Documents and Speeches by Year

a.d. 1860 – 1869

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Nullius certe English
On the need for civil sovereignty
EncyclicalPope Pius IX1860.01.19
Novos et ante
Protesting Victor Emmanuel
EncyclicalPope Pius IX1860.03.26
Cum Catholica
On the temporal power of the Pope


Apostolic LetterPope Pius IX1860.03.26
Multis gravibusque
Denouncing the non-ratification of the concordat signed by the Grand Duke of Baden with the Holy See
EncyclicalPope Pius IX1860.04.24
Iamdum cernimus
On Italian revolutionaries


EncyclicalPope Pius IX1861.03.18
Amantissimus humani English
To bishops of the Eastern rite on the care of the churches

 Eastern Churches 

EncyclicalPope Pius IX1862.04.08
Maximæ quidem English
On the Church in Bavaria


EncyclicalPope Pius IX1862.07.09
Quanto Conficiamur Mœrore English
On promotion of false doctrines


EncyclicalPope Pius IX1863.08.10
Incredibili afflictamur English
To bishops of Bogota on persecution in New Granada

 Chile   Colombia 

EncyclicalPope Pius IX1863.09.17
Tuas libenter
To the nuncio of Baveria, on the recent meeting of theologians celebrated in Munich without the consensus of the Holy See


Apostolic LetterPope Pius IX1863.12.21
Multis gravissimis
Canonical norms to follow in the dioceses of Sicily


EncyclicalPope Pius IX1864.01.28
Ubi urbaniano
Russian persecution of Cathonlics in Poland


EncyclicalPope Pius IX1864.07.30
Maximæ quidem
To bishops of Germany reunited in Bamberg


EncyclicalPope Pius IX1864.08.18
Quanta cura English
Condemning current errors, accompanies the Syllabus of Errors


EncyclicalPope Pius IX1864.12.08
Syllabus errorum English
Syllabus of Errors


NotePope Pius IX1864.12.08
Multiplices inter
Against the masonry


EncyclicalPope Pius IX1865.09.25
Meridionali Americæ English
On the seminary for native clergy

 seminary   South America 

EncyclicalPope Pius IX1865.09.30
On the right election of bishops


Apostolic ConstitutionPope Pius IX1867.07.12
On the Church in Russia


EncyclicalPope Pius IX1867.10.17
Levate English
On the afflications of the Church

 Poland   Russia 

EncyclicalPope Pius IX1867.10.27
Ex quo infensissimi
Concession of decorations to the Papal Military and the French auxiliary troops by its performance in the battle of Mentana
EncyclicalPope Pius IX1867.11.14
Æterni Patris
Summoning the First Council of Vatican

 Vatican I 

BullPope Pius IX1868.06.29
Arcano divinæ
To all the bishops of the world, exhorting them to attend the First Vatican Council

 Vatican I 

EncyclicalPope Pius IX1868.09.08
Iam vos omnes
Inviting the separated Christians of the Catholic Church to restore unity


EncyclicalPope Pius IX1868.09.13

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