Maronite Church

Eastern-Rite sui juris Catholic Church

Tradition: Antiochian Rite

Type: Patriarchal

Canonical Territory: Lebanon, Syria, the Holy Land, the rest of the Middle East and Egypt

Population: 3,389,000

Official Language: Aramaic


Patriarchal See: Antioch (Lebanon)

Synod: Synod of the Maronite Church


Circumscriptions (29): Patriarchates (1), Archdioceses (8), Dioceses (17), Apostolic Exarchates (1), Patriarchal Exarchates (2)

Argentina Argentina: San Charbel en Buenos Aires

Australia Australia: Saint Maron of Sydney

Benin Benin: Annunciation of Ibadan

Brazil Brazil: Nossa Senhora do Líbano em São Paulo

Burkina Faso Burkina Faso: Annunciation of Ibadan

Cameroon Cameroon: Annunciation of Ibadan

Canada Canada: Saint-Maron de Montréal

Colombia Colombia: Colombia

Cote d’Ivoire Cote d’Ivoire: Annunciation of Ibadan

Cyprus Cyprus: Cyprus

Egypt Egypt: Cairo

France France: Notre-Dame du Liban de Paris

Ghana Ghana: Annunciation of Ibadan

Israel Israel: Haifa and Holy Land, Jerusalem and Palestine

Jordan Jordan: Jordan

Lebanon Lebanon: Antioch, Antélias, Beirut, Tripoli, Tyr, Baalbek–Deir Al-Ahmar, Batroun, Jbeil, Jebbeh–Sarba–Jounieh, Saïdā, Zahlé

Liberia Liberia: Annunciation of Ibadan

Mexico Mexico: Nuestra Señora de los Mártires del Líbano en México

Nigeria Nigeria: Annunciation of Ibadan

Palestine Palestine: Jerusalem and Palestine

Senegal Senegal: Annunciation of Ibadan

South Sudan South Sudan: Cairo

Sudan Sudan: Cairo

Syria Syria: Aleppo, Damascus, Latakia

Togo Togo: Annunciation of Ibadan

USA USA: Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles, Saint Maron of Brooklyn


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Patriarch ([2011.03.15] 2011.03.25 – ...):Cardinal Béchara Pierre Raï (79)Cardinal Béchara Pierre Raï (Béchara Raï, O.M.M.) (79)


President of Synod of the Maronite Church

President of Assembly of the Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops of Lebanon

President of Council of Catholic Patriarchs of the East

Bishop of Curia (2011.08.13 – ...):Bishop Hanna G. Alwan, L.M. (65)Bishop Hanna G. Alwan, L.M. (65)

Titular Bishop of Sarepta of the Maronites

Bishop of Curia (2016.06.17 – ...):Bishop Joseph Nafaa (50)Bishop Joseph Nafaa (50)

Titular Bishop of Aradus

Bishop of Curia (2019.06.15 – ...):Bishop Antoine Aukar, O.A.M. (55)Bishop Antoine Aukar, O.A.M. (55)

Titular Bishop of Ptolemais in Phœnicia of the Maronites

Bishop of Curia (2019.06.15 – ...):Bishop Peter Karam (60)Bishop Peter Karam (60)

Titular Bishop of Arca in Pheonicia of the Maronites

Procurator at Rome (2019.06.15 – ...):Bishop Rafic Warcha (48)Bishop Rafic Warcha (48)

Titular Bishop of Apamea in Syria of the Maronites

Procurator at Jerusalem (2014.04 – ...):Fr. Joseph SfeirFr. Joseph Sfeir
Apostolic Visitator in Western and Northern Europe (2012.07.21 – ...):Bishop Maroun-Nasser Gemayel (68)Bishop Maroun-Nasser Gemayel (68)

Bishop of Notre-Dame du Liban de Paris of the Maronites (France)

Apostolic Visitator in Southern Africa (2014.01.13 – ...):Bishop Simon T. Faddoul (61)Bishop Simon T. Faddoul (61)

Bishop of Annunciation of Ibadan of the Maronites (Nigeria)

Apostolic Visitator in Northern Africa (2014.01.13 – ...):Bishop Georges Chihane (66)Bishop Georges Chihane (66)

Bishop of Cairo of the Maronites (Egypt)

Apostolic Visitator in Bulgaria and Romania (2018.10.11 – ...):Bishop Michel Aoun (60)Bishop Michel Aoun (60)

Bishop of Jbeil of the Maronites (Lebanon)

Apostolic Visitator in Greece (2018.10.11 – ...):Archbishop Youssef Antoine Soueif (57)Archbishop Youssef Antoine Soueif (57)

Archbishop of Cyprus of the Maronites (Cyprus)

Retired Patriarch Patriarch (1): Cardinal Béchara Pierre Raï (79)Béchara Pierre (Cardinal)

Retired Archbishop Archbishops (12)

Retired Bishop Bishops (35)

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Religious Orders (4):Antonin Maronite Order
Congregation of the Lebanese Maronite Missionaries
Lebanese Maronite Order (Baladites)
Mariamite Maronite Order (Aleppians)

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