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01.09Election of Pope Adrian VI (1522)Pope500 years
01.22Death of Pope Benedict XV (1922)Pope100 years
02.06Election of Pope Pius XI (1922)Pope100 years
02.11Establishment of the Catholic hierarchy in Russia (2002)Church Event20 years
02.12Coronation of Pope Pius XI (1922)Pope100 years
02.27Birth of Constantine the Great (272)Person1750 years
02.28Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI (2013)Pope9 years
03.10Establishment of the Catholic hierarchy in Korea (1962)Church Event60 years
03.13Election of Pope Francis (2013)Pope9 years
03.19Installation of Pope Francis (2013)Pope9 years
03.25Encyclical Redemptoris Mater (1987)Papal Document35 years
04.12Apparition of Our Lady of the Revelation (1947)Marian Apparition75 years
05.01Death of Pope Pius V (1572)Pope450 years
05.13Election of Pope Gregory XIII (1572)Pope450 years
05.20Establishment of the Pontifical Council for Culture (1982)Church Event40 years
05.24Declaration of independence of Ecuador (1822)World Event200 years
05.28Episcopal consecration of Pope Benedict XVI (1977)Pope45 years
06.11Reconsecration of Poland to the Sacred Heart of Jesus (2021)Church Event1 year
06.18Start of the Russo-Persian War (1722)World Event300 years
06.22Establishment of Propaganda Fide (1622)Church Event400 years
06.27Creation of Joseph Ratzinger as Cardinal (1977)Pope45 years
06.27Episcopal consecration of Jorge Bergoglio (1992)Pope30 years
07.01Founding of the first diocese in Paraguay (1547)Church Event475 years
07.07Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum (2007)Papal Document15 years
08.15Establishment of India (1947)World Event75 years
09.07Declaration of independence of Brazil (1822)World Event200 years
09.26Birth of Pope Paul VI (1897)Pope125 years
10.03Miracle of Ocotlán (1847)Church Event175 years
10.11Opening of the Second Vatican Council (1962)Ecumenical Council60 years
11.29First Apparition of Our Lady of Beauraing (1932)Marian Apparition90 years

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