Bishops of Haiti

by Liturgical Precedence

Date of
Bishop Ordinaries of Haiti (15)
2004.06.06 (2014.02.22)Cardinal Chibly Langlois (63)Cardinal Chibly Langlois (63), Cardinal-Priest of S. Giacomo in Augusta and Bishop of Les Cayes (Haiti)
1987.01.25 (2008.03.01)Archbishop Louis Nerval Kébreau, S.D.B. (83)Archbishop Louis Nerval Kébreau, S.D.B. (83), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Cap-Haïtien (Haiti)
2012.07.28 (2013.11.01)Archbishop Max Leroy Mésidor (59)Archbishop Max Leroy Mésidor (59), Metropolitan Archbishop of Port-au-Prince (Haiti) and Vice-President of Episcopal Conference of Haiti
2010.05.29 (2018.07.16)Archbishop Launay Saturné (57)Archbishop Launay Saturné (57), Metropolitan Archbishop of Cap-Haïtien (Haiti) and President of Episcopal Conference of Haiti
1977.06.26Bishop Joseph Willy Romélus (90)Bishop Joseph Willy Romélus (90), Bishop emeritus of Jérémie (Haiti)
1978.12.08Bishop François Colímon, S.M.M. (87)Bishop François Colímon, S.M.M. (87), Bishop emeritus of Port-de-Paix (Haiti)
1986.03.09Bishop Jean Alix Verrier (90)Bishop Jean Alix Verrier (90), Bishop emeritus of Les Cayes (Haiti)
1987.01.25Bishop Joseph Lafontant (84)Bishop Joseph Lafontant (84), Titular Bishop of Gilba and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Port-au-Prince (Haiti)
2002.10.13Bishop Yves-Marie Péan, C.S.C. (67)Bishop Yves-Marie Péan, C.S.C. (67), Bishop of Les Gonaïves (Haiti)
2003.02.22Bishop Pierre-André Dumas (59)Bishop Pierre-André Dumas (59), Bishop of Anse-à-Veau et Miragoâne (Haiti)
2009.10.18Bishop Joseph Gontran Décoste, S.J. (64)Bishop Joseph Gontran Décoste, S.J. (64), Bishop of Jérémie (Haiti)
2011.03.26Bishop Glandas Marie Erick Toussaint (56)Bishop Glandas Marie Erick Toussaint (56), Bishop of Jacmel (Haiti)
2012.12.22Bishop Quesnel Alphonse, S.M.M. (72)Bishop Quesnel Alphonse, S.M.M. (72), Bishop of Fort-Liberté (Haiti)
2016.07.02Bishop Désinord Jean (54)Bishop Désinord Jean (54), Bishop of Hinche (Haiti)
2020.09.05Bishop Charles Peters Barthélus (51)Bishop Charles Peters Barthélus (51), Bishop of Port-de-Paix (Haiti)

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