Bishops of Hungary

by Name

Bishops and Ordinaries of Hungary (34)

Cardinal (1)

Cardinal Péter Erdő (68)Erdő, Péter (68), Cardinal-Priest of S. Balbina, Metropolitan Archbishop of Esztergom–Budapest (Hungary) and Member of Council for the Economy

Archbishops (6)

Archbishop Balázs Bábel (69)Bábel, Balázs (69), Metropolitan Archbishop of Kalocsa–Kecskemét (Hungary)
Archbishop Peter Fülöp Kocsis (57)Kocsis, Peter Fülöp (57) (Hungarian Rite), Metropolitan of Hajdúdorog of the Hungarians (Hungary) and President of Council of the Hungarian Church
Archbishop Gyula Márfi (76)Márfi, Gyula (76), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Veszprém (Hungary)
Archbishop Gábor Pintér (56)Pintér, Gábor (56), Titular Archbishop of Velebusdus and Apostolic Nuncio to Honduras
Archbishop Csaba Ternyák (66)Ternyák, Csaba (66), Metropolitan Archbishop of Eger (Hungary)
Archbishop György Udvardy (60)Udvardy, György (60), Metropolitan Archbishop of Veszprém (Hungary) and Vice-President of Hungarian Episcopal Conference

Bishops (25)

Bishop Béla Balás (79)Balás, Béla (79), Bishop emeritus of Kaposvár (Hungary)
Bishop Miklós Beer (77)Beer, Miklós (77), Bishop emeritus of Vác (Hungary)
Bishop László Bíró (69)Bíró, László (69), Military Ordinary of Hungary (Hungary)
Bishop Nándor Bosák (80)Bosák, Nándor (80), Bishop emeritus of Debrecen–Nyíregyháza (Hungary)
Bishop Ferenc Cserháti (73)Cserháti, Ferenc (73), Titular Bishop of Centuria and Auxiliary Bishop of Esztergom–Budapest (Hungary)
Bishop Endre Gyulay (89)Gyulay, Endre (89), Bishop emeritus of Szeged–Csanád (Hungary)
Bishop István Katona (91)Katona, István (91), Titular Bishop of Brescello and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Eger (Hungary)
Bishop Szilárd Keresztes (88)Keresztes, Szilárd (88) (Hungarian Rite), Bishop emeritus of Hajdúdorog of the Hungarians (Hungary) and Apostolic Exarch emeritus of Miskolc of the Hungarians (Hungary)
Bishop László Kiss-Rigó (65)Kiss-Rigó, László (65), Bishop of Szeged–Csanád (Hungary)
Bishop Gáspár Ladocsi (68)Ladocsi, Gáspár (68), Titular Bishop of Risinium and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Esztergom–Budapest (Hungary)
Bishop Zsolt Marton (54)Marton, Zsolt (54), Bishop of Vác (Hungary)
Bishop Mihály Mayer (79)Mayer, Mihály (79), Bishop emeritus of Pécs (Hungary)
Bishop Gábor Mohos (46)Mohos, Gábor (46), Titular Bishop of Iliturgi and Auxiliary Bishop of Esztergom–Budapest (Hungary)
Bishop Atanáz Orosz (60)Orosz, Atanáz (60) (Hungarian Rite), Bishop of Miskolc of the Hungarians (Hungary)
Bishop Ferenc Palánki (56)Palánki, Ferenc (56), Bishop of Debrecen–Nyíregyháza (Hungary)
Bishop Lajos Pápai (79)Pápai, Lajos (79), Bishop emeritus of Győr (Hungary)
Bishop György Snell (71)Snell, György (71), Titular Bishop of Pudentiana and Auxiliary Bishop of Esztergom–Budapest (Hungary)
Bishop Antal Spányi (69)Spányi, Antal (69), Bishop of Székesfehérvár (Hungary)
Bishop Tamás Szabó (63)Szabó, Tamás (63), Military Ordinary emeritus of Hungary (Hungary)
Bishop János Székely (56)Székely, János (56), Bishop of Szombathely (Hungary)
Bishop Ábel Antal Szocska, O.S.B.M. (47)Szocska, Ábel Antal, O.S.B.M. (47) (Hungarian Rite), Bishop of Nyíregyháza of the Hungarians (Hungary)
Bishop Lajos Varga (69)Varga, Lajos (69), Titular Bishop of Sicca Veneria and Auxiliary Bishop of Vác (Hungary)
Bishop László Varga (63)Varga, László (63), Bishop of Kaposvár (Hungary)
Bishop Imre Asztrik Várszegi, O.S.B. (74)Várszegi, Imre Asztrik, O.S.B. (74), Titular Bishop of Culusi, Abbot Ordinary emeritus of Pannonhalma (Hungary) and Archabbot emeritus of Benedictine Congregation of Hungary
Bishop András Veres (60)Veres, András (60), Bishop of Győr (Hungary) and President of Hungarian Episcopal Conference

Other Prelates (2)

Archabbot Cirill Tamás Hortobágyi, O.S.B. (61)Hortobágyi, Cirill Tamás, O.S.B. (61), Abbot Ordinary of Pannonhalma (Hungary) and Archabbot of Benedictine Congregation of Hungary
Fr. Zsolt Labancz, Sch. P. (45)Labancz, Zsolt, Sch. P. (45), President of Union of the European Conferences of Major Superiors (U.C.E.S.M.)
Other Prelates born in Hungary (1)
UkraineBishop Antal Majnek, O.F.M. (68)Majnek, Antal, O.F.M. (68), Bishop of Mukacheve (Ukraine)
Other Prelates related to Hungary (5)
ItalyArchbishop Angelo Acerbi (94)Acerbi, Angelo (94), Titular Archbishop of Zella and Prelate emeritus of Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta
USAArchbishop Michael August Blume, S.V.D. (74)Blume, Michael August, S.V.D. (74), Titular Archbishop of Alessano and Apostolic Nuncio to Hungary
ItalyArchbishop Alberto Bottari de Castello (78)Bottari de Castello, Alberto (78), Titular Archbishop of Oderzo
PolandArchbishop Juliusz Janusz (76)Janusz, Juliusz (尤雅士) (76), Titular Archbishop of Caorle
GermanyCardinal Karl-Josef Rauber (86)Rauber, Karl-Josef (86), Cardinal-Deacon of S. Antonio di Padova a Circonvallazione Appia and President emeritus of Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy

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