Bishops of Albania

by Name

Bishops and Ordinaries of Albania (9)

Cardinal (1)

Cardinal Ernest Simoni (91)Simoni, Ernest (91), Cardinal-Deacon of S. Maria della Scala

Archbishops (2)

Archbishop George Frendo, O.P. (73)Frendo, George, O.P. (73), Metropolitan Archbishop of Tiranë–Durrës (Albania) and President of Episcopal Conference of Albania
Archbishop Angelo Massafra, O.F.M. (70)Massafra, Angelo, O.F.M. (70), Metropolitan Archbishop of Shkodrë–Pult (Albania)

Bishops (6)

Bishop Hil Kabashi, O.F.M. (78)Kabashi, Hil, O.F.M. (78) (Albanese Rite), Titular Bishop of Turres in Byzacena and Apostolic Administrator emeritus of Southern Albania of the Albanese (Albania)
Bishop Simon Kulli (46)Kulli, Simon (46), Bishop of Sapë (Albania)
Bishop Gjergj Meta (43)Meta, Gjergj (43), Bishop of Rrëshen (Albania) and Secretary General of Episcopal Conference of Albania
Bishop Cristoforo Palmieri, C.M. (80)Palmieri, Cristoforo, C.M. (80), Bishop emeritus of Rrëshen (Albania)
Bishop Giovanni Peragine, B. (54)Peragine, Giovanni, B. (54) (Albanese Rite), Apostolic Administrator of Southern Albania of the Albanese (Albania), Titular Bishop of Phœnice and Vice-President of Episcopal Conference of Albania
Bishop Ottavio Vitale, R.C.J. (61)Vitale, Ottavio, R.C.J. (61), Bishop of Lezhë (Albania)
Other Prelates related to Albania (3)
USAArchbishop Charles John Brown (60)Brown, Charles John (60), Titular Archbishop of Aquileia and Apostolic Nuncio to Albania
KosovoBishop Dodë Gjergji (57)Gjergji, Dodë (57), Bishop of Prizren–Prishtina (Kosovo)
SpainArchbishop Ramiro Moliner Inglés (78)Moliner Inglés, Ramiro (78), Titular Archbishop of Sarda

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