Bishops of Greece

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Bishop Ordinaries of Greece (11)AgeDate of
Archbishop Nikolaos Foskolos (86)Archbishop Nikolaos Foskolos (86), Archbishop emeritus of Athens (Greece) and former Apostolic Administrator of Rhodes (Greece)861936.12.11
Archbishop Yannis Spiteris, O.F.M. Cap. (83)Archbishop Yannis Spiteris, O.F.M. Cap. (83), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Corfu–Zakynthos–Kefalonia (Greece) and former Apostolic Administrator of Thessaloniki (Greece)831940.08.27
Archbishop Nikólaos Printesis (82)Archbishop Nikólaos Printesis (82), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Naxos–Andros–Tinos–Mykonos (Greece) and former Apostolic Administrator of Chios (Greece)821941.02.21
Bishop François Eid, O.M.M. (80)Bishop François Eid, O.M.M. (80), Bishop emeritus of Cairo of the Maronites (Egypt)801943.07.24
Archbishop Sevastianos Rossolatos (79)Archbishop Sevastianos Rossolatos (79), Archbishop emeritus of Athens (Greece) and former Apostolic Administrator of Rhodes (Greece)791944.06.19
Archbishop Theodoros Kontidis, S.J. (67)Archbishop Theodoros Kontidis, S.J. (67), Archbishop of Athens (Greece) and Apostolic Administrator of Rhodes (Greece)671956.03.11
Bishop Manuel Nin, O.S.B. (67)Bishop Manuel Nin, O.S.B. (67), Apostolic Exarch of Greece of the Greeks (Greece) and Titular Bishop of Carcabia671956.08.20
Archbishop Youssef Antoine Soueif (61)Archbishop Youssef Antoine Soueif (61), Archbishop of Tripoli of the Maronites (Lebanon) and Apostolic Visitator in Greece of the Maronites611962.07.14
Bishop Petros Stefanou (60)Bishop Petros Stefanou (60), Bishop of Syros (Greece), Bishop of Santorini (Greece), President of Episcopal Conference of Greece and Apostolic Administrator of Crete (Greece)601963.08.17
Archbishop Josif Printezis (53)Archbishop Josif Printezis (53), Metropolitan Archbishop of Naxos–Andros–Tinos–Mykonos (Greece), Apostolic Administrator of Chios (Greece) and General Secretary of Episcopal Conference of Greece531970.02.06
Archbishop Georgios Altouvas (50)Archbishop Georgios Altouvas (50), Metropolitan Archbishop of Corfu–Zakynthos–Kefalonia (Greece) and Apostolic Administrator of Thessaloniki (Greece)501973.09.28

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