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a.d. 1930 – 1939

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Ci Commuovono Italiano (Italian)
Chirograph for the violence in Russia


LetterPope Pius XI1930.02.02
Già da qualche tempo latine (Latin)
For the establishment of the Historical Section in the Sacred Congregation of Rites
Motu ProprioPope Pius XI1930.02.06
Con grande Nostra Italiano (Italian)
On the institution of a Commission conferring academic degrees in sacred disciplines
LetterPope Pius XI1930.02.06
Si compie oggi Italiano (Italian)
To the Secretary of State on the occasion of his dismissals
LetterPope Pius XI1930.02.07
Avendo Noi creduto Italiano (Italian)
Appointing the new Secretary of State
LetterPope Pius XI1930.02.07
Ad salutem English
On the 15th centenary of St. Augustine


EncyclicalPope Pius XI1930.04.30
On the right of precedence of the cardinals in both the ecclesiastical and civil hierarchies


InstructionSacred Congregation of Ceremonies1930.12.08
Casti connubii English español (Spanish) français (French)
On Christian marriage


EncyclicalPope Pius XI1930.12.31
Qui arcano Dei Italiano (Italian)
First radio message to the people of the world


MessagePope Pius XI1931.02.12
Chirograph on Italian Catholic Action Italiano (Italian)LetterPope Pius XI1931.04.26
Quadragesimo Anno English español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian)
On Reconstruction of the Social Order, for the 40th anniversary of Rerum Novarum


EncyclicalPope Pius XI1931.05.15
Deus Scientiarum Dominus español (Spanish)
On universities and faculties of ecclesiastical schools

 education   seminary 

Apostolic ConstitutionPope Pius XI1931.05.24
Non Abbiamo Bisogno English
On Catholic Action in Italy, fascism


EncyclicalPope Pius XI1931.06.29
Nova impendet English
On the economic crisis


EncyclicalPope Pius XI1931.10.02
Religiosorum institutio English
On the careful selection and training of candidates for the states of perfection and sacred orders

 religious   seminary 

InstructionSacred Congregation of Religious1931.12.01
Lux veritatis English
For the 15th centenary of the Council of Ephesus
EncyclicalPope Pius XI1931.12.25
Caritate Christi compulsi English
On the Sacred Heart of Jesus

 Sacred Heart 

EncyclicalPope Pius XI1932.05.03
Al fine
Law for the Tribunal of the Vatican City State

 Vatican City 

Motu ProprioPope Pius XI1932.09.21
Acerba Animi English
On the persecution of the Church in Mexico


EncyclicalPope Pius XI1932.09.29
Abbiamo poco Italiano (Italian)
On the occasion of the inauguration of the Vatican Art Gallery


SpeechPope Pius XI1932.10.27
Læto iucundoque latine (Latin)LetterPope Pius XI1933.01.01
Quod nuper
Proclaiming the Jubilee of 1933


BullPope Pius XI1933.01.06
Dilectissima nobis English
On the oppression of the Church of Spain


EncyclicalPope Pius XI1933.06.03
Index Sedium Titularium Archiepiscopalium et Episcopalium
Index of Archiepiscopal and episcopal titular sees


DocumentSacred Consistorial Congregation1933.06.29
Guida delle Missioni Cattoliche, 1934
1st edition


DirectorySacred Congregation of the Propagation of the Faith1934
Geminata Lætitia Italiano (Italian)
Decretal letter for the canonization of John Bosco


LetterPope Pius XI1934.04.01
Suavis agitata latine (Latin)
On the canonization of Sts. John Fisher and Thomas More


Apostolic LetterPope Pius XI1935.05.19
On the lack of priests in Brazil Italiano (Italian)


LetterPope Pius XI1935.10.27
Ad Catholici sacerdotii English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)
On the Catholic priesthood


EncyclicalPope Pius XI1935.12.20
Siamo ancora Italiano (Italian)
On the occasion of the inauguration of the World Exhibit of the Catholic Press
SpeechPope Pius XI1936.05.12
Vigilanti cura English français (French) Italiano (Italian)
On motion pictures

 communication   movie 

EncyclicalPope Pius XI1936.06.29
La vostra presenza Italiano (Italian)
To Spanish refugees

 refugee   Spain 

SpeechPope Pius XI1936.09.14
In multis solaciis Italiano (Italian) latine (Latin)
For the re-organization of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences


Motu ProprioPope Pius XI1936.10.28
Mit Brennender Sorge English Italiano (Italian)
On Nazism, the Church and the German Reich

 communism   Germany   social 

EncyclicalPope Pius XI1937.03.14
Divini Redemptoris English français (French)
On atheistic communism


EncyclicalPope Pius XI1937.03.19
Nos Es Muy Conocida English
On the religious situation in Mexico


EncyclicalPope Pius XI1937.03.28
Chirograph reserving to himself the Prefecture of the Sacred Congregation of Seminaries and Universities Italiano (Italian)

 Roman Curia 

LetterPope Pius XI1937.09.03
Chirograph on the temporary appointment of the Protector of the Pontifical Academy of Ecclesiastical Nobles Italiano (Italian)LetterPope Pius XI1937.09.08
Ingravescentibus malis English
On the rosary

 Mary   rosary 

EncyclicalPope Pius XI1937.09.29
Audite populi de longe Italiano (Italian)
Radio message to Catholics in India on the occasion of the first Eucharistic National Congress

 Eucharistic Congress   India 

MessagePope Pius XI1937.12.31
Dum datur nobis Italiano (Italian)
Radio message to participants of the 24th International Eucharistic Congress of Budapest

 Eucharistic Congress   Hungary 

MessagePope Pius XI1938.05.29
Hac sollemni hora Italiano (Italian)
Radio message to participants of the National Eucharistic Congress of Canada

 Canada   Eucharistic Congress 

MessagePope Pius XI1938.06.26
Mentre milioni Italiano (Italian)
Radio message to the faithful of the world on the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel
MessagePope Pius XI1938.09.29
Dum Christus Dominus Italiano (Italian)
Radio message to participants of the 8th Eucharistic Congress of the United States of America

 Eucharistic Congress 

MessagePope Pius XI1938.10.18
Con grande, profondo Italiano (Italian)
Christmas address to Cardinals of the Sacred College for the exchange of Christmas wishes

 Roman Curia 

SpeechPope Pius XI1938.12.24
Con singular complacencia español (Spanish)
To the Bishops of The Philippines on Catholic Action


Apostolic LetterPope Pius XI1939.01.18
Dum Gravissimum Italiano (Italian)
First radio message after his election to the See of Peter
MessagePope Pius XII1939.03.03
Con inmenso gozo español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian)
Radio message to the Spanish faithful


MessagePope Pius XII1939.04.16
Summi pontificatus / Supreme Pontiff English
On the unity of human society

 peace   Sacred Heart 

EncyclicalPope Pius XII1939.10.20
Sertum lætitiæ English Italiano (Italian)
On the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the hierarchy in the United States


EncyclicalPope Pius XII1939.11.01
Radio message on the 50th anniversary of the Catholic University of America in Washington Italiano (Italian)


SpeechPope Pius XII1939.11.13
Asperis commoti Italiano (Italian)
To the clergy in the army


Apostolic ExhortationPope Pius XII1939.12.08

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