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Establishment of the Catholic hierarchy in Angola (1596)Church Event425 years
01.03Excommunication of Martin Luther (1521)Church Event500 years
01.03Establishment of the Catholic hierarchy in Indonesia (1961)Church Event60 years
01.11Establishment of the Catholic hierarchy in South Africa (1951)Church Event70 years
01.28Death of Pope Paul V (1621)Pope400 years
02.09Election of Pope Gregory XV (1621)Pope400 years
02.12Founding of the Vatican Radio (1931)Church Event90 years
02.21Creation of Jorge Bergoglio as Cardinal (2001)Pope20 years
02.28Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI (2013)Pope8 years
03.11Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami (2011)World Event10 years
03.13Election of Pope Francis (2013)Pope8 years
03.17Arriving of Ferdinand Magellan at Cebu (1521)World Event500 years
03.19Death of Pope Clement XI (1721)Pope300 years
03.19Installation of Pope Francis (2013)Pope8 years
03.29Rededication of England as the Dowry of Mary (2020)Church Event1 year
04.11Establishment of the Catholic hierarchy in China (1946)Church Event75 years
04.12First Man in Space (1961)World Event60 years
05.01Rededication of USA and Canada to Mary, Mother of the Church (2020)Church Event1 year
05.01Dedication of Italy to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (2020)Church Event1 year
05.08Election of Pope Innocent XIII (1721)Pope300 years
05.09Establishment of the Pontifical Council for the Family (1981)Church Event40 years
05.13Attempted Assassination of Pope John Paul II (1981)World Event40 years
06.01Death of Pope Gregory XVI (1846)Pope175 years
06.16Election of Pope Pius IX (1846)Pope175 years
06.25Indepdence of Croatia (1991)World Event30 years
06.29Sacerdotal Ordination of Pope Benedict XVI (1951)Pope70 years
07.26Murder of Fr. Jacques Hamel in Rouen (2016)World Event5 years
09.07Founding of the Legion of Mary (1921)Church Event100 years
09.11September 11 attacks (2001)World Event20 years
09.14Death of Dante (1321)Person700 years
09.19Apparition of Our Lady of La Salette (1846)Marian Apparition175 years
09.23Discovery of Nepture (1846)World Event175 years
10.07Defeat of the Ottoman Turks in the Battle of Lepanto (1571)World Event450 years
11.01Sacerdotal Ordination of Pope John Paul II (1946)Pope75 years
11.25Death of Fidel Castro (2016)World Event5 years
11.28First Apparition of Our Lady of Kibeho (1981)Marian Apparition40 years
12.01Death of Pope Leo X (1521)Pope500 years
12.07Attack on Pearl Harbor (1941)World Event80 years
12.26Dissolution of the Soviet Union (1991)World Event30 years

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