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Syrian Arab Republic (Syria)


Also known as: Syrien (Deutsch), Siria (español, Italiano), la Syrie (français), Síria (Português), 敘利亞 (正體中文), シリア (日本語), Syria (polski, latine)

Continent: Central and Southwest Asia

Capital: Damascus

Population: 17,951,639

Area: 184,050 km²

Patron Saints: St. Barbara, St. Sergius

Religions: Muslim 87% (official; includes Sunni 74% and Alawi, Ismaili, and Shia 13%), Christian (includes Orthodox, Uniate, and Nestorian) 10% (includes Orthodox, Uniate, and Nestorian), Druze 3%, Jewish (few remaining in Damascus and Aleppo)

Languages: Arabic (official), Kurdish, Armenian, Aramaic, Circassian (widely understood); French, English (somewhat understood)

Motto: Waḥdah, Ḥurrīyah, Ishtirākīyah (Arabic) (Unity, Freedom, Socialism)

Neighbouring Countries: Lebanon Lebanon, ← Cyprus Cyprus, ↑ Turkey Turkey, → Iraq Iraq, ↓ Jordan Jordan

Circumscriptions (18): Patriarchates (1), Metr. Archdioceses (6), Archdioceses (6), Dioceses (3), Apostolic Vicariates (1), Patriarchal Exarchates (1)

Roman Rite (1): Aleppo

Armenian Church (3): Aleppo, Damascus, Kameshli

Chaldean Church (1): Aleppo

Greek-Melkite Church (6): Aleppo, Antioch, Bosra–Hauran, Damascus, Homs, Latakia

Maronite Church (3): Aleppo, Damascus, Latakia

Syriac Church (4): Aleppo, Damascus, Hassaké–Nisibi, Homs

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Papal Visits

Apostolic Nunciature: Syria Cardinal Mario Zenari (72)

Conference of Bishops: Conférence des Evêques Latins dans les Régions Arabes (C.E.L.R.A.) Link Archbishop Pierbattista Pizzaballa, O.F.M. (53)

Patriarchal Synod: Synod of the Armenian Catholic Church Patriarch Grégoire Pierre XX Ghabroyan (83)

Patriarchal Synod: Synod of the Greek-Melkite Catholic Church

Patriarchal Synod: Synod of the Maronite Church Link Cardinal Béchara Pierre Raï (78)

Patriarchal Synod: Synod of the Syriac Catholic Church Patriarch Ignace Youssif III Younan (73)

Assembly of Ordinaries: Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries in Syria (A.H.C.S.)

International Meeting of Bishops’ Conferences: Conseil des Patriarches Catholiques d’Orient (C.P.C.O.) Link Cardinal Béchara Pierre Raï (78)

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