Coptic Church

Eastern-Rite sui juris Catholic Church

Tradition: Alexandrian Rite

Type: Patriarchal

Canonical Territory: Egypt

Population: 167,000

Official Languages: Egyptian, Coptic


Patriarchal See: Alexandria (Egypt)

Synod: Synod of the Catholic Coptic Church


Jurisdictions (9): Patriarchates (1), Dioceses (8)

Egypt Egypt: Alexandria, Abu Qurqas, Alexandria, Assiut, Guizeh, Ismayliah, Luqsor, Minya, Sohag


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Patriarch ([2013.01.15] 2013.01.18 – ...):Patriarch Ibrahim Isaac Sedrak (66)Patriarch Ibrahim Isaac Sedrak (66)

President of Synod of the Catholic Coptic Church

President of Assembly of the Catholic Hierarchy of Egypt

Patriarchal Administrator of Assiut of the Copts (Egypt)

Bishop of Curia (2019.06.14 – ...):Bishop Hani Bakhoum Kiroulos (47)Bishop Hani Bakhoum Kiroulos (47)

Titular Bishop of Cabasa

Retired Patriarch Patriarch (1): Patriarch Ibrahim Isaac Sedrak (66)Sedrak

Retired Bishop Bishops (12)

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