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of age 74

CountryAscendingTurns 75Bishops (117)
Argentina Argentina2017.09.08Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo (74)Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, Titular Bishop of Vescovìo, Secretary of Pontifical Academy of St. Thomas Aquinas, Chancellor of Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences and Chancellor of Pontifical Academies of Sciences
2018.05.20Bishop Guillermo Rodríguez Melgarejo (74)Bishop Guillermo Rodríguez Melgarejo, Bishop of San Martín (Argentina)
2018.05.24Archbishop Héctor Rubén Aguer (74)Archbishop Héctor Rubén Aguer, Metropolitan Archbishop of La Plata (Argentina)
Australia Australia2018.07.16Bishop Peter Stasiuk, C.SS.R. (74)Bishop Peter Stasiuk, C.SS.R., Bishop of Saints Peter and Paul of Melbourne of the Ukrainians (Australia)
Austria Austria2017.10.13Bishop Andreas Laun, O.S.F.S. (74)Bishop Andreas Laun, O.S.F.S., Titular Bishop of Libertina and Auxiliary Bishop of Salzburg (Austria)
2018.01.02Abbot Bernhard Backovsky, C.R.L.A. (74)Abbot Bernhard Backovsky, C.R.L.A., Abbot General of Canons Regular of the Lateran Congregation of Austria
Benin Benin2017.08.24Bishop Barthélemy Adoukonou (74)Bishop Barthélemy Adoukonou, Titular Bishop of Zama minor and Secretary of Pontifical Council for Culture
Bolivia Bolivia2018.07.22Archbishop Jesús Juárez Párraga, S.D.B. (74)Archbishop Jesús Juárez Párraga, S.D.B., Metropolitan Archbishop of Sucre (Bolivia)
Brazil Brazil2017.07.30Bishop Caetano Ferrari, O.F.M. (74)Bishop Caetano Ferrari, O.F.M., Bishop of Bauru (Brazil)
2017.08.09Bishop José Luíz Bertanha, S.V.D. (74)Bishop José Luíz Bertanha, S.V.D., Bishop of Registro (Brazil)
2017.09.16Bishop Elói Róggia, S.A.C. (74)Bishop Elói Róggia, S.A.C., Bishop-Prelate of Borba (Brazil)
2017.09.18Bishop Mosé João Pontelo, C.S.Sp. (74)Bishop Mosé João Pontelo, C.S.Sp., Bishop of Cruzeiro do Sul (Brazil)
2017.10.12Bishop Paulo Antônio de Conto (74)Bishop Paulo Antônio de Conto, Bishop of Montenegro (Brazil)
2017.11.24Bishop Irineu Gassen, O.F.M. (74)Bishop Irineu Gassen, O.F.M., Bishop of Vacaria (Brazil)
2017.12.03Bishop Francisco Javier Del Valle Paredes (74)Bishop Francisco Javier Del Valle Paredes, Bishop of Campo Mourão (Brazil)
2018.02.23Bishop Segismundo Martínez Álvarez, S.D.B. (74)Bishop Segismundo Martínez Álvarez, S.D.B., Bishop of Corumbá (Brazil)
Cameroon Cameroon2018.07.02Archbishop Cornelius Fontem Esua (74)Archbishop Cornelius Fontem Esua, Metropolitan Archbishop of Bamenda (Cameroon)
Canada Canada2018.05.04Bishop Paul Terrio (74)Bishop Paul Terrio, Bishop of Saint-Paul (Canada)
Chile Chile2017.09.27Bishop Gonzalo Duarte García de Cortázar, SS.CC. (74)Bishop Gonzalo Duarte García de Cortázar, SS.CC., Bishop of Valparaíso (Chile)
2018.02.16Archbishop Cristián Caro Cordero (74)Archbishop Cristián Caro Cordero, Metropolitan Archbishop of Puerto Montt (Chile)
Colombia Colombia2017.09.21Bishop Oscar Aníbal Salazar Gómez (74)Bishop Oscar Aníbal Salazar Gómez, Bishop of La Dorada–Guaduas (Colombia)
2017.09.22Cardinal Jesús Rubén Salazar Gómez (74)Cardinal Jesús Rubén Salazar Gómez, Cardinal-Priest of S. Gerardo Maiella, Metropolitan Archbishop of Bogotá (Colombia) and President of Latin American Episcopal Council
2017.09.22Bishop Camilo Fernando Castrellón Pizano, S.D.B. (74)Bishop Camilo Fernando Castrellón Pizano, S.D.B., Bishop of Barrancabermeja (Colombia)
2017.11.10Bishop Fabio Suescún Mutis (74)Bishop Fabio Suescún Mutis, Military Ordinary of Colombia (Colombia)
2017.12.24Bishop Héctor Ignacio Salah Zuleta (74)Bishop Héctor Ignacio Salah Zuleta, Bishop of Riohacha (Colombia)
Congo-Brazzaville Congo-Brazzaville2017.07.28Bishop Louis Portella Mbuyu (74)Bishop Louis Portella Mbuyu, Bishop of Kinkala (Congo-Brazzaville)
Congo-Kinshasa Congo-Kinshasa2017.07.25Archbishop Jean-Pierre Tafunga Mbayo, S.D.B. (74)Archbishop Jean-Pierre Tafunga Mbayo, S.D.B., Metropolitan Archbishop of Lubumbashi (Congo-Kinshasa)
2018.03.24Bishop Nestor Ngoy Katahwa (74)Bishop Nestor Ngoy Katahwa, Bishop of Kolwezi (Congo-Kinshasa)
Costa Rica Costa Rica2017.09.16Bishop Ángel San Casimiro Fernández, O.A.R. (74)Bishop Ángel San Casimiro Fernández, O.A.R., Bishop of Alajuela (Costa Rica) and Secretary General of Episcopal Conference of Costa Rica
Croatia Croatia2018.01.17Bishop Nikola Kekić (74)Bishop Nikola Kekić, Bishop of Križevci of the Croatians (Croatia)
Czechia Czechia2018.04.26Cardinal Dominik Duka, O.P. (74)Cardinal Dominik Duka, O.P., Cardinal-Priest of Ss. Marcellino e Pietro, Metropolitan Archbishop of Praha (Czechia) and President of Czech Bishops’ Conference
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic2017.12.16Bishop Valentin Reynoso Hidalgo, M.S.C. (74)Bishop Valentin Reynoso Hidalgo, M.S.C., Titular Bishop of Mades and Auxiliary Bishop of Santiago de los Caballeros (Dominican Republic)
El Salvador El Salvador2017.09.03Cardinal Gregorio Rosa Chávez (74)Cardinal Gregorio Rosa Chávez, Cardinal-Priest of SS. Sacramento a Tor de’ Schiavi and Auxiliary Bishop of San Salvador (El Salvador)
France France2017.11.07Cardinal André Armand Vingt-Trois (74)Cardinal André Armand Vingt-Trois, Cardinal-Priest of S. Luigi dei Francesi, Metropolitan Archbishop of Paris (France) and Ordinary of France of the Eastern Rite (France)
2018.04.05Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran (74)Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, Cardinal-Priest of S. Apollinare alle Terme Neroniane-Alessandrine pro hac vice Title, President of Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue, Chamberlain of the Holy Roman Church of Apostolic Camera, Prefect of Commission for Religious Relations with Muslims and Member of Commission of Cardinals overseeing the Institute for Works of Religion
2018.05.01Archbishop Georges Paul Pontier (74)Archbishop Georges Paul Pontier, Metropolitan Archbishop of Marseille (France) and President of Bishops’ Conference of France
2018.06.18Archbishop Armand Maillard (74)Archbishop Armand Maillard, Archbishop of Bourges (France)
2018.07.05Bishop Claude-Joseph Azéma (74)Bishop Claude-Joseph Azéma, Titular Bishop of Murcona and Auxiliary Bishop of Montpellier (France)
Germany Germany2017.09.05Bishop Norbert Trelle (74)Bishop Norbert Trelle, Bishop of Hildesheim (Germany)
2018.02.15Bishop Heinz Josef Algermissen (74)Bishop Heinz Josef Algermissen, Bishop of Fulda (Germany)
2018.03.04Abbot Thomas Anton Handgrätinger, O. Praem. (74)Abbot Thomas Anton Handgrätinger, O. Praem., Abbot General of Order of the Canons Regular of Prémontré (Norbertines, Premonstratensians)
Guatemala Guatemala2018.05.09Bishop Raúl Antonio Martínez Paredes (74)Bishop Raúl Antonio Martínez Paredes, Titular Bishop of Mizigi and Auxiliary Bishop of Santiago de Guatemala (Guatemala)
Honduras Honduras2017.12.29Cardinal Óscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga, S.D.B. (74)Cardinal Óscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga, S.D.B., Cardinal-Priest of S. Maria della Speranza, Metropolitan Archbishop of Tegucigalpa (Honduras) and Coordinator of Council of Cardinals to assist in the governance of the Universal Church and to reform the Roman Curia
Hungary Hungary2018.06.01Bishop Miklós Beer (74)Bishop Miklós Beer, Bishop of Vác (Hungary)
India India2017.08.30Bishop Yvon Ambroise (74)Bishop Yvon Ambroise, Bishop of Tuticorin (India)
2017.09.23Bishop Mathew Anikuzhikattil (74)Bishop Mathew Anikuzhikattil, Bishop of Idukki of the Syro-Malabars (India)
2017.10.26Archbishop George Panikulam (74)Archbishop George Panikulam, Titular Archbishop of Caudium and Apostolic Nuncio to Uruguay
2018.04.28Bishop Arochiasamy Jude Gerald Paulraj (74)Bishop Arochiasamy Jude Gerald Paulraj, Bishop of Palayamkottai (India)
2018.06.05Archbishop Abraham Viruthakulangara (74)Archbishop Abraham Viruthakulangara, Metropolitan Archbishop of Nagpur (India)
2018.06.30Bishop Antony Devotta (74)Bishop Antony Devotta, Bishop of Tiruchirapalli (India)
Italy Italy2017.08.13Archbishop Adriano Bernardini (74)Archbishop Adriano Bernardini (裴納德), Titular Archbishop of Faleri, Apostolic Nuncio to San Marino and Apostolic Nuncio to Italy
2017.09.25Bishop Lino Pizzi (74)Bishop Lino Pizzi, Bishop of Forlì–Bertinoro (Italy)
2017.10.01Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello (74)Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello, Cardinal-Deacon of Ss. Vito, Modesto e Crescenzia, President of Governorate of the Vatican City State, President of Pontifical Commission for the Vatican City State and Member of Council of Cardinals to assist in the governance of the Universal Church and to reform the Roman Curia
2017.10.18Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi (74)Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, Cardinal-Deacon of S. Giorgio in Velabro, President of Pontifical Council for Culture and President of Pontifical Commission for Sacred Archaeology
2017.10.23Bishop Pier Giorgio Micchiardi (74)Bishop Pier Giorgio Micchiardi, Bishop of Acqui (Italy)
2017.11.16Bishop Vincenzo Manzella (74)Bishop Vincenzo Manzella, Bishop of Cefalù (Italy)
2018.01.02Archbishop Giuseppe Leanza (74)Archbishop Giuseppe Leanza, Titular Archbishop of Lilibeo and Apostolic Nuncio to Czech Republic
2018.01.14Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco (74)Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, Cardinal-Priest of Gran Madre di Dio, Metropolitan Archbishop of Genova (Italy) and President of Council of European Bishops’ Conferences
2018.02.03Cardinal Domenico Calcagno (74)Cardinal Domenico Calcagno, Cardinal-Deacon of SS. Annunciazione della Beata Vergine Maria a Via Ardeatina, President of Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See and Bishop emeritus of Savona–Noli (Italy)
2018.02.12Archbishop Giovanni Battista Pichierri (74)Archbishop Giovanni Battista Pichierri, Archbishop of Trani–Barletta–Bisceglie (Italy)
2018.03.04Bishop Gabriele Mana (74)Bishop Gabriele Mana, Bishop of Biella (Italy)
2018.03.16Archbishop Giovanni Francesco Brugnaro (74)Archbishop Giovanni Francesco Brugnaro, Archbishop of Camerino–San Severino Marche (Italy)
2018.04.10Bishop Luigi Antonio Cantafora (74)Bishop Luigi Antonio Cantafora, Bishop of Lamezia Terme (Italy)
2018.04.17Bishop Francesco Guido Ravinale (74)Bishop Francesco Guido Ravinale, Bishop of Asti (Italy)
2018.04.26Archbishop Francesco Cacucci (74)Archbishop Francesco Cacucci, Metropolitan Archbishop of Bari–Bitonto (Italy) and Pontifical Delegate for the Basilica of St. Nicholas of Bari
2018.06.02Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe (74)Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, Cardinal-Priest of Dio Padre misericordioso pro hac vice Title and Metropolitan Archbishop of Napoli (Italy)
2018.07.01Archbishop Benvenuto Italo Castellani (74)Archbishop Benvenuto Italo Castellani, Archbishop of Lucca (Italy)
Japan Japan2017.08.20Bishop Paul Kenjiro Koriyama (74)Bishop Paul Kenjiro Koriyama (パウロ郡山健次郎), Bishop of Kagoshima 鹿児島 (Japan)
Kenya Kenya2017.11.29Bishop Emmanuel Okombo Wandera (74)Bishop Emmanuel Okombo Wandera, Bishop of Kericho (Kenya)
Lebanon Lebanon2018.02.26Archbishop Chucrallah-Nabil El-Hage (74)Archbishop Chucrallah-Nabil El-Hage, Archbishop of Tyr of the Maronites (Lebanon)
Mexico Mexico2018.07.20Bishop José Luis Dibildox Martínez (74)Bishop José Luis Dibildox Martínez, Bishop of Tampico (Mexico)
Monaco Monaco2017.08.04Archbishop Bernard César Augustin Barsi (74)Archbishop Bernard César Augustin Barsi, Archbishop of Monaco (Monaco)
Myanmar Myanmar2018.05.18Archbishop Nicholas Mang Thang (74)Archbishop Nicholas Mang Thang, Metropolitan Archbishop of Mandalay (Myanmar)
Netherlands Netherlands2017.12.02Bishop Franciscus Jozef Maria Wiertz (74)Bishop Franciscus Jozef Maria Wiertz, Bishop of Roermond (Netherlands)
Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea2017.11.06Bishop William Regis Fey, O.F.M. Cap. (74)Bishop William Regis Fey, O.F.M. Cap., Bishop of Kimbe (Papua New Guinea)
2017.11.23Archbishop Francesco Panfilo, S.D.B. (74)Archbishop Francesco Panfilo, S.D.B., Metropolitan Archbishop of Rabaul (Papua New Guinea)
2018.05.14Archbishop Stephen Joseph Reichert, O.F.M. Cap. (74)Archbishop Stephen Joseph Reichert, O.F.M. Cap., Metropolitan Archbishop of Madang (Papua New Guinea) and Vice-President of Bishops’ Conference of Papua New Guinea and Soloman Islands
Peru Peru2018.01.25Bishop Daniel Thomas Turley Murphy, O.S.A. (74)Bishop Daniel Thomas Turley Murphy, O.S.A., Bishop of Chulucanas (Peru)
2018.05.05Bishop Isidro Barrio Barrio (74)Bishop Isidro Barrio Barrio, Bishop of Huancavélica (Peru)
2018.06.10Bishop Sebastián Ramis Torrens, T.O.R. (74)Bishop Sebastián Ramis Torrens, T.O.R., Bishop-Prelate of Huamachuco (Peru)
Philippines Philippines2017.08.05Archbishop Osvaldo Padilla (74)Archbishop Osvaldo Padilla, Titular Archbishop of Pia, Apostolic Nuncio to Mongolia and Apostolic Nuncio to Korea
2017.10.08Bishop Emmanuel Treveno Cabajar, C.SS.R. (74)Bishop Emmanuel Treveno Cabajar, C.SS.R., Bishop of Pagadian (Philippines)
2018.03.08Bishop Juan de Dios Mataflorida Pueblos (74)Bishop Juan de Dios Mataflorida Pueblos, Bishop of Butuan (Philippines)
2018.03.28Archbishop Antonio Javellana Ledesma, S.J. (74)Archbishop Antonio Javellana Ledesma, S.J., Metropolitan Archbishop of Cagayan de Oro (Philippines)
Poland Poland2017.11.27Archbishop Henryk Hoser, S.A.C. (74)Archbishop Henryk Hoser, S.A.C., Archbishop-Bishop of Warszawa-Praga (Poland)
Portugal Portugal2017.11.11Bishop António Maria Bessa Taipa (74)Bishop António Maria Bessa Taipa, Titular Bishop of Tabbora and Auxiliary Bishop of Porto (Portugal)
2018.04.23Bishop Amândio José Tomás (74)Bishop Amândio José Tomás, Bishop of Vila Real (Portugal)
Romania Romania2017.10.17Bishop Martin Roos (74)Bishop Martin Roos, Bishop of Timişoara (Romania)
Rwanda Rwanda2017.09.25Archbishop Thaddée Ntihinyurwa (74)Archbishop Thaddée Ntihinyurwa, Metropolitan Archbishop of Kigali (Rwanda) and Vice-President of Episcopal Conference of Rwanda
2018.04.20Bishop Servilien Nzakamwita (74)Bishop Servilien Nzakamwita, Bishop of Byumba (Rwanda)
Slovenia Slovenia2018.07.10Bishop Stanislav Lipovšek (74)Bishop Stanislav Lipovšek, Bishop of Celje (Slovenia)
South Sudan South Sudan2018.04.25Bishop Erkolano Lodu Tombe (74)Bishop Erkolano Lodu Tombe, Bishop of Yei (South Sudan)
Spain Spain2017.09.13Bishop Joaquin Maria López de Andújar y Cánovas del Castillo (74)Bishop Joaquin Maria López de Andújar y Cánovas del Castillo, Bishop of Getafe (Spain)
2018.01.03Bishop Ciriaco Benavente Mateos (74)Bishop Ciriaco Benavente Mateos, Bishop of Albacete (Spain)
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka2017.08.06Bishop Joseph Vianney Fernando (74)Bishop Joseph Vianney Fernando, Bishop of Kandy (Sri Lanka)
Syria Syria2018.02.08Archbishop Nikolaki Sawaf (74)Archbishop Nikolaki Sawaf, Archbishop of Latakia of the Greek-Melkites (Syria)
2018.03.03Archbishop Jean-Clément Jeanbart (74)Archbishop Jean-Clément Jeanbart, Metropolitan Archbishop of Aleppo of the Greek-Melkites (Syria) and Apostolic Visitor in Western Europe of the Greek-Melkites
Taiwan Taiwan2017.12.11Bishop John Baptist Tseng Chien-tsi (74)Bishop John Baptist Tseng Chien-tsi (曾建次), Titular Bishop of Sululos and Auxiliary Bishop of Hualien 花蓮 (Taiwan)
2018.05.14Bishop Bosco Lin Chi-nan (74)Bishop Bosco Lin Chi-nan (林吉男), Bishop of Tainan 臺南 (Taiwan)
Thailand Thailand2017.10.30Archbishop Louis Chamniern Santisukniran (74)Archbishop Louis Chamniern Santisukniran, Metropolitan Archbishop of Thare and Nonseng (Thailand)
Turkey Turkey2017.12.15Archbishop Lorenzo Piretto, O.P. (74)Archbishop Lorenzo Piretto, O.P., Metropolitan Archbishop of Izmir (Turkey)
Uganda Uganda2018.03.23Bishop John Baptist Kaggwa (74)Bishop John Baptist Kaggwa, Bishop of Masaka (Uganda)
USA USA2017.08.06Bishop John Walter Flesey (74)Bishop John Walter Flesey, Titular Bishop of Allegheny and Auxiliary Bishop of Newark (USA)
2017.10.08Bishop Francis Joseph Christian (74)Bishop Francis Joseph Christian, Titular Bishop of Quincy and Auxiliary Bishop of Manchester (USA)
2017.10.30Bishop Francis Joseph Kane (74)Bishop Francis Joseph Kane, Titular Bishop of Sault Sainte Marie in Michigan and Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago (USA)
2017.12.28Bishop Robert William Muench (74)Bishop Robert William Muench, Bishop of Baton Rouge (USA)
2018.01.17Bishop Thomas John Curry (74)Bishop Thomas John Curry, Titular Bishop of Ceanannus Mór and Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles (USA)
2018.02.12Bishop Richard Edmund Pates (74)Bishop Richard Edmund Pates, Bishop of Des Moines (USA)
2018.03.06Bishop Dominick John Lagonegro (74)Bishop Dominick John Lagonegro, Titular Bishop of Modruš and Auxiliary Bishop of New York (USA)
2018.04.03Bishop Armando Xavier Ochoa (74)Bishop Armando Xavier Ochoa, Bishop of Fresno (USA)
2018.04.24Bishop Shlemon Warduni (74)Bishop Shlemon Warduni, Titular Bishop of Anbar of the Chaldeans, Apostolic Administrator of Saint Peter the Apostle of San Diego of the Chaldeans (USA) and Bishop of Curia of the Chaldeans
2018.05.03Bishop John Anthony Dooher (74)Bishop John Anthony Dooher, Titular Bishop of Theveste and Auxiliary Bishop of Boston (USA)
2018.06.18Bishop Robert Joseph Cunningham (74)Bishop Robert Joseph Cunningham, Bishop of Syracuse (USA)
2018.07.10Archbishop Joseph Augustine Di Noia, O.P. (74)Archbishop Joseph Augustine Di Noia, O.P., Titular Archbishop of Oregon City and Adjunct Secretary of Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
Venezuela Venezuela2017.08.28Cardinal Jorge Liberato Urosa Savino (74)Cardinal Jorge Liberato Urosa Savino, Cardinal-Priest of S. Maria ai Monti and Metropolitan Archbishop of Caracas (Venezuela)
2018.07.13Bishop Rafael Ramón Conde Alfonzo (74)Bishop Rafael Ramón Conde Alfonzo, Bishop of Maracay (Venezuela)
Wallis and Futuna Wallis and Futuna2018.07.09Bishop Ghislain Marie Raoul Suzanne de Rasilly, S.M. (74)Bishop Ghislain Marie Raoul Suzanne de Rasilly, S.M., Bishop of Wallis et Futuna (Wallis and Futuna)

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