Apostolic Prefecture of

Jiamusi 佳木斯

China China

Continent: South and East Asia

Rite: Roman (Latin)

Type: Apostolic Prefecture

Immediately subject to the Holy See

Neighbouring Dioceses: Harbin 哈爾濱 (←), Yanji 延吉 (↓)

Depends on: Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples


Present Prelates

Prefect Apostolic:vacant


Prefects Apostolic of Jiamusi 佳木斯 (Roman Rite)

Bishop Louis Liu Huan-bo (劉煥波) Permalink
(1990 – 1997.01.19)

Born:1910 (China)
Ordained Priest:1936
Consecrated Bishop:1990.08.26 (no papal mandate)
Died:1997.01.19 († 87)

Prefect Apostolic of Jiamusi 佳木斯 (China) (1990 – 1997.01.19)

Fr. Isidor Hermenegild Hintringer da Losenstein (興光啟), O.F.M. Cap.Permalink
(1940.04.18 – 1983)

Born:1905.05.05 (Austria)
Ordained Priest:1928.07.29
Died:1990 († 85)

Prefect Apostolic of Jiamusi 佳木斯 (China) (1940.04.18 – 1983)

Ecclesiastical Superiors of Jiamusi 佳木斯 (Roman Rite)

Fr. Adalar Eberharter, O.F.M. Cap.Permalink
(1937.04.13 – 1940.04.09)

Born:1887.06.19 (Austria)
Ordained Priest:1910.06.29
Died:1974.03.31 († 86)

Ecclesiastical Superior of Ilan (China) (1934.03.17 – 1937.04.13)

Ecclesiastical Superior of Jiamusi 佳木斯 (China) (1937.04.13 – 1940.04.09)

Ecclesiastical Superiors of Ilan (Roman Rite)

Fr. Adalar Eberharter, O.F.M. Cap.Permalink
(1934.03.17 – 1937.04.13)

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