Catholic Dioceses


Republic of China (Taiwan)

Ecclesiastical Provinces (2)AscendingTypeChurches and Bishops
Fuzhou 福州 / Minhou 閩侯 / Foochow / Min-HouMetr. ArchdioceseCathedral of St. Dominic Archbishop Peter Lin Jia-shan Seat in China China, not covering Taiwan.
Changting 長汀 / Tingzhou 汀州 / TingchowDioceseSeat in China China, not covering Taiwan.
Funing 福寧 / Xiapu 霞浦 / FuníngDioceseBishop Ignatius Zhan Si-lu (58) Bishop Vincent Guo Xijin (60) Bishop Vincent Guo Xijin (60) Seat in China China, not covering Taiwan.
Xiamen 廈門 / Amoy / HsíamenDioceseCathedral of the Holy Rosary Church of Christ the King Bishop Joseph Cai Bing-rui (52) Link Seat in China China. The diocese covers Kinmen Island, which belongs to Taiwan and is administered by the Archdiocese of Taipei 臺北.
Taipei 臺北Metr. ArchdioceseCathedral of the Immaculate Conception Archbishop John Hung Shan-chuan, S.V.D. (75) Archbishop Joseph Ti Kang (91) Archbishop Joseph Cheng Tsai-fa (86) Link The Archbishop of Taipei has been the Apostolic Administrator of Kinma 金馬 (Islands of Kinmen 金門 and Matsu 馬祖) since 1968.09.25.
Chiayi 嘉義 / KiayiDioceseCathedral of St. John National Shrine of Our Lady of China Bishop Thomas Chung An-zu (66) Link
Hsinchu 新竹DioceseCathedral of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Bishop John Baptist Lee Keh-mien (60) Bishop Lucas Liu Hsien-tang (90) Bishop James Liu Tan-kuei (65) Link
Hualien 花蓮DioceseCathedral of Our Lady Help of Christians Bishop Philip Huang Chao-ming (64) Bishop John Baptist Tseng Chien-tsi (76) Link
Kaohsiung 高雄DioceseCathedral Basilica of the Holy Rosary Basilica of the Immaculate Conception Archbishop Peter Liu Cheng-chung (68) LinkLink
Taichung 臺中DioceseCathedral of Jesus Saviour Bishop Martin Su Yao-wen (59) LinkFacebook Page
Tainan 臺南DioceseCathedral of Our Lady of China Bishop Bosco Lin Chi-nan (76) Link

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