Bishops of Congo-Kinshasa

by Age

Bishop Ordinaries of Congo-Kinshasa (68)AgeDate of
Bishop Joseph Kesenge Wandangakongu (90)Bishop Joseph Kesenge Wandangakongu (90), Bishop emeritus of Molegbe (Congo-Kinshasa)901928.04.04
Bishop Léon Lesambo Ndamwize (88)Bishop Léon Lesambo Ndamwize (88), Bishop emeritus of Inongo (Congo-Kinshasa)881929.06.21
Archbishop Godefroy Mukeng’a Kalond, C.I.C.M. (87)Archbishop Godefroy Mukeng’a Kalond, C.I.C.M. (87), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Kananga (Congo-Kinshasa)871930.08.31
Bishop Louis Mbwôl-Mpasi, O.M.I. (87)Bishop Louis Mbwôl-Mpasi, O.M.I. (87), Bishop emeritus of Idiofa (Congo-Kinshasa)871931.02.11
Bishop Léonard Dhejju (87)Bishop Léonard Dhejju (87), Bishop emeritus of Bunia (Congo-Kinshasa)871931.03.14
Bishop Joachim Mbadu Kikhela Kupika (86)Bishop Joachim Mbadu Kikhela Kupika (86), Titular Bishop of Belesasa and Bishop emeritus of Boma (Congo-Kinshasa)861932.03.10
Bishop Tharcisse Tshibangu Tshishiku (85)Bishop Tharcisse Tshibangu Tshishiku (85), Bishop emeritus of Mbujimayi (Congo-Kinshasa)851933.04.23
Bishop Faustin Ngabu (83)Bishop Faustin Ngabu (83), Bishop emeritus of Goma (Congo-Kinshasa)831935
Bishop Léonard Kasanda Lumembu, C.I.C.M. (82)Bishop Léonard Kasanda Lumembu, C.I.C.M. (82), Bishop emeritus of Lwiza (Congo-Kinshasa)821936.04.12
Bishop Édouard Mununu Kasiala, O.C.S.O. (81)Bishop Édouard Mununu Kasiala, O.C.S.O. (81), Bishop emeritus of Kikwit (Congo-Kinshasa)811936.08.15
Bishop Louis Nkinga Bondala, C.I.C.M. (80)Bishop Louis Nkinga Bondala, C.I.C.M. (80), Bishop emeritus of Lisala (Congo-Kinshasa)801937.06.20
Bishop Gérard Mulumba Kalemba (80)Bishop Gérard Mulumba Kalemba (80), Bishop emeritus of Mweka (Congo-Kinshasa)801937.07.08
Archbishop Floribert Songasonga Mwitwa (80)Archbishop Floribert Songasonga Mwitwa (80), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Lubumbashi (Congo-Kinshasa)801937.08.29
Bishop Joseph Bolangi Egwanga Ediba Tasame (80)Bishop Joseph Bolangi Egwanga Ediba Tasame (80), Bishop emeritus of Budjala (Congo-Kinshasa)801937.12.29
Bishop Philippe Nkiere Keana, C.I.C.M. (80)Bishop Philippe Nkiere Keana, C.I.C.M. (80), Bishop emeritus of Inongo (Congo-Kinshasa)801938.02.21
Bishop Ferdinand Maemba Liwoke (79)Bishop Ferdinand Maemba Liwoke (79), Bishop emeritus of Lolo (Congo-Kinshasa)791939.04.08
Cardinal Laurent Monsengwo Pasinya (78)Cardinal Laurent Monsengwo Pasinya (78), Cardinal-Priest of S. Maria «Regina Pacis» in Ostia mare, Metropolitan Archbishop of Kinshasa (Congo-Kinshasa) and Member of Council of Cardinals to assist in the governance of the Universal Church and to reform the Roman Curia781939.10.07
Archbishop Emery Kabongo Kanundowi (77)Archbishop Emery Kabongo Kanundowi (77), Archbishop-Bishop emeritus of Luebo (Congo-Kinshasa)771940.07.22
Bishop Valentin Masengo Nkinda (77)Bishop Valentin Masengo Nkinda (77), Bishop of Kabinda (Congo-Kinshasa)771940.12.10
Bishop Jean Gaspard Mudiso Mundla, S.V.D. (77)Bishop Jean Gaspard Mudiso Mundla, S.V.D. (77), Bishop emeritus of Kenge (Congo-Kinshasa)771940.12.23
Bishop Théophile Kaboy Ruboneka (77)Bishop Théophile Kaboy Ruboneka (77), Bishop of Goma (Congo-Kinshasa)771941.02.27
Bishop Jérôme Gapangwa Nteziryayo (76)Bishop Jérôme Gapangwa Nteziryayo (76), Bishop emeritus of Uvira (Congo-Kinshasa)761942.01.01
Archbishop Jean-Pierre Tafunga Mbayo, S.D.B. (75)Archbishop Jean-Pierre Tafunga Mbayo, S.D.B. (75), Metropolitan Archbishop of Lubumbashi (Congo-Kinshasa)751942.07.25
Bishop Nestor Ngoy Katahwa (75)Bishop Nestor Ngoy Katahwa (75), Bishop of Kolwezi (Congo-Kinshasa)751943.03.24
Bishop Cyprien Mbuka Nkuanga, C.I.C.M. (74)Bishop Cyprien Mbuka Nkuanga, C.I.C.M. (74), Bishop of Boma (Congo-Kinshasa)741943.11.13
Bishop Nicolas Djomo Lola (73)Bishop Nicolas Djomo Lola (73), Bishop of Tshumbe (Congo-Kinshasa)731944.07.03
Bishop Louis Nzala Kianza (72)Bishop Louis Nzala Kianza (72), Bishop of Popokabaka (Congo-Kinshasa)721946.02.06
Bishop Édouard Kisonga Ndinga, S.S.S. (72)Bishop Édouard Kisonga Ndinga, S.S.S. (72), Titular Bishop of Grumentum and Auxiliary Bishop of Kinshasa (Congo-Kinshasa)721946.04.26
Bishop Jean-Anatole Kalala Kaseba (71)Bishop Jean-Anatole Kalala Kaseba (71), Bishop of Kamina (Congo-Kinshasa)711947.01.25
Bishop Janvier Kataka Luvete (71)Bishop Janvier Kataka Luvete (71), Bishop of Wamba (Congo-Kinshasa)711947.04.04
Bishop Stanislas Lukumwena Lumbala, O.F.M. (68)Bishop Stanislas Lukumwena Lumbala, O.F.M. (68), Bishop emeritus of Kole (Congo-Kinshasa)681949.07.24
Bishop Joseph Mokobe Ndjoku (68)Bishop Joseph Mokobe Ndjoku (68), Bishop of Basankusu (Congo-Kinshasa)681949.08.15
Bishop Fidèle Nsielele Zi Mputu (67)Bishop Fidèle Nsielele Zi Mputu (67), Bishop of Kisantu (Congo-Kinshasa)671950.07.21
Bishop Julien Andavo Mbia (67)Bishop Julien Andavo Mbia (67), Bishop of Isiro–Niangara (Congo-Kinshasa)671950.09.05
Bishop Melchisedec Sikuli Paluku (66)Bishop Melchisedec Sikuli Paluku (66), Bishop of Butembo-Beni (Congo-Kinshasa)661952.01.27
Bishop Richard Domba Mady (65)Bishop Richard Domba Mady (65), Bishop of Doruma–Dungu (Congo-Kinshasa)651953.01.10
Bishop Daniel Nlandu Mayi (64)Bishop Daniel Nlandu Mayi (64), Bishop of Matadi (Congo-Kinshasa)641953.10.19
Bishop Bernard Emmanuel Kasanda Mulenga (63)Bishop Bernard Emmanuel Kasanda Mulenga (63), Bishop of Mbujimayi (Congo-Kinshasa)631954.12.25
Archbishop Marcel Madila Basanguka (63)Archbishop Marcel Madila Basanguka (63), Metropolitan Archbishop of Kananga (Congo-Kinshasa)631955.05.17
Bishop Dominique Bulamatari (62)Bishop Dominique Bulamatari (62), Bishop of Molegbe (Congo-Kinshasa)621955.06.04
Bishop Vincent de Paul Kwanga Njubu (62)Bishop Vincent de Paul Kwanga Njubu (62), Bishop of Manono (Congo-Kinshasa)621956.01.24
Bishop Pierre-Célestin Tshitoko Mamba (62)Bishop Pierre-Célestin Tshitoko Mamba (62), Bishop of Luebo (Congo-Kinshasa)621956.02.23
Archbishop Léon Kalenga Badikebele (61)Archbishop Léon Kalenga Badikebele (61), Titular Archbishop of Magnetum and Apostolic Nuncio to Argentina611956.07.17
Archbishop François-Xavier Maroy Rusengo (61)Archbishop François-Xavier Maroy Rusengo (61), Metropolitan Archbishop of Bukavu (Congo-Kinshasa)611956.09.01
Bishop Joseph Banga Bane (61)Bishop Joseph Banga Bane (61), Bishop of Buta (Congo-Kinshasa)611957.05.19
Bishop Oscar Nkolo Kanowa, C.I.C.M. (60)Bishop Oscar Nkolo Kanowa, C.I.C.M. (60), Bishop of Mweka (Congo-Kinshasa)601957.09.08
Bishop Dieudonné Uringi Uuci (60)Bishop Dieudonné Uringi Uuci (60), Bishop of Bunia (Congo-Kinshasa)601957.10.28
Bishop Sébastien Muyengo Mulombe (60)Bishop Sébastien Muyengo Mulombe (60), Bishop of Uvira (Congo-Kinshasa)601958.05.08
Bishop José Moko Ekanga, P.S.S. (59)Bishop José Moko Ekanga, P.S.S. (59), Bishop of Idiofa (Congo-Kinshasa)591958.07.18
Bishop Dieudonné Madrapile Tanzi (59)Bishop Dieudonné Madrapile Tanzi (59), Bishop of Isangi (Congo-Kinshasa)591958.08.18
Archbishop Marcel Utembi Tapa (59)Archbishop Marcel Utembi Tapa (59), Metropolitan Archbishop of Kisangani (Congo-Kinshasa) and President of National Episcopal Conference of Congo591959.01.07
Bishop Étienne Ung’eyowun (59)Bishop Étienne Ung’eyowun (59), Bishop of Bondo (Congo-Kinshasa)591959.04.06
Bishop Placide Lubamba Ndjibu, M. Afr. (58)Bishop Placide Lubamba Ndjibu, M. Afr. (58), Bishop of Kasongo (Congo-Kinshasa)581959.10.26
Archbishop Fridolin Ambongo Besungu, O.F.M. Cap. (58)Archbishop Fridolin Ambongo Besungu, O.F.M. Cap. (58), Coadjutor Archbishop of Kinshasa (Congo-Kinshasa), Vice-President of National Episcopal Conference of Congo and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Mbandaka–Bikoro (Congo-Kinshasa)581960.01.24
Bishop Jean-Pierre Kwambamba Masi (57)Bishop Jean-Pierre Kwambamba Masi (57), Bishop of Kenge (Congo-Kinshasa)571960.08.09
Bishop Félicien Mwanama Galumbulula (57)Bishop Félicien Mwanama Galumbulula (57), Bishop of Lwiza (Congo-Kinshasa)571960.10.26
Bishop Jean-Christophe Amade Aloma, M. Afr. (57)Bishop Jean-Christophe Amade Aloma, M. Afr. (57), Bishop of Kalemie–Kirungu (Congo-Kinshasa)571961.01.18
Bishop Gaston Kashala Ruwezi, S.D.B. (57)Bishop Gaston Kashala Ruwezi, S.D.B. (57), Bishop of Sakania–Kipushi (Congo-Kinshasa)571961.04.14
Bishop Timothée Bodika Mansiyai, P.S.S. (56)Bishop Timothée Bodika Mansiyai, P.S.S. (56), Bishop of Kikwit (Congo-Kinshasa)561962.01.01
Bishop Fulgence Muteba Mugalu (55)Bishop Fulgence Muteba Mugalu (55), Bishop of Kilwa–Kasenga (Congo-Kinshasa)551962.07.09
Bishop Philibert Tembo Nlandu, C.I.C.M. (55)Bishop Philibert Tembo Nlandu, C.I.C.M. (55), Bishop of Budjala (Congo-Kinshasa)551962.11.03
Bishop Donatien Bafuidinsoni Maloko-Mana, S.J. (55)Bishop Donatien Bafuidinsoni Maloko-Mana, S.J. (55), Bishop of Inongo (Congo-Kinshasa)551962.12.11
Bishop Sosthène Ayikuli Udjuwa (54)Bishop Sosthène Ayikuli Udjuwa (54), Bishop of Mahagi–Nioka (Congo-Kinshasa)541963.07.07
Bishop Ernest Ngboko Ngombe, C.I.C.M. (54)Bishop Ernest Ngboko Ngombe, C.I.C.M. (54), Bishop of Lisala (Congo-Kinshasa)541964.05.25
Bishop Oscar Ngoy wa Mpanga, C.S.Sp. (53)Bishop Oscar Ngoy wa Mpanga, C.S.Sp. (53), Bishop of Kongolo (Congo-Kinshasa)531964.12.05
Bishop Willy Ngumbi Ngengele, M. Afr. (53)Bishop Willy Ngumbi Ngengele, M. Afr. (53), Bishop of Kindu (Congo-Kinshasa)531965.02.13
Bishop Jean-Bertin Nadonye Ndongo, O.F.M. Cap. (53)Bishop Jean-Bertin Nadonye Ndongo, O.F.M. Cap. (53), Bishop of Lolo (Congo-Kinshasa)531965.03.24
Bishop Emery Kibal Mansong’loo, C.P. (48)Bishop Emery Kibal Mansong’loo, C.P. (48), Bishop of Kole (Congo-Kinshasa)481969.06.28

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