bishop of Montepulciano–Chiusi–Pienza (Italy)
2014.04.05Bishop Rosario Gisana (61)Bishop Rosario Gisana (61), Bishop of Piazza Armerina (Italy)
2014.05.30Bishop Fabio Fabene (61)Bishop Fabio Fabene (61), Titular Bishop of Montefiascone and Undersecretary of Synod of Bishops
2014.06.11Bishop Camillo Cibotti (65)Bishop Camillo Cibotti (65), Bishop of Isernia–Venafro (Italy)
2014.06.21Bishop Giuseppe Piemontese, O.F.M. Conv. (74)Bishop Giuseppe Piemontese, O.F.M. Conv. (74), Bishop of Terni–Narni–Amelia (Italy)
2014.06.28Bishop Franco Maria Giuseppe Agnesi (69)Bishop Franco Maria Giuseppe Agnesi (69), Titular Bishop of Dusa and Auxiliary Bishop of Milano (Italy)
2014.06.28Bishop Paolo Martinelli, O.F.M. Cap. (61)Bishop Paolo Martinelli, O.F.M. Cap. (61), Titular Bishop of Musti in Numidia and Auxiliary Bishop of Milano (Italy)
2014.06.28Bishop Pierantonio Tremolada (63)Bishop Pierantonio Tremolada (63), Bishop of Brescia (Italy)
2014.07.13Bishop Nazzareno Marconi (62)Bishop Nazzareno Marconi (62), Bishop of Macerata–Tolentino–Recanati–Cingoli–Treia (Italy)
2014.07.20Bishop Francesco Oliva (69)Bishop Francesco Oliva (69), Bishop of Locri–Gerace (Italy)
2014.09.06Bishop Gennaro Acampa (75)Bishop Gennaro Acampa (75), Titular Bishop of Tortiboli and Auxiliary Bishop of Napoli (Italy)
2014.10.11Bishop Maurizio Malvestiti (66)Bishop Maurizio Malvestiti (66), Bishop of Lodi (Italy)
2014.12.07Bishop Vittorio Francesco Viola, O.F.M. (54)Bishop Vittorio Francesco Viola, O.F.M. (54), Bishop of Tortona (Italy)
2015.02.08Bishop Nicolò Anselmi (59)Bishop Nicolò Anselmi (59), Titular Bishop of Utica and Auxiliary Bishop of Genova (Italy)
2015.05.02Bishop Francesco Savino (65)Bishop Francesco Savino (65), Bishop of Cassano all’Jonio (Italy)
2015.07.31Bishop Sergio Melillo (64)Bishop Sergio Melillo (64), Bishop of Ariano Irpino–Lacedonia (Italy)
2015.09.05Bishop Domenico Pompili (57)Bishop Domenico Pompili (57), Bishop of Rieti (Italy)
2015.09.13Bishop Corrado Melis (57)Bishop Corrado Melis (57), Bishop of Ozieri (Italy)
2015.09.27Bishop Claudio Cipolla (65)Bishop Claudio Cipolla (65), Bishop of Padova (Italy)
2015.11.21Bishop Giovanni Roncari, O.F.M. Cap. (70)Bishop Giovanni Roncari, O.F.M. Cap. (70), Bishop of Pitigliano–Sovana–Orbetello (Italy)
2015.11.22Bishop Francesco Manenti (69)Bishop Francesco Manenti (69), Bishop of Senigallia (Italy)
2015.11.29Bishop Piero Delbosco (64)Bishop Piero Delbosco (64), Bishop of Fossano (Italy) and Bishop of Cuneo (Italy)
2015.12.09Bishop Andrea Migliavacca (52)Bishop Andrea Migliavacca (52), Bishop of San Miniato (Italy)
2016.01.02Bishop Luigi Renna (54)Bishop Luigi Renna (54), Bishop of Cerignola–Ascoli Satriano (Italy)
2016.01.03Bishop Roberto Filippini (72)Bishop Roberto Filippini (72), Bishop of Pescia (Italy)
2016.01.09Bishop Corrado Sanguineti (55)Bishop Corrado Sanguineti (55), Bishop of Pavia (Italy)
2016.01.30Bishop Antonio Napolioni (62)Bishop Antonio Napolioni (62), Bishop of Cremona (Italy)
2016.02.20Bishop Pierantonio Pavanello (65)Bishop Pierantonio Pavanello (65), Bishop of Adria–Rovigo (Italy) and Member of College for the review of appeals by clergy accused of delicta reservata
2016.03.12Bishop Luigi Mansi (68)Bishop Luigi Mansi (68), Bishop of Andria (Italy)
2016.03.13Bishop Marco Brunetti (58)Bishop Marco Brunetti (58), Bishop of Alba (Italy)
2016.04.09Bishop Giuseppe Favale (60)Bishop Giuseppe Favale (60), Bishop of Conversano–Monopoli (Italy)
2016.04.10Bishop Renato Marangoni (62)Bishop Renato Marangoni (62), Bishop of Belluno–Feltre (Italy)
2016.05.28Bishop Stefano Russo (58)Bishop Stefano Russo (58), Secretary General of Episcopal Conference of Italy and Bishop emeritus of Fabriano–Matelica (Italy)
2016.06.11Bishop Gianrico Ruzza (57)Bishop Gianrico Ruzza (57), Bishop of Civitavecchia–Tarquinia (Italy)
2016.09.03Bishop Domenico Battaglia (57)Bishop Domenico Battaglia (57), Bishop of Cerreto Sannita–Telese–Sant’Agata de’ Goti (Italy)
2016.09.11Bishop Gianmarco Busca (54)Bishop Gianmarco Busca (54), Bishop of Mantova (Italy)
2016.12.17Bishop Calogero Marino (65)Bishop Calogero Marino (65), Bishop of Savona–Noli (Italy)
2016.12.27Bishop Giuseppe Giuliano (69)Bishop Giuseppe Giuliano (69), Bishop of Lucera–Troia (Italy)
2017.02.22Bishop Giovanni Intini (54)Bishop Giovanni Intini (54), Bishop of Tricarico (Italy)
2017.03.19Bishop Daniele Gianotti (62)Bishop Daniele Gianotti (62), Bishop of Crema (Italy)
2017.03.25Bishop Cristiano Bodo (52)Bishop Cristiano Bodo (52), Bishop of Saluzzo (Italy)
2017.04.20Bishop Guglielmo Giombanco (53)Bishop Guglielmo Giombanco (53), Bishop of Patti (Italy)
2017.04.23Bishop Giovanni Checchinato (62)Bishop Giovanni Checchinato (62), Bishop of San Severo (Italy)
2017.07.02Bishop Ovidio Vezzoli (64)Bishop Ovidio Vezzoli (64), Bishop of Fidenza (Italy)
2017.09.08Bishop Claudio Palumbo (55)Bishop Claudio Palumbo (55), Bishop of Trivento (Italy)
2017.10.08Bishop Derio Olivero (59)Bishop Derio Olivero (59), Bishop of Pinerolo (Italy)
2017.10.18Bishop Ciro Fanelli (55)Bishop Ciro Fanelli (55), Bishop of Melfi–Rapolla–Venosa (Italy)
2017.10.21Bishop Gianni Sacchi (59)Bishop Gianni Sacchi (59), Bishop of Casale Monferrato (Italy)
2017.11.11Bishop Egidio Miragoli (65)Bishop Egidio Miragoli (65), Bishop of Mondovì (Italy) and Member of College for the review of appeals by clergy accused of delicta reservata
2017.12.03Bishop Luciano Paolucci Bedini (51)Bishop Luciano Paolucci Bedini (51), Bishop of Gubbio (Italy)
2017.12.07Bishop Giacomo Cirulli (67)Bishop Giacomo Cirulli (67), Bishop of Teano–Calvi (Italy)
2018.01.04Bishop Michele Fusco (56)Bishop Michele Fusco (56), Bishop of Sulmona–Valva (Italy)
2018.01.13Bishop Daniele Libanori, S.J. (67)Bishop Daniele Libanori, S.J. (67), Titular Bishop of Buruni and Auxiliary Bishop of the Vicariate of Rome of Roma (Italy)
2018.01.13Bishop Paolo Ricciardi (52)Bishop Paolo Ricciardi (52), Titular Bishop of Gabi and Auxiliary Bishop of the Vicariate of Rome of Roma (Italy)
2018.02.24Bishop Luigi Testore (68)Bishop Luigi Testore (68), Bishop of Acqui (Italy)
2018.03.17Bishop Livio Corazza (66)Bishop Livio Corazza (66), Bishop of Forlì–Bertinoro (Italy)
2018.06.24Bishop Gianpiero Palmieri (54)Bishop Gianpiero Palmieri (54), Titular Bishop of Idassa and Auxiliary Bishop of the Vicariate of Rome of Roma (Italy)
2018.07.02Bishop Cesare Di Pietro (56)Bishop Cesare Di Pietro (56), Titular Bishop of Nicopolis ad Iaternum and Auxiliary Bishop of Messina–Lipari–Santa Lucia del Mela (Italy)
2018.09.29Bishop Roberto Farinella (52)Bishop Roberto Farinella (52), Bishop of Biella (Italy)
2018.10.21Bishop Marco Prastaro (57)Bishop Marco Prastaro (57), Bishop of Asti (Italy)
2018.12.15Bishop Marco Mellino (54)Bishop Marco Mellino (54), Titular Bishop of Cresima and Adjunct Secretary of Council of Cardinals to assist in the governance of the Universal Church and to reform the Roman Curia
2019.03.31Bishop Marco Salvi (66)Bishop Marco Salvi (66), Titular Bishop of Termini Imerese and Auxiliary Bishop of Perugia–Città della Pieve (Italy)
2019.06.30Bishop Giovanni Nerbini (66)Bishop Giovanni Nerbini (66), Bishop of Prato (Italy)
2019.07.06Bishop Giuseppe Schillaci (62)Bishop Giuseppe Schillaci (62), Bishop of Lamezia Terme (Italy)
2019.07.13Bishop Giovanni Mosciatti (62)Bishop Giovanni Mosciatti (62), Bishop of Imola (Italy)
2019.09.14Bishop Michele Tomasi (55)Bishop Michele Tomasi (55), Bishop of Treviso (Italy)
2020.06.28Bishop Giovanni Luca Raimondi (53)Bishop Giovanni Luca Raimondi (53), Titular Bishop of Feradi maius and Auxiliary Bishop of Milano (Italy)
2020.06.28Bishop Giuseppe Natale Vegezzi (60)Bishop Giuseppe Natale Vegezzi (60), Titular Bishop of Turres Concordiæ and Auxiliary Bishop of Milano (Italy)
2020.09.26Bishop Adriano Cevolotto (62)Bishop-elect Adriano Cevolotto (62), Bishop of Piacenza–Bobbio (Italy)

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