Bishops of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bishops and Ordinaries of Bosnia and Herzegovina (12)

Cardinal (1)

Cardinal Vinko Puljić (77)Puljić, Vinko (77), Cardinal-Priest of S. Chiara a Vigna Clara and Metropolitan Archbishop emeritus of Vrhbosna (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Archbishops (3)

Archbishop Aldo Cavalli (76)Cavalli, Aldo (76), Titular Archbishop of Vibo Valentia and Apostolic Visitator to the Parish of Međugorje of Mostar–Duvno (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Archbishop Petar Rajič (63)Rajič, Petar (63), Titular Archbishop of Sarsenterum, Apostolic Nuncio to Latvia, Apostolic Nuncio to Estonia and Apostolic Nuncio to Lithuania
Archbishop Tomo Vukšić (69)Vukšić, Tomo (69), Metropolitan Archbishop of Vrhbosna (Bosnia and Herzegovina), President of Episcopal Conference of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Apostolic Administrator of the Military Ordinariate of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Bishops (8)

Bishop Nikola Nino Kekić (80)Kekić, Nikola Nino (80) (Croatian Rite), Bishop emeritus of Križevci of the Croatians (Croatia)
Bishop Franjo Komarica (77)Komarica, Franjo (77), Bishop of Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Bishop Zdenko Križić, O.C.D. (70)Križić, Zdenko, O.C.D. (70), Bishop of Gospić–Senj (Croatia)
Bishop Petar Palić (50)Palić, Petar (50), Bishop of Mostar–Duvno (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Vice-President of Episcopal Conference of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bishop Ratko Perić (79)Perić, Ratko (79), Bishop emeritus of Mostar–Duvno (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Bishop Marko Semren, O.F.M. (69)Semren, Marko, O.F.M. (69), Titular Bishop of Abaradira and Auxiliary Bishop of Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Bishop Milan Stipić (44)Stipić, Milan (44) (Croatian Rite), Bishop of Križevci of the Croatians (Croatia)
Bishop Pero Sudar (71)Sudar, Pero (71), Titular Bishop of Selia and Auxiliary Bishop emeritus of Vrhbosna (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Other Prelates born in Bosnia and Herzegovina (4)
NorwayBishop Berislav Grgić (63)Grgić, Berislav (63), Bishop-Prelate of Tromsø (Norway)
MontenegroBishop Ilija Janjić (78)Janjić, Ilija (78), Bishop emeritus of Kotor (Montenegro)
CroatiaArchbishop Dražen Kutleša (54)Kutleša, Dražen (54), Metropolitan Archbishop of Zagreb (Croatia) and President of Croatian Bishops’ Conference
CroatiaBishop Ivan Štironja (63)Štironja, Ivan (63), Bishop of Poreč i Pula (Croatia)
Other Prelates related to Bosnia and Herzegovina (6)
SpainCardinal Santos Abril y Castelló (87)Abril y Castelló, Santos (87), Cardinal-Priest of S. Ponziano pro hac vice Title, President of Commission of Cardinals overseeing the Institute for Works of Religion and Apostolic Commissioner for Institute of the Incarnate Word
IndiaArchbishop Francis Assisi Chullikatt (70)Chullikatt, Francis Assisi (70), Titular Archbishop of Ostra, Apostolic Nuncio to Montenegro and Apostolic Nuncio to Bosnia and Herzegovina
ItalyArchbishop Alessandro D’Errico (72)D’Errico, Alessandro (72), Titular Archbishop of Carini
ItalyArchbishop Giuseppe Leanza (80)Leanza, Giuseppe (80), Titular Archbishop of Lilibeo
ItalyCardinal Francesco Monterisi (88)Monterisi, Francesco (88), Cardinal-Priest of S. Paolo alla Regola pro hac vice Title and Archpriest emeritus of Papal Basilica of Saint Paul Outside-the-Walls
ItalyArchbishop Luigi Pezzuto (77)Pezzuto, Luigi (77), Titular Archbishop of Turris in Proconsulari

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