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For the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisMessage2018.09.01
For the upcoming Apostolic Journey to Ireland English français (French) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisMessage2018.08.21
To the People of God English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)

 sexual abuse 

Pope FrancisLetter2018.08.20
For the 39th Meeting for Friendship among Peoples (Rimini) English Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisMessage2018.08.19
For the 450th anniversary of the death of St. Stanislaus Kostka English Italiano (Italian)


Pope FrancisMessage2018.08.15
To the President of the World Christian Life Community English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisMessage2018.07.29
For the triennial Youth Assembly organized by the Antilles Episcopal Conference English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisMessage2018.07.15
For the 3rd International Conference of Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church English español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisMessage2018.07.11
For the XXXV General Chapter of the Society of Mary (Marianist Family) español (Spanish)Pope FrancisMessage2018.07.08
For the 800th Anniversary of the Diocese of Graz-SeckauPope FrancisMessage2018.06.24
For the 200th Anniversary Celebration of the evangelization of North-West Canada following the arrival of Fr Norbert Provencher and his missionary companions to the present-day Archdiocese of Saint-Boniface latine (Latin)


Pope FrancisLetter2018.06.21
For the celebration of the Fifth American Missionary Congress (CAM5) latine (Latin)Pope FrancisLetter2018.06.20
For the “Meal of Encounter” in the “Saint John Paul II” Caritas soup kitchen in Via Marsala, Rome English Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisMessage2018.06.19
For the 2nd Holy See–Mexico Conference on International Migration English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)


Pope FrancisMessage2018.06.14
World Day of the Poor 2018: This poor man cried and the Lord heard him English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)


Pope FrancisMessage2018.06.13
To the Prefect of the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life to mark the publication of the new document of the Dicastery: Giving the best of yourself. The Christian perspective on sport and the human person English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)


Pope FrancisLetter2018.06.01
To the People of God in Chile español (Spanish)


Pope FrancisLetter2018.05.31
For the International Ecological Symposium “Toward a Greener Attica. Preserving the Planet and Protecting its People” EnglishPope FrancisMessage2018.05.28
To the Pontifical Mission Societies Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisMessage2018.05.28
For the 2nd National Youth Meeting in Rosario (Santa Fe, Argentina) English español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisMessage2018.05.26
For 'The Grand Assembly' diocesan meeting on the theme Mission is our vocation (Pontoise) English Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisMessage2018.05.20
For the 1050th anniversary of the first episcopal see in Poland latine (Latin)Pope FrancisLetter2018.05.18
To the Bishops of Chile English español (Spanish)


Pope FrancisLetter2018.05.17
For the International Marian Vigil with young people at the new Shrine of St Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows (Teramo) español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisMessage2018.05.12
For the millennial celebration of the founding of Buckfast Abbey latine (Latin)Pope FrancisLetter2018.05.07
To the participants in the international forum on modern slavery (Buenos Aires) English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)


Pope FrancisMessage2018.05.07
To the Special Delegate at the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisLetter2018.05.02
For the 101st German Catholic Convention “Katholikentag” (Münster) español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisMessage2018.05.01
For the 7th centenary of the consecration of the Shrine of “Our Lady of Social Justice and Love” (Piekary Śląskie) latine (Latin)Pope FrancisLetter2018.04.23
To the participants in the meeting of heads of youth pastoral ministry in Cuba English español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian)


Pope FrancisMessage2018.04.21
For the 94th National Day for the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisLetter2018.04.15
For the 6th centenary of the primatial institution in Poland latine (Latin)Pope FrancisLetter2018.04.08
To the Bishops of Chile following the report of Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna English español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian)


Pope FrancisLetter2018.04.08
Urbi et Orbi Message for Easter Sunday 2018 English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)


Pope FrancisMessage2018.04.01
For the 33rd World Youth Day (2018) English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)


Pope FrancisMessage2018.02.11
For the 5th centenary of the ReformationPope FrancisLetter2018.01.31
For the Fraternity Campaign 2018 promoted by the Brazilian Church Italiano (Italian)


Pope FrancisMessage2018.01.27
For the inauguration of the “Gaudium et spes” Chair of the Pontifical John Paul II Theological Institute for Marriage and Family Sciences English Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisLetter2018.01.25
For the 52nd World Communications Day (2018): Fake news and journalism for peace English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)


Pope FrancisMessage2018.01.24
For the annual gathering in Davos-Klosters English español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisMessage2018.01.12
For the International Conference in support of Jerusalem English español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisLetter2018.01.10
For the upcoming Apostolic Journey to Peru English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)


Pope FrancisMessage2018.01.09
Urbi et Orbi Message for Christmas 2017 English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)


Pope FrancisMessage2017.12.25
For the 22nd Public Session of the Pontifical Academies Italiano (Italian)


Pope FrancisMessage2017.12.05
For the 55th World Day for Vocations (2018) English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)


Pope FrancisMessage2017.12.03
To the participants in the Conference on Catholic Laypeople engaged in politics (Bogotà) español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian)


Pope FrancisMessage2017.12.01
For the 26th World Day of the Sick (2018) English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)


Pope FrancisMessage2017.11.26
For the 7th Festival of the Social Doctrine of the Church (Verona) Italiano (Italian)Pope FrancisMessage2017.11.23
For the 9th centenary of the arrival of the Icon of Our Lady of Madia in Monopoli latine (Latin)Pope FrancisLetter2017.11.21
For the Apostolic Journey to Bangladesh español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian)


Pope FrancisMessage2017.11.21
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