Bishops of Algeria

by Name

Bishops and Ordinaries of Algeria (8)

Archbishops (3)

Archbishop Ghaleb Moussa Abdalla Bader (68)Bader, Ghaleb Moussa Abdalla (68), Titular Archbishop of Mathara in Numidia, Apostolic Nuncio to Dominican Republic and Apostolic Delegate to Puerto Rico
Archbishop Paul Desfarges, S.J. (76)Desfarges, Paul, S.J. (76), Metropolitan Archbishop of Alger (Algeria) and President of Regional Episcopal Conference of North Africa
Archbishop Henri Antoine Marie Teissier (90)Teissier, Henri Antoine Marie (90), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Alger (Algeria)

Bishops (5)

Bishop Alphonse Georger (84)Georger, Alphonse (84), Bishop emeritus of Oran (Algeria)
Bishop Nicolas Lhernould (45)Lhernould, Nicolas (45), Bishop of Constantine (Algeria)
Bishop John Gordon MacWilliam, M. Afr. (71)MacWilliam, John Gordon, M. Afr. (71), Bishop of Laghouat (Algeria)
Bishop Claude Jean Narcisse Rault, M. Afr. (79)Rault, Claude Jean Narcisse, M. Afr. (79), Bishop emeritus of Laghouat (Algeria)
Bishop Jean-Paul Vesco, O.P. (58)Vesco, Jean-Paul, O.P. (58), Bishop of Oran (Algeria)
Other Prelates born in Algeria (1)
FranceArchbishop Jean-Marc Aveline (61)Aveline, Jean-Marc (61), Metropolitan Archbishop of Marseille (France)
Other Prelates related to Algeria (4)
UgandaArchbishop Augustine Kasujja (74)Kasujja, Augustine (74), Titular Archbishop of Cesarea in Numidia, Apostolic Nuncio to Luxembourg and Apostolic Nuncio to Belgium
ItalyArchbishop Luciano Russo (56)Russo, Luciano (56), Titular Archbishop of Monteverde, Apostolic Nuncio to Tunisia and Apostolic Nuncio to Algeria
ItalyArchbishop Antonio Sozzo (78)Sozzo, Antonio (78), Titular Archbishop of Concordia
TaiwanArchbishop Thomas Yeh Sheng-nan (78)Yeh Sheng-nan, Thomas (葉勝男) (78), Titular Archbishop of Leptis Magna

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