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a.d. 1890 – 1899

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Sapientiæ Christianæ English français (French)
On Christians as citizens

 social   society 

EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1890.01.10
Ab Apostolici solii / Dall’alto dell’Apostolico seggio English
On freemasonry in Italy

 freemasonry   Italy 

EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1890.10.15
Catholicæ Ecclesiæ English
On slavery in the missions

 mission   slavery 

EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1890.11.20
In Ipso English
On episcopal reunions in Austria


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1891.03.03
Rerum novarum English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)
On capital and labour

 labour   social 

EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1891.05.15
Pastoralis English
On religious union


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1891.07.25
Pastoralis officii English
On the morality of dueling
EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1891.09.12
Octobri mense English
On the rosary


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1891.09.22
Inter gravissimas / Au milieu des sollicitudes English
On the Church and State in France

 France   state 

EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1892.02.16
Quarto abeunte sæculo English
On the Columbus quadricentennial


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1892.07.16
Magnæ dei Matris English
On the rosary

 Mary   rosary 

EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1892.09.08
Custodi di quella Fede English
On freemasonry


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1892.12.08
Inimica vis English
On freemasonry


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1892.12.08
Ad extremas English
On seminaries for native clergy

 India   mission   seminary 

EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1893.06.24
Constanti Hungarorum English
On the Church in Hungary


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1893.09.02
Lætitiæ sanctæ English
Commending devotion to the rosary

 Mary   rosary 

EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1893.09.08
Non mediocri English
On the Spanish College in Rome


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1893.10.25
Providentissimus Deus English español (Spanish) français (French)
On the study of Holy Scriptures


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1893.11.18
Caritatis providentiæque English
On the Church in Poland


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1894.03.19
Inter Graves English
On the Church in Peru


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1894.05.01
Litteras a vobis English
On clergy in Brazil


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1894.07.02
Iucunda semper expectatione English
On the rosary


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1894.09.08
Orientalium Dignitas English
On the Churches of the East

 Eastern Churches 

EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1894.11.30
Christi Nomen English
On propagation of the faith and Eastern Churches

 Eastern Churches   mission 

EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1894.12.24
Longinqua English
On Catholicism in the United States


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1895.01.06
Provida Matris Caritate
On the Holy Spirit

 Holy Spirit 

Apostolic LetterPope Leo XIII1895.05.05
Permoti nos English
On social conditions in Belgium


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1895.07.10
Adiutricem English
On the rosary

 Mary   rosary 

EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1895.09.05
Insignes English
On the Hungarian millennium


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1896.05.01
Satis cognitum English español (Spanish)
On the unity of the Church


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1896.06.29
Abolishing the Prefectures of the Apostolic Missions from the Oriental Churches between the confines of other Missions or Dioceses and not having in this way a proper territory


DecreeSacred Congregation of the Propagation of the Faith1896.09.12
Apostolicæ Curæ English
On the nullity of Anglican Orders

 Anglican Church 

BullPope Leo XIII1896.09.15
Fidentem piumque animum English
On the rosary

 Mary   rosary 

EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1896.09.20
Divinum Illud munus English español (Spanish)
On the Holy Spirit

 Holy Spirit 

EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1897.05.09
Militantis Ecclesiæ English
For the 3rd centenary of the death of St. Peter Canisius


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1897.08.01
Augustissimæ Virginis Mariæ English
On the Confraternity of the Holy Rosary

 association   rosary 

EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1897.09.12
Providentissimus Deus
On Eucharistic Congresses and Associations

 Eucharist   Eucharistic Congress 

Apostolic LetterPope Leo XIII1897.11.28
Affari vos English
On the Manitoba school question


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1897.12.18
Caritatis studium English
On the Church in Scotland


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1898.07.25
Sæpe Numero / Spesse Volte English
On the suppression of Catholic institutions


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1898.08.05
Quam religiosa English
On civil marriage law

 marriage   Peru 

EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1898.08.16
Diuturni temporis English
On the rosary


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1898.09.05
Quum diuturnum English
On the Latin American Bishops' Plenary Council

 South America 

EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1898.12.25
Properante ad exitum sæculo
Proclaiming the Jubilee of 1900


BullPope Leo XIII1899.05.11
Annum sacrum English
On consecration to the Sacred Heart

 Sacred Heart 

EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1899.05.25
Depuis le jour English français (French)
On the education of the clergy


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1899.09.08
Paternæ English
On the education of clergy


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1899.09.18

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