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a.d. 1880 – 1889

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Arcanum divinæ English français (French) Italiano (Italian) Italiano (Italian)
On Christian marriage


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1880.02.10
Grande munus English Italiano (Italian)
Adding the liturgical feast of Sts. Cyril and Methodius to the Universal Calendar

 calendar   saint 

EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1880.09.30
Sancta Dei civitas English Italiano (Italian)
On mission societies


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1880.12.03
Diuturnum illud English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)
On the origin of civil power


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1881.06.29
Licet Multa English Italiano (Italian)
On Catholics in Belgium


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1881.08.03
Etsi nos English Italiano (Italian)
On conditions in Italy


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1882.02.15
Auspicato concessum English Italiano (Italian)
For the 7th centenary of the birth of St. Francis of Assisi

 Assisi   saint 

EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1882.09.17
Cum multa sint English Italiano (Italian)
On conditions in Spain


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1882.12.08
Supremi apostolatus officio English français (French) Italiano (Italian)
On devotion of the rosary

 Mary   rosary 

EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1883.09.01
Nobilissima Gallorum gens English Italiano (Italian)
On the religious question in France


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1884.02.08
Humanum genus English français (French) Italiano (Italian)
On freemasonry


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1884.04.20
Superiore anno English Italiano (Italian)
On the recitation of the rosary


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1884.08.30
Immortale Dei English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)
On the Christian constitution of States


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1885.11.01
Spectata Fides English Italiano (Italian)
On Christian education


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1885.11.27
Quod auctoritate apostolica English Italiano (Italian)
Proclaiming the Extraordinary Jubilee of 1886


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1885.12.22
Iampridem nobis English Italiano (Italian)
On Catholicism in Germany


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1886.01.06
Quod multum English Italiano (Italian)
On the Liberty of the Church


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1886.08.22
Pergrata nobis English Italiano (Italian)
On the Church in Portugal


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1886.09.14
Vi è Ben Noto English
On the rosary and public life

 Italy   rosary 

EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1887.09.20
Officio sanctissimo English Italiano (Italian)
On the Church in Bavaria


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1887.12.22
Quod anniversarius English Italiano (Italian)
On His golden jubilee of priestly ordination
EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1888.04.01
In plurimis English Italiano (Italian)
On the abolition of slavery


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1888.05.05
Libertas præstantissimum English español (Spanish) français (French) Italiano (Italian)
On the nature of human liberty


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1888.06.20
Sæpe nos English Italiano (Italian)
On boycotting in Ireland


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1888.06.24
Paterna caritas English Italiano (Italian)
On reunion with Rome of the Armenian Church

 Armenian Church   Eastern Churches 

EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1888.07.25
Quam Ærumnosa English Italiano (Italian)
On Italian immigrants


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1888.12.10
Etsi cunctas English Italiano (Italian)
On the Church in Ireland


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1888.12.21
Exeunte iam anno English Italiano (Italian)
On the right ordering of Christian life

 moral   society 

EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1888.12.25
Magni nobis English Italiano (Italian)
On the Catholic University of America


EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1889.03.07
Quamquam pluries English español (Spanish)
On devotion to St. Joseph

 St. Joseph 

EncyclicalPope Leo XIII1889.08.15

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