Documents and Speeches by Year

a.d. 1800 – 1839

Documents (39)TypeAuthorDateAscending
Diu Satis English Italiano (Italian)
To bishops of France on a return to Gospel principles


EncyclicalPope Pius VII1800.05.15
Ex quo Ecclesiam Italiano (Italian)EncyclicalPope Pius VII1800.05.24
Ex quo ecclesiam
Granting plenary indulgence for two weeks time


BullPope Pius VII1800.05.24
Le più colte Italiano (Italian)Motu ProprioPope Pius VII1801.03.11
Tam multa Italiano (Italian)
New arrangements in French hierarchy


EncyclicalPope Pius VII1801.08.15
Ecclesia Christi / La Chiesa di Gesu Cristo Italiano (Italian)
New distribution of dioceses in France


EncyclicalPope Pius VII1801.08.15
Vix nova a nobis
New concessions


EncyclicalPope Pius VII1809.02.27
Post tam diuturnas
Letter to Bishop of Troyes
Apostolic LetterPope Pius VII1814.04.29
Il trionfo Italiano (Italian)EncyclicalPope Pius VII1814.05.18
Sollicitudo omnium ecclesiarum Italiano (Italian)
Reestablishing the Society of Jesus


BullPope Pius VII1814.08.07
Vineam quam plantavi Italiano (Italian)
New bishoprics in France


EncyclicalPope Pius VII1817.06.12
Præclara quam Italiano (Italian)
Withdrawal of faculties from French bishoprics


EncyclicalPope Pius VII1820.05.16
Ecclesiam a Jesu Italiano (Italian)
Condemning the Society of Carbonari

 freemasonry   Italy 

BullPope Pius VII1821.09.13
Ubi primum English Italiano (Italian)
On his assuming the Pontificate
EncyclicalPope Leo XII1824.05.05
Quod hoc ineunte English Italiano (Italian)
Proclaiming the Universal Jubilee of 1825


EncyclicalPope Leo XII1824.05.24
Proclaiming the Jubilee of 1825


BullPope Leo XII1824.05.24
Ad plurimas easque gravissimas Italiano (Italian)
On the Basilica of St. Peter


EncyclicalPope Leo XII1825.01.25
Quo graviora Italiano (Italian)
Condemning Freemasonry and other secret societies


BullPope Leo XII1825.03.13
Charitate Christi English Italiano (Italian)
Extending the Jubilee to the universal Church


EncyclicalPope Leo XII1825.12.25
Exultabat spiritus Italiano (Italian)
Extending the Jubilee to the universal Church


BullPope Leo XII1825.12.25
Quo graviora English
On secret societies
EncyclicalPope Leo XII1826.03.13
L’olio oggetto Italiano (Italian)
Regulating the use of oil during Lent


Motu ProprioPope Leo XII1826.06.21
Pastoris æterni Italiano (Italian)
Beseeching anti-concordatarians to re-enter into communion with the Catholic Church


Apostolic ExhortationPope Leo XII1826.07.02
I gloriosi Nostri Italiano (Italian)Motu ProprioPope Leo XII1826.11.14
Quanta lætitia Italiano (Italian)


EncyclicalPope Leo XII1827.02.13
Traditi humilitati English Italiano (Italian)
On his program for the Pontificate, asking for prayers of his bishops
EncyclicalPope Pius VIII1829.05.24
In supremi apostolatus Italiano (Italian)
On jubilee


EncyclicalPope Pius VIII1829.06.18
Litteris alto
On mixed marriages


EncyclicalPope Pius VIII1830.03.25
Chiamati della Divina Providenza
On cultural reforms in Italy


EncyclicalPope Gregory XVI1831.02.09
Alli dilettissimi sudditi
On cultural reforms in Italy


EncyclicalPope Gregory XVI1831.03
Inter gravissimas
To the Armenians of Constantinople

 Armenian Church 

EncyclicalPope Gregory XVI1832.02.03
Summo iugiter studio English
To bishops of Bavaria on mixed marriages

 Germany   marriage 

EncyclicalPope Gregory XVI1832.05.27
Cum primum English
To bishops of Poland on civil obedience

 Poland   state 

EncyclicalPope Gregory XVI1832.06.09
Mirari vos English español (Spanish)
On liberalism and religious indifferentism


EncyclicalPope Gregory XVI1832.08.15
Plura post
On the jubilee of 1833


EncyclicalPope Gregory XVI1832.12.02
Quo graviora English
To bishops of the Rhineland on the 'Pragmatic Constitution'


EncyclicalPope Gregory XVI1833.10.04
Singulari nos English
On the errors of Lammenais


EncyclicalPope Gregory XVI1834.06.25
Commissum divinitus English
To clergy of Switzerland condemning the German state interference in Church affairs

 state   Switzerland 

EncyclicalPope Gregory XVI1835.05.17
In Supremo Apostolatus English
Condemning the slave trade


Apostolic ConstitutionPope Gregory XVI1839.12.03

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