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Papal SpeechesAuthorTypeDateDescending
To participants in a Meeting promoted by the Families of the Most Precious Blood English Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.06.30
Blessing of Pallia and Mass with the new Cardinals and new Metropolitan Archbishops English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)


Pope FrancisHomily2018.06.29
To the Italian Swimming Federation English Italiano (Italian)


Pope FrancisSpeech2018.06.28
To the delegation of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople English Italiano (Italian)

 Orthodox Church 

Pope FrancisSpeech2018.06.28
Ordinary Public Consistory for the creation of new Cardinals English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisHomily2018.06.28
To participants in the Plenary Assembly of the Pontifical Academy for Life English español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.06.25
To members of the Gravissimum Educationis Foundation English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.06.25
To the delegation of the Emouna Fraternité Alumni English français (French) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.06.23
To the delegation from the Organization of African Instituted Churches English Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.06.23
To the participants at the General Chapter of the Society of the Divine Word (Verbites) español (Spanish)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.06.22
To the participants of the Reunion of Aid Agencies for the Oriental Churches (ROACO) English Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.06.22
Press Conference on the return flight (Papal flight) English français (French) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.06.21
Ecumenical meeting in the WCC Ecumenical Centre English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.06.21
Ecumenical prayer in the WCC Ecumenical Centre English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.06.21
Greeting to journalists on the flight to Geneva (Papal flight) English español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.06.21
Mass in the Palexpo (Geneva) English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisHomily2018.06.21
To the delegation of the Forum of Family Associations English español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.06.16
To the Theatine Sisters of the Immaculate Conception English Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.06.16
To participants at the National Convention of the Italian Masters of Labour Federation English Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.06.15
To participants at the Astrophysics Summer School hosted by the Vatican Observatory English Italiano (Italian)


Pope FrancisSpeech2018.06.14
To children participating in the “Children's Train” initiative organized by the Pontifical Council for Culture English Italiano (Italian)


Pope FrancisSpeech2018.06.09
To participants at the Meeting for Executives of the main Companies in the oil and natural gas sectors, and other energy related businesses English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.06.09
To the delegation of the Biagio Agnes International Journalism Award Italiano (Italian)


Pope FrancisSpeech2018.06.04
To the delegation of the German Evangelical Lutheran Church Italiano (Italian)

 Lutheran Church 

Pope FrancisSpeech2018.06.04
Mass on the Solemnity of Corpus Christi English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisHomily2018.06.03
To members of the Italian Union for the Fight against Muscular Dystrophy (UILDM) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.06.02
To the National Directors of the Pontifical Mission Societies English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.06.01
To the delegation of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Moscow English Italiano (Italian)

 Russian Orthodox Church 

Pope FrancisSpeech2018.05.30
To the World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations (FIAMC) English Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.05.28
To members of the Centesimus Annus - Pro Pontifice Foundation English Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.05.26
To management and staff of the Rome Police Headquarters and of the Central Health Department English Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.05.25
To the General Assembly of the Italian Bishops Conference English español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.05.21
Mass on the Solemnity of Pentecost English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisHomily2018.05.20
Presentation of credential letters by the Ambassadors of Tanzania, Lesotho, Pakistan, Mongolia, Denmark, Ethiopia, and Finland accredited to the Holy See English Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.05.17
To a Buddhist delegation from Thailand English français (French) Italiano (Italian)


Pope FrancisSpeech2018.05.16
To a delegation of the Dharmic Religions English français (French) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.05.16
Meeting with the Diocese of Rome English Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.05.14
To members of St. Peter's Circle español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.05.12
To the delegates of the Association 'Logia' from Belgium español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.05.12
To the Metropolitan of the Orthodox Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia, Archbishop of Prešov Italiano (Italian)

 Orthodox Church 

Pope FrancisSpeech2018.05.11
Meeting with the Community of the Focolare Movement (Parvis of the Mary Theotokos Shrine) English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.05.10
Meeting with the Members of the Community founded by Don Zeno Saltini English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.05.10
Meeting of the Neocatechumenal Way in the Roman neighbourhood of Tor Vergata, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the“Way in Rome English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.05.05
To the Pontifical Swiss Guard English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.05.04
To participants in the Conference organized by the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.05.04
To management and staff of the newspaper Avvenire, with their Families English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.05.01
To Members of the Association 'Una vita rara' English Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.04.30
To participants at the International Conference organized by the Pontifical Council for Culture English español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.04.28
To participants at the General Chapter of the Brothers of the Christian Instruction of Saint Gabriel and the members of the Montfort Family English français (French) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisSpeech2018.04.27
Mass with priestly ordinations English español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisHomily2018.04.22
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