Bishops of Czechia

by Name

Bishops and Ordinaries of Czechia (24)

Cardinals (2)

Cardinal Michael Czerny, S.J. (74)Czerny, Michael, S.J. (74), Cardinal-Deacon of S. Michele Arcangelo and Undersecretary of Migrant and Refugee Section of Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development
Cardinal Dominik Duka, O.P. (77)Duka, Dominik, O.P. (77), Cardinal-Priest of Ss. Marcellino e Pietro and Metropolitan Archbishop of Praha (Czechia)

Archbishop (1)

Archbishop Jan Graubner (71)Graubner, Jan (71), Metropolitan Archbishop of Olomouc (Czechia) and President of Czech Bishops’ Conference

Bishops (19)

Bishop Antonín Basler (64)Basler, Antonín (64), Titular Bishop of Vaga and Auxiliary Bishop of Olomouc (Czechia)
Bishop Jan Baxant (71)Baxant, Jan (71), Bishop of Litoměřice (Czechia)
Bishop Vojtěch Cikrle (73)Cikrle, Vojtěch (73), Bishop of Brno (Czechia)
Bishop Martin David (49)David, Martin (49), Titular Bishop of Thucca in Numidia and Auxiliary Bishop of Ostrava–Opava (Czechia)
Bishop Petr Esterka (84)Esterka, Petr (84), Titular Bishop of Cefala and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Brno (Czechia)
Bishop Karel Herbst, S.D.B. (76)Herbst, Karel, S.D.B. (76), Titular Bishop of Siccesi and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Praha (Czechia)
Bishop Tomáš Holub (52)Holub, Tomáš (52), Bishop of Plzeň (Czechia)
Bishop Josef Hrdlička (78)Hrdlička, Josef (78), Titular Bishop of Thunudruma and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Olomouc (Czechia)
Bishop Ladislav Hučko (72)Hučko, Ladislav (72) (Ruthenian Rite), Apostolic Exarch of Czech Republic of the Ruthenians (Czechia) and Titular Bishop of Horæa
Bishop Josef Kajnek (71)Kajnek, Josef (71), Titular Bishop of Aquæ in Dacia and Auxiliary Bishop of Hradec Králové (Czechia)
Bishop Pavel Konzbul (54)Konzbul, Pavel (54), Titular Bishop of Litomyšl and Auxiliary Bishop of Brno (Czechia)
Bishop Vlastimil Kročil (59)Kročil, Vlastimil (59), Bishop of České Budějovice (Czechia)
Bishop František Václav Lobkowicz, O. Praem. (72)Lobkowicz, František Václav, O. Praem. (72), Bishop of Ostrava–Opava (Czechia)
Bishop Václav Malý (69)Malý, Václav (69), Titular Bishop of Marcelliana and Auxiliary Bishop of Praha (Czechia)
Bishop Josef Nuzík (53)Nuzík, Josef (53), Titular Bishop of Castra Galbæ and Auxiliary Bishop of Olomouc (Czechia)
Bishop Pavel Posád (67)Posád, Pavel (67), Titular Bishop of Ptuj and Auxiliary Bishop of České Budějovice (Czechia)
Bishop František Radkovský (80)Radkovský, František (80), Bishop emeritus of Plzeň (Czechia)
Bishop Jan Vokál (61)Vokál, Jan (61), Bishop of Hradec Králové (Czechia), Vice-President of Czech Bishops’ Conference and Vice-President of Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community
Bishop Zdenek Wasserbauer (54)Wasserbauer, Zdenek (54), Titular Bishop of Buthrotum and Auxiliary Bishop of Praha (Czechia)

Other Prelates (2)

Fr. Stanislav Přibyl (48)Přibyl, Stanislav (48), Secretary General of Czech Bishops’ Conference
Fr. Prokop Siostrzonek, O.S.B. (62)Siostrzonek, Prokop, O.S.B. (62), Prior Administrator of Slavonic Benedictine Congregation of Saint Adalbert and Saint Margaret
Other Prelates related to Czechia (4)
USAArchbishop Charles Daniel Balvo (69)Balvo, Charles Daniel (69), Titular Archbishop of Castello and Apostolic Nuncio to Czech Republic
ItalyArchbishop Diego Causero (80)Causero, Diego (80), Titular Archbishop of Grado
EstoniaArchbishop Erwin Josef Ender (82)Ender, Erwin Josef (82), Titular Archbishop of Germania in Numidia, Apostolic Administrator emeritus of Estonia (Estonia), former Apostolic Nuncio to Lithuania, former Apostolic Nuncio to Latvia and former Apostolic Nuncio to Estonia
ItalyArchbishop Giuseppe Leanza (77)Leanza, Giuseppe (77), Titular Archbishop of Lilibeo

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