Territorial Prelature of


Philippines Philippines

Continent: South and East Asia

Rite: Roman (Latin)

Type: Territorial Prelature

Ecclesiastical Province: Ozamis

Neighbouring Dioceses: Iligan (↑), Malaybalay (→), Cotabato (↓)

Depends on: Congregation for Bishops

Address: Bishop's House, Saint Mary's Church Compound, Bato Ali St., Moncado Colony, 9700 Marawi City, Philippines

Phone: (0910)577.69.86

Website: Link


Special Churches

Present Prelates

Bishop-Prelate (2001.10.22 – ...):Bishop Edwin A. de la Peña, M.S.P. (61)Bishop Edwin A. de la Peña, M.S.P. (61)


Prelates of Marawi (Roman Rite)

Bishop Edwin A. de la Peña, M.S.P. (61)Bishop Edwin A. de la Peña, M.S.P. (61)Permalink
(2001.10.22 – ...)

Bishop-Prelate of Marawi (Philippines)

Born:1954.04.05 (Philippines)
Ordained Priest:1981.04.22
Consecrated Bishop:2001.12.27

Bishop-Prelate of Marawi (Philippines) (2001.10.22 – ...)

Bishop Bienvenido Solon TudtudPermalink
(1977.04.25 – 1987.06.26)

Born:1931.03.22 (Philippines)
Ordained Priest:1959.02.02
Consecrated Bishop:1968.03.24
Died:1987.06.26 († 56)

Auxiliary Bishop of Dumaguete (Philippines) (1968.02.05 – 1971.02.17)

Titular Bishop of Thimida (1968.02.05 – 1987.06.26)

Bishop-Prelate of Iligan (Philippines) (1971.02.17 – 1977.04.25)

Bishop-Prelate of Marawi (Philippines) (1977.04.25 – 1987.06.26)

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