Bishops of Canada

by Name

Bishops and Ordinaries of Canada (168)

Cardinals (3)

Cardinal Thomas Christopher Collins (71)Collins, Thomas Christopher (71), Cardinal-Priest of S. Patrizio, Metropolitan Archbishop of Toronto (Canada) and Member of Commission of Cardinals overseeing the Institute for Works of Religion
Cardinal Gérald Cyprien Lacroix, I.S.P.X. (60)Lacroix, Gérald Cyprien, I.S.P.X. (60), Cardinal-Priest of S. Giuseppe all’Aurelio and Metropolitan Archbishop of Québec (Canada)
Cardinal Marc Ouellet, P.S.S. (73)Ouellet, Marc, P.S.S. (73), Cardinal-Priest of S. Maria in Traspontina, Prefect of Congregation for Bishops, President of Pontifical Commission for Latin America and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Québec (Canada)

Archbishops (29)

Archbishop José Avelino Bettencourt (55)Bettencourt, José Avelino (55), Titular Archbishop of Novigrad, Apostolic Nuncio to Georgia and Apostolic Nuncio to Armenia
Archbishop Bertrand Blanchet (85)Blanchet, Bertrand (85), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Rimouski (Canada)
Archbishop Donald Joseph Bolen (57)Bolen, Donald Joseph (57), Metropolitan Archbishop of Regina (Canada)
Archbishop Murray Chatlain (55)Chatlain, Murray (55), Metropolitan Archbishop of Keewatin–Le Pas (Canada)
Archbishop Martin William Currie (74)Currie, Martin William (74), Metropolitan Archbishop of Saint John’s, Newfoundland (Canada)
Archbishop Luc Cyr (64)Cyr, Luc (64), Metropolitan Archbishop of Sherbrooke (Canada)
Archbishop Paul-André Durocher (63)Durocher, Paul-André (63), Metropolitan Archbishop of Gatineau (Canada)
Archbishop Roger Ébacher (81)Ébacher, Roger (81), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Gatineau (Canada)
Archbishop Adam Joseph Exner, O.M.I. (89)Exner, Adam Joseph, O.M.I. (89), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Vancouver (Canada)
Archbishop Richard Joseph Gagnon (69)Gagnon, Richard Joseph (69), Archbishop of Winnipeg (Canada) and Vice-President of Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
Archbishop André Gaumond (81)Gaumond, André (81), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Sherbrooke (Canada)
Archbishop Marcel André J. Gervais (86)Gervais, Marcel André J. (86), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Ottawa (Canada)
Archbishop Émilius Goulet, P.S.S. (84)Goulet, Émilius, P.S.S. (84), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Saint-Boniface (Canada)
Archbishop Denis Grondin (63)Grondin, Denis (63), Metropolitan Archbishop of Rimouski (Canada)
Archbishop Lawrence Daniel Huculak, O.S.B.M. (67)Huculak, Lawrence Daniel, O.S.B.M. (67) (Ukrainian Rite), Metropolitan Archbishop of Winnipeg of the Ukrainians (Canada)
Archbishop Sylvain Lavoie, O.M.I. (70)Lavoie, Sylvain, O.M.I. (70), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Keewatin–Le Pas (Canada)
Archbishop Albert François LeGatt (64)LeGatt, Albert François (64), Metropolitan Archbishop of Saint-Boniface (Canada)
Archbishop Ernest Léger (74)Léger, Ernest (74), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Moncton (Canada)
Archbishop Christian Lépine (66)Lépine, Christian (66), Metropolitan Archbishop of Montréal (Canada)
Archbishop James Hector MacDonald, C.S.C. (92)MacDonald, James Hector, C.S.C. (92), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Saint John’s, Newfoundland (Canada)
Archbishop Anthony Mancini (72)Mancini, Anthony (72), Metropolitan Archbishop of Halifax–Yarmouth (Canada)
Archbishop John Michael Miller, C.S.B. (71)Miller, John Michael, C.S.B. (71), Metropolitan Archbishop of Vancouver (Canada)
Archbishop Brendan Michael O’Brien (74)O’Brien, Brendan Michael (74), Metropolitan Archbishop of Kingston (Canada)
Archbishop Gerard Pettipas, C.SS.R. (67)Pettipas, Gerard, C.SS.R. (67), Metropolitan Archbishop of Grouard–McLennan (Canada)
Archbishop Terrence Thomas Prendergast, S.J. (74)Prendergast, Terrence Thomas, S.J. (74), Metropolitan Archbishop of Ottawa (Canada) and Apostolic Administrator of Alexandria–Cornwall (Canada)
Archbishop André Richard, C.S.C. (80)Richard, André, C.S.C. (80), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Moncton (Canada)
Archbishop Richard William Smith (58)Smith, Richard William (58), Metropolitan Archbishop of Edmonton (Canada)
Archbishop Valéry Vienneau (70)Vienneau, Valéry (70), Metropolitan Archbishop of Moncton (Canada)
Archbishop James Vernon Weisgerber (79)Weisgerber, James Vernon (79), Archbishop emeritus of Winnipeg (Canada)

Bishops (115)

Bishop Jacob Barnabas Aerath, O.I.C. (57)Aerath, Jacob Barnabas, O.I.C. (57) (Syro-Malankar Rite), Bishop of Saint John Chrysostom of Gurgaon of the Syro-Malankars (India)
Bishop Jacob Angadiath (72)Angadiath, Jacob (72) (Syro-Malabar Rite), Bishop of Saint Thomas the Apostle of Chicago of the Syro-Malabars (USA)
Bishop Manuel Batakian, I.C.P.B. (88)Batakian, Manuel, I.C.P.B. (88) (Armenian Rite), Bishop emeritus of Our Lady of Nareg in New York of the Armenians (USA)
Bishop Bryan Joseph Bayda, C.SS.R. (56)Bayda, Bryan Joseph, C.SS.R. (56) (Ukrainian Rite), Bishop of Saskatoon of the Ukrainians (Canada)
Bishop Gerard Paul Bergie (59)Bergie, Gerard Paul (59), Bishop of Saint Catharines (Canada)
Bishop Jacques Berthelet, C.S.V. (83)Berthelet, Jacques, C.S.V. (83), Bishop emeritus of Saint-Jean–Longueuil (Canada)
Bishop Gregory John Matthew Bittman (57)Bittman, Gregory John Matthew (57), Bishop of Nelson (Canada)
Bishop Jean-Pierre Blais (68)Blais, Jean-Pierre (68), Bishop of Baie-Comeau (Canada)
Bishop John Anthony Boissonneau (68)Boissonneau, John Anthony (68), Titular Bishop of Tambeæ and Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto (Canada)
Bishop John Michael Botean (62)Botean, John Michael (62) (Romanian Rite), Bishop of Saint George’s in Canton of the Romanians (USA)
Bishop Joseph Luc André Bouchard (69)Bouchard, Joseph Luc André (69), Bishop of Trois-Rivières (Canada)
Bishop Robert Ovide Bourgon (62)Bourgon, Robert Ovide (62), Bishop of Hearst (Canada) and Apostolic Administrator of Moosonee (Canada)
Bishop Vincent Cadieux, O.M.I. (78)Cadieux, Vincent, O.M.I. (78), Bishop emeritus of Hearst (Canada) and Bishop emeritus of Moosonee (Canada)
Bishop Gilles Cazabon, O.M.I. (84)Cazabon, Gilles, O.M.I. (84), Bishop emeritus of Saint-Jérôme (Canada)
Bishop Claude Champagne, O.M.I. (70)Champagne, Claude, O.M.I. (70), Bishop of Edmundston (Canada)
Bishop Stephen Victor Chmilar (72)Chmilar, Stephen Victor (72) (Ukrainian Rite), Bishop of Toronto of the Ukrainians (Canada)
Bishop Frederick Joseph Colli (68)Colli, Frederick Joseph (68), Bishop of Thunder Bay (Canada)
Bishop Eugene Jerome Cooney (86)Cooney, Eugene Jerome (86), Bishop emeritus of Nelson (Canada)
Bishop John Dennis Corriveau, O.F.M. Cap. (76)Corriveau, John Dennis, O.F.M. Cap. (76), Bishop emeritus of Nelson (Canada)
Bishop Louis Corriveau (53)Corriveau, Louis (53), Titular Bishop of Arena and Auxiliary Bishop of Québec (Canada)
Bishop Jean-Guy Couture (88)Couture, Jean-Guy (88), Bishop emeritus of Chicoutimi (Canada)
Bishop David Douglas Crosby, O.M.I. (68)Crosby, David Douglas, O.M.I. (68), Bishop of Hamilton (Canada)
Bishop Denis Croteau, O.M.I. (85)Croteau, Denis, O.M.I. (85), Bishop emeritus of MacKenzie–Fort Smith (Canada)
Bishop Józef Andrzej Dąbrowski, C.S.M.A. (53)Dąbrowski, Józef Andrzej, C.S.M.A. (53), Titular Bishop of Casæ in Numidia and Auxiliary Bishop of London (Canada)
Bishop Marcel Damphousse (55)Damphousse, Marcel (55), Bishop of Sault Sainte Marie (Canada)
Bishop Robert Anthony Daniels (60)Daniels, Robert Anthony (60), Bishop of Grand Falls (Canada)
Bishop Nicola De Angelis, C.F.I.C. (79)De Angelis, Nicola, C.F.I.C. (79), Bishop emeritus of Peterborough (Canada)
Bishop Remi Joseph De Roo (94)De Roo, Remi Joseph (94), Bishop emeritus of Victoria (Canada)
Bishop Noël Delaquis, O.C.S.O. (83)Delaquis, Noël, O.C.S.O. (83), Titular Bishop of Gravelbourg and Bishop emeritus of Gravelbourg
Bishop Louis Dicaire (71)Dicaire, Louis (71), Titular Bishop of Thizica and Auxiliary Bishop of Saint-Jean–Longueuil (Canada)
Bishop Gérard Dionne (98)Dionne, Gérard (98), Bishop emeritus of Edmundston (Canada)
Bishop Thomas Dowd (47)Dowd, Thomas (47), Titular Bishop of Treba and Auxiliary Bishop of Montréal (Canada)
Bishop Brian Joseph Dunn (63)Dunn, Brian Joseph (63), Bishop of Antigonish (Canada)
Bishop Ronald Peter Fabbro, C.S.B. (67)Fabbro, Ronald Peter, C.S.B. (67), Bishop of London (Canada)
Bishop Alain Faubert (52)Faubert, Alain (52), Titular Bishop of Vicus Pacati and Auxiliary Bishop of Montréal (Canada)
Bishop André Gazaille (71)Gazaille, André (71), Bishop of Nicolet (Canada)
Bishop Lionel Gendron, P.S.S. (73)Gendron, Lionel, P.S.S. (73), Bishop of Saint-Jean–Longueuil (Canada) and President of Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
Bishop Gary M. Gordon (60)Gordon, Gary M. (60), Bishop of Victoria (Canada)
Bishop Pierre Goudreault (54)Goudreault, Pierre (54), Bishop of Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière (Canada)
Bishop Richard John Grecco (72)Grecco, Richard John (72), Bishop of Charlottetown (Canada)
Bishop René Guay (67)Guay, René (67), Bishop of Chicoutimi (Canada)
Bishop Mark Hagemoen (56)Hagemoen, Mark (56), Bishop of Saskatoon (Canada)
Bishop Claude Hamelin (65)Hamelin, Claude (65), Titular Bishop of Apollonia and Auxiliary Bishop of Saint-Jean–Longueuil (Canada)
Bishop Jon Hansen, C.SS.R. (51)Hansen, Jon, C.SS.R. (51), Bishop of MacKenzie–Fort Smith (Canada)
Bishop Robert Harris (73)Harris, Robert (73), Bishop of Saint John, New Brunswick (Canada)
Bishop Frederick Bernard Henry (74)Henry, Frederick Bernard (74), Bishop emeritus of Calgary (Canada)
Bishop Peter Joseph Hundt (61)Hundt, Peter Joseph (61), Bishop of Corner Brook and Labrador (Canada)
Bishop Ibrahim Michael Ibrahim, B.S. (55)Ibrahim, Ibrahim Michael, B.S. (55) (Greek-Melkite Rite), Bishop of Saint-Sauveur de Montréal of the Greek-Melkites (Canada)
Bishop Stephen Arthur Jensen (63)Jensen, Stephen Arthur (63), Bishop of Prince George (Canada)
Bishop Daniel Jodoin (61)Jodoin, Daniel (61), Bishop of Bathurst (Canada)
Bishop Jose Kalluvelil (62)Kalluvelil, Jose (62) (Syro-Malabar Rite), Apostolic Exarch of Canada of the Syro-Malabars (Canada) and Titular Bishop of Tabala
Bishop Robert Michael Kasun, C.S.B. (66)Kasun, Robert Michael, C.S.B. (66), Titular Bishop of Lavello and Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto (Canada)
Bishop Wayne Joseph Kirkpatrick (60)Kirkpatrick, Wayne Joseph (60), Titular Bishop of Aradi and Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto (Canada)
Bishop John Stephen Knight (75)Knight, John Stephen (75), Titular Bishop of Taraqua and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Toronto (Canada)
Bishop Anthony Wieslaw Krótki, O.M.I. (53)Krótki, Anthony Wieslaw, O.M.I. (53), Bishop of Churchill–Baie d’Hudson (Canada)
Bishop François Lapierre, P.M.E. (76)Lapierre, François, P.M.E. (76), Bishop emeritus of Saint-Hyacinthe (Canada)
Bishop Donald Lapointe (81)Lapointe, Donald (81), Titular Bishop of Octabia and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Saint-Jérôme (Canada)
Bishop Eugène Philippe LaRocque (90)LaRocque, Eugène Philippe (90), Bishop emeritus of Alexandria–Cornwall (Canada)
Bishop Gilles Lemay (70)Lemay, Gilles (70), Bishop of Amos (Canada)
Bishop Steven Joseph Lopes (42)Lopes, Steven Joseph (42) (Anglican Rite), Bishop of The Chair of Saint Peter (USA)
Bishop Paul Lortie (74)Lortie, Paul (74), Bishop of Mont-Laurier (Canada)
Bishop Gilles Lussier (77)Lussier, Gilles (77), Bishop emeritus of Joliette (Canada)
Bishop Vital Massé (81)Massé, Vital (81), Bishop emeritus of Mont-Laurier (Canada)
Bishop Scott McCaig, C.C. (52)McCaig, Scott, C.C. (52), Military Ordinary of Canada (Canada)
Bishop William Terrence McGrattan (61)McGrattan, William Terrence (61), Bishop of Calgary (Canada)
Bishop Daniel Joseph Miehm (57)Miehm, Daniel Joseph (57), Bishop of Peterborough (Canada)
Bishop Attila Miklósházy, S.J. (86)Miklósházy, Attila, S.J. (86), Titular Bishop of Castellum minus
Bishop David John James Monroe (76)Monroe, David John James (76), Bishop emeritus of Kamloops (Canada)
Bishop Blaise-Ernest Morand (85)Morand, Blaise-Ernest (85), Bishop emeritus of Prince-Albert (Canada)
Bishop Dorylas Moreau (70)Moreau, Dorylas (70), Bishop of Rouyn-Noranda (Canada)
Bishop Yvon-Joseph Moreau, O.C.S.O. (76)Moreau, Yvon-Joseph, O.C.S.O. (76), Bishop emeritus of Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière (Canada)
Bishop Pierre Joseph Paul Morissette (73)Morissette, Pierre Joseph Paul (73), Bishop of Saint-Jérôme (Canada)
Bishop David Motiuk (56)Motiuk, David (56) (Ukrainian Rite), Bishop of Edmonton of the Ukrainians (Canada)
Bishop Mikaël Antoine Mouradian, I.C.P.B. (56)Mouradian, Mikaël Antoine, I.C.P.B. (56) (Armenian Rite), Bishop of Our Lady of Nareg in Glendale of the Armenians (USA)
Bishop Michael Mulhall (56)Mulhall, Michael (56), Bishop of Pembroke (Canada)
Bishop Thomas Eusebios Naickamparampil (56)Naickamparampil, Thomas Eusebios (56) (Syro-Malankar Rite), Bishop of Parassala of the Syro-Malankars (India)
Bishop Antoine Nassif (49)Nassif, Antoine (49) (Syriac Rite), Apostolic Exarch of Canada of the Syriacs (Canada) and Titular Bishop of Serigene
Bishop Joseph Phuong Nguyen (60)Nguyen, Joseph Phuong (Nguyễn Thế Phương) (60), Bishop of Kamloops (Canada)
Bishop Vincent Nguyen (51)Nguyen, Vincent (Nguyễn Mạnh Hiếu) (51), Titular Bishop of Ammædara and Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto (Canada)
Bishop Laurent Noël (98)Noël, Laurent (98), Bishop emeritus of Trois-Rivières (Canada)
Bishop Kenneth Nowakowski (59)Nowakowski, Kenneth (59) (Ukrainian Rite), Bishop of New Westminster of the Ukrainians (Canada)
Bishop John Aloysius O’Mara (93)O’Mara, John Aloysius (93), Bishop emeritus of Saint Catharines (Canada)
Bishop John Stephen Pažak, C.SS.R. (71)Pažak, John Stephen, C.SS.R. (71) (Slovak Rite), Bishop of Holy Protection of Mary of Phoenix of the Ruthenians (USA) and Apostolic Administrator of Saints Cyril and Methodius of Toronto of the Slovaks (Canada)
Bishop Marc Pelchat (67)Pelchat, Marc (67), Titular Bishop of Lambæsis and Auxiliary Bishop of Québec (Canada)
Bishop Jean-Louis Plouffe (77)Plouffe, Jean-Louis (77), Bishop emeritus of Sault Sainte Marie (Canada)
Bishop Raymond Poisson (59)Poisson, Raymond (59), Bishop of Joliette (Canada)
Bishop Serge Poitras Patrick (68)Poitras Patrick, Serge (68), Bishop of Timmins (Canada)
Bishop Gaétan Proulx, O.S.M. (70)Proulx, Gaétan, O.S.M. (70), Bishop of Gaspé (Canada)
Bishop Christian Riesbeck, C.C. (48)Riesbeck, Christian, C.C. (48), Titular Bishop of Tipasa in Numidia and Auxiliary Bishop of Ottawa (Canada)
Bishop André Rivest (75)Rivest, André (75), Bishop emeritus of Chicoutimi (Canada)
Bishop Christian Rodembourg, M.S.A. (61)Rodembourg, Christian, M.S.A. (61), Bishop of Saint-Hyacinthe (Canada)
Bishop Reynald Rouleau, O.M.I. (82)Rouleau, Reynald, O.M.I. (82), Bishop emeritus of Churchill–Baie d’Hudson (Canada)
Bishop Lawrence Sabatini, C.S. (87)Sabatini, Lawrence, C.S. (87), Bishop emeritus of Kamloops (Canada)
Bishop Jude Saint-Antoine (87)Saint-Antoine, Jude (87), Titular Bishop of Skradin and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Montréal (Canada)
Bishop Raymond Saint-Gelais (81)Saint-Gelais, Raymond (81), Bishop emeritus of Nicolet (Canada)
Bishop John Michael Sherlock (92)Sherlock, John Michael (92), Bishop emeritus of London (Canada)
Bishop Noël Simard (70)Simard, Noël (70), Bishop of Valleyfield (Canada)
Bishop Bawai Soro (64)Soro, Bawai (64) (Chaldean Rite), Bishop of Mar Addai of Toronto of the Chaldeans (Canada)
Bishop Paul-Marwan Tabet, L.M. (56)Tabet, Paul-Marwan, L.M. (56) (Maronite Rite), Bishop of Saint-Maron de Montréal of the Maronites (Canada)
Bishop Paul Terrio (74)Terrio, Paul (74), Bishop of Saint-Paul (Canada)
Bishop Donald Joseph Thériault (72)Thériault, Donald Joseph (72), Military Ordinary emeritus of Canada (Canada)
Bishop Albert Thévenot, M. Afr. (72)Thévenot, Albert, M. Afr. (72), Bishop of Prince-Albert (Canada)
Bishop François Thibodeau, C.I.M. (78)Thibodeau, François, C.I.M. (78), Bishop emeritus of Edmundston (Canada)
Bishop Philipos Stephanos Thottathil (65)Thottathil, Philipos Stephanos (65) (Syro-Malankar Rite), Bishop of Saint Mary, Queen of Peace, of the United States of America and Canada of the Syro-Malankars (USA)
Bishop Anthony Frederick Tonnos (82)Tonnos, Anthony Frederick (82), Bishop emeritus of Hamilton (Canada)
Bishop Eugène Tremblay (82)Tremblay, Eugène (82), Bishop emeritus of Amos (Canada)
Bishop Gérard Tremblay, P.S.S. (99)Tremblay, Gérard, P.S.S. (99), Titular Bishop of Trisipa and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Montréal (Canada)
Bishop Joseph Edward Troy (86)Troy, Joseph Edward (86), Bishop emeritus of Saint John, New Brunswick (Canada)
Bishop Matthew Francis Ustrzycki (85)Ustrzycki, Matthew Francis (85), Titular Bishop of Nationa and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Hamilton (Canada)
Bishop Martin Veillette (81)Veillette, Martin (81), Bishop emeritus of Trois-Rivières (Canada)
Bishop Héctor Felipe Vila (55)Vila, Héctor Felipe (55), Bishop of Whitehorse (Canada)
Bishop Gerald William Wiesner, O.M.I. (80)Wiesner, Gerald William, O.M.I. (80), Bishop emeritus of Prince George (Canada)
Bishop James Matthew Wingle (71)Wingle, James Matthew (71), Bishop emeritus of Saint Catharines (Canada)
Bishop Michael Wiwchar, C.SS.R. (85)Wiwchar, Michael, C.SS.R. (85) (Ukrainian Rite), Bishop emeritus of Saskatoon of the Ukrainians (Canada)
Bishop Severian Stefan Yakymyshyn, O.S.B.M. (87)Yakymyshyn, Severian Stefan, O.S.B.M. (87) (Ukrainian Rite), Bishop emeritus of New Westminster of the Ukrainians (Canada)

Other Prelates (21)

Fr. Alain Ambeault, C.S.V. (58)Ambeault, Alain, C.S.V. (58), Superior General of Clerics of Saint Viator (Viatorians)
Fr. Christian Beaulieu, I.S.P.X.Beaulieu, Christian, I.S.P.X., Director General of Secular Institute of Pius X
Fr. Michael Brehl, C.SS.R. (63)Brehl, Michael, C.SS.R. (63), Superior General of Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (Redemptorists) and Vice-President of Union of Superiors General (U.S.G.)
Campeau, Hélène, S.C.S., General Responsible of Society of Christ the Lord
Fr. Michael Czerny, S.J. (72)Czerny, Michael, S.J. (72), Undersecretary of Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development
Fr. Bruno Hamel, C.F.S.Hamel, Bruno, C.F.S., Superior General of Congregation of the Priestly Fraternity
Fr. Michael Francis Kolarcik, S.J. (67)Kolarcik, Michael Francis, S.J. (67), Rector of Pontifical Biblical Institute (Biblicum)
Kyle, John F. (75), Member of Council for the Economy
Lahey, Raymond John (77), Bishop emeritus of Antigonish (Canada)
Fr. Martin Laliberté, P.M.E.Laliberté, Martin, P.M.E., Superior General of Society of Foreign Missions
Msgr. Frank Leo, C.S.S.Leo, Frank, C.S.S., Secretary General of Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
Fr. Allen MacDonald, C.C. (51)MacDonald, Allen, C.C. (51), General Superior of Companions of the Cross
Madore, Louise, F.d.L.S., Superior General of Daughters of Wisdom
Fr. David Nazar, S.J. (65)Nazar, David, S.J. (65), Rector of Pontifical Oriental Institute
O’Neill, Hugh James, C.F.C., Superior General of Christian Brothers
Fr. Raymond Leslie O’Toole, S.F.M.O’Toole, Raymond Leslie, S.F.M., Assistant Secretary General of Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences
Fr. George Terence Smith, C.S.B. (57)Smith, George Terence, C.S.B. (57), Superior General of Congregation of Saint Basil (Basilians)
Fr. Brian Swords, S.F.M.Swords, Brian, S.F.M., Superior General of Scarboro Foreign Mission Society
Fr. Réal Tremblay, C.SS.R. (76)Tremblay, Réal, C.SS.R. (76), President of Pontifical Academy of Theology
Vanier, Jean (89), Founder of International Association of Faith and Light and Founder of International Federation of L’Arche Communities (L’Arche International)
Fr. Paul Voisin, C.R.Voisin, Paul, C.R., Superior General of Congregation of the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Resurrectionists)
Other Prelates born in Canada (17)
ChadBishop Joseph Marie Régis Belzile, O.F.M. Cap. (87)Belzile, Joseph Marie Régis, O.F.M. Cap. (87), Bishop emeritus of Moundou (Chad)
Papua New GuineaBishop Christian Blouin, C.M.M. (76)Blouin, Christian, C.M.M. (76), Bishop of Lae (Papua New Guinea)
ChadBishop Jean-Claude Bouchard, O.M.I. (77)Bouchard, Jean-Claude, O.M.I. (77), Bishop of Pala (Chad)
HondurasBishop Guy Charbonneau, P.M.E. (72)Charbonneau, Guy, P.M.E. (72), Bishop of Choluteca (Honduras) and Vice-President of Episcopal Conference of Honduras
USABishop Paul Patrick Chomnycky, O.S.B.M. (63)Chomnycky, Paul Patrick, O.S.B.M. (63) (Ukrainian Rite), Bishop of Stamford of the Ukrainians (USA)
HondurasBishop Raúl Corriveau, P.M.E. (87)Corriveau, Raúl, P.M.E. (87), Bishop emeritus of Choluteca (Honduras)
Papua New GuineaBishop Gilles Côté, S.M.M. (72)Côté, Gilles, S.M.M. (72), Bishop of Daru–Kiunga (Papua New Guinea)
Papua New GuineaBishop Gérard-Joseph Deschamps, S.M.M. (88)Deschamps, Gérard-Joseph, S.M.M. (88), Bishop emeritus of Bereina (Papua New Guinea)
USABishop Walter Allison Hurley (80)Hurley, Walter Allison (80), Bishop emeritus of Grand Rapids (USA)
ParaguayBishop Pierre Laurent Jubinville, C.S.Sp. (57)Jubinville, Pierre Laurent, C.S.Sp. (57), Bishop of San Pedro (Paraguay)
PeruBishop Juan Luis Martin Buisson, P.M.E. (83)Martin Buisson, Juan Luis, P.M.E. (83), Titular Bishop of Aquæ in Numidia and Vicar Apostolic emeritus of Pucallpa (Peru)
USABishop Mark O’Connell (53)O’Connell, Mark (53), Titular Bishop of Gigthi and Auxiliary Bishop of Boston (USA)
Bosnia and HerzegovinaArchbishop Petar Rajič (58)Rajič, Petar (58), Titular Archbishop of Sarsenterum, Apostolic Nuncio to São Tomé and Príncipe and Apostolic Nuncio to Angola
MalawiArchbishop Rémi Joseph Gustave Sainte-Marie, M. Afr. (80)Sainte-Marie, Rémi Joseph Gustave, M. Afr. (80), Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Lilongwe (Malawi)
MaltaArchbishop Charles Jude Scicluna (58)Scicluna, Charles Jude (58), Metropolitan Archbishop of Malta (Malta), President of College for the review of appeals by clergy accused of delicta graviora and President of Episcopal Conference of Malta
USAArchbishop Stefan Soroka (66)Soroka, Stefan (66) (Ukrainian Rite), Metropolitan Archbishop of Philadelphia of the Ukrainians (USA)
AustraliaBishop Peter Stasiuk, C.SS.R. (74)Stasiuk, Peter, C.SS.R. (74) (Ukrainian Rite), Bishop of Saints Peter and Paul of Melbourne of the Ukrainians (Australia)
Other Prelates related to Canada (6)
ItalyArchbishop Luigi Bonazzi (69)Bonazzi, Luigi (69), Titular Archbishop of Atella and Apostolic Nuncio to Canada
USABishop Emmanuel Hana Shaleta (61)Hana Shaleta, Emmanuel (61) (Chaldean Rite), Bishop of Saint Peter the Apostle of San Diego of the Chaldeans (USA)
USABishop Frank Y. Kalabat (47)Kalabat, Frank Y. (47) (Chaldean Rite), Bishop of Saint Thomas the Apostle of Detroit of the Chaldeans (USA)
SpainArchbishop Pedro López Quintana (64)López Quintana, Pedro (64), Titular Archbishop of Agropoli, Apostolic Nuncio to Latvia, Apostolic Nuncio to Estonia and Apostolic Nuncio to Lithuania
ItalyCardinal Paolo Romeo (80)Romeo, Paolo (80), Cardinal-Priest of S. Maria Odigitria dei Siciliani pro hac vice Title and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Palermo (Italy)
ItalyArchbishop Luigi Ventura (73)Ventura, Luigi (73), Titular Archbishop of Equilio and Apostolic Nuncio to France

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