Maronite Diocese of


Lebanon Lebanon

Continent: Central and Southwest Asia

Rite: Maronite (Antiochian)

Type: Diocese, Proper eparchy of the Maronite Patriarch

Population: 420,594 Catholics (2015)

Governed by: Patriarchal See of Antioch

Depends on: Congregation for the Oriental Churches

Statistics: 125 parishes, 211 priests (145 diocesan, 66 religious), 21 deacons, 169 lay religious (92 brothers, 77 sisters), 26 seminarians (2015)

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Papal Visits

Special Churches

Present Prelates

Patriarch ([2011.03.15] 2011.03.25 – ...):Cardinal Béchara Pierre Raï (78)Cardinal Béchara Pierre Raï (Béchara Raï, O.M.M.) (78)


President of Synod of the Maronite Church

President of Assembly of the Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops of Lebanon

President of Council of Catholic Patriarchs of the East

Auxiliary Bishop (2011 – ...):Bishop Antoine Nabil Andari (68)Bishop Antoine Nabil Andari (68)

Titular Bishop of Tarsus of the Maronites

Auxiliary Bishop (2012.06.16 – ...):Bishop Paul Rouhana, O.L.M. (63)Bishop Paul Rouhana, O.L.M. (63)

Titular Bishop of Antarados

Former Prelates

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