in a.d. 2022

Death of Saint Callixtus I (222)1800 years
Death of Saint Prix d’Auxerre (272)1750 years
Death of Saint Abibus of Edessa (322)1700 years
Birth of Saint Clodoald and Saint Alypius the Stylite of Adrianopolis (522)1500 years
Death of Saint Mauro di Verona (622)1400 years
Birth of Saint Bavo van Gent (622)1400 years
Death of Saint Máel Ruba (722)1300 years
Death of Saint Magnus von Füssen (772)1250 years
Death of Saint Pietro Vincioli (1022)1000 years
Birth of Blessed Elena Duglioli (1472)550 years
Birth of Saint Nicasius Janssen van Heeze and Saint Hieronymus van Weert (1522)500 years
Birth of Saint André de Soveral and Blessed Augustinus Ōta (1572)450 years
Birth of Blessed Pedro Ortiz de Zárate (1622)400 years
Birth of Saint Ðaminh Nguyện Văn Hạnh and Blessed Paulus Yi Guk-seung (1772)250 years
Birth of Blessed Iacobus Heo In-baek and Blessed Antonius Jeong Chan-mun (1822)200 years
Birth of Blessed Josefa Bonilla Benavides (1897)125 years
Death of Blessed Mark Gjani (1947)75 years
01.08Canonisation of Robert de Molesme (1222)800 years
01.08Death of Blessed Eurosia Fabris Barban (1932)90 years
01.09Death of Blessed Marie-Thérèse de Jésus Le Clerc (1622)400 years
01.09Birth of Saint Maria Chiara Nanetti (1872)150 years
01.09Death of Blessed Kazimierz Grelewski and Blessed Józef Pawłowski (1942)80 years
01.13Death of Blessed Emil Szramek (1942)80 years
01.16Birth of Saint Lucia Filippini (1672)350 years
01.16Birth of Blessed Paolo Manna (1872)150 years
01.16Death of Blessed Giuseppe Tovini (1897)125 years
01.17Death of Blessed Hryhorii Khomyshyn (1947)75 years
01.18Death of Blessed Facio de Cremona (1272)750 years
01.18Birth of Saint Geltrude Comensoli (1847)175 years
01.18Birth of Blessed Ángel Alonso Escribano (1897)125 years
01.18Death of Blessed Maria Teresa Fasce (1947)75 years
01.20Birth of Blessed Zygmunt Sajna (1897)125 years
01.22Death of Blessed Giuseppe Nascimbeni (1922)100 years
01.24Death of Blessed Luigj Prendushi (1947)75 years
01.24Death of Blessed Gaetana Tolomeo (1997)25 years
01.28Birth of Saint Jane Frances de Chantal (1572)450 years
01.28Death of Blessed Olimpia Bida (1952)70 years
01.29Beatification of Hildegard Burjan (2012)10 years
02.01Birth of Blessed Lluís Jové Pach (1872)150 years
02.04Birth of Blessed Valentín Gil Arribas (1897)125 years
02.05Birth of Blessed Benildo José Casademunt Ribas (1872)150 years
02.07Death of Blessed Wojciech Nierychlewski (1942)80 years
02.07Beatification of Iustus Takayama Ukon (2017)5 years
02.08Birth of Blessed Eufrasio del Niño Jesús Barredo Fernández (1897)125 years
02.08Death of Saint Josephine Margaret Bakhita (1947)75 years
02.09Death of Blessed Rinaldo (1222)800 years
02.13Birth of Saint Clelia Barbieri (1847)175 years
02.13Death of Blessed James Alfred Miller (1982)40 years
02.17Death of Blessed Edvige Carboni (1952)70 years
02.19Birth of Blessed Michał Czartoryski (1897)125 years
02.20Death of Blessed Ludwik Mzyk (1942)80 years
02.21Death of Saint Peter Damian (1072)950 years
02.23Death of Blessed Giovannina Franchi (1872)150 years
02.24Birth of Blessed Francisco Gargallo Gascón (1872)150 years
02.24Birth of Blessed José de Chauchina Casare Menéndez (1897)125 years
02.25Death of Blessed Maria Ludovica De Angelis (1962)60 years
02.27Birth of Blessed Bartolomé Caparrós García (1872)150 years
02.28Death of Blessed Tymoteusz Trojanowski (1942)80 years
02.29Death of Blessed Antonia da Firenze (1472)550 years
03.01Birth of Blessed Nicolás González Ferrer (1872)150 years
03.02Death of Saint Angela of the Cross (1932)90 years
03.03Birth of Blessed Juan Castro Luque (1872)150 years
03.04Birth of Blessed Crisanto González García (1897)125 years
03.04Death of Blessed Mieczysław Bohatkiewicz, Blessed Władysław Maćkowiak and Blessed Stanisław Pyrtek (1942)80 years
03.05Beatification of Pietro da Gubbio (1847)175 years
03.06Birth of Blessed Tomás Galipienzo Pelarda (1897)125 years
03.07Birth of Blessed Luisa de la Eucaristía Pérez Andriá (1897)125 years
03.11Birth of Blessed Constantino Malumbres Francés (1872)150 years
03.12Canonisation of Isidore the Farm Labourer, Francis Xavier, Ignatius of Loyola, Teresa of Jesus and Philip Neri (1622)400 years
03.12Death of Blessed Aniela Salawa (1922)100 years
03.13Birth of Blessed Josep Juan Salvador Garriga Ferrer (1872)150 years
03.13Death of Saint Dulce dos Pobres de Sousa Brito Lopes Pontes (1992)30 years
03.18Beatification of Josef Mayr-Nusser (2017)5 years
03.19Death of Blessed Narcyz Turchan (1942)80 years
03.20Death of Blessed Francisco de Jesús María y José Palau y Quer (1872)150 years
03.23Birth of Blessed Gaspër Suma (1897)125 years
03.24Birth of Saint Vicenta María López i Vicuña (1847)175 years
03.24Birth of Blessed Timoteu de Palafrugell Miquel Girbau and Blessed Mariano Mullerat Soldevila (1897)125 years
03.25Death of Blessed János Scheffler (1952)70 years
03.25Beatification of Martyrs in the Spanish Civil War (2017)5 years
03.28Death of Blessed Dedë Maçaj (1947)75 years
03.29Birth of Blessed María Dolores Aguiar-Mella y Díaz (1897)125 years
03.30Death of Blessed Amédée IX de Savoie (1472)550 years
03.30Birth of Blessed Juan Baldajos Pérez and Blessed Francisco Romero Ortega (1872)150 years
04.01Birth of Saint Paul Denn (1847)175 years
04.01Death of Blessed Charles of Austria (1922)100 years
04.02Death of Saint Pedro Calungsod and Blessed Diego Luis de San Vitores y Alonso (1672)350 years
04.03Birth of Blessed Eduardo del Niño Jesús Farré Masip (1897)125 years
04.03Death of Blessed Piotr Edward Dańkowski (1942)80 years
04.10Death of Blessed Bonifacy Żukowski (1942)80 years
04.11Birth of Blessed Jakob Kern (1897)125 years
04.11Death of Blessed Symforian Ducki (1942)80 years
04.13Death of Blessed Serafino Morazzone (1822)200 years
04.13Beatification of Contardo Ferrini (1947)75 years
04.14Death of Blessed Lucien Botovasoa (1947)75 years
04.14Beatification of Luigi Variara, María del Tránsito de Jesús Sacramentado and María Romero Meneses (2002)20 years
04.17Beatification of Cistercian Marytrs of Casamari (2021)1 year
04.20Death of Blessed Simone da Todi Rinalducci (1322)700 years
04.20Birth of Blessed Lorenzo Santolaria Ester (1872)150 years
04.20Birth of Blessed Edmundo Ángel Masó Llagostera (1897)125 years
04.21Birth of Saint Januarius (272)1750 years
04.21Death of Blessed Giovanni Saziari (1372)650 years
04.21Beatification of María Inés Teresa del Santísimo Sacramento (2012)10 years
04.22Death of Blessed Francesco Venimbeni (1322)700 years
04.22Beatification of Louis-Antoine-Rose Ormières (2017)5 years
04.23Birth of Saint Catherine of Ricci (1522)500 years
04.23Beatification of Bonaventura da Pistoia (1822)200 years
04.23Beatification of Marytrs of Quiché (2021)1 year
04.24Death of Saint Fidelis von Sigmaringen (1622)400 years
04.24Canonisation of Margherita da Città di Castello (2021)1 year
04.25Birth of Blessed Marco Criado (1522)500 years
04.25Proclamation of Saint Isidore of Seville as Doctor of the Church (1722)300 years
04.28Birth of Blessed Pedro Simancas Valderramas (1872)150 years
04.28Death of Saint Gianna Beretta Molla (1962)60 years
04.29Beatification of Pierre-Adrien Toulorge (2012)10 years
04.29Beatification of Giuseppe Toniolo (2012)10 years
04.29Beatification of Leopoldina Naudet (2017)5 years
04.30Death of Saint Marie de l’Incarnation Guyart (1672)350 years
04.30Birth of Blessed Marie Sainte-Cécile de Rome Bélanger (1897)125 years
04.30Beatification of José Gregorio Hernández Cisneros (2021)1 year
05Death of Blessed Francesco Querini (1372)650 years
05Birth of Blessed Thomas Khampheuane Inthirath (1952)70 years
05.01Death of Saint Pius V (1572)450 years
05.01Birth of Saint Felipe de Jesús Casas Martínez (1572)450 years
05.04Birth of Blessed Bartolomé Gelabert Pericás (1872)150 years
05.04Death of Blessed Victor Emilio Moscoso Cárdenas (1897)125 years
05.04Death of Blessed Józef Czempiel (1942)80 years
05.04Beatification of Marie-Thérèse de Jésus (1947)75 years
05.04Beatification of Florentino Asensio Barroso, Enrico Rebuschini, María de la Encarnación and Ceferino Giménez Malla (1997)25 years
05.06Birth of Blessed Juan Cuscó Oliver (1872)150 years
05.06Death of Blessed Kazimierz Witold Gostyński and Blessed Henryk Kaczorowski (1942)80 years
05.06Canonisation of Martin de Porres (1962)60 years
05.06Beatification of Martyrs of Canet de Mar (2017)5 years
05.09Beatification of Rosario Angelo Livatino (2021)1 year
05.10Birth of Saint Bernardo Tolomei (1272)750 years
05.10Canonisation of Hildegard von Bingen (2012)10 years
05.11Death of Saint Matthêô Lê Văn Gẫm (1847)175 years
05.11Birth of Blessed Josep Masquef Ferrer (1872)150 years
05.11Death of Blessed Serafin Koda (1947)75 years
05.13Canonisation of Visionaries of Fatima (2017)5 years
05.13Beatification of John Sullivan (2017)5 years
05.15Canonisation of Nicholas of Flüe (1947)75 years
05.15Beatification of Francis Mary of the Cross (2021)1 year
05.16Death of Blessed Michał Woźniak (1942)80 years
05.17Death of Blessed Ivan Ziatyk (1952)70 years
05.18Beatification of Giacomo Bianconi (1672)350 years
05.18Death of Blessed Stanisław Kubski and Blessed Marcin Oprządek (1942)80 years
05.19Canonisation of Alonso de Orozco Mena, Ignatius of Santhià, Humilis of Bisignano, Pauline of the Agonizing Heart of Jesus and Benedetta Cambiagio Frassinello (2002)20 years
05.20Death of Blessed María Crescencia Pérez (1932)90 years
05.20Death of Blessed Anastazy Pankiewicz (1942)80 years
05.22Birth of Saint Modeste Andlauer (1847)175 years
05.22Birth of Blessed Carlota of the Visitation Duque Belloso (1872)150 years
05.23Birth of Blessed Claude-François Gagnières des Granges (1722)300 years
05.23Beatification of María Ángela, Marie-Rose and Petrus Norbert Donders (1982)40 years
05.26Beatification of Martyrs of Bulgaria (2002)20 years
05.27Canonisation of Anthony Maria Zaccaria and Pierre Fourier (1897)125 years
05.27Beatification of Saint-Louis (2012)10 years
05.28Birth of Blessed Joan Codinach Espinalt (1872)150 years
05.29Beatification of Lay Martyrs of Astorga (2021)1 year
05.30Death of Blessed Marie-Céline de la Présentation Castang (1897)125 years
05.31Canonisation of Claude La Colombière (1992)30 years
06.03Beatification of Jean-Joseph (2012)10 years
06.04Birth of Blessed María Clotilde del Pilar Campos Urdiales Campos Urdiales (1897)125 years
06.04Death of Blessed Antoni Zawistowski (1942)80 years
06.06Beatification of Bernardina Jabłońska and Maria od Jezusa Ukrzyżowanego (1997)25 years
06.06Beatification of Maria Laura (2021)1 year
06.08Beatification of Paolo Burali d’Arezzo (1772)250 years
06.08Canonisation of Hedwig of Poland (1997)25 years
06.10Birth of Blessed Josefa de la Purificación Masiá Ferragud (1897)125 years
06.10Canonisation of John of Dukla (1997)25 years
06.10Beatification of Maria della Trinità (2017)5 years
06.16Canonisation of Pius of Pietrelcina (2002)20 years
06.17Beatification of Cecilia Eusepi (2012)10 years
06.20Canonisation of Crispin of Viterbo (1982)40 years
06.22Canonisation of Bernardino Realino, John de Britto and Giuseppe Cafasso (1947)75 years
06.23Birth of Saint Luigi Orione (1872)150 years
06.24Birth of Blessed Ildefonso Fernández Muñiz (1897)125 years
06.24Death of Blessed Maksymilian Binkiewicz (1942)80 years
06.24Beatification of Mariano Arciero (2012)10 years
06.25Beatification of Teofilo Matulionis (2017)5 years
06.26Birth of Blessed Nemesia Valle (1847)175 years
06.26Birth of Blessed Pablo Corres Díaz de Cerio (1897)125 years
06.29Death of Saint Vincenza Gerosa (1847)175 years
07.01Death of Blessed Jan Nepomucen Chrzan (1942)80 years
07.02Birth of Blessed Engracia Leucona y Aramburu (1897)125 years
07.04Birth of Blessed Esiquio José Margenat Puigmitjá (1897)125 years
07.04Death of Blessed Józef Kowalski (1942)80 years
07.06Canonisation of Jeanne-Élisabeth Bichier des Âges and Michel Garicoïts (1947)75 years
07.07Death of Saint Otón (1122)900 years
07.07Death of Blessed Carlo Liviero (1932)90 years
07.09Death of Saint Francisus de Roye, Saint Johannes Heer, Saint Jacobus Lacops, Saint Joannes Lenaerts, Saint Nicolaas Pieck, Saint Nicolaas Poppel, Saint Petrus van Assche, Saint Willehad van Deem, Saint Theodorus van der Eem, Saint Godfried van Duynen, Saint Nicasius Janssen van Heeze, Saint Adrianus van Hilvarenbeek, Saint Antonius van Hoornaar, Saint Godfried van Melveren, Saint Leonardus van Veghel, Saint Antonius van Weert, Saint Hieronymus van Weert, Saint Cornelius van Wijk and Saint Andreas Wouters (1572)450 years
07.09Death of Blessed Luigi Caburlotto (1897)125 years
07.09Death of Blessed Fidelis Chojnacki and Saint Pauline of the Agonizing Heart of Jesus (1942)80 years
07.10Death of Saint Amelberga van Temse (772)1250 years
07.11Death of Blessed Valeriu Traian Frenţiu (1952)70 years
07.13Birth of Blessed Justa de la Inmaculada Maiza Goicoechea (1897)125 years
07.17Birth of Blessed Odette Prévost (1932)90 years
07.20Canonisation of Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort and Catherine Labouré (1947)75 years
07.22Death of Blessed Rosalío Benito Ixchop (1982)40 years
07.23Death of Blessed Krystyn Gondek (1942)80 years
07.24Birth of Blessed María Gabriela Hinojosa y Naveros (1872)150 years
07.26Birth of Blessed Jakob Gapp (1897)125 years
07.26Death of Saint Titus Brandsma (1942)80 years
07.26Death of Saint George Preca (1962)60 years
07.30Death of Saint Leopold Mandić (1942)80 years
07.30Canonisation of Pedro de San José de Betancur (2002)20 years
07.31Death of Blessed Michał Oziębłowski (1942)80 years
07.31Canonisation of Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin (2002)20 years
08.01Death of Blessed Gerhard Hirschfelder and Blessed Aleksy Sobaszek (1942)80 years
08.01Beatification of Martyrs of Oaxaca (2002)20 years
08.02Birth of Saint Richard Pampuri (1897)125 years
08.04Death of Blessed Henryk Krzysztofik (1942)80 years
08.05Birth of Blessed María Emilia Riquelme Zayas (1847)175 years
08.05Birth of Blessed Josefa Martínez Pérez (1897)125 years
08.06Birth of Blessed Serafina de Ochovi Fernández Ibero (1872)150 years
08.07Death of Blessed Tadeusz Dulny (1942)80 years
08.09Death of Blessed Giovanni della Verna (1322)700 years
08.09Death of Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (1942)80 years
08.10Death of Blessed Augustinus Ōta (1622)400 years
08.10Death of Blessed Edward Detkens, Blessed Franciszek Drzewiecki and Blessed Edward Grzymała (1942)80 years
08.12Birth of Blessed Luigi della Consolata Bordino (1922)100 years
08.12Death of Blessed Florian Stępniak and Blessed Józef Straszewski (1942)80 years
08.15Death of Blessed Claudio Granzotto (1947)75 years
08.15Death of Blessed Armida Barelli (1952)70 years
08.17Birth of Blessed María Crescencia Pérez (1897)125 years
08.18Birth of Blessed Domingo María de Alboraya Hurtado Soler (1872)150 years
08.18Death of Saint Alberto Hurtado Hurtado (1952)70 years
08.18Beatification of Jan Wojciech Balicki, Jan Beyzym and Sancja (2002)20 years
08.19Death of Blessed Pedro Manrique de Zúñiga y Velasco, Blessed Ioachim Díaz Hirayama, Blessed Michaël Díaz Hori, Blessed Luis Flores, Blessed Laurentius Ikegami Rokusuke, Blessed Thomas Koyanagi, Blessed Iacobus Matsuo Denji, Blessed Ioannes Miyazaki Soemon, Blessed Bartholomaeus Mohyōe, Blessed Ioannes Nagata Matashichi, Blessed Paulus Sankichi, Blessed Leo Sukeemon, Blessed Marcus Takenoshita Shin’emon, Blessed Ioannes Yagō and Blessed Antonius Yamada (1622)400 years
08.20Death of Blessed Georg Häfner and Blessed Władysław Mączkowski (1942)80 years
08.20Death of Blessed Teofilo Matulionis (1962)60 years
08.21Death of Blessed Brunon Zembol (1942)80 years
08.22Death of Blessed Thomas Percy (1572)450 years
08.22Birth of Blessed Càndid Casals Sunyer (1897)125 years
08.22Beatification of Frédéric Ozanam (1997)25 years
08.24Death of Blessed Czesław Joźwiak, Blessed Edward Kaźmierski, Blessed Franciszek Kęsy, Blessed Edward Klinik and Blessed Jarogniew Wojciechowski (1942)80 years
08.24Death of Blessed Miroslav Bulešić (1947)75 years
08.26Death of Saint Teresa de Jesús Jornet Ibars (1897)125 years
08.27Birth of Blessed Mario Borzaga (1932)90 years
08.28Death of Blessed Lavrentia Harasymiv (1952)70 years
08.29Beatification of Giovanni del Bastone (1772)250 years
08.29Death of Blessed Dominik Jędrzejewski and Blessed Sancja Szymkowiak (1942)80 years
08.29Death of Saint Euphrasia of the Sacred Heart Eluvathingal (1952)70 years
09.04Death of Saint Boniface I (422)1600 years
09.04Birth of Blessed Josep María Panadés Tarré (1872)150 years
09.04Beatification of Mamerto Esquiú Medina (2021)1 year
09.05Beatification of Agostino de Fango (1872)150 years
09.05Death of Saint Teresa of Calcutta (1997)25 years
09.06Birth of Blessed Clemente Vismara (1897)125 years
09.07Birth of Blessed Daniel Brottier (1872)150 years
09.08Birth of Blessed Bartolomé Carrillo Fernández (1897)125 years
09.08Death of Blessed Adam Bargielski (1942)80 years
09.08Beatification of Jesús Emilio Jaramillo Monsalve and Pedro María Ramírez Ramos (2017)5 years
09.10Death of Blessed Thomas Akahoshi, Blessed Apollonia, Blessed Catharina, Blessed Ioannes Chūgoku, Blessed Clara, Blessed Lucia de Freitas, Blessed Alonso de Mena Navarette, Blessed Isabella Fernandes, Blessed Gundisalvus Fusai Chōzō, Blessed Antonius Hamanomachi, Blessed Ioannes Hamanomachi, Blessed Petrus Hamanomachi, Blessed Rufus Ishimoto, Blessed Ignatius Jorge-Fernandes, Blessed Bartholomaeus Kawano Shichiemon, Blessed Ludovicus Kawara Rokuemon, Blessed Sebastianus Kimura, Blessed Antonius Kyūni, Blessed Magdalena, Blessed Maria, Blessed Maria, Blessed Francisco Morales Sedeño, Blessed Maria Murayama, Blessed Paulus Nagaishi, Blessed Petrus Nagaishi, Blessed Dominicus of the Rosary Nagata Magoshichirō, Blessed Dominicus Nakano, Blessed José de San Jacinto Negro Maroto, Blessed Dominica Ogata, Blessed Antonius Ono, Blessed Clemens Ono, Blessed Jacinto Orfanell Prades, Blessed Angelo di San Vincenzo Ferrer Orsucci, Blessed Pedro de Ávila, Blessed Vicente de San José Ramírez, Blessed Alexius Sanbashi Saburō, Blessed Antonius Sanga, Blessed Petrus Sanpō, Blessed Michaël Satō Shunpō, Blessed Leo Satsuma, Blessed Thomas Shichirō, Blessed Carlo Spinola, Blessed Agnes Takeya, Blessed Paulus Tanaka, Blessed Marina Tanaura, Blessed Michaël Tanda, Blessed Damianus Tanda Yaichi, Blessed Thecla, Blessed Thomas of the Rosary, Blessed Richard de Sainte-Anne Trouvez, Blessed Dominicus Yamada and Blessed Maria Yoshida (1622)400 years
09.11Death of Blessed Petrus Kawano, Blessed Gaspar Koteda and Blessed Franciscus Takeya (1622)400 years
09.12Death of Blessed Tomás del Espíritu Santo de Zumárraga Lazcano, Blessed Franciscus of Saint Bonaventure, Blessed Apolinar Franco García, Blessed Dominicus Magoshichi, Blessed Paulus of Saint Clare and Blessed Mancius of Saint Thomas Shibata (1622)400 years
09.12Death of Blessed Maria Luisa Prosperi (1847)175 years
09.12Beatification of Stefan Wyszyński and Elżbieta od Ukrzyżowania Pana Jezusa (2021)1 year
09.14Birth of Blessed Jerzy Popiełuszko (1947)75 years
09.15Death of Blessed Camillo Giovanni Battista Costanzo (1622)400 years
09.15Death of Blessed Paolo Manna (1952)70 years
09.16Death of Saint Vital de Savigny (1122)900 years
09.16Beatification of Hroznata (1897)125 years
09.17Beatification of Antonia da Firenze and Margherita Colonna (1847)175 years
09.17Birth of Blessed María de las Nieves de la Santísima Trinidad Crespo López (1897)125 years
09.18Death of Blessed Józef Kut (1942)80 years
09.21Birth of Blessed Presentación de la Sagrada Familia Gallén Martí (1872)150 years
09.22Birth of Blessed Luis Suárez Velasco (1897)125 years
09.22Beatification of Louis Brisson (2012)10 years
09.23Beatification of Stanley Francis Rother (2017)5 years
09.26Birth of Saint Paul VI (1897)125 years
09.26Beatification of Giovanni Fornasini (2021)1 year
09.27Death of Saint Adolfo de Córdoba and Saint Juan de Córdoba (822)1200 years
09.27Beatification of Martyrs of Ireland (1992)30 years
09.27Beatification of Bartolomeo Maria Dal Monte (1997)25 years
09.29Beatification of Gabriele Allegra (2012)10 years
09.30Death of Saint Francisco de Borja (1572)450 years
09.30Death of Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus (1897)125 years
09.30Beatification of Titus Zeman (2017)5 years
10.01Death of Blessed Antoni Rewera (1942)80 years
10.02Death of Blessed Lucia, Blessed Andreas Yakichi, Blessed Franciscus Yakichi and Blessed Ludovicus Yakichi (1622)400 years
10.02Death of Blessed Maria Antonina Kratochwil (1942)80 years
10.03Beatification of Eugene III (1872)150 years
10.03Birth of Blessed Rosario Angelo Livatino (1952)70 years
10.03Beatification of Fra Angelico (1982)40 years
10.03Beatification of Martyrs of Armenia (1982)40 years
10.03Beatification of Gaetana Tolomeo and Mariantonia Samà (2021)1 year
10.04Birth of Saint Gianna Beretta Molla (1922)100 years
10.06Canonisation of Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer (2002)20 years
10.07Birth of Blessed Emiliano José Leyún Goñi (1897)125 years
10.07Proclamation of Saint Hildegard von Bingen and Saint John of Avila as Doctors of the Church (2012)10 years
10.07Beatification of Arsenio Maria da Trigolo (2017)5 years
10.09Birth of Blessed Buenaventura de Puzol Esteve Flors (1897)125 years
10.09Beatification of Maria Lorenza Longo Requenses (2021)1 year
10.10Canonisation of Maximilian Kolbe (1982)40 years
10.10Beatification of Francesco Mottola (2021)1 year
10.11Canonisation of Ezequiel Moreno y Díaz (1992)30 years
10.12Death of Blessed Roman Sitko (1942)80 years
10.12Beatification of Domenico Lentini, Elias del Socorro, Marie de Jésus and Maria Teresa (1997)25 years
10.13Beatification of 14 Martyrs of Our Lady of Snows, Czechia (2012)10 years
10.14Death of Blessed Franciszek Rosłaniec (1942)80 years
10.15Birth of Saint Colman of Cloyne (522)1500 years
10.15Death of Blessed Gonçalo de Lagos (1422)600 years
10.15Death of Blessed Władysław Miegoń (1942)80 years
10.15Canonisation of Martyrs of Natal, Brazil, Children Martyrs of Tlaxcala, Faustino de la Encarnación and Angelo d’Acri (2017)5 years
10.16Beatification of Marytrs of Cordoba (2021)1 year
10.19Proclamation of Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus as Doctor of the Church (1997)25 years
10.20Death of Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin (1922)100 years
10.20Beatification of Martyrs of Uganda, Andrea Giacinto Longhin, Marcantonio Durando, Mary of the Passion and Liduina (2002)20 years
10.21Canonisation of Jacques Berthieu, Pedro Calungsod, Giovanni Battista Piamarta, Carmen de Jesús, Marianne, Kateri Tekakwitha and Anna Schäffer (2012)10 years
10.21Beatification of Claretian Martyrs of Mas Claret (2017)5 years
10.22Birth of Blessed Vicente Rodríguez Fernández (1897)125 years
10.23Beatification of Lucia dell’Immacolata (2021)1 year
10.24Beatification of Sandra Sabattini (2021)1 year
10.25Beatification of Hospitaller Martyrs of Spain and Martyrs of Barbastro, Spain (1992)30 years
10.28Beatification of Giovanni Schiavo (2017)5 years
10.29Beatification of Michele Rua (1972)50 years
10.30Death of Blessed Stanisław Mysakowski (1942)80 years
10.30Beatification of Marytrs of Diocesan Labourer Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (2021)1 year
10.31Death of Blessed Cristoforo di Romagna (1272)750 years
10.31Death of Blessed Gjon Pantalia (1947)75 years
10.31Canonisation of Jeanne de la Croix and Marguerite Bourgeoys (1982)40 years
11.01Death of Blessed Dionisius Fujishima Jubyōe, Blessed Clemens Kyūemon, Blessed Pietro Paolo Navarro and Blessed Petrus Onizuka Sadayū (1622)400 years
11.01Birth of Saint Zygmunt Szczęsny Feliński (1822)200 years
11.01Death of Blessed Teodor Jurij Romża (1947)75 years
11.04Beatification of Rani Maria (2017)5 years
11.05Birth of Blessed Jarogniew Wojciechowski (1922)100 years
11.06Beatification of Capuchin Marytrs of Manresa (2021)1 year
11.09Beatification of Vilmos Apor and María Vicenta de Santa Dorotea (1997)25 years
11.10Birth of Blessed Manuel Requejo Pérez (1872)150 years
11.10Beatification of Maria Luisa Prosperi (2012)10 years
11.11Death of Blessed Vincentius Eugenio Bossilkoff, Blessed Pavel Džidžov, Blessed Josafat Šiškov and Blessed Kamen Vichev (1952)70 years
11.11Beatification of Martyrs of Valencia, Barcelona and Cartagena and Vincentian Martyrs in the Spanish Civil War (2017)5 years
11.14Death of Blessed Maria Merkert (1872)150 years
11.15Birth of Blessed Maddalena Caterina Morano (1847)175 years
11.16Birth of Blessed Leandro José Aloy Domenech (1872)150 years
11.17Death of Blessed Yosafat Kotsylovs’kyi (1947)75 years
11.17Beatification of María Crescencia (2012)10 years
11.18Beatification of Solanus (2017)5 years
11.20Death of Saint Bernward von Hildesheim (1022)1000 years
11.20Death of Blessed Maria Fortunata Viti (1922)100 years
11.20Beatification of Jan Franciszek Macha (2021)1 year
11.22Birth of Saint Augustin Schoeffler (1822)200 years
11.23Birth of Blessed José Calasanz Marqués (1872)150 years
11.24Beatification of Maria Troncatti (2012)10 years
11.25Beatification of Catalina de María (2017)5 years
11.26Birth of Blessed Benito María de Burriana Ferrer Jordá (1872)150 years
11.27Death of Blessed Bronisław Kostowski (1942)80 years
12.01Death of Blessed Maria Rosa di Gesù Pellesi (1972)50 years
12.02Death of Blessed Bernardin Palaj (1947)75 years
12.03Death of Blessed Jan Franciszek Macha (1942)80 years
12.05Death of Blessed Narcyz Putz (1942)80 years
12.08Death of Blessed Alojzy Liguda (1942)80 years
12.09Birth of Blessed Alfonso Guadix Fuente-Robles (1872)150 years
12.09Canonisation of Antonio Maria, Francesco Maria da Camporosso and Pierre-Julien Eymard (1962)60 years
12.11Canonisation of Saturnin de Toulouse (1897)125 years
12.11Birth of Blessed Amalia Abad Casasempere (1897)125 years
12.11Death of Blessed Kazimierz Tomasz Sykulski (1942)80 years
12.12Death of Saint Valery de Leuconay (622)1400 years
12.13Birth of Blessed Leoncio Rosell Laboria (1897)125 years
12.14Birth of Blessed Lucas de San José Tristany Pujol (1872)150 years
12.19Death of Saint Berardo di Pagliara (1122)900 years
12.19Death of Blessed Maria Ewa od Opatrzności Noiszewska and Blessed Maria Marta od Jezusa Wołowska (1942)80 years
12.21Birth of Blessed Juan Vallés Anguera (1872)150 years
12.23Death of Saint Antônio de Sant’Ana Galvão (1822)200 years
12.28Death of Saint Francis de Sales (1622)400 years
12.28Birth of Saint Marie-Amandine Jeuris (1872)150 years

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