Titular Episcopal See of


Italy Italy

Continent: West Europe

Rite: Roman (Latin)

Type: Titular Episcopal See Episcopal See

Name: Formia (Italiano) / Formiæ (latine) / Formian(us) (Latin)

Location: pr. Roma, Italy

Notes: United æque principaliter with Minturno 590–846

Titular Bishop

Titular Archbishop (1999.07.24 – ...):Archbishop Orlando Antonini (77)Archbishop Orlando Antonini (77)

Past Ordinaries

Bishops of Formia (Roman Rite)

Saint Bishop Erasmo di Formia (Erasmus)Permalink
(? – 303.06.02)

Born: (Anatolia, Turkiye)
Died:303.06.02 🩸 (Illyricum, Croatia)

Bishop of Formia (? – 303.06.02)

Bishop. One of the Fourteen Holy Helpers. Martyr.

Former Titular Bishops


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