Documents and Speeches by Year

a.d. 1960 – 1962

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De Pontificio Consilio Ecclesiasticis Italiæ Tabularis curandis Italiano (Italian)
Establishing the organization of the Ecclesiastical Archives in Italy and issuing the Statute of their Pontifical Commission
Motu ProprioSaint Pope John XXIII1960.02.29
Superno Dei español (Spanish) latine (Latin)
Establishing Preparatory Commissions for the Second Vatican Council

 ecumenism   Vatican II 

Motu ProprioSaint Pope John XXIII1960.06.05
Inde a primis
On the Cult of the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ


Apostolic LetterSaint Pope John XXIII1960.06.30
Rubicarium instructum
Approving the new Roman Breviary

 divine office   liturgy 

Motu ProprioSaint Pope John XXIII1960.07.25
Breviarium Romanum
editio iuxta typica

 divine office   liturgy 

Liturgical BookSacred Congregation of Rites1960.07.26
La Bible de Jérusalem français (French)
Jerusalem Bible in French


Ad suburbicarias diœceses latine (Latin)
Reserving for the pope the right to make the appointment to suburbicarian sees


Motu ProprioSaint Pope John XXIII1961.03.10
Le voci che da tuttiApostolic LetterSaint Pope John XXIII1961.03.19
Mater et Magistra / Mother and Teacher English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
On Christianity and social progress


EncyclicalSaint Pope John XXIII1961.05.15
For peace (1961) English


MessageSaint Pope John XXIII1961.09.08
Il religioso convegnoApostolic LetterSaint Pope John XXIII1961.09.29
Æterna Dei sapientia / God’s Eternal Wisdom English español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
For the 15th centenary of the death of St. Leo I: The See of Peter as the centre of Christian unity


EncyclicalSaint Pope John XXIII1961.11.11
Humanæ salutis Italiano (Italian)
Convocating the Second Vatican Council

 Vatican II 

Apostolic ConstitutionSaint Pope John XXIII1961.12.25
Sacræ Laudis español (Spanish) latine (Latin)
Asking for prayer for the approaching Council

 divine office   Vatican II 

Apostolic ExhortationSaint Pope John XXIII1962.01.06
Consilium Italiano (Italian)
Defining the day of opening of the Second Vatican Council

 Vatican II 

Motu ProprioSaint Pope John XXIII1962.02.02
Veterum Sapientia latine (Latin)
Establishing the 'Latinitas' Foundation


Apostolic ConstitutionSaint Pope John XXIII1962.02.22
Pontificale Romanum (1962)
editio typica

 liturgy   Mass 

Liturgical BookSacred Congregation of Rites1962.02.28
Crimen Sollicitationis English
On canonical cases and laicization of presbyters involved in pedophilia


InstructionSupreme Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office1962.03.16
Suburbicariis sedibus latine (Latin)
Decreeing that the 6 cardinal bishops would have no ordinary jurisdiction over the suburbicurian sees

 cardinal   diocese 

Motu ProprioSaint Pope John XXIII1962.04.11
Missale Romanum (1962) English español (Spanish)

 liturgy   Mass 

Liturgical BookSacred Congregation of Rites1962.04.11
Cum gravissima latine (Latin)
Decreeing that all cardinals should receive episcopal consecration


Motu ProprioSaint Pope John XXIII1962.04.15
Œcumenicum Concilium
For prayer for the Second Vatican Council

 Vatican II 

Apostolic LetterSaint Pope John XXIII1962.04.28
Pænitentiam agere / Doing Penance English español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
On the need for the practice of interior and exterior penance

 fasting   penance 

EncyclicalSaint Pope John XXIII1962.07.01
Appropinquante Concilio latine (Latin)
Promulgating the rules governing the procedure for the Second Vatican Council

 Vatican II 

Motu ProprioSaint Pope John XXIII1962.08.06
Summi Pontificis electio latine (Latin)
Decreeing that the majority required for the election of a new pope was to be two-thirds plus one only if the number of cardinals could not be divided by three

 cardinal   conclave   pope 

Motu ProprioSaint Pope John XXIII1962.09.05
Templorum Decus latine (Latin)
On honorary canons of major basilicas


Motu ProprioSaint Pope John XXIII1962.09.11
Fidei propagandæ latine (Latin)
Honouring the Pontifical Urbaniana Athenaeum with the title of University
Motu ProprioSaint Pope John XXIII1962.10.01

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