Bishops of Georgia

by Name

Bishops and Ordinaries of Georgia (2)

Bishop (1)

Bishop Giuseppe Pasotto, C.S.S. (68)Pasotto, Giuseppe, C.S.S. (68), Apostolic Administrator of Caucasus (Georgia) and Titular Bishop of Musti

Other Prelates (1)

Fr. Mikael Bassalé, I.C.P.B.Bassalé, Mikael, I.C.P.B. (Armenian Rite), Apostolic Administrator of East Europe of the Armenians (Armenia)
Other Prelates related to Georgia (5)
CanadaArchbishop José Avelino Bettencourt (60)Bettencourt, José Avelino (60), Titular Archbishop of Novigrad, Apostolic Nuncio to Georgia and Apostolic Nuncio to Armenia
FranceArchbishop Jean-Paul Aimé Gobel (79)Gobel, Jean-Paul Aimé (79), Titular Archbishop of Galazia in Campania
ItalyArchbishop Claudio Gugerotti (66)Gugerotti, Claudio (66), Titular Archbishop of Ravello and Apostolic Nuncio to Great Britain
LebanonPatriarch Raphaël Bedros XXI Minassian, I.C.P.B. (75)Minassian, Raphaël Bedros XXI, I.C.P.B. (Raphaël François) (75) (Armenian Rite), Patriarch of Cilicia of the Armenians (Lebanon) and President of Synod of the Armenian Catholic Church
PolandArchbishop Marek Solczyński (61)Solczyński, Marek (61), Titular Archbishop of Cesarea in Mauretania, Apostolic Nuncio to Turkmenistan, Apostolic Nuncio to Azerbaigian and Apostolic Nuncio to Turkiye

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