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a.d. 1900 – 1909

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Omnibus compertum English
On unity among the Greek Melkites

 Eastern Churches   Greek-Melkite Church 

EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1900.07.21
Tametsi futura prospicientibus English
On Jesus Christ the Redeemer
EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1900.11.01
Graves de communi Re English français (French)
On Christian democracy


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1901.01.18
Gravissimas English
On religious orders in Portugal


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1901.05.16
Reputantibus English
On the language question in Bohemia

 Czech Republic 

EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1901.08.20
Urbanitatis veteris English
On the foundation of a seminary in Athens


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1901.11.20
In amplissimo English
On the Church in the United States


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1902.04.15
Quod votis English
On the proposed Catholic university


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1902.04.30
Miræ caritatis English
On the Holy Eucharist


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1902.05.28
Vigilantiæ studiique
Instituting a Pontifical Commission for Biblical Studies

 Bible   Roman Curia 

Apostolic LetterPope Leo XIII1902.10.30
Quæ ad nos English
On the Church in Bohemia and Moravia

 Czech Republic 

EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1902.11.22
Fin dal Principio English
On the education of clergy


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1902.12.08
Dum multa English
On marriage legislation


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1902.12.24
E supremi apostolatus cathedra English français (French)
On the restoration of all things in Christ
EncyclicalSaint Pope Pius X1903.10.04
Tra le sollecitudini español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian)
On Sacred Music


Motu ProprioSaint Pope Pius X1903.11.22
Commisum nobis latine (Latin)
Prohibiting a lay veto in any future conclave


Apostolic ConstitutionSaint Pope Pius X1904.01.20
Ad diem illum lætissimum English français (French)
For the 50th anniverary of the definition of the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception


EncyclicalSaint Pope Pius X1904.02.02
Iucunda Sane English français (French)
For the 13th centenary of the death of Pope Gregory the Great


EncyclicalSaint Pope Pius X1904.03.12
Vacante Sede Apostolica latine (Latin)
On the vacancy of the Apostolic See

 cardinal   conclave   pope 

Apostolic ConstitutionSaint Pope Pius X1904.12.25
Acerbo nimis English français (French)
On Teaching Christian Doctrine

 catechesis   education 

EncyclicalSaint Pope Pius X1905.04.15
Crux pectoralis
Granting non-bishop cardinals the use of the pectoral cross

 cardinal   vesture 

Motu ProprioSaint Pope Pius X1905.05.24
Il Fermo Proposito English français (French) Italiano (Italian)
On Catholic Action in Italy


EncyclicalSaint Pope Pius X1905.06.11
Sacra Tridentina English
On the Frequent and Daily Reception of Holy Communion

 Holy Communion   liturgy   Mass 

DecreeSacred Congregation of the Council1905.12.20
Vehementer nos English français (French)
On the French Law of Separation

 France   state 

EncyclicalSaint Pope Pius X1906.02.11
Quoniam in re biblica
On the study of Scripture in seminaries

 Bible   seminary 

Apostolic LetterSaint Pope Pius X1906.03.27
Tribus circiter annis English
Condemning the Mariavites of Mystic Priests of Poland


EncyclicalSaint Pope Pius X1906.04.05
Pieni L’Animo English
On the clergy in Italy


EncyclicalSaint Pope Pius X1906.07.28
Gravissimo officii munere English
Forbidding Associations culturelles


EncyclicalSaint Pope Pius X1906.08.10
Une fois encore English français (French)
On the separation of Church and State in France

 France   state 

EncyclicalSaint Pope Pius X1907.01.06
Lamentabili sane / Syllabus of Errors English


DecreeCommission of Roman and Universal Inquisition1907.07.03
Ne temere English
On Betrothal and Marriage


DeclarationSacred Congregation of the Council1907.08.10
Pascendi Dominici gregis English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)
Condemning doctrines of Modernism

 Bible   modernism 

EncyclicalSaint Pope Pius X1907.09.08
Præstantia Scripturæ Sacræ English
On the Decisions of the Biblical Commission


Motu ProprioSaint Pope Pius X1907.11.18
Graduale romanum (1908) / Roman Gradual (1908) latine (Latin)
editio Vaticana

 liturgy   Mass   music 

Liturgical BookSacred Congregation of Rites1908.03.12
Sapienti consilio latine (Latin)
Reorganizing the Roman Curia

 Roman Curia 

Apostolic ConstitutionSaint Pope Pius X1908.06.29
Hærent animo Italiano (Italian)
Exhortation to the clergy on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his priesthood

 modernism   priest 

Apostolic ExhortationSaint Pope Pius X1908.08.04
Communium Rerum English
For the 8th centenary of the death of St. Anselm of Aosta


EncyclicalSaint Pope Pius X1909.04.21

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