Titular Episcopal See of


United States United States

Continent: North America

Rite: Roman (Latin)

Type: Titular Episcopal See

Location: Nebraska, m. Omaha, United States


  • 1912.03.08: Established as Diocese of Kearney (English) / Kearnien(sis) (Latin) (from Diocese of Omaha)
  • 1917.04.11: Suppressed (to establish Diocese of Grand Island)
  • 1995: Restored as Titular Episcopal See of Kearney (English) / Kearnien(sis) (Latin)

Titular Bishop

Titular Bishop:vacant

Past Ordinaries

Bishops of Kearney (Roman Rite)

Bishop James Albert Duffy
(1913.01.25 – 1917.04.11)

Born:1873.09.13 (United States)
Ordained Priest:1899.05.27
Consecrated Bishop:1913.04.16
Died:1968.02.12 († 94)

Bishop of Kearney (1913.01.25 – 1917.04.11)

Bishop of Grand Island (United States) (1917.04.11 – 1931.05.07)

Titular Bishop of Silandus (1931.05.07 – 1968.02.12)

Former Titular Bishops

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