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a.d. 1955 – 1959

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Cum nostra English
On reducing rubrics to a simpler form

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DecreeSacred Congregation of Rites1955.03.23
Au moment Italiano (Italian)
Address to members of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences


SpeechPope Pius XII1955.04.24
Ci torna sommamente Italiano (Italian)
Address to representatives of the world of cinematography gathered in Rome


SpeechPope Pius XII1955.06.21
Vous avez voulu español (Spanish)
Address to participants in the 10th International Congress of Historical Sciences


SpeechPope Pius XII1955.09.07
Con la più viva
Radio message on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the discovery of Radiotelegraphy by Guglielmo Marconi


MessagePope Pius XII1955.10.11
En vous souhaitant Italiano (Italian)
Address to the General Assembly of the European Union of Broadcasting in Rome


SpeechPope Pius XII1955.10.21
Nel dare Italiano (Italian)
Address to workers in the field of cinematography participating in the International Congress in Rome


SpeechPope Pius XII1955.10.28
To cadets of the Naval Military Academy of Spain español (Spanish)

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SpeechPope Pius XII1955.11.17
Missale Romanum (1955)
editio VII iuxta typicam

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Liturgical BookSacred Congregation of Rites1955.11.30
Biblical Assocations and Biblical Conventions


DocumentPontifical Commission for Biblical Studies1955.12.15
Col cuore aperto Italiano (Italian)
Radio message to the whole world for Christmas
MessagePope Pius XII1955.12.24
Musicæ sacræ / Sacred Music English español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
On sacred music

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EncyclicalPope Pius XII1955.12.25
Missale Romanum (1956)
editio VIII iuxta typicam

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Liturgical BookSacred Congregation of Rites1956.01.01
Address on moral and religious dictates concerning natural painless childbirth español (Spanish)


SpeechPope Pius XII1956.01.08
Inter cœtera français (French)


InstructionSacred Congregation of Religious1956.03.25
Haurietis aquas English español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
On the devotion of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

 Sacred Heart 

EncyclicalPope Pius XII1956.05.15
Vous nous avez español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian)
Address to participants of the Second World Congress on fertility and sterility


SpeechPope Pius XII1956.05.19
Dum mærenti animo Italiano (Italian)
On the Persecuted Church in Eastern Europe


Apostolic LetterPope Pius XII1956.06.29
Martyrologium Romanum (1956)
editio quarta post typicam

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Liturgical BookSacred Congregation of Rites1956.07.19
Luctuosissimi eventus / Sorrowful Events English Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
On urging public prayers for peace and freedom for the people of Hungary

 Hungary   peace 

EncyclicalPope Pius XII1956.10.28
Lætamur admodum English Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
On renewing exhortation for prayers for peace for Poland, Hungary and the Middle East

 Hungary   peace   Poland 

EncyclicalPope Pius XII1956.11.01
Datis nuperrime English Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
On lamenting the sorrowful events in Hungary and condemning the ruthless use of force

 Hungary   peace 

EncyclicalPope Pius XII1956.11.05
Radio message to the Magyar people Italiano (Italian)


MessagePope Pius XII1956.11.10
Radio message to participants in the 2nd National Eucharistic Congress of the Philippine Islands English español (Spanish)

 Eucharistic Congress   Philippines 

MessagePope Pius XII1956.12.02
Proclaiming St. Claire as Patroness Saint of Television français (French)

 communication   saint   television 

Apostolic LetterPope Pius XII1957.02.14
Sacram Communionem / Holy Communion English
Extending permissions granted by the Apostolic Constitution ’Christus Dominus’


Motu ProprioPope Pius XII1957.03.19
Fidei donum English español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
On the present condition of the Catholic missions, especially in Africa

 Africa   mission 

EncyclicalPope Pius XII1957.04.21
Invicti athletæ English Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
On St. Andrew Bobola


EncyclicalPope Pius XII1957.05.16
Pilgrimage to Lourdes / Le Pèlerinage de Lourdes English français (French) Italiano (Italian)
On warning against materialism on the centenary of the apparitions of Lourdes

 Lourdes   Mary 

EncyclicalPope Pius XII1957.07.02
Miranda prorsus English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
On cinemas, radios and televisions

 communication   radio   television 

EncyclicalPope Pius XII1957.09.08
To the Institute of Women Catechists español (Spanish)


SpeechPope Pius XII1957.10.17
Ad Apostolorum Principis / At the Tomb of the Prince of the Apostles / 《宗徒之長》通諭 English Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
On communism and the Church in China

 China   communism 

EncyclicalPope Pius XII1958.06.29
Meminisse iuvat English Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
On prayers for the persecuted Church


EncyclicalPope Pius XII1958.07.14
Radio message to participants in the First World Conference on Health Care español (Spanish)


SpeechPope Pius XII1958.07.27
De musica sacra English
On Sacred Music and Sacred Liturgy

 liturgy   music 

InstructionSacred Congregation of Rites1958.09.03
On accepting the supreme mandate latine (Latin)SpeechSaint Pope John XXIII1958.10.28
To the Sacred College of Cardinals giving tribute to the new Pontiff latine (Latin)SpeechSaint Pope John XXIII1958.11.04
Mass for the coronation of Pope John XXIII latine (Latin)HomilySaint Pope John XXIII1958.11.04
Mass for the Possession of the Chair of the Bishop of Rome Italiano (Italian)HomilySaint Pope John XXIII1958.11.23
Boni Pastoris / Good Shepherd English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)
Establishing the Pontifical Commission for Motion Pictures, Radio and Television

 communication   radio   Roman Curia   television 

Motu ProprioSaint Pope John XXIII1959.02.22
On ’ad Limina’ visits of Military Vicars


DecreeSacred Consistorial Congregation1959.02.28
A quarantacinque anni Italiano (Italian)Apostolic ExhortationSaint Pope John XXIII1959.04.21
Cum inde latine (Latin)
Honouring the Pontifical Lateran Athenaeum with the title of University
Motu ProprioSaint Pope John XXIII1959.05.17
Ad Petri Cathedram / To the Chair of Peter English español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
On promoting under the impulse of charity, truth, unity and peace


EncyclicalSaint Pope John XXIII1959.06.29
Sacerdotii nostri primordia / First Days of Our Priesthood English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
On St. John Vianney

 priest   saint 

EncyclicalSaint Pope John XXIII1959.08.01
Grata recordatio / Plesant Recollections English español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
On the rosary: prayer for the Church, missions, international and social problems

 rosary   social 

EncyclicalSaint Pope John XXIII1959.09.26
Statute of the Vatican Film-Library English español (Spanish) français (French)DocumentPontifical Commission for the Cinema, Radio and Television1959.11.16
Princeps pastorum / The Prince of the Shepherds English español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
On the missions, native clergy and lay participation


EncyclicalSaint Pope John XXIII1959.11.28
Maiora in Dies español (Spanish) latine (Latin)
Honouring the International Marian Academy with the title of Pontifical
Motu ProprioSaint Pope John XXIII1959.12.08

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