Papal See of


Italy Italy, Vatican City State Vatican City State

Continent: West Europe

Rite: Roman (Latin)

Type: Papal See, Primatial See of Italy

Area: 849 km²

Population: 2,365,923 Catholics (82.0% of 2,885,272 total) (2014)

Suffragan Sees: Albano, Frascati, Ostia, Palestrina, Porto–Santa Rufina, Sabina–Poggio Mirteto, Velletri–Segni

Neighbouring Dioceses: Ostia (↙), Porto–Santa Rufina (↖), Civita Castellana (↑), Sabina–Poggio Mirteto (↑), Tivoli (↗), Palestrina (→), Frascati (↘), Albano (↘)

Patron Saint: Sts. Peter and Paul (June 29), St. Catherine of Siena (April 29), St. Philip Neri (May 26), St. Sebastian (January 20), St. Lawrence (August 10)

Cathedral Dedication Anniversary: November 9

Statistics: 334 parishes, 216 missions, 4,834 priests (1,574 diocesan, 3,260 religious), 122 deacons, 27,727 lay religious (4,952 brothers, 22,775 sisters), 132 seminarians (2014)

Address: Piazza S. Giovanni in Laterano 6/a, 00184 Roma, Italy

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Present Prelates

Supreme Pontiff (2013.03.13 [2013.03.19] – ...):Pope Francis (80)Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio, S.J.) (80)
Vicar General for the Vatican City State (2005.02.05 – ...):Cardinal Angelo Comastri (73)Cardinal Angelo Comastri (73)

Cardinal-Deacon of S. Salvatore in Lauro

President of Fabric of St. Peter

Archpriest of Papal Basilica of St. Peter

Archbishop-Prelate emeritus of Loreto (Italy)

Vicar General for the Vicariate of Rome (2008.06.27 – ...):Cardinal Agostino Vallini (76)Cardinal Agostino Vallini (76)

Cardinal-Priest of S. Pier Damiani ai Monti di S. Paolo pro hac vice Title

Archpriest of Papal Archbasilica of St. John Lateran

Apostolic Administrator of Ostia (Italy)

Member of Council for the Economy

Grand Chancellor of Pontifical Lateran University

Bishop emeritus of Albano (Italy)

Vicegerent for the Vicariate of Rome (2012.01.31 – ...):Archbishop Filippo Iannone, O. Carm. (59)Archbishop Filippo Iannone, O. Carm. (59)

Archbishop ad personam

Bishop emeritus of Sora–Aquino–Pontecorvo (Italy)

Auxiliary Bishop of the Vicariate of Rome (2009.06.01 – ...):Bishop Guerino Di Tora (70)Bishop Guerino Di Tora (70)

Titular Bishop of Zuri

Auxiliary Bishop of the Vicariate of Rome (2009.06.01 – ...):Bishop Giuseppe Marciante (65)Bishop Giuseppe Marciante (65)

Titular Bishop of Thagora

Auxiliary Bishop of the Vicariate of Rome (2012.01.31 – ...):Bishop Lorenzo Leuzzi (61)Bishop Lorenzo Leuzzi (61)

Titular Bishop of Novigrad

Auxiliary Bishop of the Vicariate of Rome (2013.06.14 – ...):Bishop Paolo Selvadagi (70)Bishop Paolo Selvadagi (70)

Titular Bishop of Salpi

Auxiliary Bishop of the Vicariate of Rome (2015.03.06 – ...):Bishop Augusto Paolo Lojudice (52)Bishop Augusto Paolo Lojudice (52)

Titular Bishop of Alba marittima

Auxiliary Bishop of the Vicariate of Rome (2015.09.14 – ...):Bishop Angelo De Donatis (63)Bishop Angelo De Donatis (63)

Titular Bishop of Mottola

Auxiliary Bishop of the Vicariate of Rome (2016.04.08 – ...):Bishop Gianrico Ruzza (54)Bishop Gianrico Ruzza (54)

Titular Bishop of Subaugusta

Supreme Pontiff

Twitter FeedPope Francis (80)Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio, S.J.) (80)Permalink
(2013.03.13 – ...)

Supreme Pontiff

Miserando atque eligendo

Born:1936.12.17 (Argentina)
Ordained Priest:1969.12.13
Consecrated Bishop:1992.06.27
Created Cardinal:2001.02.21
Elected as Supreme Pontiff:2013.03.13
Installed as Supreme Pontiff:2013.03.19

Titular Bishop of Auca (1992.05.20 – 1997.06.03)

Auxiliary Bishop of Buenos Aires (Argentina) (1992.05.20 – 1997.06.03)

Coadjutor Archbishop of Buenos Aires (Argentina) (1997.06.03 – 1998.02.28)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Buenos Aires (Argentina) (1998.02.28 – 2013.03.13)

Ordinary of Argentina of the Eastern Rite (Argentina) (1998.11.06 – 2013.03.13)

Cardinal-Priest of S. Roberto Bellarmino (2001.02.21 [2001.10.14] – 2013.03.13)

President of Episcopal Conference of Argentina (2005.11.08 – 2011.11.08)

Supreme Pontiff (2013.03.13 [2013.03.19] – ...)

Supreme Pontiff Emeritus

Pope Benedict XVI (89)Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger) (89)Permalink
(2005.04.19 – 2013.02.28)

Supreme Pontiff emeritus

Cooperatores veritatis

Born:1927.04.16 (Germany)
Ordained Priest:1951.06.29
Consecrated Bishop:1977.05.28
Created Cardinal:1977.06.27
Elected as Supreme Pontiff:2005.04.19
Installed as Supreme Pontiff:2005.04.24
Resigned as Supreme Pontiff:2013.02.28

Metropolitan Archbishop of München und Freising (Germany) (1977.03.24 – 1982.02.15)

Cardinal-Priest of S. Maria Consolatrice al Tiburtino (1977.06.27 – 1993.04.05)

Prefect of Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (1981.11.25 – 2005.04.02)

President of Pontifical Biblical Commission (1981.11.25 – 2005.04.02)

President of International Theological Commission (1981.11.25 – 2005.04.02)

President of Interdicasterial Commission for the Catechism of the Catholic Church (1993.03 – 2005.04.02)

Cardinal-Bishop of Velletri–Segni (1993.04.05 – 2005.04.19)

Cardinal Vice-Dean of College of Cardinals (1998.11.06 – 2002.11.30)

Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia (2002.11.30 [2003.03.16] – 2005.04.19)

Cardinal Dean of College of Cardinals (2002.11.30 – 2005.04.19)

Supreme Pontiff (2005.04.19 [2005.04.24] – 2013.02.28)

List of Supreme Pontiffs

Former Prelates

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